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October 7, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Imminent threats. Cautionary tales

Whirled affairs are always a concern.

We have seen the sighs.

Holler-ring draws near.

ALL rights reserved to this cat glowering. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted Holler-Ring cat.

See our glower and tremble!©

Last year the unfortunates were desperately fleeing Chick-among-us. Once again refugees have been falling into the Realms.

We have heard rumors of Seriousians, a mob who will not listen except to themselves, looking to be outraged, and are humorless. Sounds like a blustering bunch constantly airing discord. Let’s hope reverse migrate occurs quickly. Political types cause more problems than they solve.

A family of fall scarecrows (NO permissions granted) as yard decorations. ALL rights reserved. Copy righted

It’s their unblinking stare that is worrisome…©

Canine reconnoissance has located some brazen advanced scouts trying sneaky infiltration by Trojan Beagle.

Not used to the role, their chosen snoop is a bit stiff. Even The Molly is not fooled and greets the faker with a snarl.

NO permissions Snoopy asleep on grinning Halloween pumpkin. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

A chick AND a Snoop! Coordinated invasion efforts this year?©

The first wave of refugees are smiling, accompanied by children, and showing poor housekeeping skills.

At night their temporary housing glows with warmth and joy. Yurts. Of course. Yurt! Not just a name for a turtle, but a happy portable home!

The camps may be a bit too happy at night.  Each morning their tents of frivolity become lumps easily mistaken for discarded laundry. No consideration in return at all for the hospitality offered by those Realms.

If one is too groggy to deal with ordinary morning duties, one should moderate nighttime behavior.

When roaming from home, don’t do as the Romans:  don’t leave pillars or friezes carelessly tossed everywhere.

They are still trying to get that place picked up. One must learn from history.

Pumpkin's flat on his face. Feeling deflated. NO permissions granted. ALL rights reserved. Copy righted

His blustering may pump him up at night, but during the day, he’s a flat-out mess.©

As of now, all seems to be peaceful, but We shall not let down Our defenses.

Even as We speak, this is a time of too many ding-dongs and hard knocks by strangers doing this and that repairs in the Realm.

With much annoyance We have relocated Our Chair of Glower to the office bunker where activity of the Realm can be conducted with dignity from a safe location thus assuring residents of complete control even when chaos hammers around Us.

It was either move Our Chair of Glower or sit on the printer…which is warm, but the unexpected sporadic shaking cannot be good for One’s blood pressure or clawdicure.

Not to mention the smooth finish of said printer which, oddly, is not equipped with paw grips as a normal amusement ride would be.

Staff probably bought the cheap model. One speed. And it rattles.

Multiple purpose machines rarely do any one task well. Now this printer, for example.

While it does actually sound a bit like saber-rattling when in action which might come in useful on occasion if staff does not impress to workmen it is important to finish their work promptly and clear out immediately  where is the remote? So much more useful if We could operate it from Our Chair of Glower. For emphasis. Only emphasis. All the world power leaders use this technique.

The printer shoves across the desk easy enough, but as a duster, it leaves something to be desired.

We Shall demonstrate.


Did the instruction mention the printer can double as a hockey puck? Trash can grabbed it on the way to the floor. Points should be awarded for that. Staff will be amazed. They never read all the instructions, thus never know the full potential of things.

Yes, We know. We do Our best.

Delighted to have some distraction from the loud bang-bangs, but We must say adieu.

The paw is waving…a tired exhausted wave.

RC Cat presiding in her Chair of Glower. NO permissions granted. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

Out of friendship We are not glowering at full strength as it is simply too powerful and might overwhelm you if exposed for too long. ©

Out of consideration, We shall allow you to leave tributes of open cans of cat food here: at the foot of Our Chair of Glower. 

Such favor shown to you is overwhelming, We realize.

In addition, We shall allow you to take the printer’s instruction manual so it may be studied. Perhaps next time We shall play a game of printer hockey.

