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April 28, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Riddles of greens, dreams, and scenes.

Frogs dancing at a party. More English Fairy Tales, 1893, Batten, ill. NY Pub.Lib.(USPD, artist life/

And there was great rejoicing.(USPD/

Having restless nights wondering “Oh, my. What happened next?”

Three short riddles follow up stories in recent posts:

When is a caution removed as a precaution?

When it’s a frightening towering flood gauge in front of a neighborhood home.

And when it’s learned proper procedures which must include discussions with residents of the community were not followed. (If the residents ever find out who asked for those signs and who decided to immediately install them….)

“Flood signage in SW Houston neighborhood to be removed” 

Wetlands marsh as Pine Gully meets Galveston Bay. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Natural signage: if you can’t see the tree, water’s too deep to venture in. Of course, a bit of commonsense helps. Recovering marsh where Pine Gully meets Galveston Bay.©

When does a destructive bunch get a wink and a smile from a state legislature?

When some elected officials wonder if tossing poisonous hog bait around is really the for the best.

“Feral hog apocalypse” has been halted in its’ tracks as the company that produces Kaput Feral Hog Bait has pulled its product from use in Texas. (Wild hogs are grinnin’ and rip-roaring through farms, ranches, and subdivisions, but they shouldn’t consider this is a get-out-of-jail-free pardon.)

“Texas House orders study before using poison on feral hogs”

flowers along Pine Gully on Earth Day.. All rights reserved, No permission granted. Copyrighted

Bouquets always seem to last longer in fresh air. Pine Gully trail. Hog free so far. ©

When does a police SUV dovetail into Earth Day?

When it’s designated a bird sanctuary.

Once the Momma Pearl made the 911 call, the orange habitat cones were placed (as required by city ordinances) around PPD Unit 187. The pregnant dove cooed she had reservations: requested a nice window view. She was scammed! Who wants to upset an expectant mother? The city is happily accommodating her.  (Scroll the Pearland Police Facebook page, April 17 nesting, and 20-24-27 for videos/pictures of Pearl and her family. The department also rescues ducklings who fall into storm drains and reunites them with their very anxious mom. FB video of that, too.)

“Pearland police share photo of first chick in the nest on windshield of official SUV”

Dreamy endings.

Now you can rest easy.

Have a great weekend.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Deer at edge of clearing on Pine Gully trail. All rights reserved. No permission granted. Copyrighted

Another guessing game! See the deer at edge of clearing? A small herd celebrated Earth Day by taking the young ones to see the human zoo.(and Molly was quite polite as the deer, one by one, bolted right past her  – down the bank, up the bank and into the shady woods before stopping in their designated viewing spot.)©

April 25, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Brace for cat supporting action

Strike while the kitty litter is hot! Now is the time.

What? That should be “letter” not litter? Dunderhead. Tend to your own mess.

Knowing Us as you do, kind visitors, it is obvious We would never stir you in the wrong direction. Might cause nausea.

Staff, remove your hands from across Our mouth. Extreme fang warning! Better.

Western dramatic fight scene (1919-1920 Universal studio flim Blue Streak McCoy. Lobby card. 1919. (, artist life/

We don’t care if you have a family. Get back to that desk and complete the Twin Peaks scripts before May 1st! (USPD/Commons.wikimedia,org)

“A writer! A writer. My kingdom for a writer!” There. Problem easily solved. Surely there are some available.

A realm-worthy reward for words possibly on the horizon. Finally.

Frequent visitors know that We, as RC of the Realm, hold writers in high esteem.

On occasion We preside over salons of not only hair, but of wordy lines in books of crinkling pages or of discussions of last night’s offering from the Moving Window of Entertainment – also know by Staff as “The Tea of Bees” for some unknown and illogical reason. (Any dunderhead knows bees are far too industrious to sit around drinking – unlike some species We know...)

Nothing more delightful than a cat lecture lively discussion after watching The Moving Window episodes. Characters, humor, plot twists full of irony, foreshadowing, or satire – Paws down, nothing like a good story told well. 

Yet, without a care for the distress it may cause, there are whispers that The End is Near.

Staff has tried to shield Us – hoping some miracle will occur.

