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November 26, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Travel light

If it’s true the early bird gets the worm, I’m, sleeping in.

Who wants worms anyway?

Dogs do not recommend them.

While worm farms have been just ducky for starting fortunes, can’t get hooked up with them. They have been known to string along hopes of catching something big…eventually…if you’ve got the patience and time.

Sunset Thanksgiving Day. (© image, all rights reserved, copyrighted, No permissions granted)

Timeless sunset. Thanksgiving Day. (© image)

Time is such a flirt. Just when you think you’ve got it nailed down, it shifts gears and coyly slides words by.

An analogy:

Print Is to Cursive as print is to cursing.

True or not these days?

Oh, I know. Supposed to be light reading.

Will lite in the winsome work?

sunset. Nature's holiday lights. (© image. Copyrighted, no permissions granted, All rights reserved)

She can’t resist upstaging my best efforts. Elegant and energy-efficient: now those are holiday lights. (© image)

How many offices Monday will be getting the “Sorry, boss. The blizzard’s got us slow bound. Aw, darn…”?

“No, that’s not a ski lift in the background…”

Here in the semi-tropics, it doesn’t seem right to be swatting mosquitoes while hanging Christmas lights. The southern tail end of the big cold front is blowing in now. It will actually feel winter icy for a couple of days…long enough to get the short sleeve shirts and shorts washed for later in the week.

Watch out for Einstein–Rosen bridges as we dash away, dash away all.

They say wormholes are traversable, but you never know.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

A big shout out for Cowboy 911 ( Facebook page) who continues supporting human and animal survivors of the California fires.

Those who fled the California fires have lost everything – even the schools need help. It will be years before they see the light at the end of their tunnels.

While having compassion towards those yelling demands at our borders, remember charity starts at home according to many: Roman proverb, John Wycliffe 1383,  Bible(King James version: Timothy 5:8) 1611, Sir Thomas Browne, 1642, Charles Dickens, 1844… 

November 21, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Vintage postings and curses

Turkey Football game with scared boy and angry turkey. (1900's post card/USPD,, artist life/

Time to get on the ball and deal with strange birds relatives – hey, genetic code says we aren’t so distant. (1900’s postcard/

Knife and fork stabbing turkey, 1900's post card/, artist life/

And they say life is odd and unexplainable now…A festive celebration of bird murder? Or was it a public bird sacrifice with pageantry? At least there were veggies hanging around. (1900’s post card(USPD/

Man and women Thanksgiving couple with turkey. 1908/USPD., artist life/

Despite first glance, maybe not suitable for School Character Education programs…Fake news: no way he could be carrying that huge dead and blood dripping bird as casually as shown. And he looks far too happy about it – possible animal humane rights violation or he really leering at the girl? The turkey is merely a ploy…She’s better have a hat pin in that Bible.(Side note: remember when “Character Education” was demonstrating knowledge of the current people in scripts of movies and tv shows? Some feel we’ve all become cartoons.) (1908/USPD/

Boy and turkey. 1915 post card (USPD., artist life/

Is he trying to pet the turkey or “Na-na-na-na-na-I know what’s going to happen with you” followed by motions of throat slashing and chop chopping? Bullying starts somewhere…They always say mass murderers start with animals….maybe his parents know and that’s why that’s a shock collar around his waist.(1915 post card (USPD/

real turkey trot. Turkeys pulling children in cart . 1900's postcard (, artist life/

A real turkey trot. Talk about being too foolish to not recognize when being led down the Primrose Path.That’s something they ought to flock to teach. (1900’s postcard.USPD/

Woman with pumpkins. Thanksgiving post card, 1900's (, artist life/

Yep, the whole lot of them have trotted over for Thanksgiving…and none of them know how to hang up a towel, put a dish in the dishwasher, or feed the dog…their dog! Yeah, hardy har har to you, too. (post card 1900’s (USPD/

