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January 25, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Garbage in. Garbage out.

3 ceramic potties on the curb on garbage day. NO permissions granted. All rights reserved. Copyrighted

Wait. A new bus stop? Someone being overly compassionate for kids, walkers, and door to door salesmen? (You know you feel for them but won’t let them inside the house even for “an emergency.” Sigh. Realities of modern life.) ©

Convenience. Compassion. Political statement.

Probably finally cracked.

Cabin fever. Some turn to snow diving and others to home projects.

Ideas swirled. Overflowed.

Hope Home Depot was open. You know how it is once you start a project. “Updating looked so easy on the DIY shows.” “While you’re at it, why not just do them all?” Wonder how the rest of the household feels about the take-outs now that it’s Monday and there’s work/school to be done.

Not sure how it all flushed out at this residence, but the HOA is bound to not consider these “ornamental lawn furniture.” Suppose you could argue Constructionist Style, but bad idea to flip your lid in their faces.

Will be interested in seeing what’s in the pipeline for this place.

Could be an extreme reaction to that age-old controversy “lid up – lid down – or else!”

As private investigators and dogs always say, you can tell a lot about a person by their garbage pile.

(Memo to extreme home crashers: Habitat for Humanity ReStores. “Good deal for you, your community, and the environment.” Trash to you; treasure for others.)

Always avoid the drips and poodles.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

three potties on the curb with the garbage. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

They look so official. Unaware of their crushing fate.©









January 24, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Snow, nobody until snow body.

Frosty looking blur. ALl rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions gratned

There is no telling what this is. Not a clue. Looks frosty, thought.©

Not as difficult as thought to find snow body to love – even from the warmth of your own couch.

A blizzard of flaky stuff to amuse. So dive in, disregard that old “always avoid hurting people’s feelings”, and share the lunch.

Some NFL fans had their travel plans chilled, but they tried to take to the air to get to the stadiums any way they could: Snow divers.

No doubt the local birds, hunkered down, muttered to themselves, “Not enough sense to get out of the cold. And they call us bird brained.”

Can’t stop a true NFL fan.  Might be desperate attempts to share the football frenzy by tailgating at home..if they could only find the grill.

Fans don’t go down easy. A fact that worried the Boston mayor. Snow divers beware.

A brief of another sort – a request out of kindness.

Although she’s got her game face on, Hillary Clinton may be getting set up to freeze in her tracks.

Bright sun making design in sky. ALL rights reserved. Copy righted. NO permissions granted

Chilly morning sunflower. Easy to get blindsided.©

Would someone please tell her she may only be a candidate decoy? Again.

It sure looks like the Democrats are smiling and shoving her out front and center to drive the Republican candidates wild and crazy – like moths battering themselves against a lantern shining in the dark – shaking out all the skeletons, scandals, bad blood, and episodes of bad judgement – eventually leaving only one lone Republican survivor who is tattered, tired, and bloody Then at the last minute, out pops a fresh, new, unsullied, energetic Democratic candidate from the back room meetings. People like new.

Better than one with so many touchy issues and scandals that may be in the deep freeze, but not forgotten and are quick to thaw.

It looks to me that’s the way this whole mess is drifting. (Any cold guesses who? Biden and Kerry? Bernie and Warren? Webb? (Not sure the Party likes him much.) I know what Biden says, but…

In any case, it’s brutally, unkind to Hillary. Snowing her like this.

Not to mention the general public is ready to leap onto ice floes to escape the political ranting.

Meanwhile, drifting on to something a bit more warming:

lines of clouds ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

This is clouds lined up on Saturday. (No frowns, it’s back to grey skies now with an approaching front.) ©

What if you were out with your wife and kids and someone passed you this note?

“Sir I was so impressed with your family tonight. Your children were well-mannered and courteous. You two should be proud as parents. You both have done well. It was my pleasure to pay your bill tonight. Your family is truly a breath of fresh air in the days of children screaming and running around. Have a blessed day and week.”

That’s what happened locally last week when a family with five kids ranging in age from 4 to 14 yrs went out to eat. (news video/story)


Both the well behaved children and the observer who decided to unexpectedly to reward those making a positive effort to be good.

