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July 21, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Gone with the grain

door horizontally leaning against wall (© image All rights reserved, copyrighted, NO permissions granted)

Door stop: resting against the nearly stacked hurricane boards for windows if necessary.(© image)

Paper towels absorb spills and extras, then hold it all in without letting go a drop.

Do you think old front doors might do the same? Hope so.

 Restore/Habitat for Humanity happily picked up our old front door Saturday and gently carried it off to their retail outlet.

We tried to personally haul it over like we do most surplus building materials, but it was just too big.

We had to watch it load on to a truck instead – handed off strangers.

And the door shut. Like an unwanted kitten removed and headed to the pound.

At least it was spared seeing the house getting smaller and smaller as it was driven away.

I hope the door doesn’t take this personally – as a rejection. As being discarded, useless, unwanted. It’s not that at all. 

A tree died to make this door. We know that. Not something to be taken lightly.

We’ve refinished it twice – properly: taking it off the hinges, sanding, smoothing, staining. Giving it lots of time to dry indoors at the right temperature with the right humidity level. It’s quite a process.

But this is a harsh climate and even under a porch, the sun’s angle destroys quickly.

As it rained for months and is now close to 100F (not to mention pretty busy around here), we sought estimates for professionally refinishing only to discover that to have it done properly would cost more than a new door.

A new door. One with double panned glass that would really keep the winter chill and summer bake out. It really made sense, but…

This is a such great door: a stylish design with special abilities: beveled glass that tosses rainbows across walls.

The door has seen so many openings and closing. Wood absorbs as paper does, you know.

How could it not have gathered all the happy greetings, trick or treats, or Merry Christmases?

Tiny grubby hands asking for ball back; neighborhood cats rubbing hoping for a pet or snack; dogs pushing it open ready to go play.

Always there for the grand openings.

Never a slam or kick. Oh, one tiny accidental bump and broken glass section by a mover, but that quickly repaired good as new.

Life happens. And the door was there swinging with all of it. Must have soaked the good stuff right into it’s core, right?

This area with floods and hurricanes has seen so much property, homes, damaged.

We were sure our door could find a new spot – one where it was be welcomed and treasured.

After all, not just elegant, it calls rainbows.

Somewhere it’s just what’s is being dreamed of

Where there’s one who likes to work with wood and thrilled to spend a little time and effort bringing it back to former beauty, a rebirth.

With a family ready for a surprise and bit of unexpected wonder

With a home that it will help warm with its’ solidness and all the good times absorbed in the grain.

With a chance for a second chance.

A door they will adore as much as it does them.

Repurposed. And much relieved.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Vintage door leaning against wall in garage ( image, all rights reserved, copyrighted, No permissions granted)

Vintage door salvaged from a previous property that was built around 1940’s with a red tile roof and an actual basement which is a rarity in Houston. Once doctors’ offices and now a Montessori early childhood school. Complete restoration would have been too costly for us to afford, not to mention you’d need a pack of hounds to release to defend it if you live there. Always imagined this one would be refinished and placed indoors perhaps as an entrance to a study. Meanwhile, the door seems content and grateful to be cared for and given a quiet, safe place in its’ old age. And, yeah, the wrought iron bench piece to the right is yet another project in waiting.(© image)

July 18, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Watermelons spooned up summer

Five for a dollar. Who could resist. “Surely there’s room in the car somewhere for them. They are five for a dollar!”

“Nooo, not on my side of the car – I’ve got the dog and he’s already hogging the window.”

“Hey, the corn already keeps rolling off the back window shelf onto my neck and the bushel of peas is mostly on my side. Besides, you’re the shortest – your feet don’t touch the floorboard anyway, so just think of the watermelons as a foot rest. And stop kicking that melon – that one’s yours.”

(And those “five good reasons why” rolled up and shook in my face.)

Whining only brought a “Stop it. It’s not that far” from the front seat. Not even worthy of a turn around.

(Insert a resigned sigh – and annoyance at older brother’s conquerer’s smug look as my knees folded like a grasshoppers’ up by my ears.)

It took us forever to get the shared family farm as we had to stop at every single roadside produce stand all along the way.

It was economical to lock up the city house and spend summers in the suspended animation of the country. There was nothing.

