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October 21, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Last straw: save the children

Mislead. Now tied into a life of pole dancing.


As if the impending Vegetable Invasion isn’t rotten enough, stuffing children into the middle of it all.

How will they ever break loose?

May Allison dressed as belly dancer."Almost married". Moving Picture World (May 1919) Metro Pictures(

She is far too friendly with plants. Must be the one luring children into lives as a wandering performers in the service of the dreaded Orange Veggie Invaders. (USPD/

Such a serious issue, a proclamation must be made to the Realm.

You. With the big feet. Walk with me. You shall be allowed to kick dog hair tumbleweeds out of Our path. Halt. We shall address Our citizens from this platform

Just brush that one fuzzy clump to the side. No, it did not just fall out of Our ruff.

Step back in order not to obstruct Our subjects’ view. Back farther. One more step. Oh, We did not see the platform edge there. Just stay down and rest. 

Residents of the Realm: It pains Us to have to deliver such disturbing news. Innocent Children are being misused!

Molly Malamute has noticed during her scouting trips looking for dangerous vegetables, that once again unaccompanied, homeless children are in the area.

Still smiling through their tears, they manage in tattered clothing – which is oddly no worse the wear from sightings last year. Peculiar.

But We are horrified that these poor little ones naively have become pole dancers!

Even straw polls reveal few think this is a suitable activity.

Halloween scarecrow tied to tree - with pumpkins. ALL rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

Look at that. A sweet smile. Clothes neatly pressed. Bravely standing straight and tall waiting for the show to begin.©

Even worse, it appears that the dastardly Orange Veggies are attempting to sneak in under foot. – apparently in the guise as stage props for performances. 

We do not know if these poor children are smiling because they don’t have a brain, are afraid of those who brought them here, or are like the unpopular child who do anything to fit in to the popular scene.

This cruel act cannot be allowed to stand!

It is raining and, yet, they smile on.

family. Man and woman holding child (1920-"The cheater".Exhibitors Herald April-june.1920) Screen Classics/Metro Pictures (USPD

Ah, We remember being a very young kitten and choosing Our Realm. There is no truth to the rumor that We had to be plucked out of a tree.(USPD/commons)

Some of Us remember Our own “Days of Stray” – to be without a home or a memory foam bed to lay Our head. 

We fortunate ones of The Realm must find a way to help these children.

The Molly has been instructed to try and befriend these unfortunates.

Perhaps she can grab them and usher them out of such a dark existence among those who will eventually reveal themselves to be rotten.

Boy Halloween scarecrow propped against a tree. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Such a cute one. No doubt his parents fretted “How are we going to keep him down on the farm?” Surely they did not have to sell him to survive. Better to sell the turkey than the straw off the old block.©

Any suggestions for rescuing and re-homing these children shall be welcomed.

We can only hope they are chipped so scanners can locate their parents who must be searching the fields for them.

In closing, We wish to remind residents that Holler-Ring is almost here.

Any sudden appearances of Orange Vegetable Invaders should be reported immediately.

Do not attempt to approach them – even if their eyes or smiles glow with warmth!

RC Cat on desk peering out window looking for signs of Orange Vegetable Invaders.NO permissions granted. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

“If any Orange Veggie dares  to enter this window, We shall stab them with Our scissors hidden by these papers. Ironic, no? Orange scissors for Orange Invaders. Yes, yes. How apropos.”©

Carry on!

As in “Carry on the tributes of can food to the table on your way out.”

I am RC Cat and I approve this message






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October 19, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Keeping watch.


Nautical style light illuminating Monarch butterfly. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Don’t worry little monarch. Keeping delight on for you.©

Remember that feeling of being wedged in the back seat of a hot car in between two hefty relatives in the summer? Time crawling as much as the traffic. Desperately wishing some breeze would make it through the car window, past the mountains of people and give some relief.

That’s what it’s like. Waiting for the cold front. Steamy: spa hot and humid.

Monarch butterflies, however, are all aflutter about it.

Just like movie stars, monarchs crave humidity to keep them from drying out – remaining wrinkle free – while they conserve energy.

With Oct-Nov. travel advisories including shorter days and dropping temps, the butterflies hit the skyway. The neighborhood’s seen them passing through on their way to staging grounds to wait their Uber lift by the cold front’s north winds.

Hey, it’s not cheating!

Well, there was that NASCAR inspired individual that flew went 265 miles in one day. Must have been super charged.

