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March 30, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Stop clowning around.

Just when you thought it was safe to laugh, IT arrives.

Truth or Dare? You Pick it.


man in oddly threatening clown costume. 1868-169. Weir Collection/Nat.Lib.of Scotland (, artist life/

Oddly unsettling.(USPD/

Steady yourself for new reports of terrifying clowns.

Stephen King’s chiller and killer film It once again takes the center ring to dance across your fears on Sept. 8.

Featuring an updated era from the original script’s 50’s, the new IT movie spooks during the 80’s with a third movie planned with the survivors becoming adults and being determined to make that clown stop joking and stalking for good.

Until that final movie, get ready to deal with the nightmares created by this one.

(If you have company stock in red balloons, you might want to consider…)

And drum roll for the trailer:

Clowns a horror? Truthfully, these should give some additional chills:

Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University were the focus of a recent study. (PDF report here)

Although these prestigious not-for-profit Ivy League Schools have wealthy donors, large endowment funds, and many financial resources including student tuition and fees, these schools grabbed tens of billions of tax dollars over six years.  Received more federal money than 16 state governments. Less money from undergraduate student tuition than from taxpayers. Billions.

Not to mention the endowment tax breaks these schools get.

So, seem like you’re paying to provide a great university experience for someone else’s kid?

Gravy train reality check, please.

Get ready for some get down clown time.

(Have a wild weekend. Outta here early)

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Drunk clown holding wine glass while seated at table. 1862 by Faverot (USPD Pub. date, reprod of PD art, artist life/

“OK. Is everyone ready to review those college admission applications now?”(USPD/

March 29, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Mismanaged. The last word: puppies!

It doesn’t look good. Can’t manage the words.

WordPress is cranky. Spellcheck’s sullenly correcting inappropriately. Google is all snippy.

Is The Final Word approaching?

After the Writer’s Strike and the witty ones walked off the job, cheap reality shows dominated the screens.

Now traditionally trained journalist and investigative reporters are being replaced by the citizen-on-the-scene’s amateur video efforts, snarky Twitter feeds, and news desk anchors reading comments and posts from social media.

“We don’t know what this is yet, but it may be something – and you saw it here first,” says the breathless anchor with over the top tone and expression.

Simply staring at nothing is a real option. Wordless entry enticing

Man with crown. Dick Millar in 1959 film Bucket of Blood. (USPD:

What? Silence is golden? King’s ex. (USPD/

Is the wordless wasteland is causing a pox of social acting out?

Don’t be like Chuck. Words failed him.

Seeming overwrought and unhinged, does he believes he’s in some sort of reality show full of odd characters that he has to equal, no, top?

Understandably delusional after being deprived of intelligent, well written entertainment on TV or dignified, neutral, facts-only-so-you-make-up-your-own-mind-becasuse-we-won’t-lead-you-to-any-conclusions-here news.

All work and no say makes anyone a total wreck.

Including legislators. They hardly work work so hard. Words just get the best of them so often.

Even at the city level where words got away from this guy.

What’s left? Yet another new tv series of Law and Order: Major Crimes Against Words Unit?

Maybe a civil word can get in there edgewise.

Woman with scientific equipment attatched to her head. Virginia Leith in film "The Brain That wouldn't die" 1962 (USPD.

Not brain-dead yet, but they keep trying.(USPD./

Well, (a deep subject) Silence, my old friend,

Are you at a loss for words with this: “Congress just killed your internet privacy protections”?

So you won’t feel this has been a total waste of words, now a ploy used by major networks national news: an ultra cute, warm and fuzzy ending.

People just want to feel good! No worries!

Hope words don’t fail me. (I hate wordy remedials.)

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Who let the vowels out? Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof.

(Molly loves posting pictures of her family. Pretty miffed she doesn’t have a FB page. Enduring wordless glares.)

  • “Sled dogs have “status as the world’s premier ultra-endurance animal athletes.
    How do they do it? New research suggests the canines are superior to most other mammals, including humans, in at least three key areas… ” Read more  “Why sled dogs are super dogs” here.
  • Challengers running: 6 huskies vs 300 horses. “Mamba and Mustys are the two lead dogs that guide the dog sled team. They have to be mentally strong and brave… Just like race drivers”. Read, trait by trait, how dogs and a racy car are alike.





March 27, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Too late. Lake warning

It’s Monday. Time to get a wake.

On the big scale of things, there’s a new Super Hero in town. No worming out of it, he’s a common man who recognized a challenge requiring effort against a boat load of odds.

A new Bass Master has been crowned. (Or should that be wildly acclaimed at the dock?)

Big fish about to snack on flying fairy. From tale Fish and the Fisherman. Batten, illustration(USPD, artist life,

Asking any big mouth for a bit of truth is asking for a fairy tale. (USPD/

Hey, there’s a Beastmaster, who made somebody a boat load of money with movies, TV, so is Bass Master the next big thing?

Jordan Lee should set the hook on all those deals now.

Sunday, the 25-year-old won the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods (you have to include all the words – big sponsors paid for that honor)

He’s a pro. (Who knew fishing was an actual career? One that pays better than e-book writer. They have big money sponsors just like race car drivers….which is good as they need dependable boats and lots of equipment. I don’t think the Blue Angels flew overhead a t the opening, though.)