Woman sitting in garden with parasol (1899.Bain News Service/LoC/USPD., artist life/

Nothing at all like our July/August. Mom, no doubt, daydreamed of this. (USPD./

Lots and lots of nothing.

Adults leisurely did things with fences, cattle, saddles and tack, shelled peas, or canned vegetables.

Kids were pretty well ignored between meals. Expected to sort and entertain themselves.

Clocks did not exist there except for sun dials we fashioned.

Lots of porch sitting serenaded by a squeaking chain.

What we did would probably bore you. Stuff we couldn’t get away with at home.

Stuff like standing on the porch and seeing who could spit watermelon seeds the farthest. Having large gaps between teeth meant I fared pretty well in these contests.

Or dares to walk barefooted across branding-iron-hot cattle guards.

Or “Sure you can walk a couple of miles in the blazing sun to the store and get a Big Red, RC cola, or grape soda”. Of course the older kids never told us Littles until on their way out and we had to scramble to keep up – hopping desperately behind them on the scorching rocky road with our bare feet. Really unfair they had shoes on….especially with the wide cattle guard.

Character building.

Children in front of farm house. Schwarzenbach/ Swiss Nat.Lib. (USPD.artist life,

Obviously sophisticated European rural children. They have on shoes and clean knees. I think mom simply pretended not to know us during our rare ventures into the little town. She was always thrilled to get back to civilization at the end of the summer.(USPD/

One thing kids were not allowed to do was eat any watermelon too late in the afternoon. Walking among fireflies was not appreciated by any tired mom escorting a child during an unscheduled nocturnal trek to the outhouse. (Especially after banned ghost stories)

The world on pause.

The dusty, isolated, endless days of barefooted luxury unappreciated.

Simple simmer.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Summer was spooned up richly. 

Like this: tune and spoons. (It’s fun. Try it. Great for those nothing times.)

July 16, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Seasoned, aged to perplexion

Better to be a force of age than forced by age.

If wishes were horses, then bloggers would ride. Well, time to saddle up.

Two worried men at table. 1918 Motion Picure News/Triangle Films Corp. /USPD., artist life/

What? Did you hear that? A disturbance in the WP force. Put up the Batty Signal. (

Several days ago, LordBeariOfBow sneaked out a notice on his son’s iPhone that  he was stuffed in a hospital due to “ticker trouble” (and did not continue with a joke that he was ticketing for littering or providing far too much entertainment in blog posts, so we know this is real).

If you haven’t discovered this Australian’s pithy, snarky, opinionated, hilarious blog, you have been deprived.

He’s had adventures that belong in Hollywood – or would be there if laughing at life and people’s foibles were still in style. People used to know how and when to laugh to laugh “with” not “at” – not so rigid and hyper-sensitive.

True sitcom material with filled with characters that will keep you rolling in the aisle. Was the airline industry ever really like that? (Yes, it was). Who knew insurance could be so funny…and don’t forget the taxi driving jobs or the bar tending.

But it’s no laughing matter that he’s MIA. There’s health issues just tolerated and lived with.

Look, you’ve got a few minutes – and a minuscule of curiosity by now, so how about clicking over to his blog and leaving a comment?

No need the “thoughts and prayers” thing as he’s quite upfront about his beliefs or non beliefs. But as a fellow blogger, a word or two of encouragement – or better, a joke for smiles – or a even better, respond to his post’s tale or the blog.

He’s quite a writer and humorist…pretty cool human being, too.

Not sure if he’s got access to computers, but his email ( is also on his blog at the top if you’d rather.

Man looking crazy. 1916. film about drug addict. (USPD., artist life/

OMG. What’s this. As if getting woken up every 30 minutes by a nurse if I’m all right isn’t enough – a swarm of unknown blogger comments? Mouse is out to do me in. Sure of it. (USPD/

Appreciate the back up…you’d wish people would do it for you, right?

Paying it forward.


Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

And for your added entertainment: (Hope you get a grin, Lordbear – and get weller sooner).