Girl with pie. Thanksgiving post card, 1910. (USPD., artist life/

Oh, those spots? RC Cat said she had to sample and approve the pie but was disappointed that mincemeat didn’t really mean minced meat (and she was worried she had somehow been tricked into eating carrots)…Malamute Molly misunderstood: Someone said “meat” – so where’s the beef? Staff can identify…never trusted that weird pie that showed up only at Thanksgiving, so pecan is what’s on the menu here. Just let me brush off this little bit of cat hair and I’ll cut you a slice…you know where the dishwasher is, right?  We’re hosting the mob here, so childproofing and organizing to accommodate those who wear aluminum foil hats to stop the government from controlling them. Whether you are going over the river and through the woods, gearing up for football viewing, or just having an ordinary day, hope you are served some chillin’ with warmth. (post card 1910..USPD/

Onward through the fog

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge



November 16, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Note the box

Yes, yes, the box remains – in a chair in clear sight of the counter. As a lesson to the new arrival. We shall get to that.

Make yourself useful since you are here: chop that canned tuna a bit to stew chunks and add a drip or two of warm water – No, Dunderhead, We said stew not mush in broth. Now you’ll have to add more tuna. There. At least adequate if not epicurean. In reward, you may remain in Our presence and watch Us dine as they did with Marie Antoinette.

Sad what happened to her, you sigh?  She hung around too long – cut it too close. A smarter monarch would have shipped herself out with the jewels. Or been wise enough to make more cakes. Always remember: good manners and commonsense means if you bring something, bring enough for all.

No, you may not snack on the leftover tuna in the can. The nerve to ask.

Boxed about the ears. What? No We are not suggesting punishment. It’s obvious there is a box at the table – and before you are foolish to ask, it is not  boxed seats like at the Opera. That cardboard monolith with the green lettering. It is there as a warning: We have the box AND the receipt.

And as you see, the old coffee machine still remains – also in plain sight….as if Staff would allow more unexpected, disruptive leaks – Worse than DC…How disgusting.

Both The Molly and Ourselves were quite offended that Staff would even consider that puddle of water beside the cabinet had any connection to either of Us….obviously, The Molly’s unfortunately food bolts are deposited at the back door and for Ourself, when attention is required or We wish special pity foods, We leave liquid notification in either the bathroom or bedroom doorway for immediate results…

Ah, so nice of you to stop by to provide an audience as We dine for a visit.

Cat on fleece blanket in window. (© image. All rights reserved, copyrighted, no permissions granted

Ah, yes. A heated blanket and sunny window. All right with the world…but We shall keep and eye on the new machine until it has warmed life in the Realm. (© image)

Staff? Oh, as it is sunny and a birthday, We have been forced to let her wander off unattended and without a supply list insisted she-who-feeds journey to Gulfside for fun, sun, and seafood.

Everyone likes seafood and We slipped a note in requesting all left overs be boxed and returned….so we sample out of concerns – to make sure the fare was appropriate… Additionally, as Ruler of the Realm, We take care to take care of Staff: natural light is well acknowledge for health and for maintaining good eyesight….Staff must be able to see the puddles and have sharp vision to interpret the puddles accurately.

While Staff is on approved R&R, We shall keep an eye on the new replacement coffee machine – making it aware that if performance is not perfect, We have the box.

Ah, you are yawning.

It is tedious work to sit and stare without end. We understand your short attention span frail nature.

Out of gratitude you may leave your tribute can of tuna or salmon by the door.

On your way out.

We graciously acknowledge your tears of happiness.

You are thrilled. We can see that.

Now carry on. Our paw has waved!

Audience fini


crown symbol with message "I am RC Cat and I approve this message"

I am RC Cat and I approve this message.



November 13, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Yes, it does too count.

Woman on sleigh with child sledding in snow. Snow Queen fairy tale, 1946 illiustration by Kolvu. (USPDpubdate, artist life/

Hang on kid, we’re just getting started.(Snow Queen fairy tale/1946.USPD/

Houston, we have snow – all the way to Galveston’s coast. You could see it on the UTMB Galveston web cams.