Who knew colleges have competitive teams fishing with tournaments?

Lee was on the Auburn University fishing team. (Well, they have horseback riding teams, so not too far a leap for watering.)

Talking fish and Fisherman. (, artist life/

“Here’s the deal:  I play along chilling out in your ice chest and after getting measured, you put me immediately back in the water. Hook use is nonnegotiable.” (USPD/

Anyway, he was a serious underdog with all his bad luck during the tournament.

Maybe that’s why this fish tale is causing some smiles.

Between not pulling in impressive fish on Friday, the rough windy weather Saturday, and his boat engine giving up on Sunday to the point he had to hitch a ride with a spectator back to the final weigh-in, Lee somehow managed to float from the back leaderboard to win.

More on the contest/photos here.

Didn’t give up and did his scouting during practice and was rewarded with the $300,000 cash prize and the most coveted trophy in the sport.

And an impressive new boat.

(Certainly not given a golden rod, though. A concession for the horrendous allergy season.)

It’s all in the fishing books, now, so all you alligator gar, turtles and recreational boat runners and sunners can go back to your regular scheduled spring break noise and lake frolicking.

Please be careful to all the little bass who were spectators this year and those bass contestants with sore and tender mouths in the lake after the contest.

No, the little bass fingerlings aren’t critter snacks or for scaring the bathing suit pants off girls.

“74 things to do at the 47th Geico Bassmaster Classic” (And you thought it was as dull as watching sailboat races from the shore…)

Splash down and done.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Three fish dancing under boat and fisherman in boat. fairly tale 1908. (USPD, artist life,

Three’s a school. (,Commons,





March 24, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Muse or Dunderhead. Chick edition

The wings of inspiration elusive to some, but not to all.

Possibilities swoop right into their arms.

Can you hear me now? (USPD/

Anxious her non-verbal son was adrift after high school graduation, Sharon Meaden looked for something to anchor him. A thoughtful muse placed a jumbled box of old trophies in her path.

And what house doesn’t have piles of those sitting around these days with “Everyone is a winner”?

The hint was all it took.

Recycle, reuse, and never toss any person away.

Carrying that idea, she met with another mom, Foster Thompson, whose son has Cerebral Palsy. They had met previously through Special Olympics.

The idea quickly turned into a company, Revived Glory Awards, which for the past 4 years has provided a market-competitive product assembled by a team of ambitious, productive young people with who aren’t your average employees.

A delightful story.  And if you want to rid yourself of those old trophies, they will be glad to help with that.

Watch the video. It’ll make you smile. “Trophy revival company provides a place for work for disabled adults.”

Dressed as Greek Muse. Actress Florence Baker.1908 Burr McIntosh Monthly. (USPD: artist life,

“Seriously, wardrobe? Belted bed sheets? Not an amused Muse here. Get my agent on the line.” (USPD/

Girls may just wanna have fun, but none want skinned up knees. Or have their mother yelling “Get outta the street.”

Tired of the terrible sidewalk she had to take to school, the second grader sat down a wrote a letter to Houston’s mayor.

Worried, he’d not pay attention, she offered some refreshments that they could ride their bike to while examining the sidewalks. And if he didn’t have a bike (which he does), her mom could drive them.

“8-year-old girl asks Mayor Turner for help” 

Smiles for her mom who gushes that they gave her a civics lesson. “I knew that it was so cute and funny that the mayor would have to respond…” (A little fretting that “so cute” is praised more than her initiative, problem solving, and determination. Really hope the kid doesn’t think “cute” is all a female needs to get noticed, be effective, and to accomplish something.)

Cheers for the mayor for a quick, polite reply.

And for immediately forwarding the request to Public Works who promptly told the kid it’ll be 3-9 months before the repair is made.

Welcome to the real Dunderworld.

Woman seated with lute.Muse of Music.Ehrardt, 1813-1899. USPD.artist life, reprod of PD art/

What? If they can’t stand the sweets, get out of the bar.” (USPD/

Social Media can be as brutal as a cock fight.

But the whimsical owner of Fluff Bake Bar used posted rude and weird comments as inspiration for a weekly Saturday bake sale.

Cooks know if you’re handed lemons, make lemonade.

“Made with hate”. Local bakery makes light of odd Yelp reviews

Treats and t-shirts. That’s pretty sweet.

Wait! Rebecca Masson, is also known locally as “The Sugar Fairy” or “The Sugar Hooker”, is a bit famous – been on the Bravo Network…

Not taking things too seriously is a winning recipe for life.

More smiles, less dundering.

Amusing possibilities

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Oh, OK. If feeling ugly and just have to snarl at something, some real Dunderheads:

Woman holding head. Dramatic Muse. after 1802. Wilhelm von Schadow.Museum Kunstpalast (USPD. artist life/Google Art PRoject/

Easy to lose your head with an overly dramatic woman tired of the dundermess. (USPD/





March 22, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Swings over troubled waters

Swings silhouetted against lake and blue skies with clouds. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Thoughts silhouetted against lake and blue sky. (All rights reserved, no permissions granted©)

Swings let you ride the waves.