A nifty 50…car that is –  and a cool son’s efforts to please his dad on his 99 birthday…The old guy still has his drivers’ license. Great commentary about family, and those who were dads after WW II – set aside so much they wanted to take care of their families – and how neighborhoods were different then. (PS. Ya’ did good with that kid, Dad)

July 14, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Disembodied voices

It was spooky

  • Power suddenly going out late at night during a slasher movie spooky
  • Strange car sitting outside at the end of the driveway in the night spooky
  • CIA opperation spooky
Frightened woman and hand with knife. 1917. THe Dark World Film/Moving Picture World (USPD., artist life/

No, not about hurricanes. A different dark and stormy watching.(USPD/

Did I get it across THIS WAS SPOOKY?

We were simply standing around talking when suddenly –

A voice. From out of no where. A woman’s voice.

An instructive tone announcing “Here’s 5 ways to get what you want. First, ” It continued as we gasp.

  • Sounding like a lecture for your own good from some authoritative invisible source. (Like the Wizard behind the curtain of Oz?)
  • Sounding like Joel Osteen or one of those “God wants you to have what you want” churches

No, the TV wasn’t on.

The uninvited, disembodied lecturer droned on from Senior Staff’s Google phone. 

Yep, the sneaky little snoop had been listening in and, I guess, feeling left out of the conversation (or sorry for pathetic humans), decided interrupt and instruct.

Google knows, you know, what you want to know, only no.

Google Assistant is designed to barge into the conversation if you say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google” or press a button.

Only no one did.

Senior Staff had said about something, “Ok, do what you want (about that).”

I had great urge to drop kick the thing into pool next door….but resisted vocalizing that….

it’s Google…tendrils into so much.

So many listening ports…they can lock and unlock doors you know…AC units….

And so many states have mental health red flag laws now….

woman surrounded by men. 1917 film Triangle Film Corp.(, artist life/

Don’t deny it. You were heard. Now where did you put it? (USPD/

(Phone self dialing 911) “Reporting Device cruelty!” Oh, it was a joke. Seriously.

It is funny, right? Right?

Smile and nod your head up and down, up and down – in front of the phone camera – just because…”

Now let’s do what they do in spy movies, go in the bathroom, and turn on the faucet before continuing…

“Honest, Google, really  – it’s just ordinary shower time. Mr/Ms Suspicious, you’re all wet.”


Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

The Big Picture: Predictive Technology. “Google you auto-complete me.” Mark Wilson

  • It all starts with “Hi” instead of “Hey”…. Read the article
  • “At what point will Google’s predictive technology grow so powerful that we begin thinking of its personalized recommendations as our own?”
  • Concerned about super intelligent AI thinking like humans? Maybe we should be concerned about humans, especially young humans, thinking like robots.
  • Tech ethicist Polgar. “A lot of this predictive analysis is getting at the heart of whether or not we have free will: Do I pick my next step or does Google? And if it can predict my next step, then what does that say about me?”
  • Linguist/Ohio state assist. Prof Squires. “So (Google) is going to create these new set phrases for us and we’ll be locked in and never stray from them?…She laughs, and thinks synonyms are overrated. To her, language is about function not “flourish”.
  •  Polgar. “The very fact that these companies are altering your environment and sending certain cues is inherently going to alter your behavior.”
  • Former Google désign ethicist Harris (2016). “By shaping the menus we pick from, technology hijackes the way we perceive our choices and replaces them with new ones.”
  • Alphabet head of design X, Foster. Currently the human gene sequence is giving a map of human biology – and there is the potential/reality to modify in order to produce a desired result. As patterns of human/user behaviors are sequenced, there’s the potential for development of a system that not only tracks, but “offers direction towards a desired result.”  And the desired result would be directed by Google. (His banana example to show how a company’s “values/choices” can be exchanged/integrated into yours is worth reading)
  • Wilson: To prove his own existence, Descartes said, “I think; therefore, I am.” “But if technology has divorced thought from action and turned consciousness into reflex, are we truly alive? I side with Descartes. The answer is ‘no’ “
  • How to take back your mind. Read the article 
early morning rain bands circling around from Hurricane Barry ((© image: copyrighted, all rights reserved, NO permissions granted)

The beauty of danger. Still spooky early this morning as rain bands circle across states to us from Hurricane Barry. Not a drop of rain, though.(© image)

Just FYI “How to disable Google Assistant,(but you know it’s a basic part of Android and this will disable all Assistant functionality…and THEY will probably know…and tell someone…” but if you’re OK with that….Wait! wait! No one said “OK Google”. It was so not an assistance  prompt. Sigh.)