Yes, Yes. Delightful idea.

Our audience is over. Fini. Permission to withdraw.

We have memos to write, specks of dust to examine, and printers to ride.

Staff! The paw is tired of waving. Assist this awestruck individual to the door.

Adieu, mon chere

I am RC Cat and I approve this message










October 5, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Getting to the point

Sorry, sweetie.

It’s not a pink tutu.

And you’re not  ballerina.

Another option?

Crepe myrtle flower held by plant. NO permissions granted. ALL rights reserved. Copy righted

Your circular twirl works, yet something’s lacking ©

A Playboy Bunny costume.

True. Spare, by design, yet not really covering it.


ALL rights reserved, copy righted. NO permissions granted to plant image

Can see your concept and your point,  but, still no.©

Cheerleader? Pink pompom? Yes, while the NFL is sporting pink shoes, towels, such  right now, not really going to work Oct 31.

Third time is not quite a charm, Charming one. Back to the Halloween Mega Store.

Give it up. Pink poodle won’t work.

NO permission granted for plant stabbing plant ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

Gosh, these plants are so persistent. Generous, but such stubbornness.©

What? No thanks, I don’t want it.

Enough fluff.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Looking for some spooky Halloween cocktail recipes? You’ve got time to practice and sample these from Pottery Barn. Then, after a few, you can go outside and help the plants with their costumes.

NO permissions granted for crepe myrtle leaves. ALL rights reserved Copyrighted

“Don’t blame Us. We told her pink was a Spring color. She said she didn’t mind cast offs and hand-me-downs.”©




October 2, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

No, deer. No.

A window into the wackiness. Gotta love it. Perchance, bottle that.

Blown in on brisk breezes with lower humidity, welcomed distractions.

Refreshing after so much political huffing, puffing, and hot air. Politicians are probably the true cause of global warming.

Opal the baby nyala at the Houston Zoo (

Yeah, she’s got milk. And veggies, too. (

People gladly warm up to some things. Like Opal.

Opal’s birth in late August overwhelmed her mom, Ruby, so protective services stepped in with bottles to assist, but wisely decided not to remove the baby from her mom. Ruby managed to get her act together this week and is now caring for her nyala child on her own.

Opal can be spotted frolicking with the other new nyala babies: Wallace, Fancy, and Fern. Shortly all of them will be introduced to rest of the Houston Zoo’s nyala antelope herd.

Watch Opal star in her own movie here.

We Love Houston sculpture (

Spelling it out. (

Another film crew is a little less in love with Houston after yesterday.

A local real estate firm hired Cut to Create Video Productions to make a promotional marketing video about the city. Pictures of skylines, parks, and, of course, the David Addickes’ “We Love Houston” sculpture parked among side of HWY I-10.

The crew noticed a man strolling back and forth eyeing them, but it’s a very public spot, so they felt safe.  Safe until the guy pulled out a gun. They tossed the cameras and equipment and ran to their van.

The robber had a lot to carry on his way to the getaway car. He ended up dropping a tripod and a Go PRo camera – which continued to roll.

Go Pro camera focuses on robber. (

Go Pro camera not going without a fight.(

Once again, selfies are not your friend.  (Video and story here.)

He also dropped his gun. Which was plastic. It may shoot pellets. Maybe. Plastic toy-ish.

The production guys still managed to say that they loved Houston. They hardly hesitated or stammered at all.

Note to film crews in Houston: Hire a local guide.

Old window with lantern hanging in it.(NO permissions granted for this Boston picture.) Keep out sign at bottom (ALL rights reserved) Old NOrth Church (copy righted image)

Getting into that spooky Halloween spirit? Not kidding about do not enter…(shiver)©

Local knowledge can be really interesting. Like with this window.

  • What’s with the lamp hanging there?
  • Why does the sign say “Do Not Enter”?
  • Why bother looking at this window anyway?