That should take the chill off the room and warm your heart.

Snow angels are out there.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

lightbouse in winter skies with clouds that look like mountains. All rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Hey, squint a bit and look behind the lighthouse. Mountains just like Denver’s Front Range? Nah, clouds building as a front approaches the lake. It’s flat as a pancake here, but we can pretend. ©




January 21, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Three amigos. Seeing stars


No permissions granted for this image of palm trees and clouds in winter skyI. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

Three Mexican palms decoding the message in the sky©

A bit star struck. (Shouldn’t that be “star amazed”? It’s not a contact sport. “Struck” sounds so violent. Not normally associated with stars, right? Oh? Just move on. Continuing.)

Show-offs? Prognosticators? Or a tease? What’s the real drama behind the grand show arching across from Southeast to Southwest. Of course, just before dawn. A bet to see just how many of the “Little People” they can coax out of their petty little routines to gawk at the rare planetary lineup? Big names involved: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter.

Planet Hollywood could never be as bright. (Stop. Not talking about the people there, people)

1919. Gloria Swanson in elaborate costume. Cecil B. DeMille (

Lights! Cameras! Starry eyed Gloria Swanson. (1919.USPD/

Is this over-the-top appearance in response to earth’s inhabitants spacey efforts to swing on a star?

A bit of  planetary boasting? “Na-na-na-na-boo-boo. Still can’t get up here.”

Or a bit of peek-a-boo hiding a ninth planet? A “Coming Soon” publicity stunt. Holding out on us. Saving the best for last.

The Universe does have a sense of humor.

Of course self-esteem enthusiasts and optimists won’t see the tease – only a lighted path to follow and some starry encouragement. It’s the Milky Way is half full, not half empty mindset.

Colorful tangle of stars, planets. universe.Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant. (

Universe’s electric tangle. Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant.(

In any case, here’s more star power:

 1923.Glamorous publicity photo of Gloria Swanson. Blue Book of the Screen/

Who is to say a star child hasn’t already visited?(Gloria Swanson/USPD/

That should be enough to make sure that the paparazzi isn’t the only ones stalking stars.

To infinity and beyond, amigos!

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

NASA Astronaut Tim Kopra. Dec 21 space walk. (USPD by

Suggested travel fashion for pregnant women headed to the Olympics in Rio. And people say the space program was a waste of money.(

January 20, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge too far afield

They sure got mad when they noticed her focusing intently on that ad.

“We have better plans for you than that!” An arranged marriage was unavoidable.”When you are old enough. When you’re ready.”

Well, speaking delicately, an indisputable sign said she was now ready.

girl named Noemi with her long hair down..1903.Karoly Ferenczy,1862-1917/USPD.reprod of PD art, artist life/

Fielding her dreams.(USPD/

Enter the all business Matchmaker with her endless list of questions:

  • Did she prefer indoors or outdoors? (That got her hopes up.)
  • Could she settle for walking as entertainment as well as exercise?
  • Was she an early riser?
  • Have trouble falling to sleep?
  • How did she feel about polygamy?
  • Could she be polite and patient with the elderly? Even a fussy ancient auntie?
  • Big dogs scare her?
  • Does she like cats? (Not one laugh when she snorted, “Yes, for breakfast and lunch.” No. They scowled. A lot.)

After enduring all the questioning, she still wasn’t dismissed to go out and play. Maybe her days of play were over.

They ordered her to walk back and forth. Forth and back. And again.

A bit of discussion. Perhaps she was just tired, the Matchmaker said – not kindly. Suggestions were tossed at her. “Hold your head up. Shoulders back. Walk proudly. Think ballerina, not clodhopper.”

Finally, she was able to sit.

And that was criticized, too. Demurely cross feet at the ankle, they said. Sit still. Don’t fidget.

Thoughtful girl standing by water. girl. Angelus. 1879. by Theodore Robinson 1852-1896./Colby College Museum of Art/USPD. artist life, reprod of PD art/

She sought a place. One where no matter how you walked, it was perfect. (USPD/

It was hard to feel worthy of any match by then.