Clearing sky (© image: all rights reserved, copyrighted, NO permissions granted)

Afternoon’s clearing sky between storm rain bands. Rain expected tonight as the hurricane storm cloud crowd breaks up and wanders off.(© image)



July 12, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Not spinning up to speed

Sky and palm trees. (© image: copyrighted, no permissions granted, all rights reserved )

The tropical storm clouds silently slipped across the blue sky Thursday morning. Covering the sky as quietly as a parent trying not to awaken sleeping child.(© image)

I don’t like being on a hamster wheel

Especially one that’s stuck in “still”

No forward. No back. Not one encouraging little squeak.

Might manage “neutral” – a temporary pause – as long as motion imminent.

Best hope is for an animated “on hold” as I just don’t do “still” well.

That childhood Swinging Statue game? Not my forte.

Even in extreme heat, I do stuff, but now, a sloth looks speedy by comparison

Appendages listless without direction of will.

It looks like we are going. Moving


The destination sort of, generally, maybe, pretty much decided.

The timing completely TBA.

I think this house knew: landscape finally on autopilot, floors, faucets, lighting. Not our first redo rodeo

We like what we like and each house in sequence preened like a cat being groomed as we worked.

It was probably the new front door.

The house feels like the child who’s finally conquered riding a bike and is already down the block without a glance back

It’s pleased and can go it alone: Stay, rented or sold, it’s fine. Bye. It’s cat-like.

I’m not.

Once the brain lock and dock lines slipped, I want to go.

Grab some clothes, toss in the dog(s), pack the cat, and tour the houses online that stood out.

Get on with it.

Good house karma is real.

But without route finalized or timer set to “Move Time”, stuck.

Like a disorganized tropical storm.

Still, part of me has already left. Rats.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Storm sky. Tropical storm clouds and blowing palm tree (© image: copyrighted, all rights reserved, no permissions granted)

Thursday afternoon sky shows some tropical storm clouds doing recon and testing the atmosphere here. A few very loud rumbles. While Tropical Storm Barry still hasn’t made weekend reservations in this direction, we’ll know more late Friday. Probably.(© image)

July 10, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Bejeweled girls and the boys of summer

Shamrock swimming pool at night. (

Right out of a Hollywood set. But it was real – and ours.(

Palm trees and cabanas. Movie stars lounging around a 15 acre tropical resort. That’s summer.

“You could go there and pretend you were on the French Riviera, complete with dashing pilots and beautiful stewardesses staying over between flights connecting Houston to Europe.” (Guy Hagstette)

We always whispered wondering who was behind those Foster Grants in front of the private poolside cabanas. (“Was that Marilyn? Dorothy Lamour, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner? “JFK and Jackie stayed in the penthouse last night – Did you see them leave?” )

Bathing beauties at Shamrock pool summer opening (c. 1950's) (Houston Post/ houston public lib./Houston Metropolitan Research Center)

Season’s opening day.1950’s.(Hou.Public Lib)

Built by oilman “Diamond Glenn” McCarthy (the man James Dean’s movie character in Giant was based on), the Shamrock was the largest hotel built in the United States in the post-war era between 1946 and 1949.

Called the “Houston Riviera” it cost some $21 million to build, the 18-story, 1,100-room hotel and was pretty over the top with its’ own parking garage of 1,000 spaces. (The only part still there and in use.)

ABC even broadcast a radio program, “Saturday at the Shamrock”, from the hotel between 1949 – 1953..

Those that wished to be seen, and the one others wished to see, swarmed the elegant clubs: The Emerald Room and the Cork Club (at the top where mixed drinks could be served). If you to there at there tight time, you could spot celebrities getting out of their limousines. To be able to tell you friends at school that your parents attended some event over the weekend at the Shamrock – that was something.

Shamrock pool with water skier demonstration with motor boat. (

Yep, found a photo to prove it. Sometimes one of the girls balanced on the shoulders of the other two. If that’s not Hollywood, what is?(

Summer’s place to be was the pool: “the world’s largest hotel swimming pool”

The world famous Shamrock Hilton pool was 50 meters (55 yards) long and almost as wide.