But the reality is that unreality of The Moving Window is threatened.

Cat pandering. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions grante

We, as RC of the Realm, understand this is is a scary situation, but together We shall survive.©

Wow shall let you read for yourself. Yes, yes, there may be a quiz afterwards.

Long suffering writers who actually managed to secure a place at the script writing desks are struggling under old salary practices despite the changes in the industry and studio profits doubling over the past 10 years.

Men in suits talking in office. Pre 1978. DIck Van Dyke Show publicity photo. (, no cr markings/

Different suits, same conflicts. Pre 1978. Dick Van Dyke Show episodes “It wouldn’t hurt them to give us a raise”, and summer reruns not fun for writers.(USPD/

We wish We could wave a paw and voila, a solution. Desperately wishing that. Enough to get hives from worry.

(Note to staff: commence stockpiling The Tea of Bees visual products)

The 2007 writer’s strike lasted 100 days. And what happened?

Reality shows. Multitudes of low-budget, idiotic reality shows.

Viewer supplied funny videos which rapidly became laughing at others getting hurt videos. (And humans wonder why their little one are becoming so mean to each other? Snort. A petite, elegant, polite snort.)

Shows’ seasons were permanently shortened after the strike, so blink and you missed the new episodes.

(What do you mean there is no room left to record? Dunderhead! How are We expected to survive? How many episodes of Beachfront Bargain Hunting can you watch? Cull. Ruthlessly cull.)

But The Horror didn’t end there.

Clever, witty, intelligent scripts with solid plots and well-developed characters seem to have left the buildings forever.

Replaced with potty humor, violence, over-the-top special effects, and a silliness that might entertain a third grader, but not the average Golden Retriever.

And, oddly, a bunch of stereotype characters who are super easy to create dialogue for and place in predictable plot situations.

Then there’s the trendy, pretty on the surface, but shallow dribble  shows. Nothing lasting to chew on there (Or to cough up later to examine at leisure until someone steps in it.)

Can it get any worse, you ask? Probably.

Woman and men talking in office. Mary Tyler Moore Show. Station's newsroom. CBS (, no cr marks/

Crossing union strike picket lines? Mary Tyler Moore fretted over that in the newsroom. (Episode: “Thoroughly Unmilitant Mary“(CBS/USPD/

Such distressing news, but you must prepare yourselves.

By royal decree and expectation Out of gratitude you may leave a can of tuna or salmon by the door.

On your way out.

Take comfort in the fact that “Game of Thrones” episodes are done and ready to show.

We graciously acknowledge your tears of happiness.

You are thrilled. We can see that.

Now carry on.

Perhaps you can rediscover books.

Or face to face conversations.

Staff! Move them along. They seem to be in shock  raptured in hope.

Get those darn cans out of your pockets and exit immediately.

We may need supplies if there’s a strike. Starving writers may be more hungry than usual!

(One can for starving writers; one for moi)

The paw has waved!

Audience fini


I am RC Cat and I approve this message.

April 24, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Concrete and leveling

The Mounties always get their man. Annie Oakley musically got her gun. And Sophie happily got her sidewalk.

Remember the little girl who wrote Houston’s mayor asking for his help to get her sidewalk to school fixed? (Original post here)

Only to have the Debbie Downer Public Works and Engineering Department respond with “Sure. In a couple of months.”

Surprise: “Bumpy Sidewalk fixed after 8-yr-old girl writes letter to Mayor” 

Mayor Turner met with Sophie and wanted her to know even the smallest hand can move government.

She may have also learned “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

Might be a hint for parents in other neighborhoods: get that child some stationary and put the tv station on speed dial.

Large flood gauge sign in front of house. (click2houston)

I don’t think it’s planted in Miracle-Gro. (click2houston)

How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find this in your front lawn?

Talk about curb appeal for anyone trying to sell a house.

The new house on the right is built up (probably constructed after the last big flood), while the older one story home on the left sits at what used to be the normal building height in the area. So what has changed? How did this happen?

This is one of the neighborhoods where small houses on large grassy lots are being by oversized houses crowding out green space or by rows of townhouses. The city/county haven’t improved flood water management all along the watershed as residential density has grown.

