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March 22, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Hazy thinkin’. Smokin’ opportunities

Woman struggling. King Kong 1933 French movie poster. RKO Radio Pictures/Roland Coudon/USPD ., artist life/

Many were about to suggest this as a plan Tuesday morning.(King Kong 1933 French movie poster/USPD/

Wondered if they finally had resorted to tossing in fair maidens into the flames. The sky was cloudless and so blue. 

It’s been a little like Keystone Cops since 9:30 am Sunday morning when a guy in a pickup truck called in the 911 about a huge fire at the ITC tank farm in Deer Park. (What? 30 company employees on site and not one noticed?)

News conferences featured an ITC spokeswoman, who repeatedly and endlessly thanked everyone for their support (like a kid saying “Goodnight, Moon” to every darn thing in his room to avoid going to bed) rather than giving precise information. “Oh, this is about as harmful as a grass fire or your grilling ashes….but do not touch any of those palm sized ashes on the ground or cars. Call us…” (You have to worry about local organic farms.)

Normally when there’s a big ship channel incident, almost instantly the company’s CEO appears in person, speaking seriously – usually with a European accent. ITC’s parent company, Mitsui, is Japanese – quite diverse and with deep pockets. Guess that CEO was busy fighting other Godzillas.

When the  company hired Louisiana specialist team arrive late Monday, there was hope. Only by Tuesday morning the fire had doubled and was much, much worse – overwhelming the “specialists”. (Luckily the wind was blowing away from us). Late Tues afternoon the FEMA Incident Director in charge (What? FEMA’s usual business is handing out/rejecting forms after hurricanes. Certainly not qualified to direct petro/chemical industry fire suppression) was unceremoniously shoved stepped aside allowing the Ship Channel Mutual Aid to take command. Finally.

Vessels and tank farm under ITC fire smoke plume on Monday (Marie D. De Jesus, Houston Chronicle photographer)

Ship Channel vessels docked and tank farm not far away under ITC Deer Park fire on Monday (Marie D. De Jesus, Houston Chronicle)

By 3 am Wed. morning, the fire was quiet. Air quality was yellow “moderate” as the winds died and the particulate matter/smoke just hung there. An unexpected fireball flame-up during evening news, but in 10 min., squashed. Mutual Aid knows what they are doing.

Hazy Thurs, but we’ll take that. (Not the benzene release, though.)

Next is the analysis and excuses…like why wouldn’t they release the air quality data until almost 2 days later (“…safe for most people” and “We want to analyze the data before releasing it as we don’t want to scare people…” “And you people stop reading and writing about this fire online in blogs and on Facebook!!!” – So, of course, you know how everyone took that…)

View of industrial/chemical complexes on Houston Ship Channel viewed from Sam Houston boat tour(Thomas B. Shea)

On a normal day, tourists board the Sam Houston boat and tour the Ship Channel to see and wonder at the refineries, docks, industrial/chemical complexes along Houston Ship Channel’s banks (Thomas B. Shea)

Boats. Ocean going tanker docked on Houston Ship Channel (Thomas B. Shea)

And yes, giant ocean-going vessels share the road with leisure craft. Insisting on right of way isn’t always the smartest idea as the big ships really can’t stop or maneuver outside their deeply dredged lanes. Here’s a docked tanker docked with warehouse and tank farm behind and to the right of it. (Thomas B. Shea)

People are in such a frenzy these days about disasters and the world ending.

Over population shouldn’t be a big worry as Nature seems to calculate and move in with a plague, flu, virus, or something to manage that.

But heavy smoke and blackened sky has spelled doom before. Lacking telegraph, Facebook, or Twitter, the entire world was caught by surprise.

On April 10, 1815, Mount Tambora, (Dutch West Indies/Indonesia) erupted in one of the most powerful, most violent blast the earth has survived.

Eruptions continued for three years. There are many written accounts; even Thomas Jefferson whose crops failed, wrote about the brutal year.

Few realized at the time that the volcano’s eruptions were connected to the lack of sun, the drastic climate chill, the failure of crops world-wide and what came to be called the “Poverty Year”, the “Eighteen Hundred and  Froze To Death” and the 1816 “Year without a summer”.

Quoted from WIKI: “This brief period of significant climate triggered extreme weather and harvest failures in many areas around the world. Several climate forcings coincided and interacted in a systematic manner that has not been observed after any other large volcanic eruption since the early Stone Age. Although scientists have proven that the post-eruption climate changes and the Tambora eruption are linked, they have only an incomplete understanding of the processes involved.”