Inquiring minds want to know if it was from the lanky, Lantana that’s struggling to give a few end of the season blooms.

And just like the past years, Mr. Pinchy fingers is at it again. (Catch up on last year’s episode, “Dastardly Bushwhacker. Santa Knows, Dude” here).

Undoubtedly it’s the old guy who’s the local landscape Nazi: reporting to the HOA which yards needing mowing, whose trees are leaning, or if some potting soil bags sit too long on the driveway. You know the kind.

Must think I’m a total dunderhead who doesn’t understand how to pinch back sprawling bushes to fluff them up, so he will demonstrate. Or that I’m just falling lazy. (Secretly, he is jealous of our lush tropical resort.)

1919. Gloria Swanson dressed as duck hunting "walking blind". Nov edition of Shadowland mag. /USPD., artist life/

Worked for Gloria Swanson. Useful for Vegetable Invasion sentry duty, too(USPD/

Not taking it to DEFCON 3 at this point.

Posted a keep you darn mitts off my plants, you idiot polite, friendly “Please help save endangered species by protecting these flowers” sign.

And I’ve got a motion activated critter cam in the window – not turned on yet. Yet.

And the Fall flies

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

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Big bright Super Moon over house with decorative lighting and palms ALL rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

Monday night’s super moon. Looks like this neighbor fired up beacons for monarchs and owls….attracting the skunk was probably totally unintentional…©

October 17, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Travel window: pictured perfect

Ready to scream about the commuter crawl outside the windshield? Picture that.

Strapped-in kids whining because they can’t see out the windows? Screenshot.

Dog bored, won’t settle down, and backseat passengers are complaining about being used as a dog bed? Got something to chase that away.

angry man. Mickey Rooney. "Twilight-zone" CBS/USPD:, no cr./

“What road construction will take the next 6 months? More if it rains? Just can’t take any more!”(USPD/

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept car is ready for a look-see.

Yawn over the self driving, but Mercedes has created something that may spiral travel enthusiasm.

This car features screens wrapped around the passenger compartment under the actual windows. 360 degrees. Selected travel images glide along just like landscape outside.

Pick your view as easily as picking your route.

Tired of that grimy, depression urban scene? How about a Painted Desert?

Pull up a forest with glorious fall foliage, snowy mountains, or wetland with herons and gators. (Why not drunks glitz of the Las Vegas strip? Could be an adult option.)

I Spy games could take on a whole new look. 

What child wouldn’t delight to see a virtual Bambi peeking from out of a panel’s forest

Any bored dog would give paws up for a rabbit running around car’s screens.

Cats might jump for butterflies fluttering or birds soaring. (“Shut that window NOW, young man!”)

And that sullen teenager?  Rooting that the loping wolf rounds the dashboard and runs smack into a rearing, roaring, grizzly bear.

If visuals are available, sounds effects can’t be far behind. Imagine:

Crashing surf of Pacific Highway. Thunderstorms rolling across the high planes. Rocky Mountain winds tossing golden Aspen leaves.  Raucous New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Mom’s will be pleading for “Mercedes take me away” instead of Calgon

Seriously, the car’s virtual scenes offer benefits:

  • Lower heart rates and blood pressure for passengers who are whisked away from the annoying traffic sights outside.
  • Reduces police car chases as car jackers become so enthralled with the car’s scenes, they forget to reprogram for a getaway destination or to even drive off at all.
  • Could be just what the doctor ordered to prevent road rage.
  • Easier to hide where you are: both mentally and physically (especially on social media).

Wonder if new car owners will allow popcorn and sodas for these moving movies.

Picturing a restful wheel thing.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

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While some say the Mercedes is like nothing we’ve seen before, but there was that 1940’s futuristic Stout Scarab made in Detroit

side view of 1936 silver Stout Scarab. ALL rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

Ancestor of some mettle. The spacey Stout Scarab©






October 14, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Define a Fine Madness

It’s all in the interpretation.

Already here for some. Rapidly approaching destination for the rest.

Stop driving against the grain for a minute. Turn away from the stars (“Dancing” can wait). And, most definitely, cease clowning.

concept motorcycle. BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 (Bloomberg/BMW Group)

Designed to set your inner pace free. BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 (Bloomberg/BMW Group)

BMW is steering towards Super Hero wannabes with its’ Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle.

The sleek flexframe looks Hollywood Sci Fi, but there’s more: Artificial Intelligence that creates such a safe ride that riders won’t need a helmet, those heavy motorcycle boots, or Kevlar protective gear.

