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October 16, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Horror’s building. Requesting A.R.F.S..

Where did they come from? What do they want?

One can only wonder what the future brings if the infestation spreads – across towns – across seasons.

Not so easily brushed off, this new October menace must be taken seriously, so I, The German, am sounding the alarm to RC Cat and her Realm. Plus I need a favor and am counting on this alert making HRH feel a tad indebted.

Spooky Spider web Halloween decoration in window. (Image ©. All rights reserved, no permissions granted, copyrighted)

Will the glass be strong enough to hold them? (Image ©)

These creatures more frightening to Germans Shepherds than kneeling Santas! Totally creepy. And the threat is growing.

Yet, as RC of the Northern Realm, I bravely make daily reconnaissance to monitor this new October Menace.

Hoping to discover what meshes with their habits of gloomy drapery.

Perhaps these spindly invaders are the reason fewer ragged orphans are staking their hopes in this area. The somber mood just too dark to stick around.

It appears some of the unfortunates who fled the Chick-a-among-us got over their embarrassments of their blemishes and Zitkas and were able to blend in enough to be accepted by the local school, a solid place which welcomes diversity. These little migrants look so happy with their new lifestyle.

Hopefully the school’s sturdy iron fencing is strong enough to keep all safe from being draped in a terrible Fall of web.

Halloween scarecrows outside a red brick school (Image©. ALL rights reserved, no permissions granted, Copyrighted)

Olly Olly oxen free. Big old bugs you can’t get me!(Image.©)

The stringy infestation is so feared that even the Orange Vegetable Invaders are crowding homeowners’ gates offering their services in exchange for protection against the crawling fuzzy monsters.

Pumpkins at iron gate (Image ©. all rights reserved, no permissions granted, copyrighted)

Let us in or we’ll get mushy and the blame will be all on you.(Image ©)

Oh, RC Cat, I must tell you. Each day the webs grow more and common. Beware!

Perhaps Molly Malamute and Bob can devise a counter attack plan. They both have bite and would not be deterred by those red glowing eyes.

That would keep them busy so you, Oh, Great RC Cat of the Realm, might be kind enough assist my realm.

A small request. Please grant an A.R.F.S. (A Release For Staff) as quickly as possible.

Only temporarily

My Person broke her arm and her Short Dynamo is furniture surfing at warp speed anyway.

Without thumbs, it is difficult to grasp things. 

It is difficult for me to manage the herding, much less the filling of water bowls – mine or anyone else’s.

Also wearying is the fact that I can just throw myself under him so many times as he bails wildly off the couch.

And he thinks my tail is a some sort of ski tow rope. Not that a tiny tugger is painful to a sturdy German Shepherd such as I, but it is a bad habit. I fret he will eventually consider strapping on some sort of wheels and want a pull-a-long down the sidewalk.

In addition, he’s learned how knees work is attempting the stairs. My teeth can only grasp the back of his shirt for short periods – and that does limit my ability to bark warnings to My helpless injured Person of the his latest fleet feat.

The German exhausted on the floor. Germans Shepherd image ©. All rights reserved, copyrighted, no permissions granted)

Four legs outmatched by two. How is that even possible?(image ©)

Honestly, RC Cat, I am so weary. Even my ears are tired.

My young trainee, Ella, is no help. I get the impression that she thinks it is all great fun. I even thought I overheard her suggesting to the Short One that they should both sneak up to the window and try to startle the Black Creatures of the Grey Looney Web. Antagonizing something without any idea of the potential retaliation? Sigh.

Dealing not only with a sticky fingered whirlwind, but this growing Web of Concern as Holler-Ring approaches.

So humbly, I beg of you. Please loan me relief staff.

I promise Ella and I will assist with clean up of small face, fingers, high chairs, and floors under the food tray at every meal time.

Staff shall be guarded from all October Invaders: orange or thready, great or small.

(Ella, now! Puppy bow as you have never before! Stretch out those front paws. Chin to ground. Tail stretched high. We must impress RC Cat how we understand protocol – how grateful we would be.

We shall send tuna and salmon tributes! Amazon delivers, right?)