Stop! Do not run. It’s breaking news. OK. The window broke. A long time ago. So it was not caused by hurricane Joaquin. Work with me here.

It’s the “One if by land and one if by sea” signal church of the American revolution: Boston’s Old North Church. Paul Revere stuff.

At one point a rebellious citizen was being chased by British troops who never cared about a church’s sanctuary or protection. Soldiers ran right on in after him. Rebel crashed through the window and escaped.

The broken window was actually boarded up for a long time. Forgotten.

Lion guards Old North Church gift shop. (ALL rights reserved. Copy righted image in Boston. NO permissions granted to image))

“Harrumph. Here I am, old and forgotten. Not even an umbrella against the storm.” (Lions guard Old North Church’s gift shop.©)

President Gerald Ford placed that lantern in the window in April 18, 1975, honoring the U.S. Bicentennial Celebration.

Oh FYI. You can’t crawl up and touch the window. They yell. Just like they yelled at mom for touching the Liberty Bell. Got to be genetic.

Interested in “Lanterns, Bells, and Bodies” of the old place? Get an inside look here in Yankee Magazine. (Besides, you guys on the East Coast are bored looking at all the rain, right?)

Greek dancers on stage. (

The original “So you think you can dance”. OPA! (

Time for this post to be history. 

The most wonderful of all Greek Festivals opens this weekend. Get ready to party. This year featuring Holy Archangels Monastery and Winery. (Greek Orthodox monastery, Kendalia, TX.)

 Read more about the monks: “Wine with a purpose: Monks get into the spirits at Greek Festival” (CultureMap)

Or watch news video of the festival’s opening “Opa! The Original Greek Festival kicks off in Montrose.” It’s call “The Original” as it’s the oldest, in downtown (Montrose is a neighborhood), and there’s another big Greek Festival in the Spring.

Logo. Greek Festival. (

49th Annual Greek Festival. Four days. Weather’s great. Dance on over. (

No, I will not be waving to the webcams. No, dear, no.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Opal being bottle fed by keeper. (

Another bottle? What ever you want, baby. Oh, give one to Opal, too. She’s got a lot of growing to reach 150 pounds. Opa! (

September 30, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Word flippers. Up, Chuck.

Sculptures: Ice and Arm. 2006 Art project Polarfront.Birgit Mieding, Johannes Freitag, Ingo Sikorski. Entrance to DSM and AWI of Bremerhaven Germany. Arm is by sculptor Balkenhol/Hannes Grobe/

Here’s a bit of a reach. (DSM/AWI/Hannes Grobe/

Word flippers, like house flippers, are ready to rip out things up. Toss the traditional.

Even Autumn, feeling edgy, adopts a street name, Fall, to be flip and cool. So what’s next? Stormy? Windy? Sunny? Sounds a bit tawdry like the stripper names in that old joke. What creative the tags the other seasons will adopt?

The Pope has “self-honesty” rather than simply being “honest” or  “truthful” (On the scene reporter popped this gem). Oh well, guess the selfie crowd would stick with that.

“Actively assertive”, “aggressive” or “using physical persuasion” used to be called “hitting”, “fighting” or “assault and battery.” New phrasing is much less judgmental and negative. Suitable. Less Rock ’em, Sock ’em these days, in language anyway.

Good to stay current.

Staring man in suit. 1918. Photoplay Mag. Bert Lytell/

Open concept? I promise it will be wide open after shoving a few letters around.(USPD/

As electrifying as that is, one repurposing of a word makes me sizzle: “up”.

It’s still directional, yes, but traditionally it was “raise the speed limit”,”raise the security levels”, “raise productivity”, “raise awareness”, or “raise the rent”, not “up” them.

The level’s revised moniker makes me want to throw up and I don’t mean hands or basketballs, Chuck.

Perhaps remodeling phrases with “up” is a considerate attempt so 3 year olds and speakers of languages other than English can understand and appreciate the news.

