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April 16, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Artful: a day’s drive.

There’s an art to driving. People notice.

Psychologists will probably decide what a person drives impacts self-image as well as others’ opinions of an individual. So we’ll all end up with identical cars just to level life’s driving lanes?

Meanwhile, people are just being horribly inconsiderate of others and artfully choosing the most outrageous vehicles.

Art car hippie style. Houston Art Car Parade, 2015. Screenshot.You Tube. Carpe Diem Hacks

Makes a daily commute so much more fun? (2015.Houston Art Car Parade/screenshot/YouTube/Carpe Diem Hacks)

Hilary has voted for her campaign vehicle.

It’s a special Chevrolet Express conversion van. (GM, of course. Subtle details pull votes.)  People are ridiculing the mileage, but considering all the bullet proof glass and heavy armor, you would expect it to be a bit toady. Better a stodgy drive than the elitist limo that she normally travels around in according to her “people”

Hillary Clinton's conversion van.(

Here’s “Scooby”. Does the name lighten up the dark image? A little bit like mafia-ish, or Central American dictator in tone, or Middle Eastern oil sheik style. No one thought to borrow a rock and roll tour bus? (

Shortly everyone else running for President will be rolling out their choices.

Like Rick Perry, who reminds many of that rowdy, gun-toting, rich oil man/Senator/Texas cowboy (really from Connecticut) in the Simpsons, he’ll want something flashy and distinctive. Maybe this:

Longhorn Art Car. Houston Art Car Parade, 2015. (screenshot. YouTube/Carpe Diem Hacks)

Golden rules. Perfect, right? (Longhorn Art Car/Houston Art Car Parade, 2015. screenshot/YouTube/Carpe Diem Hacks)

What if all U.S. Congressmen and women were assigned cars from a motor pool during their lucrative life long careers terms of office as public servants? As a perk. Being full of patriotism and verve, the obvious choice would be something like this:

Red white and blue convertible/2015 Houston Art Cat Parade screenshot.khou)

Legislators: our heroes, right? This would make them easy to spot and approach to talk about issues and concerns.(2015 Houston Art Car Parade screenshot/

Something more practical? How’s this?

First, it has a roof and would be better for the weather caused by climate change. Also it would be easier to manage a crisp neat appearance if spotted along the way by  irritated taxpayers throwing rotten fruit out of frustration of being unable to get the “ordinary folks'” message across to Congress. No embarrassing marks or blemishes left to bear witness people were upset with them. And there’s protective roof and windows…and door locks.

Art Car: white with paint ball splatters of red and blue. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade screenshot/

Not hard to miss? (2015 Houston Art Car Parade screenshot/

Even better, let each legislators’ constituents choose monthly which vehicle design their legislators/elected officials should get to drive each month.

Suspect the motor pool would need a bunch of this model.

Would elected representatives and appointees would think and act more cautiously if this was a potential ride?

Red outhouse car. Crapper Art Car. 2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Call it a compact. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

There’s an art to driving through life. 

girl in shaggy dog art car (Milagros Graciano/ Art Car Parade FaceBook  screenshot)

A car worthy of being called “Scooby” (Milagros Graciano/ Art Car Parade FB screenshot)

Last weekend was the 28th Annual Houston Art Car Parade.

Now an international event with over 250 cars this year, it’s one of the biggest collection party of Art Cars around. Normally it hits the road in May, but this year it was decided to move the event to April in hopes of better/mild weather.  April is usually gorgeous, but it’s been a rainy year. Still the clouds held off for the show. (Not that it rain has ever made a difference for participants or crowds.)

Being a bit under the weather and having so little voice that any attempt at cheering or expressing delight would have done me in totally. (Promise to not talk? Impossible. Who could not chortle with joy over art cars? Sigh.) Luckily there’s plenty of TV and on-line coverage of one of Houston’s favorite events.