It appears we still don’t know what triggered what or the complete domino effect.

Another article: “Peculiar disaster of 1816”

Man and woman fighting. (Universal Films, 1921/Exhibitors Herald 1921-1922/, artist life/

“No, you Dunderhead. I am not volunteering.” (USPD/

While humans struggled to adapt to what was beyond their understanding and control, some fields still saw advances:

  • Art: Inspired by the volcanic induced haze, dry fog, and spectacular light reflecting particle sunsets, J.M.W. Turner’s paintings are lauded for his shimmering, atmospheric studies of light. He became the  vanguard of English painting and strongly influenced impressionist artists, particularly Monet,  in France.
  • Transportation:  Unable to grow crops meant no feed for horses. During this time, German inventor Baron Karl Drais started working on horseless transportation. His invention of the Draisine or the Velocipede, moved people towards mechanized personal transport.
  • Population shift towards the American Heartland:  Crop failures in the Eastern seaboard states sent large numbers of people/desperate farm families searching for a better climate, richer soil, and better growing conditions. They moved to western New York and to the Territory to the Northwest of the River Ohio (Areas basically included everything east of the Mississippi from New Orleans to Canada. Much of which was occupied by Native Americans, so conflicts increased.)
  • Social equality: Lawrence Goldman, British historian, studied the migration into the western and central regions of New York where there was a great religious awakening which was quite fervent. He concluded social /cultural changes can be traced to people’s response to the disaster.  The “Burned-over district” of religious revival was a hot bed of reform movements including those for women’s rights, abolishing slavery, and utopian societies.
  • Founding of new religious community. Vermont lost a huge number of residents seeking a better life. Joseph Smith’s family moved into the Burned-over District where he had a spiritual wakening and after a series of events he wrote and published the Book of Mormon, and the founded of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints.
  • Literature:  June, 1816, was a terrible Spring Break and summer vacation for Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron, and John W. Polidori who were stuck inside at a villa overlooking Lake Geneva.  These writers produced some classic scary stories during a contest: Frankenstein (The Modern Prometheus) By Mary,  “A Fragment” by Byron (which became Polidori’s inspiration for “The Vampire” which preceded “Dracula”), and the poem “Darkness” also by Byron.
  • Agriculture:  Having experienced famine as a child in Germany, Justus von Liebig became a chemist who studied plant nutrition and introduced mineral fertilizers.

Maybe we’re looking at disasters all wrong. Possibly great opportunities instead.

Be the Mary, or Karl, or Justus.

Be the Little Red Hen and not Henny Penny/ Chicken Little or the peeps who are clucking things up.

As always,

Any day you wake up is a good day. (Wisdom offered from an old farm boy and ancient relative)

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Adapt or die.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Postcard with bears, geysers, Yellowstone (TIchnor Bro./ USPD., artist life/

If Yellowstone’s supervolcano erupts, then immigration will be the least of our worries. Read the what if it happens here. More speculation from Nat. Geo. here.(USPD/


March 18, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Hang over

Fire at tank farm in Deer Park (KHOU screenshot)

Not planned St. Patrick’s Day fireworks Sunday night (KHOU screenshot)

The day after, Irish eyes are not smiling

The farm’s on fire. No, not a potato farm. Keep up here. We farm tanks. No, not the army kind.

Really. If you can’t keep up with the erratic here, you’ll never manage O’Rourke’s presidential run.

 Nothing like the smell of diesel fumes in the morning – with a hint of xyeens. You know like xylene.

Sunday a storage vessel holding naphtha (a component in gasoline) caught fire at a chemical storage facility/ tank farm not far from here. Odd, because the tanks have redundant safety components, but things rust/corrode in this climate, seals deteriorate, and there’s always human error (who’s watching the gauges today?) Still a rare incident. Normally the product is either left to burn out or drained off – and it’s over.

And that was the plan last night. But this tank was in the middle of 15 or so, and when I checked this morning the fire had spread to 3 others, and now 7 are burning. Not controlled, but they seem confident additional tanks will be kept cool and safe.

Bubble Bubble(News video screenshot)

Not your ordinary stove top cooking.(News video screenshot)

Great. Out of sailing habit, we notice which way the wind is blowing, but with fire, especially chemical/petrochemical facilities along the ship channel east of us, we keep track of what up in the air. It’s not the stuff you see or smell that is dangerous, but the invisible fumes.