A self balancing system ( Mom, skip the training wheels!). It won’t fall over when standing.

“The bike has a full range of connected data from its’ surroundings and a set of intelligent systems working in the background, so it knows exactly what lies ahead” (Wait? Does it have inside info from time travel, too? Could use some stock hints …)

Wind once more in your hair without a helmet, but eyes goggled with a “visor that each rider will wear help control and direct the bike. The commands from the visor are controlled by moving your eyes.”

Wait. That last part. Any one else seeing some weird potential here?

A pretty young thing off the side of the road is spotted by the driver who turns his head to ogle get a better look…

How does one tell the intuitive bike “Nooo, just gawking. Not ready to meet her yet”?

Oh, knowing human nature, no doubt there’s an app for that. Maybe a Motorrad Vision dating app with social media/smart phone connections. Dogs and motorcycles: chick magnets, right?

2 motorcycle cops. Erik Estrada (Ponch Poncherello) and Larry Wilcox in NBC series "Chips".pre-1978., no cr./

“Hey, Ponch, if we’d had that bike, we’d have been even cooler.” (USPD/

Not sure whether the next drive will be “fly me to the moon while it’s still there”, duck, or sea sickness on the horizon. “Impact! New Moon Craters Are Appearing Faster Than Thought”

The moon has always suffered a chilly life – always being overshadowed by a bigger, brighter sibling.

But it has devoted fans and champions in art, music, and literature.

Always does a great job of managing the sea’s tides.

Never really good at dodge the meteor, though.

Too obedient to step out of orbit even for self-preservation, the poor sphere is getting pounded more than ever.

Of course NASA agencies are concerned about flying debris chipped off and flying through space near rockets and space station. (Conveniently ignoring the manmade space junk hazards.)

More worrisome is this scenario: You know how if you drop some kitchen bowls just right, they just shatter into tiny pieces?

Werewolf frome "Dark Shadows" TV show-1969. Publicity photo (USPD.

Does being moonstruck mandate a wardrobe change? (USPD/

What if a space rock hit just the right spot on the moon and it shatters into space dust?

What will lovers and singers moon over?

Will those romantic, profitable, moonlight cruises be extinct?

Will nighttime hikers and dog walkers be able to find their footing?

How will cats see as they battle over wives and territory?

Will maritime traffic be rocked by confused tides?

How will bunches of babies know it’s time to be born? (Do they get invitations or something? How do they know it’s a full moon? A water, tide, and moon thing, too?)

What will wolves and werewolves howl at?

They talk about sea gates to protect against hurricanes, when maybe focus should turn to protecting the moon from scrapes.

Horror movie poster. 1959 "Curse of the Undead" Reynold Brown (USPD:, cr.not renewed /

Seriously, how can there be tales of horror without a spooky moon?(USPD/

The human circus has no horror of opening new acts with clownish antics.

The bizarre clown terror recently reminds me of the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials.

You know when a bunch of little girls started shrieking about unseen danger and shortly everyone was shaking and afraid of the dark.

Illogical group hysteria like that.

crowd of hysterical people. Witchcraft Trial. Salem, Mass. 1898.Detroit Published postcard. (NYC pub.lib/

No clowns in this one. Just a witchcraft trial, Salem, Mass. I know you thought it was a political town hall meeting, but I already told you: no clowns. Alike, but different. Really. (USPD/

Is the mob hysteria due to diet?

Maybe rye, wheat and cereal grass products should be closely examined.

Happened before.

Guess we’d better hope that moon continues to light things up.

Otherwise, there might be maddening problems as smart motorcycles run into not so smart clowns.

A refined madness.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.



October 12, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Twisted entrapment isn’t nurturing

Pretty young woman seated.1924. Guillaume Seignac-1870-1924.(USPD:, artist life/

Sitting pretty will catch someone’s eye.(USP/

Too trusting. Too vulnerable.

It’s usually the tall willowy ones that get wrapped up in it all before they realize.

Starts simply: a lovely adornment appears. Suggesting royal attention, perhaps.

A soft – barely noticeable – touch.

As exotic as heart-shaped flutterings.

A silky warmth winding closer. Tighter.

It all looks  – feels – so innocent. Despite the warning whispers as time passes.