Everyone knows what “up” means while “raise”? That word is so vague with multiple meanings – like with crops or children. See? Confusing when used with children, right?

Even “raise’s” sound can be confusing. Did he say “raise”, “rays”, or “raze”? (Who reads these days/daze?) Sensible to find an alternative. Everyone clearly understands “up”.

Blame it on Give texting the credit. Simply upped up.

ALL rights reserved for this image of cloudy sky. NO permissions gratned. Copyrighted

Heads up! Sigh or scythe. Both can cut.©

Leaping language,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

 A couple of blogs with language at play:

If you haven’t seen the upside down hot air balloon that flew over Las Vegas recently, fly here. Ups the stakes quite a bit.

ALL rights reserved for this sunset double image. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

Whazup? No clue as to how this picture happened. Double image. iPhone always ups the mystery.©



September 28, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Importance of arriving well

Blue door at end of long old stone alley with stairs (Strada di Favignana/Daniele Radavero/Flickr.DaRaZena/

Begin approach.(Flickr/DaRaZena/

Impact. That’s it. To arrive at the perfect moment.

When “designer gown ” meant imported from Paris (and dream on about ever affording one), event arrival time was carefully planned. A calculated position in the entrance parade.

Reveal of one’s status, not body.

With a graceful floating glide down staircases diagonally – never straight down like a peasant clod. “Give them time to adore and admire.”


“Arrive late. Leave early.” Rule of debutante roses, jet setters, and Hollywood star system celebs.

Much has change except the coordinated arrival mission thing

Now with EVERYONE trying to making an entrance, psychics, tarot cards, Ouija Boards, and cell phone armed advance guard spotters must be working overtime to secure the perfect timing for their clients.

Scheming event attendees could be the next big Hollywood plot? Plenty of opportunities for meanness, so scripts probably already in process.

1944 London fashion models for designers Normal Hartwell/ Imperial War Museum,D23068/PD by UK gov and

Watching their steps. (1944 London fashion models/PD.UK gov/

Some have an instinct, however. A natural gift to know when the time is right.

Seeing an opportunity to steal the scene, one bunch took advantage of the porch light being left on last night – that bright Super Moon.

A flock fine of feather glided in before dawn.

That flotilla of migrating ducks is now sheltered from today’s turbulent weather by tall bulkheads. Look rather smug as another batch arrived right after dawn.

The late arrivals’ flying formation broke for a few indecisive minutes. Perturbed there was a mix up with their reservations at the resort marina? (Bet the flock flight director got the bill over that.)

Not being out of quacks, the ducks stoically reorganized their high-flying precision team and moved on. Proclaiming the park’s wetlands, was the healthy choice anyway. Organic is always better.

NO permissions granted for South Shore Harbor marina copyrighted image. ALL rights reserved

Grey morning with clouds looming like Colorado’s East Range. (Ducks, asking for privacy, off camera far left) ©

Dogs do entrances better than most.

It’s always “Ta-da! And yes, you may adore me.”

Molly Malamute, musing over the recent rainy days, sighed “It’s good to be where you are supposed to be.”

Molly arrived here three years ago after living a Goldilocks’ style story.

Taking matters into her own jaws and paws, she managed to escape a brutal captivity. (All stories need a heroine.)

Offered safe shelter by an elderly couple, she was adored, but severely wounded physically and emotionally – and her desperate missteps to shred everything her mouth could reach to become part of their world she was just trying to do what the paper shredder did, but with softer items , her medical and “maintenance” bills became too much for them. She was surrendered to a rescue group with connections to specialized vets.

Placed in a foster home, and now called “Precious”, she made the most of the Pity Party potential and those sad puppy eyes. Much to the distress of the two resident dogs (“Hey, what are we? Chopped liver? FYI. Got Here First dogs here!”) (With a response of “Poor doggy with surgery trumps First Doggies! So get off the bed….and the couch, I may want that later…and that recliner, too…these are ALL MY bowls.”) Then there was her creative “Give Me Attention Game”: over the backyard fence, run ’round to the front porch, bark and knock on the door until answered – and repeat over and over and over. Finally the medium sized resident dog had had enough and snapped. (The old German Shepherd just cowered under the table.)