What is burning has been Naphtha, Xylene, Toluene. Although the air levels are safe, there are possible health hazards for the delicate. (read about that here)

Smoke in sky from tank fire Monday (© image, all rights reserved, no permissions granted)

Sky decor on Monday morning’s dog walk.(© image)

Before you start snorting about the environmental damage,  it’s partly your fault (HAHA – insert laugh there)

Like nail salons? Then you love chemical complexes and tank farms

The tank farm chemical components are destined for fingernail polish remover, solvents, glues, paints, machine lubricants, printing company necessities.

Toluene, actually a natural as it comes from the tolu tree as well as from crude oil, is used to make coke from coal used during manufacturing products like fabrics, dyes, assorted plastic “must haves.”

The ship channel – so much “waterfront property” here – is lined with chemical plants, petrochemical plants, tank storage, docking for massive tankers and ocean-going ships. All for you! You’re welcome.

Smoke from tank farm fire seen from bridge (© image, copyrighted, no permissions granted, all rights reserved)

Just over the hill? Actually it’s miles away – just a huge smoke plume.(© image)

Today, that darn ominous cloud is the worst St Patrick’s Day hangover ever. (more here ch 13 news or here Ch2 news)

Molly is miffed we are limiting outdoor time and she is not going to run wildly with friends in the field for a couple of hours (“But Mom, the pool may be open since it’s so warm. Mom!”)

Right now the winds are blowing away from us, but those will clock around the next day or so, and we’ll pay attention.

Interesting not one little peep from any source about what started the first tank’s fire. That’s very odd and unusual.

Certainly a hot time in the old town tonight…and for several nights

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Bird on dock. (©Copyrighted, NO permissions granted)

Local resident grounded and docked until all clear.(© image)

March 15, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Troubles while being green

Everyone knows green isn’t easy..

Just because you have enough green to buy a pickup, doesn’t mean you have enough sense to own a horse.

Horse braced for ride in back of pickup. (Image: Kerry Green Costello FB)

Dunderhead! A real car surfing horse wouldn’t have tie down reins. Guinness World records will not be impressed. IS this a double environmental crime against green? (Image: Kerry Green Costello FB)

People were not amused.

Corrigan police finally stopped the vehicle which had been going over 70 mph at times. The driver said his other truck that pulled his horse trailer wouldn’t start, so he had no choice. Besides he was only going for about 40 miles from Lufkin to Livingston, TX.

He was ticketed, the horse removed and taken to livestock barn where it was held until suitable, safe transportation could be arranged. Animal cruelty charges are pending. (And we know in olden days people sometimes did this – but people rode without seat belts then, too….)

“Driver with horse in pickup bed may face charges: TX cops” (video of rollin’ rodeo)

“What’s next for the driver behind the horse ride on Hwy 59” 

Of course, the driver and the horse both could have been previously bar hopping with some of the local dawgs.

dog licking beer can. (image:

“He who lies down with dogs, gets up with fleas? Does that mean, he who parties with humans, ends up leashed to Designated Walkers?” (image:

Some can’t leave their best buddy out of the fun: just in time for St Patrick’s’ Day celebrations: Good Boy Dog Beer.

A local couple created a dog beverage which isn’t actually beer (no alcohol, hops, or fermentation), but they wolf it down anyway. Got to be the fresh ingredients.

  • IPA lot in the Yard (pork based)
  • Mailman Malt Liquor (Chicken based)
  • Session Squirrel (Veggie based)
  • Crotch Sniffin’ Ale (Peanut based)

They ship, so spending a little green makes sure you and your favorite hound can howl together on St. Patrick’s Day.

You might as well get up off the floor and stop laughing…they said people would never buy clothes for their dogs either…

If you are one of those green behind the ears people who has to share everything with your dog, people can drink it, but it’s supposed to be pretty bland.

“Houston couple’s brewing is going to the dogs”

Listen you Animals, take care horsing around this weekend

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Irish couple dancing. (1908/International Art Pub.Co./Missouri History Museum/USPD:, artist life/

Always dance with the one that brung ya. (1908 postcard/USPD/

March 12, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Cheap labor ain’t dumb

Woman in hat and fur coat. (1920. LoC/USPD., artist life, gov. image/

I can assure you they were not fighting over me.(USPD/

Management crossed the lines. They called a strike without even a heads-up to the union rep.

While they love their work, enjoy getting a project from here to there with little more than maybe fish on Friday, promises of respect wasn’t enough this time.