Woman in fur coat. 1936.Society Girls fashion model. (John Oxley Library Queensland Australia / USPD:,/

So fashionably wrapped against cold stares and weather, she can’t see the tree for the forest.(J.Oxley Lib/

Then before you know it, tendril fingers grasping, strangling, forcing an end to all growth.

Any brightness stolen.

No warmth from the sun.

Until too late.

Smothering is not nurturing.

Palm tree covered by purple blooming morning glory vine. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Shake it off, Palm Baby. Before it crowns you and takes you down!©

Darn that pesky, out-of-control, invasive Morning Glory vine.

Hard to shrug off that clingy social climber.


All it takes to impress some is a flash of green and a promise of wearing pourpre royale.

Can’t get past that pre-mauve haze.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Woman. 1945. Fashion model by Erick Holmen (Nordic Museum/

Hey Big Spender, twine a little time with me.(Holmen/

October 10, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

No, no notorious mistake

Giant inflated Dia de los muertos yard decorations with carriage, ghosts, and skulls ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

You probably get spaghetti dinners while we get sugar skulls and inflatable yard decorations preparing for Dia de los muertos (Nov 1)©

No to nonsense

No longer needed.

No one really cares.

No cheers, no toasts, no green, white, and red draped fairs.

No longer the individual fair-haired – the darling Courted.

Should have been the Champion of Curiosity. (Although some, like cats, died from that).

One honored as bold and brave in face of the Unknown. (There were edgy rumors of dragons.)

Instead he sailed into irony –

as well as experiencing rust prone wardrobe

and a vessel stalled.  (Had to iron out that)

Here, without the merchants’ sale banners, we’d cruise smooth past Columbus Day.

But as one who’s been in a very small boat in a very large sea –

with all sorts of electronics, GPS, flare guns, EPIRB, and the Coast Guard on the SAT phone’s speed dial….

I can’t help but wonder at Christopher Columbus and those crew guys who sailed off past known ocean charts and lived to tell about it.

Quite a super feat, you have to admit, no matter what you feel about the named result.

 3 animals in a sail boat. Poem page from 1912 Bookshelf for Boys and-Girls by University Society NY (USPD:, artist's life/

It ain’t as easy as it looks and it ain’t for chickens.(USPD/

So I don’t care if there are those who feel celebrating Columbus is insensitive and hurtful (Schools are so careful here), that voyage was darn amazing.

Should fuel intrepidness and encourage calculated risk taking  – inspiring the explorer spirit.

Along with a cautionary tale to not be too smug about exactly what was accomplished.

It’s not the ones on the journey that cause the problems later – it’s the politicians and those wanting to split up the power, influence, and gold.

A heft of grog to the sailors and to all those wandering just to see what’s there.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Always more to the story…especially one from so long ago

Pansy-headed artist with easel.1876. "Viola Tricolor in picture and rhyme" by Count Franz Graf Pocci (, artist life/

Paint as you will. It’s all in the medium.(USPD/






October 8, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Trucking on down the road

sunset thunderhead. ALL rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

Knew this one showed up for a reason. Just had to wait for the story. (It does not look fishy.) ©

Can we say please Autumn instead of fall?

“Fall” just brings to mind jumping off a ledge, crashing from the top of the swing’s arc, or experiencing raw skinned knees just when you thought you had that roller skating thing down. (That last word. So full of meanings.)

As said before, Fall is when they leave.

Blogger Paul Curran must have felt the open road calling – left without filing the paperwork for those left behind.

Well, he’d seen a lot along the highways and byways of life.

Now Life has lost one of her expert tour guides.

More about blogger Paul Curran and his passing here.

Can’t decided which:

  • “Long and Winding Road” (video with lyrics)
  • Johnny Cash’s “Circle” (Truckers and Johnny Cash seem to go along together)
  • Hope you get why. “The Bear went over the Mountain” – all the verses. (First because Paul enjoyed the open road and seeing new places. He had a great sense of humor. He smiled and caused many others to smile in his lifetime. The last few lines seem right)

No more of life’s bothersome downshifting, Paul. 

Darn if this isn’t just like you – no fancy farewell.

Thanks for all the stories and blog community gatherings.

The world is better from all you did – all you touched – even those others had forgotten.

This year’s Autumn leaf show is all in your honor – spilling all along the roadways like bright ribbons so we, spread so far and wide, can share the tribute.

Bye, friend. Hope to see ya’ down the road.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

sunset moon among pink clouds. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

You left tire tracks all over the world, Paul. I know it was you. RIP. “I’m 10-10 on the side“,buddy.©





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