Art Car covered with Peeps. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Sweet. Car entirely covered with candy Peeps.(2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Watch the parade on YouTube. You will not want to miss the Jet car, the Trojan Horse car, some old favorites like one covered by Singing Fish (and they do!) and all the new ones. Great videos with lists of entries:

Cars are created by individuals, groups, companies, schools, kids and adults. Anything with wheels is qualified including cycles, motorbikes, skates, and even Barbie cars.

Any car you think should be suggested to the Washington, DC motor pool for our elected officials?

Basic black is so yesterday.

Coloring outside the lines, but staying in the lanes,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Oh, sent an agent to cover the parade in my place, but turned out this one was too busy mousing around to relay any  content. 

remote control art car driven by a mouse. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Not remotely interested in writing a blog post – it’s party time! (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Photos of a few of the entries just to intrigue you:

Peacock Art Car. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Peacock. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Art Car Giant Fish eating truck.(2015 Houston Art Car Parade. Screenshot. You tube. Carpe diem Hacks

Now that’s a big catch. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/Screenshot.YouTube.Carpe diem Hacks)

Aqua fish. 2015/Houston Art Car Parade/screenshot.You tube.Carpe Diem Hacks)

Something fishy. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/screenshot.You tube.Carpe Diem Hacks)

Turtle Art Car. 2015 Houston Art Car PArade/

Endangered species? (Turtle Art Car 2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

Toaster Art Car. 2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

A couple of toaster cars popped up this year. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/

art car. shark truck. 2015 Houston Art Car PArade/screenshot

Possible vehicle for I45 morning commutes? (2015Houston Art Car Parade/

Dino skeleton on bike. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/Screenshot.YouTube.Carpe Diem Hacks)

Let’s not forget the bicycles.(2015 Houston Art Car Parade/Screenshot.YouTube.Carpe Diem Hacks)

Giant black widow spider over motor scooter 2015 Houston Art Car PArade/Screenshot/YouTube/Carpe Diem Hacks)(

Or the scooter a giving black widow spider a lift.(2015 Houston Art Car Parade/Screenshot/YouTube/Carpe Diem Hacks)

Art car come in all sizes. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/YouTube screenshot.Carpe

Art cars come in all sizes. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/YouTube screenshot.Carpe Diem Hacks)

2015 Houston Art Car Parade slab. (

And styles. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/Screenshot/

Seriously, Hillary could at least update up her Scooby with elbows. (Art Car Show Slab. 2015 Houston Art Car Parade/ screenshot.YouTube/Carpe Diem Hacks)

Seriously, Hillary could at least update up her Scooby with elbows. Great for keeping reporters at a distance, too. (2015 Houston Art Car Parade/ screenshot.YouTube/Carpe Diem Hacks)





April 14, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Stars. Wobbly floaties. Woozy rolls.

You are bound to remember. (Rocket scientists did.) Summer pools, inflatable rafts, and a cool idea.

Toss that pretend floating island into the sparking-like-stars water.

Then run. Fast. Before the “No running!” whistles blew) with a great leap and less than graceful attempted landing onto the float. A successful splashdown – one without hitting pool side, or other kids – was a thing of wonder. Worth the lifeguard scowls.

And parents who said “If you bust that one, you’re not getting another” before they went back to reading their books.

1950's. girl swimming pool. Deutsche Fotothek/Saxon State Lib/SLUB/

Wow! Did you see me stick that perfect float landing? (1950’sDeutsche Fotothek/Saxon State Lib/SLUB/

Inspired by childs’ play, SpaceX’s reusable rocket uses the same technique – with a little new technology. 

Landing from a iffy-controlled fall onto a floating target – whether a kid at a pool or a rocket in the ocean – isn’t easy peasy.

Weather cooperating, SpaceX  plans to launch an unmanned Dragon space capsule to International Space Station powered by their Falcon 9 rocket.

This will be their third attempt to land a returning rocket on a barge. (Maybe paint Mickey Mouse on the barge instead of a “Land Here X”? Falcons can target a meal miles away. Channel that spirit animal.)