Trying to listen through a thickening fog of doubts, she knew she must try. No choice.

They had such hopes for her.

Now in the car, she vibrated with nervousness.

Afraid to look at the world blurring past the windows.

Glancing at the Matchmaker for some sign of approval and encouragement.

What she got was a flow of words about the area like a travelogue.

Occasionally, a directive to sit still and not scratch. Especially not scratch. “A lady of quality does not scratch.”

But she was only a little lady. And only on the inside. How she manage?

The house was so large. Her steps small. The matchmaker did not rush her. She was grateful for this small kindness.

Oh, the parents. Must make a good impression! Was her collar straight, she fretted. She didn’t dare reach to check.

A young girl finely dressed. Marion Lenbach.1901.Franz vonLenbach 1836-1904/USPD.reprod of PD art:artist life/

Simply staged. Costumed for the performance. Could she field enough questions to gain their approval?(USPD/

A gracious welcome inside. Oh, so warm and bright.

She sat as prettily as possible. Head up. Hoping her hair was shiny enough. Her eyes sparkling at all the windows overlooking the backyard.

Still. Show a calm disposition. A small smile. Not too big, they had said. Certainly not toothy.

Behind her there was a click, click, click across the hardwood floor.

Oh, that must be the picky old  maiden aunt. Oh.

The body language of the others told her this was who would decide her fate.

The Grand Dame paced back and forth not taking eyes off the her.

Looking down that long nose.

The soft, not too stern, voice surprised her “What do they call you?”

Shifting unavoidably out of nervousness. “They call me Bella, or Ella, or I answer to just about anything if there’s food – and a kind word.

young girl holding flowers. (Alexei Harlamov 1840-1925/USPD.artist life /

She blurted it out! Ruined everything. If wishes were horses, she’d be fields away. (USPD/

Silence. Seemed like it lasted forever.

Like a magic spell being spun.

Then, with great grace,  a courtly downward dog bow as the resident German Shepherd gently said, “Ella. Enchanted. Your happily ever after begins today. Welcome forever home.”

2 German Shepherd dogs playing.ALL rights resesrved. Copyrighted. NO permissions gratned

You passed the interview. We choose you. Fear no more. Your dreams not so far afield. ©

Molly Malamute is pleased to share this from her BFF, The German, who in her infinite wisdom, has selected a young RC-in-Training for her Realm.

“A Mini-Me,” she boasts. “Reminds me of myself. That Mo cat lump is simply too befuddled and only thinks of food, the addict. Must be barked at watched every minute and kept exercising. His tiny orange side kick, Little, has shown no interest in operations or management of the Realm. So as advised by RC Cat, We put out notice of a vacancy. Miss Ella Enchanted responded and has met with approval by all. She will need to rest and fatten up a bit (not to Murphy standards), but she has been rescued from uncertain life on the streets after fleeing an unsuitable, brutal home. But all are confident she has made her way to where she always was meant to be: to her field of dreams.”

The German chatting with EllaEnchanted. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted NO permissions granted

Don’t worry kid. We’ll have a field day in the back yard.©

Don’t mind me. I’m just staff. (Tiptoeing quietly out)

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Portrait of two German Shepherds. NO permissions granted. All rights reserved. Copyrighted

OK. Fielding requests for an official portrait.©



January 18, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Blame Hawaii for rainbows

 Don Ho on album cover. Hawaii's Greatest Hits. (Kevin Dooley/Flickr/

Those sneaky rainbows hiding in plain sight.(Don Ho’s album cover for Hawaii’s Greatest Hits.Kevin Dooley/Flickr/

Surf’s not the only thing up in Hawaii.

About 20 years ago, the papaya family took a dive. Couldn’t stand another day. They thought an isolated island existence was a safe paradise, then it was spotted. Hitchhiked in on an aphid. The ringspot virus felled the majority of papaya trees on the big island within 3 years.