Ella German Shepherd on rug. (Image ©. all rights reserved, no permissions granted, copyrighted)

Hey, Ella here. Can we order some Greenies for us, too? Blame it on the kid? (Image ©)

In return I shall scrutinize the fuzzy Creatures of the Web and investigate control measures for this newest October pest.

Somewhere there is a thread of thought on how to combat them. I shall unravel their mysteries and report back to you.

Halloween spider decorations on house. (Image ©. no permissions granted, all rights reserved, Copyrighted)

Gads, they are everywhere. Two sneaky invaders are beginning to weave their horror. (Image ©)

We wait in hope.

The German

The German has paws working for peace. Image © All rights reserved. no permissions granted. copyrighted

Paws for peace.©






October 11, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

RC Cat: The Waiting Time.

Dramatically lighted actress. Publicity still of Lizabeth Scott. 1945. Life magazine. Phillippe Halsman (USPD/

Reality wait listed.(Halsman/USPD/

Season of The Wait.

Has nothing to do with Wait Time with Customer NotService or Waistline Commiseration (a few months away).

It’s the whole region holding its’ breath ready to chill.

It’s the teenage girl glaring at her closet desperate to put on a new long-sleeved wool sweater or anything with long sleeves at all.

It’s the annoying tree in the back that ignores firm shaking of branches and clutches that last cluster of leaves – way up high so there’s no hope of reaching them even with a rake. Obviously a yardie power struggle..

Each Wait Season, We have witnessed the arrival of the Unfortunates Waifs.

Those small in tattered patch up clothing who migrate each fall hoping to be taken in before winter weather savages those with no shelter.

They stand so straight and tall – in flower beds and by trees as if auditioning for a landscape position. Almost inconspicuously as if hoping the residents might assume they have always been part of the scenery, so of course they must be allowed to stay.

It might help if someone tipped them off and brushed away the straw sticking to them from the last haystack they must have slept in for warmth on the road. Honestly.  The way applicants show up for interviews these days.

Halloween yard decoration scarecrow. Image ©. All rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

While shy, the migrant orphans do not run from you. Looks like she brought her lunch…or are those scouts for the Vegetable Invasion? (Image ©.)

Some years the orphans were said to be fleeing the Chick-among-us. And there were warnings about approaching Seriousians who stare mindlessly without blinking

We, considered a social warrior by many realms, have penned treatises pleading for assistance for these unfortunate children. (Which we shall list here as We know you are interested in Our expertise and guidance on this subject: “Last straw: save the children” Yes, you are welcome.)

However this Waiting Season has seen few huddling children.

Perhaps they worried resources were stretched too thin to support them and have tied their hopes elsewhere.

Or over the years they have become acquire self-consciousness and are hiding in back rooms. Some in society shun the blemished, those with zits.

Locally there is so much discussion of Zikas. (How people love to coin catchy phrases for every little thing these days!) Moisture and humidity are supposed to be good for the skin. Apparently encourages zikas and mold moles, too.

Why the young worry so much about superficial things is a mystery. One should reach out and welcome the characteristics of each age – not hide from what is normal.

Seriously. So concerned there are studies over “Safety and immunogenicity of an Anti-Zika vaccine?” Honestly,when is safety a real issue when living with a zit?

Orphans, We suppose, have no parents to guide them into appropriate perspectives.

A shame. Some are so easily confused.

We are waiting reports of any blow-ups with orphans sticking around in The German’s Realm as it is a bit more north.

Meanwhile, The Molly shall continue to be on the lookout for any sign of annual Vegetable Invasion here.

Cat on blue. Image ©. All rights reserved, copyrighted. no permissions granted

Cat on blue. Might as well be comfortable while We wait..( Image ©.)

We wait. It is the Season of Waiting.

And, yes, We are waiting your Autumn tribute of open cans of cat food.

The shiny lids contrast so well with the colorful leaves. The thought warms Us.

Fall? No, We may be old, but We are careful.

The left side of the sideboard could use a little more silver circular accents among the foliage.

There. No, there. The Paw is pointing – how difficult is it?

We do love balance in arrangements and thoughts.

But you already discerned that.


Audience fini.

Enough waiting on you to leave!

The Paw has waved.

I am RC Cat and I approve this message.