Open invitation to fly free from ground crumbling.

Into the wind. Towards, well, nothingness.

Restraints left behind – if only in the mind.

If only temporary.


Have you noticed time disappears when you swing? 

Sometimes, like today, you just want to leave it all – gravity, sensibility, reality.

Clean clear break  – if only for that split second at the very top of that sweeping arc – free.

Before that backwards pull down.

Those chains restraining.

But that brief instant. That other worldly elation. That fling into the bright blue sky.

Enough to make you kick harder to get back there.

Story of humanity.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Our thoughts are with those in London and the families of the injured.


(Also wishing to be safe and sound: Capone the dognapped German Shepherd in Aurora, CO  is cleared to return to his family – with manageable restrictions. Story here. Only a dog, but important to his family. Thanks to all who helped.)

Sometimes good happens.

Find a swing.

Dock at Clear Lake Park. All rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

A dock or pier will do if a swing can’t be found. A small finger into depths of water. An eyelash into the sky. Cloak yourself in their companion, the wind. And breathe.         (All rights reserved. No permissions granted.©)


March 21, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Stop crying wolf

Scary man's face. Boris Karloff The Mummy .The Mummy. Universal Studio (USPD: )

Now THIS is scary. Should DNA be requested? (USPD/

The truth is out there.

Will it make a difference.

DNA results show he’s a real dog. Not a bad thing in this instance.

Capone, the profiled black shepherd in Aurora, Co., isn’t a wolf according to the DNA results.

Case closed? Not yet.

While Capone is still being held against his will, his owners, the Abbatos, will be back in court Wed morning to face several charges including: having an aggressive animal, having a dog run at large, and keeping an exotic, wild, or dangerous animal.

The Judge will determine whether Capone will be returned to his loving family, stay in custody, or even be put down by Animal Control.

At least there’s no possibility of the 10-year-old dog who sleeps with kids being shuttled off to a wolf sanctuary to face a wild he’s never known. They are 100% not his people.

How long will the city of Aurora drag this out.

RV pups and local hikers with pack are waiting to see if they need to make a wide circle of avoidance around the dognapping city this summer.

Story was even in the UK Daily Mail.

Over 23,061 signatures on the petition “Please Bring Capone Home”

Example of barking up the wrong tree.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Just about everyone has memories of a pet dog – even if it’s just Lassie.

“Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.” (Saul Bellow)

postcard. 1917. Loyal Dog guarding beer stein. "This beer belongs to my master"

So here’s something to put in memory: Nothing is more loyal or more grateful than a rescue dog. It says, “This beer belongs to my master.” There. Dog on duty. (USPD/Commons.wikimedia.oerg)



March 20, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge


Bunny and chick Easter toys ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

“I know you are no Spring chick, but is there any hop to getting outta here?”©

Ever thought how similar blogs and garage sales are?

An assortment of goods piled topsy-turvy – with the not so goods wedging hopping to escape notice (or just hoping for an escape to elsewhere)

You know the nagging clutter or diamond in the rough all now tagged, priced and spaced out on the table

  • Thought it might be something, but turned out to be nothing.
  • Brought to the table as it was such a deal or oddity. It screamed, “Take me home!” (Now you just scream…)
  • Handed off by a relative or good friend. “You’ll find a use for this.” (Awkward. How many months do you have to wait before they forget?)
  • The “Hot Potato” and you’re end of the line in the game. (A family treasure now the curse of being the designated keeper.How did it survive all those years?)
  • Or it’s just trend over. Item out of season. (Everyone knows if you put out seasonal stuff when people are thinking of that holiday, you’ll get a better number for it.)

All of it sits sullenly. In sight. Like underwear on a clothesline.

Silently grumbling about neglect and being let down. Stuffed in boxes or forgotten in files.

  • Smudged and crumpled. (Post-it notes were never meant to be archival materials)
  • Cryptic symbols, abbreviations, and jumbles of words clinging in drafts. (What exactly was that supposed to say)
  • Mismatched tidbits of in “Bookmarks”, ripped news clippings tucked under the keyboard, an odd picture or two saved in photos. (What will archeologists, or more likely relatives, make of all of this someday?)

Fleeting – or freeing – thoughts grasp with tendrils just like all those objects in a garage sale.

You know how it goes. At first you’re tough, hard-hearted, and cold. Culling.

But then, as you meander through them, you know you can’t help it.

Quietly snatching back this and that.

Not quite ready to let go yet. There’s something – something- still there. (Certainly the value not recognized by others. Just look how they carelessly toss them aside and go on!)

Like a mother dog gathering up her pups at the end of the day and returning them to snuggle and warm against her at night, writers and bloggers wrap up the small misshapen sentences, the half-baked ideas, and the words that are still bouncing that won’t calm down and get in line – all the vague and imprecise ones curl tightly against the wordsmith exhausted, but happily waiting for their world to be spun.

Priceless is in the rummaging eye,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Bunny and chick Easter wind up toys. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

“I can’t help but think you’re getting all wound up over nothing.”©

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