Evolution (here meaning “change” or a species adaptation) sped up as Dennis Gonsalves, a pathologist born on Hawaii, tried something that worked in humans – using the disease to defeat itself – like a vaccine to gain disease immunity.

Only Gonsalves and his team isolated DNA from the papaya ringspot virus and inserted it into a papaya seed’s DNA.

Yep, a little bit of genetic engineering for a GMO called Rainbow papaya which saved the farm, jobs, and cuisine.

A real seedy topic, GMO’s.  

1960 Robert Conrad with a gun and frightened Connie Stevens staring at the distance. TV show ofHawaiian Eye. 1960. Warner Bro.(, no cr/

Stop. Don’t take another step towards that papaya you ugly aphid! (1960″Hawaiian Eye” Warner Bro./USPD/

Who knew over 90% of all soy crops are GMO crops? Soy. That healthy stuff.

Eating healthy is getting complicated.

Marcia Ishii-Eitman of the Pesticide Action Network is concerned about big corporations having so much control over food production.

On the other hand it is true that humans have altered food sources for a long time by saving seeds from only the best plants for the next season or by methods like grafting. 

Dr Pam Ronald, whose husband is a certified organic farmer, likes to compare modern sweet corn-on-the-cob to its’ ancient ancestor which looks an awful lot like some wild stuff growing next to the cattails in the ditch. Ancient corn only has about 6-8 kernels of corn on a stalk.

With that, it would take a whole lot of hunting and gathering to make tortillas for weekend fajitas.

CBS’s video report “Food fight over GMO” chews up the debate.

Look for that ancient corn-stalk as well as that “I-can’t-go-on” papaya forest of 20 years ago.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Or you can read the transcript: “Digging for seeds of truth in GMO debate” 

Both sides are presented. And I kinda winced at statements from each.

While, Ronald is right, we do need efficient plants and that droughts/disease are a pretty big threat, I’m wondering about the modified corn/plants being GMO-ed to be “immune” to weed killers, so the farms can spray and not damage the crop. (Tractor spraying shown in video)

A real timesaver. Who really wants to get out with a hoe and chop up and down dirt rows anymore? Not me. UGH. (Even gloves don’t help. Don’t fall for that.)

surfer.Duke Paoa Kahanamoku with Waikiki board. 1910-15/ Malama Pono Ltd./USPD., reprod of PD art/

Real Hawaiian with a punch. Duke Paoa Kahanamoku with Waikiki board(USPD/

If you know anything about Round-up, you know once that stuff is spilled/sprayed on the ground, NOTHING grows – for some time. Dead soil. Sort-of limits your options.

A sprayed crop gets the stuff on the leaves and stalk, but it supposedly doesn’t “inhale”, right? And the roots just don’t get earthy and suck it up from the soil like nutrients?

Maybe a botanist can shed some light on absorption and roots blocking out the bad stuff.

Have to wonder if it’s as effective as telling Fire Ants they can’t come across the Southern border.

1959. Troy Donahue playing uke in TV show Hawaiian Eye.(ABC/, no cr/

“Hawaiian Eye”had them before Tiny Tim.(Troy Donahue.1959 ABC/USPD/

Whichever side you’re on, it’s never corny to gather any information that pops up.

Besides, who doesn’t like a video of Hawaii?

(And over 90% of soy? Who knew?)

Cultivating opinions

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

More to help to ground up grains of thought:

1968. Jack Lord wearing a lei in TV series Hawaii Five-O. (CBS/USPD/ cr marks/

Remember. No matter what they say, flowers are not a substitute for bathing even on a tropical island. (Jack Lord.1968 “Hawaii Five-O”. CBS/USPD/


January 15, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Curiosities: spinners and tales spun.

It’s January. Normally cabin fever could be blamed for the weirdness. Soggy will have to be an acceptable substitute. This new year is already floating out some “First in Show.”

chimere.Pelican/winged frogSebastien Lebrigand, crepy en valois, France/

Made for anything: sun, wind, water, insects. (S.Lebrigand/

Willful winds are whipping up trouble out of assigned order.