The boss man had forgotten that most of them had known each other all their lives. They were a team: to yell at one, was to attack all.

OK. Maybe they shouldn’t have been settling personal issues on company time. Joey shouldn’t have jumped his buddy during a break, but in their rough and tumble world, there’s always bound to be a little snipping, shoving, and leg pulling once in a while as much as they are running together.

As unit, they called a strike: the sled dogs all sat down.

Refused to budge an inch.

Watched other teams pass them.

Lost their five-hour lead.

“Peeved pets: Iditarod lead lost as dogs quit.”

The musher, Petit said, “It’s just a head thing,” he said. “We’ll see if one of these dog teams coming by will wake them up at all.” He’s camped until the dogs think he’s been punished enough.

The Alaskan Iditarod race started March 2nd in Anchorage with the winning team expected to arrive in Nome possibly mid-week. (History of the race here.)

Petit had high hopes this year after getting off course during a blizzard last year and losing the lead to come in second – ironically, close to this spot. (Keep up with the Iditarod teams here) Petit scratched yesterday.

Postcard. Alaska (sled dogs) (Curt Teich prior 1964/USPD., artist life/

Molly insists her twin is the second dog on the lead dog’s left. (USPD/

Anyone who knows husky/malamute/sled dogs knows this is so typical.

Not your typical trained to obedience dogs, they have a strong sense of self, a definite streak of independent thinking, and love a good joke. Yes, they make jokes. And laugh about it with and at you.

Molly was spotted sitting in solidarity in our backyard: nose to the north wind.

She’s been all ears about the yearly race with relatives, possibly family, doing what they love and live for…running – even better with plenty of snow, too.

She steps into front row position when race appears on tv.

A distant wistful look in her eyes…and we keep finding the computer open to pages with snowy mountains and dog sleds. (Alaskan cruise lines? No.)

RC Cat says, “That is so husky-malamute.”

(“But with the proper state rooms…I’ve got my winter coat still on….”)

Sometimes it’s better to quit when you’re ahead.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Alaska map postcard. (TIchnor Bros. Pub. (1930-1945/USDPD. artist life, publication date/

Vintage Alaska postcard. Hasn’t changed much. (TIchnor Bros. Pub.1930-1945/USDPD/

March 8, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Impaired Vision.

Oh, say it isn’t so Chris, Louis, and Cotton.

Please, a temporary fevered brain, not a total torpedo to credibility.

A virus causing your brain sneeze, a flea-bitten rat’s plague upon you, or a roach-borne bacteria body invasion.

Oblivion. That’s the deal. The world coming to an end.

Surprisingly trite, but what’s that about anyway? A power play. Arrogance selfie. Delusion. The fun of frightening the children.

reclining woman. Theda Bara in Salome, 1918/USPD., artist life/

Yeah, I can tell the future for ya’. My dry cleaning bill is going to be exorbitant. (USPD/

It would be reasonable to expect a various bunch of religious types predicting The End of our sentences. (Besides Jim Morrison and Rasputin), but it’s surprising who else is on the list of enlightened ones.

  • Traveler, writer, and historian, Sextus Julius Africanus, revised his first prediction from the year 500 to 800. (Based on the dimensions of Noah’s ark – Don’t laugh. Multiple people used that to calculate)
  • Thiota declared the end would happened in 847, (Later he confessed it was all a fake and was publicly flogged)
  • Italian mystic Joachim of Fiore announced sometime between 1200 and 1260, was The End. As dates passed, followers rescheduled to 1290 and then again to 1335. One of them didn’t give up and proclaimed it was really 1378. (Rinse and repeat. If you say it long enough and frequently enough…)
  • A French alchemist, Jean de Roquetaillade was looking at ending dates between 1368-70. (Easier to create doomsday predictions than the elusive processes of making gold, it seems.)
  • The painter, Botticelli, believed he, and the rest of the world, would be out of business in 1504. His painting The Mystical Nativity is the only one he signed, featuring a crypt statement at the top, and the iconography that is unusual. (Savonarola must have had him on a roll…better on a roll than a roast at the stake.)
  • For Feb.1,1524, London astrologers predicted a London flood that would swap the entire world and would begin The End. So twenty thousand Londoners feds their homes for higher ground. The astrologers later recalculated the date to 100 years later after that first rain didn’t fall. (Did anyone get refunds? Hope all their earthly goods weren’t given away or house doors left unlocked…)
  • Physician Helisaeus Roeslin told people to beware in 1654 (“And please pay your bill at time of services…”)
  • Christopher Columbus gave two predictions: 1656 and 1658. (So maybe people are right to be skeptical about him….)
Expressive couple. (1919. publicity still/ Exhibitors Mutual/Robertson-Cole/, artist life/