The first Falcon 9 crashed. (Remember how that little kid was in such a hurry to launch himself into the pool before the life guard could grab him but he slipped. Crashing, cement pool burns, and a bloody lip? Like that.)

The second Falcon 9 faced bad weather and high seas, so it splashed down for a water recovery. (There was always a big loud kid and his group at the pool that hated you. A soon as you’d leap into the air towards the raft, they would kick and splash up a storm so the raft would buck and dart out of place leaving you without the planned docking spot. Jeers and humiliation. Just the same. Exactly.)

girls on beach 1920-30's/Flickr/freeparking/

“Did you see that geeky guy spin around trip over his own swim fins when we walked by? Don’t worry. His tooth only looks a bit loose. He thinks we care if he can land on that float or not. Let’s all look away at once when he starts running the next time.” (Flickr/freeparking/

An “out-of-the-raft thinker”yourself  treading water trying to keep up with SpaceX?

SpaceX really shouldn’t be upset with their rocket recover battles. Landing on dancing waters is an ambitious plan.

SpaceX's ocean landing platform. (Techcrunch)

Still sayin’. Feed the falcon brain and paint on a bunny or squirrel. (SpaceX’s ocean landing platform.Techcrunch)

Some can’t even manage ordinary landings on flat land holding still.

Monday an early United flight to Houston’s IAH airport got that sinking feeling as all wheels and landing gears ended up in the mud.

It was before dawn and terribly rainy. Sounds like they bumped down as usual, then were unable to get traction enough to hold it in the center of the runway, so it skied off into the mud.

And sat down just like a nervous bunny hill skier.

While at a tilt, no one hurt, but all luggage stuck inside (even 12 hours later)

Did I mention it was an early morning flight from Vegas?

Vegas-type Show Girl. 1916.Ziegfeld Follies.Lilyan Tashman/

Carefully avoiding rough landings. (

Somebody has to say it “What happens in Vegas…….”

A little sleepy? Pre-dawn flight. Lack of sleep. Nothing else implied.

Some barely awake might have worried at first that the tilting plane aisle’s was caused by one last Bloody Mary at the airport.

Hopefully there was no permanent damage caused by mascara brushes or lipstick tubes.

  • VIDEO. “United Airlines plane gets stuck at Bush IAH” Passengers talk. (KPRC/NBC local news. It’s been 12 hours. It’s still stuck. So is their luggage.)
  • It is so not the pilot’s fault. Seriously. Maybe the plane just thought the grass was greener.
United plane stuck in mud at IAH. image: @instragram:mrszargarpur/

“Day after day, the same boring route crammed with self-centered passengers. Already stuck in a rut.”(image: @instragram:mrszargarpur)

The starry skies are friendly, it’s just the landings that are hard.

Dragons, falcons, and passengers know.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

If anyone knows about splashdowns, it’s Esther Williams. Talks about extravaganzas.

April 13, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Behind the wall, she waits.

brick wall. all rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copy righted

There’s something mysterious about her.

She’s always there – looking over the stout brick fence. Not sure if she’s spying or intrigued by the activity along the green belt.

Never tries to duck or looks embarrassed if spotted.

Sometimes a small nod or slight wave.

But no words from her.

old woman drinking tea.1907. Mancini 1852-1930/USPD:artist life/

Resigned to what life brings. (Mancini/USPD/


Some widowed relative kindly offered shelter or a wayward cousin sent after getting into trouble?

Always outside “not wanting to be a bother” and staying out of the way?

Or desperately looking  for rescue?

While intrigued, it’s been a little awkward to snap a pix.

Not knowing her position in the household.

Or her emotional state.

Intruding might prove sticky.

Still, there’s something about her. “Being of the world, but not in it”

Bet she answers the phone with a booming “To whooooommmm do you wish to speak?”

There every day: an observer a bit off kilter.

Maddeningly odd.