Some areas north of here had sleet last night, but just as I decided to brave the winds in the backyard to cover 3 tropical plants that have hardly recovered from last winter, rain, sleet, then snow.

“Trace of snow shatters 40 year record”

“New record for early snow in Houston”

“Snow flurries spotted across SE Texas” (You can see the panhandle/Amarillo got much more)

The local huskies, malamutes, and Great Pyrenees are cavorting with glee – demonstrating to their owners that THIS is how life should be…not always sunglasses, flip-flops, and cooling margaritas.

Knew that big flock of ducks overhead late yesterday were up to something.

Never fear. Temps should be back in the 70F’s this weekend. The landscape is going to just give up and throw up their limbs in confusion.

Well the cool is calling the dog…again. The call of the wild

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge



November 13, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

What’s driving things

Jester pouring a drink. Court Jester by WM Chase, 1875 (USPD.artist life,

“Tis the season to be folly. Fa-la-la-la-la, the absurdity.” No joke. (USPD/

Opposite World shifting gears. Recalculating.

Now that people are used to sport season crossovers with NFL football fielding play at the same time as NBA basketball courts us, Mother Nature is stepping into that dueling trend.

As meteorologists are watching a massive cold front arriving from the north with snow and sleet, potential tropical storm Patty is considering her options in the Caribbean.

Baseball season may be over, but Hurricane Season isn’t quite yet.

Texas and the Gulf Coast, knowing disasters, didn’t need the flames from the California fires to send up SOS smoke signals.

Moving out today are more than 50 fire engines from 47 fire departments across 23 counties in Texas, as well as teams from the Texas Forest Service at Texas A&M. “Who are the Texas firefighters headed to CA? Check the list.” 

Interesting to me is how many small cities/firefighting department immediately answered the call – if you look at the list, you may not even recognize some of the names. Some departments only have 2 engines yet are sending one and men. Noticeable absent is one very large city – but maybe that’s due to multiple of Houston’s trucks being taken out of service/damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Traveling in a hurry is always potentially hazardous. Things can trip you up…and that’s why Jeep is recalling multiple cars including the SRT and Trackhawk for dangerous floor mats.

Yep, dangerous rugs. An example of an accessory taking over an outfit? OK It’s really not a joke. The beneficial, keep-your-car-clean mat under the steering wheel can take an unexpected wrinkle and keep the car speeding on even if the driver’s foot isn’t on the gas pedal. Not the kind of self driving car experience most people want. Suggested fix in article here (but you can probably guess it…)

Screenshot. Jeep grand Cherokee SRT8. YouTube 7 things I hate about my Jeep SRT8/Josh Share)

Did they spell that word wrong? (screenshot/Josh Share)

Wanting things to come to a stop once in a while is normal, but it should be an expected – a planned – stop, right? Tell that to some “I-doing-this-for-your-own-good” cars.

Since 2012 Automatic Braking Systems and Forward Collision Avoidance systems have been auditioning for Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde. Hondas have gone into protective mode stopping when driving alongside a metal fence or guard rail. A couple of Infiniti SUVs apparently are spreading the word “Stop”” at a particular grate on the New Jersey bridge mistaking it for a barrier. (source).

Ford 150 pickup trucks apparently are balking at passing semi-tractor trailer trucks on the interstate. Just not gonna do it. Hard braking. Luckily for that driver no one was tailgating him. (Ford problems, 2017).

Jeep Cherokee in Illinois, and Jeep SRT8 (CO) are having bossy attitudes. The SRT8 performance vehicle has a button to turn off the Forward Emergency Braking..and maybe there’s a reason for that if you want to go around a slow car on the highway and accelerate, the automatic sensors may decided you are too close to the other car and slam on your brakes…”…hard enough to scare people with you.”. (see 4:20 of the Video)

Companies’ marketing divisions know people’s fascination with technology drives interest. Gotta steer efforts towards that. Ready or not.