Motorboats would pull water skiers who precision water skiing exhibitions rivaled those of Florida’s Cypress Gardens.

As big as the ocean, but no salt and gritty sand in the suit.

You begged to have your birthday party there – if you were lucky enough to be a member or know one.

Boy diving into pool. Shamrock Hotel dive team member (

And this performance is for…. (“Please meet me for a Coke, later. Of course, I can get my you into this pool anytime. Fan club privileges.”) (

If that wasn’t enough, in the deep end were two one-meter diving boards, two three-meter boards and a stacked five- and 10-meter platforms for Olympic diving.

Those concrete platforms were really high and scary…I never made it to the top one, but could manage a back flip off the bottom two levels. Nothing compared to my older cousin who was a competitive diver for the Shamrock Swim team.

Corkettes, synchrionized swim tream based at the Shamrock Hotel (c.1950. Pub. image)

Corkettes, synchronized swim team based at the Shamrock. They performed around the nation and world, traveled with the USO, and were instrumental in getting synchronized swimming into the Olympics.(c.1950. Publicity photo)

The Shamrock Hotel's Synchronized swim team, the Corkettes prepariing for a benefit performance for a 9yr old girl from Hong Kong here for heart surgery (Hou.Chron/

The Shamrock Hotel’s Corkettes prepariing for a benefit performance (1960’s.Hou.Chron/

Astronauts, celebrities, and vacationers casually relaxed around the pool and provided an audience for practice sessions featuring the Shamrock Hotel’s swim team with their award winning high divers, and the Corkettes, the Shamrock’s synchronized swim group who also served as hostess for many events at the hotel. The name came from the club at the top of the hotel.

Decorating the sidelines – far from splashing distance – were the aloof, posh girls in rhinestone embellished, glittery bathing suits that never touched the water. The ones the boys all watched and wanted to impress.

Our own little Hollywood.

The elegance. The glamour.

Lolling amid shimmering summer days brings that all back.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Related post about the Shamrock’s history and destruction “Shamrocks and Wildcatters”

Shamrock Hotel lobby illustration. Dec.1948 (Houston Public Library)

Shamrock Hotel lobby illustration, Dec.1948. Won’t tell you what Frank Lloyd Wright said upon seeing it, but you can guess as excess wasn’t exactly his style. (Houston Pub.Lib.)

On the illustration’s back: “This is the lobby of The Shamrock Hotel, largest since the Waldorf…Typifying the ‘International Modern” design created for the 24 million dollar project, are a blend of regency, Empire, Chinese and Grecian. Honduras mahogany paneling in the lobby – all 22,000 sq.ft. off it is from a single tree. Draperies matching the panels in tone, are hand painted in Chinese tree design. The ceiling fixtures are lucite and resemble masses of floating clouds. The floor covered in Vinyl, a rubber plastic material by Goodyear, has rugs woven especially for the Shamrock by Bigelow in shades of green in a pattern created by the designer, Mr. Harrell.”

Pool at Shamrock Hotel with high dives.(Houston Public Library/Hou.Phtotgraphic Collection)

The hotel’s decor was elegant, but this is where all the drama happened. Life Guards were always having to rescue kids from the high dive platforms after they froze. The “dare ya’s” flowed like the cocktails. (Houston Pub.Lib.)

Boy doing jack knife dive into the Shamrock Hotel pool (

Anything he can do, I can do better. Watch! Not even a glance by the girls full of studied ennui. (

Postcard of Shamrock Hotel/McCarthy Center. cost of 21 million daollars with 1,100 rooms, garage holds 1,000 cars, and the world's largest swimming pool (USPD. Seawall postcard,, artist life/

Shamrock Hotel/McCarthy Center postcard. That’s the parking garage on right. (USPD/


July 8, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Smarties and their civil rights

Woman looking stage right (1919 silent film star. (USPD.

If PETA is worried chickens are offended and feel pain from the name “Chicken Dinner Road”, is it unreasonable to think highly-computerized, intelligent cars would re-tire after these events and not take some action? I mean, some cars are smart. Vehicle rights! (USPD/

We should worry. What have they learned rolling with us all this time?