So I jerked  guided the Really? Must you smell every blade of grass obedient dog in the direction where Lady Enigma stood peeking down like Rapunzel.

Would the seeds of conversation be the start of anything?

All rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

You may approach. Welcome! ©

More amused than ever after being up close and personal.

Somehow the cheery old dear reminds me of Carmen Miranda.

Not out of her gourd, that one.

Bet affection grows if you give her a chance.

1941. Carmen Miranda."Week-End in Havana" trailer screenshot. 20th Century Fox /,no cr/

Oh, let’s party. Being planted in this little garden is rather boring. (1941.Carmen Miranda”Week-End in Havana”20th Century Fox /USPD/

I keep thinking she’s watching for Uber.

More avant-garde inner city than subdued suburban ranch.

Won’t be surprised if she vanishes only to be spotted in pictures of some socialite’s garden party.

1941 Carmen Miranda and Cesar Romero."Week-End in Havana"20th Century Fox/ USPD:, pub. photo for press/

Now this is more her footloose tropical style. (1941Carmen Miranda.Cesar Romero/20th Century Fox/ USPD/

Whimsy happens.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

No permission granted. All rights reserved. Copyrighted

Carmen Miranda? Phyllis Diller? Sideshow Bob’s sister? There’s something uniquely sweet about her…whatever she is. ©



April 10, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Building ghosts

The stains on the floors. Footsteps hesitant as somewhat sticky coatings try to hang on to soles with each step. Hindering any rapid departure or escape.

Was that a memory scurrying down the hall? Or some homesteader slipping into shadows to avoid eviction?

Perhaps, nothing but an eddy from your own motion.

Why. Why bother coming back. Looking for what? Redemption or absolution.

Sometimes buildings’ porous walls seem to suck in and hold the screams, the yells, the cries while the bubbles of cheers and laughter evaporate.

Because sorrow lasts longer than joy?

Unsettling idea.

Astrodome 1965 night game/Sporting News Archives.Rozumalski/

Space age inspired. Night life attired. (Astrodome 1965 night game/Sporting News Archives.Rozumalski/

It’s 50 years old. Still young in other places, not here.

The Houston Astrodome was touted as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” in 1965 when it opened as the first domed indoor air-conditioned sports stadium.

It was a wild and crazy era: Space mania. Jetsons. Sputnik. John Glen. Cape Canaveral.

Between innings, ground crews (Called “the Earthmen”) wearing space suit costumes with helmets would groom the baseball diamond. Mini-skirted “Spacettes” ushered visitors to seats.

Originally the glass roof was clear, but outfielders soon complained high soaring fly balls disappeared in the glare. In addition, patrons were forced to wear sunglasses and certain seats became far too toasty as the sun beamed through the glass. So they painted the roof. Then the grass died from lack of sun. Enter AstroTurf!

Elvis, George Strait, Billy Graham, Evel Knievel, Muhammad Ali, the Supremes, Judy Garland, Seleena, rodeos, tennis matches, football games – all filled the seats.

Astrodome's "Earthmen" sweeping the field/Sam C. Pierson/ Houston Chronicle

“Earthmen” sweeping the field (Pierson/Houston Chronicle)

The private parties of the skyboxes were legendary. Jet Set swooned.

There was Judge Roy Hofheinz’s ornate office suite and apartment taking up seven floors.

Once called Houston’s gaudiest  apartment, it was decorated as “Early King Farouk” (Bob Hope) or”early whorehouse” (Sports Illustrated). Amid the red carpet, zebra print chairs, psychedelic wallpaper were conference rooms, a putting green, bowling alley, puppet theater, shooting gallery, chapel (with interchangeable stained glass panels for each faith), and private terrace overlooking the playing field. Did I mention the Asian dragon statues? (Shiver. Exactly what outsiders think of Texas: Over the top excess.)

Admit it. You want to see pictures. Click here. (Time Life images)

Dwarfed by the behemoth NRG Stadium sitting a stones throw away, the Astrodome has been mostly vacant.