For your amusement in the Atlantic, Alex the first hurricane season of the year. Unusual, but not unheard of. In 1955 there was Alice, and before that there was what’s-her-name in 1938. Luckily it’s way out there, headed to Greenland’s cold waters which will smack some sense into the upstart. Hopefully, the winds and waves will affect few. Hurricane warnings have been issued for the central and eastern Azores. (NASA’s eye on this storm here and an animated video of Alex’s development)

Global Tropical cyclone storm tracks.1985-2005/NASA.Nilfanion/USPD/

Tropical storm tracks.1985-2005 /NASA/USPD/

And not to be outdone, the Pacific Ocean is hosting the loopy, erratic Pali, which is breaking records as the earliest hurricane ever recorded in the Central Pacific Basin. Currently Pali has a well-defined eye with storm bands and maximum winds of 90 miles (140 kilometers) per hour, but it seems undecided whether to sustain being a hurricane. It was a cat-2 on Jan 12, but now a cat-1 storm. Not too near Hawaii, though.  And if the timing isn’t odd enough,  if Pali wanders south and crosses the equator, the hurricane would change and become a first in history of recorded tropical cyclones to do that. (Picture/ NASA’s take on Pali here.)

El Nino: galoshes and Wellies. Noted. Got the memo.

Whirlwind the Whistler kidnapping girl. 1916 Russian fairy Book.Frank Pape,ill./

Got carried away by storms.(Kidnapped by Whirlwind the Whistler / USPD/

Speaking of strangeness and isolated islands, Remember that movie The Island of Doctor Moreau with Marlon Brando? (summary)

Like many things that have come to pass, science fiction is close to science fact. It has to do with human and animal DNA, growing organs, and medical advancement.

MIT Technology Review Article. (Biomedicine News.) “Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms.”  “A radical new approach to generating human organs is to grow them inside pigs or sheep.”

Squirming a bit? What if some of the human transplanted DNA cells migrated to the animal’s brain? I do confess I, too, would worry about “The specter of an intelligent mouse stuck somewhere screaming, ‘I want to get out’ …”

Doctor Moreau explores that potential. Check out some movie quotes to ponder. Might give you pause – and maybe a few shivers….

You know how some authors seem to see the future….

PigL by Keri Rosebraugh/

“Hey, the show’s about to start. Where the grub?”(K.Rosebraugh/

Of course the animal advocates will be on the front lines protesting: Worse than eating meeeeeat.

Raising animal only to kill them by harvesting a “grown” organ for transplant so a human can live.

PETA will love that.

But what if patients, once cured, were forced to take home the bacon?

Is there a way to grow an organ, surgically remove it for transplant, then retire the donor animal to live out its’ days in peace instead of in pieces in return for its noble assistance?

“OK, Patient X, yes, we can get you a new body part, but then you must take your donor animal home and treat it as part of the family for the rest of its natural life. Animal welfare agents will be making home visits to see that your brave little thing is being treated well. Now do you want a pig or a sheep? Pigs are smart, but lambs might be better couch companions with their cozy fleece.”

couple. Film "All night". 1922.Universal

“I don’t care if it does share your DNA. Get it off my pillow.” (Universal/USPD/

Well, you can see where things are going.

Would subdivisions, condos, and neighborhoods be forced to change their livestock bans? After all, these donor animals are heroes of a sort.

Would there be a new home trend for donor animal accommodations?

Could the Chimera of mythology and legends be the next high fashion pet?

Winter shadows splash on walls and mind.

Water well, and who knows what in time.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Frightened couple. 1953. It came from OUter Space trailer:Universal

What do you mean housing livestock is against HOA deed restrictions? But it’s like part of her. (Universal/USPD/


January 14, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Update: Flighty women

Those ladies who flew before lunching are finally seeing some clear blue sky.

Still no time for tea parties, quite yet.

Woman pilot looking out plane window before taking off. WASP Elizabeth Gardner. Harlingen Army AF, TX. (Dept of Defense/Air Force/USPD/

“Hey, Baby. Need a lift? I got my wings.” (Elizabeth Gardner just before heading down a runway.USPD/

Tiffany Miller, WASP Elaine Harmon’s granddaughter, is thrilled with progress with the effort to secure burial rights and honors for the women who served in the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots and contributed to the war effort during WW II.