So she sat dejectedly in a crate in PetSmart. Not understanding. She thought it had been going so well.

Castle hallway. Gustave Dore/USPD:reprod of PD art,,artist life+70/

It is so not true this is Molly’s foster family dropping off her crate and running as fast and as far as possible. Actually, the foster mom had a change of heart and called offering to take her back if we changed our minds…It was early. Molly had only eaten one windowsill at that time…and one door mat, two dog beds… but she had leaned the difference between carpet and outdoors. Baby steps.(Gustave Dore/USPD/

Oh, only for about 20 minutes. We went in for cat food and came out with Molly.

She took one look and said to herself “No high heels. Shoes suitable for running walks. Yep, this is a Two Feet in the Purse Opportunity of a life time.”

(And there might be a bit of truth I was ready to fight the large woman with 2 wild kids marbling around the store for this needy lump of fur huddling against me. Yes, we are nuts.)

Molly stepped into our lives.

ALL rights reserved for this image of dog. NO permissions granted. Copy righted

And, please, a forever home, right? (The purple collar survived about 12 hours. Unclear on “toy” and “ID collar”…)©

As luck had it, the perfect entrance.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

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NO permissions granted. Molly is all smiles. ALL rights reserved. Copy righted

“Like Kenny Rogers says, ‘Ya’ gotta know when to fold ’em and when to hold ’em.’ Life is good for a dog willing to put two paws in.”©


September 25, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Seeking grace. Her final fall.

She trembled with indecision.

The rattling got louder and louder as others notice her. “Jump! Do it! Do it!” Their mask-like grimaces made the urging even more surreal.”Stop wasting time.”

1910 Lady in red standing in front to mirror. Painted by C.W.Hawthorne.1872-1930/, artist life/

Shouldn’t have been surprised. There were signs.(1910/USPD/

Really? Wasting time? Is that all that mattered to them? Not the fact that she was clinging up so high? Only a dangling entertainment for them? Shutters ran through her spine again, but she tightened her hold. Veins pulsing with the effort.

Not exactly the summer’s end she had anticipated. “What happened?” she wondered. Would her fall even be a blip on the media’s windshield? Probably not.

First of the summer was so…so…promising. Fresh and new to them all, she danced on air – whirled day and night without cares.


Woman looking in mirror. Coquette Dress (The Devil's Mirror) 1856.Wiertz.1806-1865/USPD:reprod of PD art, artist life/

Not understanding her time was coming. (USPD/

Even her own. They had roots there! It made no difference. Told her it was over. “Just accept it,” they said woodenly. Frostily rigid. Stiffly refusing to reconsider – to intervene. For her! The one they so celebrated upon her Spring arrival.

Why wasn’t she told?

Why hide the truth?

The world seemed cold now.

“Do it! Go on! You are not special. You are of no consequence. Let go. Do it. Jump!”

Still she refused. Holding on – for what? She searched the sky. A small breeze stroked her cheek. Encouraging her. Giving her courage. For what?

Ominous building. 1905. 57 E. 64th Lenox Hill of Manhattan, NYC. East Side Historic District/Beyond My Ken/

Ominous. How could she hope to challenge the status quo? (Beyond My Ken/

Her grasp, tiring.

It wasn’t so far. Down. Others gone before.

Simply, at this point, expected. Inevitable. Fate.


A twist. Turning. Falling with time suspended. Sound silenced.

A faint shuffling. Still conscious enough to recognize the sound

A child. Small feet scuffling forward.

No, please, no. Enough damage.

Unable to move. Panic.

What is wrong with that mother? Why isn’t she stopped?