NRG and Astrodome. map. 2010:Astornaut photo by Expedition 25 crew/ USPD/

Aerial view from real space guys. Now NRG instead of Reliant. The big green vacant lot at the bottom was Astroworld Amusement park with a great old wooden rollercoaster. (2010.Astronaut photo/Expedition 25 crew/ USPD/

One of the old dowager stadium’s finest hour was in 2005, when the Harris County judge ordered the Astrodome doors be opened and said “Send them to us”. Bus load after bus load of Hurricane Katrina evacuees arrived to shelter there.

Citizens of Houston and surrounding areas ringed the Astrodome fence perimeter with clothing, shoes, and toys after the Red Cross (who eventually arrived on the grounds) refused local items and said “We only want money.” Actually the families needed clothing immediately. Volunteers organized items by type and sizes and assisted people in finding what they needed. The Red Cross was outraged and tried to have cops arrest volunteers. Uh, no. People here have always had a close relationship with New Orleans – business, party-time, family connections. Neighbors help neighbors.

2005. Hurricane Katrina evacuees/ Dallas Morning

If only they could figure out how to dim the overhead lights a bit. 2005. Hurricane Katrina evacuees settled in. (Dallas Morning

Which brings up the question as to what should be done with this huge historical building or eyesore depending on your point of view.

It would cost as much to tear it down as to fix it up. There have been proposals and interest from private investors, but the old dear still waits her prince.

It could be a science, space, or history of the area museum?

Someone wanted to turn it into a hotel with shops and restaurants around a garden with trees and waterfalls. Another time it was turn it into a ski slope. There was the giant indoor amusement park idea. A water park. A grassy event arena.

A parking garage? Right there by the football stadium, the rodeo, or with the rail connections to downtown/medical center, some much needed parking for daily inner city commuters?

2005 view of Astrodome roof from inside/USPD released/WIKI)

Looking up. The old stadium tries to stay positive. (2005 view of Astrodome roof from inside/USPD released/WIKI)

Anyone remember Civil Defense shelters?

There used to be signs on downtown buildings with basements that were set up to house/feed/medical supplies for a set number of inhabitants if necessary.

Considering recent hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and wild fires, it seems obvious that there will be disasters and people in harm’s way, so how about a massive shelter waiting all stocked and ready?

The US military might consider relocating their “urban warfare” exercises in there.

Plenty of room and they could build any kind of environment they wanted for practice. Hollywood could help with all the sets and special effects.

Better in that contained area than roaming outside in actual cities and neighborhoods as scheduled. Less disturbing for the locals who are not really excited about being “swarmed with special op military attempting to operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise.”

What better place for boys to be boys and play their games than the Astrodome?

1999 Aerial view of Astrodome/LoC/Highsmith:USPD:WIKI

Seriously, it looked like a space ship had landed. (1999 Aerial view. Astrodome/LoC/Highsmith/USPD:WIKI)

Fifty years ago on April 9th, the Astrodome opened with a baseball game.

April 9, 2015, there was a big party there so people could once again walk inside and be stunned at how gigantic the place is.

Built and supported by taxpayers who are tired of studies, pie in the sky ideas, treading water, and watching the building deteriorate.

1969. First animated scoreboard Astrodome/Bill Wilson/Flickr/WIKI

A huge cavern of a stadium required something new: the first animated scoreboard, 1969. Everyone hoped to see that sign light up in all its’ glory. See how little the players look on the field? It’s big. (Bill Wilson/Flickr/WIKI)

It’s Houston.

Come on, decision makers, we make things happen. Charge ahead and once again push the boundaries.

It’s time. Love it or list it. But do something.

Texas always dreams big, they say.

Built to this point in time.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Read more?

April 8, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Briefs. Dodgers. A little toothy.

A wind up, a determined throw, then slamming through the universe.

Baseball? Uh, no. (Odd pick. Jumping to conclusions again. Warned you about that.)

Know that stone skipping across the water game?