Easier to put up signs and shrug, “Consider yourself warned?”

Flood signage causing mixed emotions in SW Houston Neighborhood (Video/article)

Officials are silent about who ordered the signs put up and why they aren’t on the median instead of by someone’s front door or in their yard.

“Important to remember, ” one city official said, “that it’s a $200 fine to remove or destroy a sign.”

Seems unfair it’s fine for the city/county to punish someone for trying to protect their home’s value (and it’s feelings).

Yellow sign in street median showing possible water height in floods (Click2houston)

Not the HOA’s Yard of the Month award. (Click2houston)

So maybe letter writing should be back style for school curriculums. They are supposed to be preparing students for real life experiences, right?

Speaking of schooling, the Flight Attendants’ Union and a certain American Airline person needs to replace Bart Simpson at the blackboard with an assignment to write 100 times: “Don’t mess with distressed moms in Texas or threaten those who step in to help them.”  

President of flight attendants association supports employee and threatens man (and others) who stepped in to assist crying mom.

Exactly who was the one with “air rage” and out of control, Mr. Union President?

Didn’t his mom ever tell him “if you keep shaking’ that finger in people’s faces, it might end up getting’ bitten off?” The level-headed might think that’s something worth writing down and remembering.

Y’all travel on friendly now. Letterhead worthy idea.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge


April 20, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Not well rounded.

Why can’t they do anything about it?
Could if they wanted. A man walked on the moon.

vintage race car. ca.1920 Leyland-Thomas. (

Look. Wheels are not a complicated form. If they can colorize old movies, they can get the spin right if they wanted to. (USPD/

So why don’t they get the wheels of vehicles on tv to spin in the direction they do in real life. Reel life tire rotation boggles the mind, causes queasiness in some, and distracts from important messages in the commercial – like how many cup holders there are.

Make it some sort of techie /video/camera engineering challenge.

If anyone really cared about accuracy, that would be fixed. Fake news.

Are you one of those people who keeps food in the plate in separate corners and don’t like to mix them?

I’m like that about sports.

Mind bobbles right now with basketball (Rockets up 2), baseball (Astros ahead in their division), the Texans football team is gearing (Even their cheerleaders squad is back in practice and public appearance mode) and both Houston’s soccer teams are up and running (Dynamos and Dash).

It’s like the story of the “Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe” with too many children. Can’t focus full attention on any of them. Neglect happens.

What happened to “there is a season, turn, turn, turn” to that season’s sport?

vintage basketball players during a game. US Air Force cadets. Before 1973. from AF Academy archives ( fed. employee,

See. The cheerleaders are already jumping. Oh, wait. These are players of a different sort. Confused by the uniforms. (1973  USPD/

Rushing before time. Jamming things together is problematic.

Look what happened with the holidays.

Christmas in the stores along side of Halloween just down the aisle from New Years’s and Valentines.

Worrisome precedent. Why not just have your choice of holidays whenever you want – so it benefits your schedule.

President’s Day (better combined 2 in 1) is much more convenient here.. or here. Cinco de Mayo or 4-20 are hard to shift, but some aren’t date specific. Look. even St. Patrick would agreed a weekend works.

Could this mixed up Calendar-Sports Correspondence possibly be the cause of Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Oh, well. The change of seasons and passage through the calendar year may soon only be known by the color of the leaves and weather…if anyone is able to turn stiff necks and glazed, red, over-worked eyes away from screens head to notice.

Seems really backwards, right?

Solutions, like X Files’ answers, are out there. (But unless it they get picked up on a viral video, they will remain a mystery.)

Got game.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

people dancing. 1945 film Tonight and Every Night. Rita Hayworth. Time, Inc/Columbia Pictures (, artist life/

Dancing with the Stars, 1945 season. Next Olympic sport? Takes talent, skill, and team work. And viewer interest.(Rita Hayworth.Time, Inc/Columbia pictures (USPD/



April 18, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Gambling in rough waters

Postcard of Women and man in western wear gambling with One-armed bandits. Stockmen's Hotel, Elko Nevadsa, ( Seaich Co. (Boston Pub.Lib Tichnor Bro. Collection/USPD artist life/

They weren’t kidding about one-armed bandits.(Vintage postcard/USPD/

They thought their ship had finally come in. Well rested, armed with anti-sea sickness pills, and cash, they flowed onboard.