“Darling. Just ignore the voices. Company business forecasts do not count as predictions.” (USPD/

  • Mathematician Michael Stifel calculated that Judgement Day would begin at 8:00 am on Oct 19, 1533. (Math is such an exact, logical field that is devoid of emotion.)
  • Sailor Richard Brothers convinced people The End would come between 1793 and 1795. He was later committed to an insane asylum. (Long periods of isolation at sea can cause one to see things.)
  • Did Native American Wovoka, founder of the Ghost Dance movement, have more insight about 1890?
  • Pyramidologist Charles Piazzi researched the Great Pyramid of Giza and concluded the dimensions indicated sometime between 1892-1911, it would be over. (He got right to the point there.)
  • In 1910, Camille Flammarion swore Halley’s Comet “would impregnate that atmosphere and possibly snuff out all life on the planet”, but not the planet itself. Not missing an opportunity, “Comet pills” were sold to the public as protection against toxic gases. (Won’t hurt to bank some money just in case it doesn’t happen?)
  • April, 1990, Elizabeth Clare was the beginning of a nuclear war, with the world ending 12 years later. Followers stockpiled shelters with supplies and weapons. Later, Clare was diagnosed with epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. (Maybe the stockpiles were like Halloween candy – only buy what you like just in case there are leftovers.. Who could be unhappy with leftovers days?)
  • Astrophysicist John Gribbin’s 1974 book predicted that “combined gravitational forces of aligned planets would create a number of catastrophes, including a great earthquake on the  San Andreas Fault” on March 10, 1982. (The fault of our stars and directors)
  • Linguist Charles Berlitz was sure that in 1999 the world would end probably caused by might nuclear devastation, asteroid impact, pole shift or other Earth changes. (So were all those struggles to become bilingual worth it?)

And that’s not even getting into the cults, multiple Popes (but which calendar were they referring to?), the Mayan calendar, asteroid, Nibiru, or a boast of others whose predictions drift way into the future. (Read more here)

According to According to Egyptian-American biochemist Rashad Khalifa‘s numerological analysis of the Quran, the world will end during 2280.

The heat death of the universe appears to be done the road a bit past that, though.

Crowd drinking in Swiss Alpine Inn. (1919. Metro Pictures/, artist life/

“Eat. Drink. And be merry! It’ll either be over tomorrow or we’ll tell our leader we’re getting out of these outfits.” (USPD/

So what first appeared to be bonkers, laughable doomsday comments by an elected representative turns out to be quite, if not quietly, in a long line of ….uh, something, something…..(Hopefully flogging, asylums, and dying of embarrassment are passé.)

Time will tell.

The End of Normal has actually come.

Time to welcome Daylight Savings Time and Spring Break.

With luck Spring will take the clue and dance in with desperately needed, mood lifting Spring Fever – which we can blame all the ditzy on.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Strange woman with long hair. (Theda Bara, 1915 vampire pose/Fox Film/Underwood photo/USPD., artist life/

Actress Theda Bara, as a 1915 vampire, demonstrates the results of lack of sleep and too much sunlight…how we shall all. feel next week.(USPD/

March 5, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge


The night is dark and full of mirrors.

Scary mirrors, like Twitter, are full of selfies or looking backwards

Someone in woodsy camouflage - a costume for disappearing? (Woodland camo suit. image)

Can’t see reason for the costume. Just wanna get away? ( camo image)

Mirroring quick glances or glancing blows:

  • Our City has a hazardous waste recycling day. We got the notice: bring your stuff and your bring photo ID and current utility bill. How about that? One can vote without photo ID, but cannot legally, responsibly, discard electronics, paint or household hazardous waste without one. (Does anyone get mailed utility bills anymore? Everyone wants debit or e-transfers these days. Oh, the printer will be thrilled to be useful again.)
  •  There’s some the mental confusion over teenage brains with the push to grant 16-18 year olds the opportunity to vote. Hey, today’s teens are so smart and the decisions made will affect their lives. Sounds logical, but oddly, every time an individual 21 yrs or younger commits a crime – suddenly they are a “child” with immature brains with the areas responsible for logic and decision-making being undeveloped, so of course they are not responsible for – and do not comprehend their illegal/dangerous actions. Can’t have it both ways. Pick one.
  • Talk about throwbacks. The 1960’s and 70’s called and they want their stuff back. Along with “Ban the Bra”, so many fretted over “Was it right to bring a child into this world.” Sound familiar? Even then the Sierra Club was warning unchecked immigration would destroy the environment with too many people, too much demand for consumer products made by toxic manufacturing processes, and too much demand for natural resources like useable water. Yoga was a big thing, along with organic farming, being vegetarian, solar energy…