Legislation has been introduced into both the House and the Senate.

This is a big step

But we all know many pieces of legislation get introduced, then are lost forever down some long, dark hall. Leaving the only thing gained is publicity and PR.

1942-45 Four women pilots,.WASP, getting final instructions before cross country flight. B-26 Maurauder medium bomber planes ferried as well as towing targets for practice. (NARA/USPD by fed. employee/

Listen up, ladies. Final instructions for your cross-country flight delivering this B-26 bomber. Hurry and you’ll have time to freshen up before dinner. (USPD/

The chocks are still under the wheels of this.

The engines are revving.

Now finish clearing the way for their final flight.

Get on board by reading Tiffany’s updated flight plan:

Cornelia Fort. WASP instructor by Pearl Harbor.1941/US AIr Force/USPD/

Nerves of steel. Cornelia Fort, WASP instructor, was in the air over Hawaii when the Japanese arrived at Pearl Harbor. She managed to land safely as her landing field was strafed. (USPD/

“Dear Supporters,

Rep. Martha McSally (Arizona) and  Rep. Susan Davis (California), have introduced legislation into the House and Senator Barbara Mikulski (Maryland) with Senator Joni Ernst (Iowa) have introduced legislation into the Senate to secure inurnment rights for the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) in Arlington National Cemetery!

We are very excited because if legislation is passed, it cannot be easily overturned by future administrations.

Now I would like to ask for your support one more time.”

Four WASP in front of plane, Pistol Packin' Mama, they delivered to Lockbourne AAF Ohio/US Air Force photo/USPD/

Stepping up with style. “Lockbourne, here’s your Pistol Packin’ Mama plane”.Talk about role models.(USPD/

Please visit the following website and write an email:

  • Enter your Zip Code. Click “Submit”.

Below is a template email.  If you’re comfortable, please add your own thoughts on what it means to you for these women honored as they should be.

  • Enter your contact information. Click “Preview Letters”. Then, click “Send Letters”.

Sample email message:

As a constituent, I am asking you to co-sponsor HR 4336, the WASP bill, if you are in the House of Representatives, and Senate bill S2437 if you are a Senator. The WASP were a brave group of women who provided substantial support and displayed tremendous bravery during WWII. They were true patriots and embody what it meant to unselfishly serve and protect the United States. These women sacrificed family, and in some cases their lives, to participate in the war effort, and they deserve to be eligible for inurnment at Arlington National Cemetery.

Group of WASP pilots at Love Field, TX.1943/US Army Air Forces/USGOV-PD (US PD/

Sitting pretty, Mom. Don’t worry. Patiently waiting our turn. (1943/USPD/

“We want to ensure your Congresspeople know the public supports overturning the Army’s decision to exclude these brave women from Arlington National Cemetery.”
Tiffany MillerGranddaughter of Elaine Harmon, WASP
Twitter: @tiffbmiller

Here’s a link to the sign the original petition and for Tiffany’s updates

Feel free to share or Tweet asking others to fly along in formation.

WASP.Ruth Daley climbing into Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter.1943-4. (US Army Air Forces/USPD/

Smiling like a pageant winner, Ruth Daley hops gracefully into Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter.1943.(USPD/

The Women Airforce Service Pilots suited up when they and their skills were desperately needed.

Time land them with respect and all due honors.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Related post: “Women and the Underground

WASP.Jackie Cochran in cockpit of Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter plane. Head of Women Airforce Service Pilots (US Air Force/USPD/

Now there’s a pin-up girl. Jackie Cochran, head of Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, in a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter plane cockpit. (USPD/

Four neatly dressed WASP.1944. delivering a TB-25 Mitchell Trainer at Turner AAF (US Army Air Force/Nat.Archives/USPD/

“Hey, look. They finally noticed us!” Neatly dressed WASP pilots delivering a TB-25 Mitchell Trainer in 1944 (USPD/

Cleared for take off. Thanks. Better late than never.



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