October 6, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Obiter dictum

Obiter dictum


A thought

Cat silhouetted in sunny window. Image ©. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted NO permissions granted

“The world would be a better place if all simply found their spot in the sun, ate their greens, and  agreed to live and let live.” From The Wisdom of RC Cat. (Image ©, but feel free to spread the words.)

I remember. The terrifying rumble as the sidewalk shook under my feet as, just inches away, the tank bullied it’s way down the normally busy street in Madrid.

“Don’t look! Don’t make eye contact. Don’t.”

“The men in black  – Guardia Civil – they have the right. To shoot anyone anyplace at will. And they do.”

Those that have the guns make the rules.

Silent, we huddled. Waiting for the trembling to stop. The street? Or our legs?

Across the street barbed wire strangled University.

Passed and past.

Yet now.

The young are fearless. The brave, determined. Gambling to save heritage,  be liberated from an oppressive government, and be free to set their own course. (Sounds a bit familiar)

Be safe, my friends and colleagues in Barcelona. Take care.

The whole world is watching.

Or should be…

(But you knowthere’s baseball playoffs, millionaire entertainers may kneel, quarterbacks insulting women, some celebrity’s bound to be having a baby or a divorce, and all sorts of people sticking their nose in other people’s business. Not to mention stupid Tweet wars…)


Obiter dictum

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

(As approved by RC Cat. She’s a cat. It’s Catalonia. Her interest should not need explanation.)

Cat in window wondering why she bothers. Image © . ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted NO permissions granted)

“If they would even do one of three…but We fear Our efforts are wasted.” (Image ©.)



October 4, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Winds of Reason


Christmas dog watering fire hydrant. Inflatable yard decoration. (Gemmy Industries/

Chilling horror all right. Referee calls “Holiday barging.” Possible foul  for any time.(Gemmy/Walmart)

Whooshing shiverings in the trees with those wonderful autumn breezes are arriving the doors of Halloween yawning wide.

It’s the Season of the Which and Whether:

  • Finally, the spirit of Halloween is handed back to the kids.

So much horror for Kids of the Flood (Now if that doesn’t sound like a movie, I don’t know what does), but Harvey can’t scare Halloween away thanks to a couple of moms. “Halloween Costumes-a-Go-Go” Sounds like a pumpkin perfect plan.

  • Load ’em up and fly them out.

The 2017 Hummingbird Festival was cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey damage, but the loyal little birds didn’t get the memo. Arriving on a wing and a prayer that food will be there. (VIDEO Hummingbirds’ migratory visit is bringing cheer and normalcy to the storm battered Rockport area.)

For an on the scene report of all the efforts to provide the hummers nourishment before they lift off for their winter resorts: The Coastal Crone’s “Harvey and the Hummers.” (I know. The title sounds like a rock band, but click over for news about the area, the birds, and how Wild Birds Unlimited, the King Ranch nature crew, even Winter Snow Birds are assisting the hummingbirds. A sweet recipe for a hummingbird dinner, too.)

  • “No tricks if you want our treats,” say FEMA’s suspicious ghouls bureaucrats.

Did you know that disaster areas must hire and pay out of pocket monitors to scrutinize each truck picking up storm refuge?

A specialist in a special costume vest watches to make sure the only thing put into the trucks is actually storm damage materials (there are strict guidelines of what qualifies…doubt kitty litter or little doggie bags count). These ghouls follow the entire path of the “debris collection team” to document how much is picked up and how many loads each truck takes to the dump.

Slow dance for sure with FEMA extreme documentation requirement for reimbursement for collection and removal of storm debris.

Our little community halfway between Galveston and Houston had about 7,700 homes flooded. A California company, Tetra Tech, has been awarded an initial contract from city council for $800,00.00. FEMA may reimburse some of that…maybe…

Spooky how Life’s web is so complicated. (Or proof vampires really exist?)

  • There’s got to be a more appropriate way to suggest to visitors that it’s time to leave.

El Capitan might consider checking into Miss Manner’ etiquette classes to close out the season. Some social climbers just won’t take a hint.

Enough to rock anyone.

But after all, it’s October. 

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

“For these beings, fall is ever the normal season, the only weather, there be no choice beyond.

Where do they come from? The dust. Where do they go? The grave.