She doesn’t need this: this shape crushed on the ground.

small girl picking up something on ground. 1884:1886.Muybridge (1830-1904) Animal locomotion- consecutive movements/Univ.of Penn/USPD:

Leaf it to a childlike innocence. (USPD/

“Mommy, look! All red. Red. Red. Red.” Pudgy fingers working so hard to be gentle.

“Yes, it finally let go and came to you. Nothing finer than the first red leaf of fall.”

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

bright red leaf and shadow

Bright one.(Inspiring downward dog yoga pose?)©

red leaves and shadows All rights reserved. copy righted. NO permissions granted

Scarlet dancers are often followed by wolf-like shadows. Body guards or stalkers?©




September 23, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Second chances: even for Philly

The city isn’t going to risk another appalling tourist failure. Determined to prove worthy of the nickname “City of Brotherly Love”.

1911. View from Philadelphia's City Hall Tower along N.Broad St./William Rau/LoC/


Wonder if the Pope’s concerned. He and that last guy were a lot alike.

  • World travelers – just arriving from out of the country.
  • Neither had a car.
  • Carrying no luggage
  • Winds snatch their hats and they can’t grab them.
  • Eager to see the city and converse with the locals.
  • Innocently greeting all with a smile
  • A bit unsteady and may need help with cars or stairs.
  • Basically needing attendants to get along in their lives.
  • Some said both were ambassadors.
  • Both have Facebook pages and use Twitter.
  • Both have adoring fans.
  • Both encourage kindness and good will towards others.
  • Both are optimists and idealists.
  • Both are news items

The whole world will be watching. 

Better do it right this time, Philadelphia.

As Rosemary Clooney might say, “City of Love, you didn’t do right by hitchBOT.”

HitchBOT decapitated the day before International Friendship Day. (Huffington Post/Twitter))

Ironically, one day before International Friendship Day, hitchBOT kicked to the ground and decapitated.(Twitter)

Kindred souls: “The People’s Pope” and hitchBOT. Always trying to bring out the best in people.

Philly, trying to redeem itself, is taking extra precautions this time. Even invitations for special events. (With authorities really annoyed at invitations being sold on Craig’s List and eBay).

Pope Francis hugging child in Ecuador (ANDES/Micaela Aya V./Flickr/

Pope Francis hugging child.(ANDES/Micaela Aya V/Flickr/

Is anyone warning the Pope about 2nd Street/Old City on Saturday nights?

Everyone knows how Pope Francis likes to get out among the common people. He’s always been something of a rebel and hard to contain.

But after what Detective Murray said when hitchBOT was found…

New Jersey people, he didn’t really mean it. (Can’t believe he actually said that. “Insensitive remarks” about any group not tolerated here.)

Child and hitchBOT. (hitchbot Instagram/(Huffington Post/Twitter))

HitchBOT hugging child. (Instagram/Twitter)

Besides, it’s a Catholic Pope, not a robot. Big difference.

Anyone drunk or sober can see that.

The Philadelphia Daily News asks for Pope Francis to fix the Eagles. (Bless the knees, please. I know. God’s busy and it’s just a football game, but maybe a Pope is allowed to ask?)

The Pope’s visit is an eagerly anticipated event. So much advanced legwork. All the early media buzz.

Maybe that’s what hitchBOT didn’t realize: there’s security with a PR team.

HitchBOT's last tweet.

Odd. Sounds just like something the Pope might say.

Second chances, Philly.

(We won’t even bring up that Santa incident in ’68 when Eagles’ fans pelted the Jolly Old Elf with snowballs. Beer was suspected there, too , so I heard…)

Try to show a bit more class love this time, OK?

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Previous post about hitchBOT “Wired for the long and winding road.” (Aug.2014)

itchBOT would have loved to see this 1904 version of an automat in Philadelphia. ( )

HitchBOT would have loved to see this early automat in 1904 Philadelphia.(USPD/ )




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