Girl. Vintage post card. Reutlinger (USPD,, artist life/

Dreamy. Life is how Facebook posts it.(USPD/

But it’s getting a bit silly.What are we selling here?

A local furniture store’s newest ad features not really their lovely furniture, but a lovely girl taking multiple selfies – hat on, hat off, chin up, face sideways and pouty  – actually looking quite oblivious to the showcase bed she’s posed on. Guess the message is “Buy furniture! It’ll look impressive on your FB page or Twitter feed!” Now that’s real motivation.

Possibly cleverly limiting buyer’s remorse and return. Once it’s social media posted, it’s signed, sealed, delivered, and yours for real, right?

California Highway postcard. TIchnor Bros. 1930-1945/Boston pub.lib.(, artist life/

Paradise lost. It should look like this vintage California highway postcard.(USPD/

It’s always something in this in Theatre of the Absurd: Fire breaks, auto brakes, reality breaks.

Hoping Stanley the Giraffe, the llamas at the life guard stand, and the bunnies up against the wall find safe haven. When everything is gone, a pet found is worth everything to a disaster victim.

(If you donate to the Red Cross, please be sure to specify exactly where you want the money is to go…or they can legally spend it on redecorating offices or furniture like they got caught doing after Hurricane Katrina…and there’s a bit of investigation going on about the money collected for Hurricane Harvey relief…)

Thanks for all the First Responders, Firefighters, and those opening their homes to shelter those in need.

Always hard when Mother Nature decides to redecorate.

The challenges of Opposite World. Where’s the brakes?

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.



November 9, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge


Design. Shades of grey horizontal ©(Image: all rights reserved. Copyrighted, no permissions granted

Awareness shuttered. (Image.©)

Ancient and primal: greeting the dawn with hope – or very likely a “Whew” we survived another dark period and that big light showed up again.

Some now prefer to stay dry and cozy inside (without risking running not for your health, but to save your cell phone from those who would snatch it), start the day focusing of mental energies/accessing the mystic force with yoga’s Surya Namaskara (sun salutation).

Others, the foolish ones who choose to believe a big dog is a benefit nature nuts advocates and the outdoor runners firmly serious that daily pounding doesn’t hurt joints athletic enthusiasts have no problem throwing themselves into wrinkled clothes at daybreak because exercise gets the blood and oxygen moving. Starts the day right.

Daybreak: a celebrated new beginning.

Diwali celebration card./ District Kota, Rajasthan

Diwali card from a client from District Kota, Rajasthan. Thought you might enjoy it. Several houses here decorated their homes and yards for The Festival of Lights with strings of white lights. A bit of shared brightness in the darkness.

They may be missing it.

The Between sets the stage.

The time between as the dark seeps like molasses back to its’ lair as the sun slips into the wings waiting for the light cue.

I like The Between to walk the dog.

Before the car door slams and noise canceling buzz of traffic

Before the chirping of elementary kids gathering on corners waiting for lumbering yellow busses

Once bright, awareness seems to fade: by habit or community dictate. People are so much like bees: rushing, darting on assignment, narrowly focused – not seeing what’s around them, strictly dedicated, and governed by one. So much missed – or shut down for efficiency.

In The Between the world is on hold – hushed, stretching, a bit. Quietly mulling over the day’s checklist before the light show begins.

Cats satisfied after nocturnal adventures, sprawl across fences – watching, maybe willing to expend some remaining effort if a small creatures is foolish enough to get close.

Mostly silent. Often foggy.

A hawk surveying from a chimney. But still.

The Between is like a thin veil between light and dark.

A time to gather thoughts: to consider, to evaluate, to reach to towards “What would Dad or some mentor now gone do about this?”

To read energies of those that matter, and if uneasy is sensed, to toss a bit of encouraging energy that direction.

The Between is open. Your choice to pay attention or not.

Ah, there goes the first flight out of Hobby airport. Always on fine line schedule. (© Image): all rights reserved copyrighted. no permissions granted)

Ah, there goes the first flight out of Hobby airport. Always on fine line schedule. (© Image)

There’s a lot of pain in society right now.