Like in the Gilligan’s Island song: for a free-spirited tour. Ironically, just like the song, with an unplanned island ending. Luckily, it was Galveston Island.

Gambling is illegal in Texas, so the Jacks or Better Casino, floats their 155 foot vessel 9.1 miles out into federal waters for six hours of gaming. That is if you don’t run into one of the massive buoys warning about the rocky jetties and other obstacles. Only a little gash about 5 feet long ended their fun Easter weekend, but the passengers were able to continue holding their drinks rather than ending up in it. Not quite the Titanic.

I found this immediate company statement odd “The incident is under investigation, so to state that is was due to the captain on duty falling asleep at the wheel is speculation.”

Oh. Nothing like getting ahead of the rumors. Company went on to suggest it was the darn fault of a bright light noting a disabled ship, another buoy, or a blind spot…or maybe those diabolic Gulf dolphins moving stuff around? A snarky shark? A jovial jelly fish. We have lots of all those….and buoys.

But the games will return. Jacks might do better with a local pilot/skipper on board…and how about some of those big, white, pillow-like boat bumpers/fenders all along the sides?

  • New casino cruise ship opens in Galveston (Video and ship pictures)
  • Galveston casino yacht crashes less than two weeks after grand opening. (Pictures and news article)
  • Newly opened Jacks or Better Casino damaged in crash. (Passenger accounts. Video.)
Gamblers at El Capitan, Nevada.1945.Seaich Co./Boston Pub.Lib. Tichnor Bro.Collection/

Whoa, howdy! Buoyed by that jolt.(1945.postcard USPD/

Another humorous jolt shows that despite claims that the country is too fractured to ever unite isn’t completely true.

Everyone was totally united in being appalled and furious at United Airlines last week.

United Airlines must be hoping that trouble only comes in threes: 

First was the mother of all examples of bad judgment with the elderly doctor dragged from his seat.

Then there was the scorpion that fell from the overhead compartment and stung a passenger from Houston. (Video)

And on Saturday a bride and groom were kicked off their flight (video) out of Houston IAH. Their wedding flight. On Easter weekend. On a plane with LOTS of empty seats. It’s true they didn’t sit in their assigned seats, but that guy was passed out across theirs when they boarded. The plane was half full – what’s the problem, flight crew?

Vintage colored postcard. Airplanes at airport. Chicago Municipal Airport ca.1930-1945. Postcard by Tichnor Bro. (Boston Pub.Lib. Tichnor Bro collection/USPS., artist life/

Back when the skies were friendly. Chicago Municipal Airport postcard, ca.1930-1945.(USPD/

You’d think United would be walking on eggshells and doing anything possible to keep remaining customers happy.

Especially on Easter weekend.

Guess the company likes to roll the dice and take a gamble.

Tuesday, the United CEO is supposed to give an update at a stockholder’s meeting. Would like to be a scorpion on that wall.

Landed and see.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Read the history of  The Free State of Galveston here. Gambling and wild ways. Another post: Right Amount of Naughty

Galveston beach and boulevard. card by C.T.American Art Colored Chicago, Ill. (Seawall Specialty Co./

During the 1920-40’s tourists, movie stars, and celebrities strolled among lavish casinos on Seawall Broadway. Once gambling reform began, people simply  sauntered down long piers to nightclubs over the water that had secret gambling rooms in the back. Wasn’t legal, but by the time the Texas Rangers got there, no evidence was to be found. (1934 Postcard by C.T.American Art Colored Chicago, Ill. Seawall Specialty Co./Commons.,



April 16, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Hop-along past.

girl hugging bunny. Vintage Easter card ca. 1907. (Nat. lib. of Norway. USPD:, artist life/

“Watch it kid. I think they’ve spotted us. Not a peep about our little chat now, hear?” (Holiday card ca. 1907.Nat. lib.of Norway/USPD/

Hope some bunny finds you and brings a basket load of smiles.

Maybe even a grin to two.

A chuckle being too much to ask?