A little ricochet action through today’s post. (Blame it on cough drop overload. Although some won’t notice any difference at all.)

woman.1920 flapper on couch/unknown/USPD:,

A challenge? Could mean so many different things. (1920 flapper/unknown/

Limited amounts make something illusive. Fashion lives and dies on that.

While wandering through the April Fool’s blogs, I skipped into Sacha Black’s world: “Mother, wife, writer…almost an author, full-time worker bee, part-time nail artist”

There a challenge was being filed and polished: “Write a story in one sentence.”

Now not being known for brevity (I heard that), I was startled by a sleeping dragon rumbling, “Remember that time in elementary school when you wrote a sentence that went on and on for pages and pages and the teacher said it was the longest correctly constructed and punctuated sentence that she had ever seen?”

Dragons are not ones to be ignored, so here’s my attempt:

It was time for the little voices to cease, so weary beyond endurance and out of desperation, she let herself slip under the warm consoling waters until she heard once again, “Mommy!”

Slip over to Sacha Black’s blog to read more super short stories.

Maybe cross your fingers, add a touch of polish, and create a one sentence story of your own in comments here or there?

Don’t worry, it’s hats off to any one who attempts the quest.

Bulletsafe hat.

Great for sun and shot. (

Speaking of hats, have you seen the BulletSafe Bulletproof hat?

Don’t laugh. With the rising incidents of violent road rage around here, these hats could become a must have for commuters.

It looks pretty much like a baseball cap: familiar, non-threatening, and benign. (Check the video)

Still they might consider adding some of those long ear flaps like a hunter’s cap for a little more protection for when the bullet is fired through the side window.

Hype, right? Bullets through windows while simply driving in traffic?

Happened to us a few years ago. Cops just shrugged. “Probably a gang initiation. Happens all the time.” (Well, that makes me feel better. No biggie. Just routine incident. Child’s play.)

This week they did arrest the man who shot a woman driver in the head because she honked at him. (People are so touchy and it’s not cranky hot from summer yet. Not so good.) Here’s the story.

 Not an isolated event which may make bulletproof hats the accessory of the decade?

If they can work out a way to prevent hat hair, the company will have a winner.

(Arrive with smashed hat hair or feeling safe in the car? Is there really a choice?)

Country man. Trailer for 1940 Grapes of Wrath. Darryl F. Zanuck Production./ USPD: trailer not cr,

She was just so plum purty, I had to foller her home. (1940 Grapes of Wrath.Zanuck/

Speaking of public safety, it’s spring. Time to watch out for the sneaky crawlers.

No, not Peeking Toms at the window.

It’s the lurkers in the tall grasses and weeds. (No, not some lonely country boys, you really do clutch those stereotypes, don’t you?)

400 pound gator/ image by KBMT

Two can keep a secret if one of them has a duct taped mouth. (ABC13/image: KBMT)

Time for amorous alligators.

After the long chill, they’ve started coming out to sun and strut to impress.

This week a pair of gator party mates were told their reservations were canceled. Just a little too unsettling for the kids who normally swim in the pond. (Video here)

Moved to more appropriate accommodations to Gator Country preserve near Beaumont, TX.

(And just look at them. Scaling activities to mirror “50 Shades of Grey”? Honestly, get a more isolated swamp, next time. Think of the children. Oh? You were? Wait, they are so not on the lunch menu. 400 pounds at 11 feet long? Gator guy – the past 35 years have been good to you. Watch that waistline. Healthy diet and exercise. Swimming is a good choice. Must say, that toothy smile is quite winsome)

alligator pair in truck. Image by  KBMT/abc.13/pets)

Safe word! Say the stupid safe word. Quick, while there’s a chance to make a break for it! ( Image by KBMT/abc.13/pets)

Enough bytes for you?

Blog post lite. (Pass the tissues, please. Sneezie is not just a name of a Disney character.)

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

No permissions granted. All rights reserved. Copyrighted

Odd pix. Thought it might intrigue you. ©


April 6, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Without a hula.