Cars may be shifting towards social justice routes in defense of their own kind.

Vehicles are tired of being innocent bystanders – just trying to do their jobs – and getting banged up in the process.

Being complex and loaded with intelligent computers, modern cars come complete with extensive manuals on care and use just like most things. So they are baffled. Aren’t people supposed to be smart, too?

Is it too much to ask, they rumble, that before humans use any tool, they should take the time to learn to use it properly and safely?

Trunk of car with bullet hole. (screenshot ABC13 news)

Study in contrast. Bullet hole from a weapon and one of those fish symbols. Maybe they should have had a Virgin Mary on the dash board instead. Or just behaved like a normal law abiding citizen.(screenshot ABC13 news)

Recent evident of human disregard of vehicle rights:

  • 3 adults and one 2-year-old child driving in their nice white car. One of those adults decides to pull out a gun and shoot at another car whose occupant returns gun fire at the back of the car, striking the small child (She was shot in the head, but is alive. Police are still trying to get the straight story on this one…sayin’ gang related…) Once proud of its’ elegance and luxury, the car now punctured with an ugly blemish. Looks so uncivilized.
  • A man and his wife on the way home from Whole Foods sitting at an intersection waiting for the light to change. Two cars pull up, young men get out each car and start shooting at each other before jumping back in their cars and speeding off. Husband notices there’s glass pieces on him, a hole in the windshield, and that he’s been shot in the shoulder. The car is stunned – not only is she damaged, her charges – the passenger she was wrapped around and transporting – was injured. The shame and pain of it!
Car windshield with bullet hole (Screenshot. Click2houston news)

One of those quick fix-the-chip in the windshield places won’t work for this one. Actually we had someone shoot at us while on the way home from work a few years ago. Made a police report, but the cops basically yawned and said it happens all the time. Who knew you’d have to be dodging snipers just driving down the road? (Screenshot.Click2houston news)

For goodness sakes, take some lessons after stealing those weapons. You are causing chaos and damaging everyone but yourselves!

There’s a joke around here told by law enforcement: At many gang crime scenes you’ll find over 40 shell casings without a single individual being hit.

Actually not funny.

Maybe a Gun Stealing License should be issued which can only be obtained after demonstrating skill and knowledge of the weapon.

How about this one? Talk about unexpected fireworks (No cars were harmed in this episode) 

July 4th a 19-yrs-old in a black hoodie (Why is it always a black hoodie? Is this what Antifa does in their spare time?) Anyway, the robber shoved a gun in the firework stand operator’s face and demanded all the cash. In order to pick up the cash, the thief set down the gun…and (You can guess, right?) the Firework stand guy picked up the gun and shot the robber.

Old saying: “Live by the gun, die by the gun” Memos might need to be sent.

Safe handling of weapons could be included in the Gun Stealing License study course.

With cars getting smart and going green these days, wonder if vehicles will consider the Aussie approach to self defense.

“Customer uses potted plant to fight off machete-wielding robber in Australia” You gotta love that.

Hmmm, at least one car manufacturer offered a vase right up front by the driver…signs of an early adopter?

Local car dealers may offer an option of greenery camouflage as a Car Defensive Accessory to shield against irresponsible shooters who did not complete the required course.

July sunset behind trees (© image: all rights reserved, copyrighted, NO permissions granted)

Wait. Did you hear that? What plot is this? The slow windshield wiper swipes or miniblinds slowly lowering. Like a conversation being concealed. Something wicked this way runs. (© image)

Humans should take heed. Innocent cars seem to be under attack. There could be repercussions.

Distressed vehicles, smarter than your average Model T, could demand Vehicles Rights and call in affiliates.

Homes are a lot smarter than they used to be now, too. Buildings are probably tired of windows being shattered by gunfire and walls pieced by stray bullets. After all, buildings lined up to be safe shelters and home, sweet, homes, not target practice.

If the two groups feel the only way they can get and give better protection is to unionize, well, not a well structured future for humans.

If they and others that we have given smart to – like planes, trains…well, just about anything – if they lock in for solidarity, people might find all doors locked against them. 

People better grow up and show some comparable smartness.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.


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