Girl popping out of Easter egg. VIntage holiday card - ca.1916. Nat. Lib.of Norway (, artist life/

You know that kid that always waits up for Santa Claus? Same thing. Wonder if she’s holding the preferred treat for the Easter Bunny or is she going to use the branches as a threat to make sure she gets her share. (Holiday Lib.of Norway/USPD/

Two small angelic girls at Easter service on vintage holiday card. ca.1930 Nat.Lib.of Norway (USPD:, artist life/Commons,

Spring chicks. (and a couple of stuffed ones?) How long do you think these two sat for this? The one on the left looks a little glazed. Could be the inspiration for the current trend of elegant portraits of the very small. (Holiday card ca.1930 Nat.Lib.of Norway/USPD/Commons,


Happy Easter. May it be picture perfect.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Girl in vintage dress holding Easter eggs. ca 1915. Nat.Lib.of Norway. (USPD, Artist life/

See. Things not so different. Mom still in charge of the Easter eggs which must, of course, be more fabulous than anyone else’s on the block. Darn that Faberge! So much pressure. (Holiday card ca 1915.Nat.Lib.of Norway/USPD/



April 14, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Zooming. Crossing the line.

Three Chickens rowing a boat. Russian Easter postcard ca.1917 (USPD:, artist life/

“Oh, stop with ‘The sky is falling. The sky is falling.’ No longer motivational.” (Russian Easter postcard ca.1917/USPD/

“Faster. The gator’s gaining.”

Alternative: “Make waves or else. The Threat Advisory Scale for Easter chicks and ducklings has been seasonally elevated.”

Fluff is in high demand these days.

Talk about quackers. This could mean a boat load of trouble: Dodge punches the start with their new 840 horsepower muscle car.

The Dodge Demon is “the first production car able to accelerate so hard it can lift its front wheels off the pavement” – for a distance of about 3 feet…video/read more here)

All I can see is high school boys anxious to see who can keep the wheels up the longest. Competition will be fierce and loud. Viral videos.

We’re probably lucky there’s only going to be a limited number of the cars made and dealers are already marking up the purchase prices…which means the “theft by request” incidents will probably rise along with those wheels.

One place where any of those stolen car probably won’t be going is Sweden.

One veteran journalist has proposed banning cars there to keep the public safe from terrorists.

Not sure if that particular reason will mean a car-free Stockholm, but coupled last month’s concerns about carbon emissions and the gender equality issue (What?), you just never know how things will role.

Family of chickens traveling in vintage car for Easter. ca.1917 Russian holiday card (USPD:, artist life/

Typical holiday family affair. “How much longer?” “I need to potty” “Who ate the breakfast burritos?” (ca.1917 Russian Easter card/USPD/

This Easter holiday, many are avoiding ruffled feathers caused by flying and traveling by car instead.

Nothing like a family road trip for making those “We’ll never let you forget this” memories.

Got some warm memories of travel food? Mom always packed apple slices and carrot sticks. Warm ones. No cooler up front.

Lunch predictably was warm, canned tuna sandwiches on white bread served at a roadside park.

But we had a red checkered plastic table cloth – which flapped like crazy. “You can eat with one hand. Hold that corner down.” We shall not discuss the rough concrete benches with unidentified sticky stains.

I can still feel the grit pelted from passing cars.

Road trips now today offer much more options: chain restaurants one after another.

Crossing the Colorado state line couldn’t come quickly enough: Colorado had Carl Jr’s.

Recently Carl Jr’s put their sexy food spokesmodels under wraps. Bowing to social media pressure or just time to move on? “Skin is no longer in”.

The new advertising campaign featuring the return of the “founder” may be brilliant. A rugged Carl Hardee Sr strides into corporate to reclaim his office and to kick out his son while workers carry off the super model pictures. Followed by vintage memories of the company’s earlier years.

We’ll see if it keeps people traveling along with them and makes their female customers happy.

Meanwhile whatever your choice of dining or travel, may you have a good Friday and a hoppy Easter.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Easter chick and dancers with creepy clowns. Victorian trade card for Acme soap (USPD., artist life/commons,

Not sure which is creepier: the clowns or this whole scene as a marketing piece for soap. (Victorian trade card for Acme soap/ USPD/commons,



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