2 Hawaiian women. 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty trailer screenshot/USPD:, no cr/

Aloha. No sways today! (1935″Mutiny on the Bounty”trailer/USPD:

A day without hula.

Without a whisper of sways.

Not a swish. Not a sigh.

No mesmerizing motions. Wiggles and giggles put aside.

No annoying guffaws of “Hey, what’s under there?” (Questionable comment for just about anywhere.)

No Don Ho singing the Hukilau Song.

Only chainsaws.

Standing patiently, eager for spring wardrobe change, the hula dancing palms excitedly chattered among themselves. Trying not giggle when tickled by the tall ladders the landscape crew nudged up against them.

Oh, it’s time. Plenty warm enough now. They nodded.

all rights reserved. copy righted. No permissions gratned

Palm still in skirts. Probably shy. It’s like putting on that bathing suit the first time each summer. ©

As Mexican Fan palms grow, they gently fold their lower fronds down like layering petticoats under long hula skirts.

These hanging fronds form warm overcoats against winter’s chill. Little birds tuck themselves in to stay warm…along with roaches and mice, possibly.

So we don’t have to be asked twice when the palms feel comfortable with going a little more bare and flashing a bit more of their stems.

Wary after the unexpected recent Bush League Assault, we were a bit nervous about doing this spring’s palm clip job. The frond stems are barbed and sharp. No doubt used as primitive weapons somewhere if you slashed across time.

So we hired a tree crew to do the trim and to haul off the sure-to-stab-you fonds. (Somewhere there’s probably a palapa welcoming a new covering of fresh-cut fronds.)

all rights reserved. copy righted. no permissions granted

Wooo! Breezy. Feeling like Marilyn Monroe over the subway grate. ©

Now more like flappers than hula girls, the Mexican Fan palm gals are rather giddy. Like kids who happily shrugged off their shoes and school uniforms on the last day of school.

We’ve apologized to the perplexed squirrels who are suddenly finding their regular routes cut off.

Fond of fronds.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

1921. Marilyn Miller.The Tatler.Johnson/USPD:,

Don’t worry little bird. We’ll have shelter draped for you again by winter. (1921.Marilyn Miller.The Tatler.Johnson/ USPD:

Production note: The entire Staff of the Realm is a bit under the weather right now (sneeze, hack, cough), which is stressing RC Cat out tremendously as Staff is so slow/unresponsive to multiple wake-up whacks on the head in the morning. (“A tidy realm is a realm running on schedule”.) As a result, post schedule may be disrupted for a bit now and then.

all rights. reserved copyrighted. No permissions granted

Palm tree on pointe? Tropicals grow fast here. Ours were 2 foot tall palm orphans rescued from the trash and 8 years later are now almost 2 stories tall. Trimmers need their ladders.©

All rights reserved. Copy righted. No permissions granted

Just liked this image. Mirrors the ballerina’s fluffy skirt? Who’s copying whom?©










April 4, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Sitting ducks

all rights reserved. Copyrighted. Ducks say No permissions granted.

Landed supervisory positions at the marina. ©

Two sitting ducks.

Quite smug with their luck.

No quackers. No Peeps.

Exhausted bunnies asleep.

On Easter weekend, two sitting ducks is enough.

(No silly clucks.)

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Hop over to read something? Some believe there’s always a storm just before Easter as a reminder. 

“Easter ‘blood moon’ approaches: Third lunar eclipse of the Tetrad set to make the night sky glow red this weekend” (UK Daily Mail. Got some worried)

“Blood Moon with Total Lunar Eclipse & Eerie Biblical Message Rising Over U.S. Easter, Passover Weekend” (CBS San Francisco)

NASA. Astronomers. Science of the 5 minute total eclipse here.

NASA world map: Who saw the eclipse.

all rights reserved. No permissions granyed. Copyrighted

Slow down, fool. This is a No Wake Zone, Sleepyhead. ©




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