Depression, exhaustion, violence and anger are epidemic.

Some act out with irrational destruction. They step away from being human. If you think all these murderers are not in pain and looking at a way to end it all, well, just keep thinking that taking away all the toys will solve the problem (and show you haven’t had much effective experience with the young, the distraught, or the mentally ill.)

Some get into such a dark place that all they can think to do is remove themselves – to stop the pain and often to protect those they care about – that they end their lives. Suicide claims more lives than murder, war, natural disasters combined. (See the harsh facts here)

Blogger Big Blue Mess is asking for a little audience participation on Saturday, Nov. 10th

Take a minute and read about her journey with the aftermath of suicide by a loved one.

She  speaks of the Out of Darkness Walk, an event to help the survivors of suicide loss, the ones at risk, and society as a whole.

As a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, donations are appreciated, but not all that’s requested.

Concerned interest, shared strength, and commitment to shove society to a more positive direction is.

Know those touched by murder or suicide? (Please don’t join the shuffling, huddle ones who “never know what to say, so I just don’t”)  “Ten practical ways to help your friend through the death of a loved one”

Molly Malamute carrying home a stick she picked up. (© Image: all rights reserved, copyrighted, NO permissions granted)

Molly Malamute demonstrating pick up sticks. Her small contribution to cleaning up the neighborhood after strong storms…and between us, we think she was relieved the subdivision yard guys finally pitched in to assist.(© Image)

Between us, a small request: sometime Saturday send out a positive, warm, healing thought. The universe will direct it to where it needs to go.

Do not underestimate that power. What are thoughts if not electricity zapping across parts of our brains?

Science says energy is never created or destroyed – it changes, regroups and flows on.

Be positive with that.

The sun, the moon and what’s between them. It’s human to reach out to any hovering between light and dark.

What’s between us all

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Bushes reaching for the sun at daybreak (© Image: copyrighted, no permanent granted. all rights reserved)

Bushes demonstrating Sun Salutation.(© Image)





November 7, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

A number of concern

Couple in vintage office. 1944 Paramount Pic./Life MAg. (, pub. still/

“OK, let’s hear the explanation.(USPD/

1337. Baffling. Worrisome.

What’s the significance, WordPress?

Why announce here instead of 1,500 or 2,000, more predictable points?


A year, perhaps. An important one?

But none of that seems relevant.

A number without context. Always adds up to mystery.

Squirrel in ddress with china dog (1944. Time, inc. Leen/Life mag/USPD., artist life/

It’s difficult to address squirrelly things.(USPD/

Since the message, “You have reached 1337“, came from WordPress, could it be Leet, semi-secret code? 

“The word “leet” is also an adjective used to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment, especially in the fields of online gaming and in its original usage for computer hacking.”

Orthography for those who have a clue….so probably not the intended for me.

Numerology anyone? That offers up some interesting angles. All odd.

Couple in vintage sedan car. 1944. Paramount Pict/Time, inc/Life MAg. (,

“Look, you put me behind the wheel, but you’re supposed to know the direction we’re going.” (USPD/

Wondering about the mystic origin of this shadowy number phantom – Not even a blog anniversary.

1337: an accolade, a complaint, a warning?

The obscure message: “You’ve made 1337 posts.

Do the Happiness Engineers know of the anguish over Gutenberg – this a little, encouraging nudge of “you’ve come this far, don’t stop now”?

Somehow I know how cows must feel being herded without choice into the chute ramp towards the great unknown.

Well, thanks, WordPress, I guess.

Interesting to know blog posts, like data, are numbered by you.

But 1337? Still curious.

What counts, counts.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Vintage couple. 1945, Lauren Bacall on piano as VP Harry S. Truman plays (Time, inc.Charles Cort/Life Mag. (USPD, artist life/

For a good measure, all that matters is adding the right notes to a good melody and keeping up with the beats.(1945.Lauren Bacall draped as VP Harry S. Truman tunes up.(USPD/

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