Songs are boomeranging, too. Perturbing or clever?  Look WGU marketing, the word “changing” may be in the lyrics, but read the rest of them, too, in order to get the context. Bob Dylan’s song “Times, They are a-changing” (Lyrics) are not about going to college or preparing to change careers. It’s a period piece, an anthem for those specific times. “The lyrics reflected his views on social injustices and the government’s unhelpful attitude towards change.” (source). There’s plenty of creative people/song writers out there, so gut it up and pay one. Have a contest. Get your own stuff. Stop rehashing old and trying to cram a square peg into a round hole.

That goes for those who are revising period pieces out of context like “West Side Story” – and making it unoffensive…to modern society. Such a timeless, universal, star-crossed lovers theme, almost guarantees a box office win, but instead of tweaking other authors’ interpretation and vision, can’t find a modern version of parent forbidden romance? Seriously? With all the clashes of diversity these days…What if a red hat fell for a…Oh, you can unveil ideas like that yourself.

Makes you worry people are lazy, afraid, or unable to come up with new ideas.

(Wait until brain fog takes over next week with Daylight Savings Time)

Reflections: Light ricochets. Light bounces.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Dinosaur in bed with red blanket with Dino book in back (© image: all rights reserved, copyrighted, no permissions granted)

Getting ready for Daylight Savings Time. Try to explain disrupting sleep and starting bedtime routines when it’s still light outside to a kid. “People can’t just get up an hour earlier and go to bed a bit earlier without messing with the clocks?” Bright light enlightenment.(© image)


March 1, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

No more fin for yourself

Ever worry about fish?

They may have mastered mindfulness completely. Totally OK to go with the flow. Que Sera Sera.

Judging from the expressions of those in giant aquariums where you can get eyeball to eyeball, they never blink.

Still, at some level they are bound to know when they aren’t in deep water and things aren’t going well.

Pet Fish adoption center. No Kill Animal shelter for unwanted fish in the Discovery Center. (San Marcos Community Services FB)

“Need a new home for your pet fish? Don’t use the San Marcos River – use the Discovery Center fish pond at 430 Riverside Drive. We feed our fish weekly and your pet will not become someone’s lunch. The pond is heated during the winter to keep your pet fish alive. Come see us!”(San Marcos Community Services FB)

What happens when…

A fish has gotten just too full of himself: becomes an anti-social bully or worse, a murderer?

The family moves and leaves the fish behind. Neighbors will hear an abandoned dog barking. A “forgotten” cat simply sniffs and says, “They were not worthy anyway” and auditions new staff. But nobody notices the big eyed panic as the tank’s oxygen and fish food runs out.

 The lucky ones in decorative outdoor ponds have more of a chance – as long as it rains as needed, there are hiding places from predators, and there’s enough warmth during the winter cold spells.

Not like they can pack up their bubbles and go fin for themselves.

Finally the fin plight is finis! – At least in one place. (Video story)

The San Marco River has been an unwanted pet fish dumping spot for years. “Look, Honey, he’s swimming off. He’ll love it here. Now get in the car.”

Well, Nemo and his friends aren’t gonna find love there: Non-native/invasive species pet fish damage the river’s delicate environmental balance. If river volunteers net them, it ain’t gonna end well.

So recognizing a need, a drop off, no  kill, fish shelter has been created at the San Marcos Discovery Center (Video story). Think of it as the safe, legal place to leave unwanted babies like at local fire stations here. (OK. Fire and water are opposites, but results are the same.)

Ah, if fish could talk. But they don’t. Enlightened enough to know bears, raccoons, and cats don’t need any location assistance.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Dog in red raincoat. (© image, all rights reserved, copyrighted, no permissions granted)

Molly wanted to show off her new raincoat. Yes, I finally broke down – the washer and dryer can just handle so many soggy, muddy, towels. It appears it is going to rain forevermore. Aquaman may soon actually be a reality. Be kind to fish, just in case.(©image)



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