Does blood stir their veins? No: the night wind.

What ticks in their head? The worm.

What speaks from their mouth? The toad.

What sees from their eye? The snake.

What hears with their ear? The abyss between the stars.

They sift the human storm for souls, eat flesh of reason, fill tombs with sinners. They frenzy forth….

Such are the autumn people.”

Ray Bradbury (“Something Wicked This Way Comes”)

Dark and stormy night. (Image: ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted.NO permissions granted

There’s this tropical depression, Nate, out there with a 70% chance of developing. Currently the strike cone for puts landfall somewhere between the upper Texas coast, New Orleans, and the west coast/panhandle of Florida. Seriously? Reasonably calling for the winds of change.(© Image)



October 2, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Tank you very much

military tank parked on neighborhood street. (Screenshot khou).

And you think traffic is bad where you are…(screenshot.khou)

It’s there. Holding down the fort street.

What’s your best guess?

A.) Uber’s newest category of rides. (Hey, it’s Texas. You know what they say…”)

B.) Warning to any boy wanting to date the family’s teenage daughter

C.) Looters are really bad after the hurricane. (River Oaks is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Houston)

D.) Vehicle solution to avoid expensive car repairs from the bad roads and potholes. (And can’t be too careful with road rage incidents on the rise…)

F.) Kid’s extreme birthday party

G.) Too much parent involvement in their kid’s History Fair project

H.) Patriotic yard sculpture

I.) Preparing for battle with the HOA

 Video of the delivery.

This guy already gives a bunch to charity, so if he wants a full operational tank, no problema. Who wouldn’t want to drive a tank around? Talk about stress relief.

Besides, saves a bit of history from the scrap heap. This WWII survivor made it through Normandy, liberated Paris, and went all the way to Berlin.

The neighbors and the city as a whole seems to be enjoying the tank.

He’s right. Lighten up folks. After all the recent flooding, we all can use a few laughs. (And what is more hilarious than a tank in River Oaks? I guess you have to be from here to really appreciate that.)

Whimsy is good.

Besides, Halloween is coming! Talk about ultimate costume accessory. (It is Texas, you know…)

Oh, you know you want to go climb on it, too. Go ahead. It’s OK!

Tanks for the memories

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge


September 28, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Reality’s soft solutions

Fruit and dog beds on table. Image ©ALL rights reserved> NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

Fruits of my labor. (image ©)

Still life.

The reality is.

Despite storms – of your own making, of thoughts, or elements

It’s still life.

This is the last batch  – for now, anyway.

Life’s fabric gets torn pretty regularly.

Beds for displaced pets – not home, but something more than harsh concrete and confusion. Good to do what you can when you can.

Animal rescue teams are still here assisting the storm pets in shelters. Fortunate. Distemper has broken out in one large pet shelter facility with 15 dogs now in isolation. Vets are taking care it, but for humans and animals living in close quarters is not ideal.

There are stories daily of owners being united with animals. Monday a tired white horse stepped out of the trailer and gratefully buried her head in her owner’s shoulder. This one had been injured and was located in Austin being cared for by a vet clinic there. Pet finder groups and shelters are doing a remarkable job locating and arranging for people and pets to get back together. Home is where your person is.

People ask how it is going here after Harvey. Uneven as some areas got hit harder than others.

Houston’s mayor expects the majority of trash along roads to be cleaned up in 4-6 months. This city is used to reinventing itself. There was constant construction before the storm. We always tell people that if you don’t travel any part of Houston for a month or so, you won’t be able to recognized it when you go back through it. The building landscape changes quickly. Architects and historians weep, but the city is organic and defies musing or restraint. If only the roads were routinely improved as well. Visitors often say they have never seen a city with so many giant metal plates spanning the road. It’s the continual utilities work to keep up with the building. Add in the occasional floods, a few washed out areas, and a much too generous sprinkling of potholes and you understand why we tell people you need a truck or SUV if you live here and have to commute. Not kidding about that or everyone should have flood insurance. One bright observation immediately after the storm, the highways that were open never looked cleaners – washed and wind blows to perfection.

Rockport, where the storm made landfall is still in survival mode.( Think recent images of Puerto Rico). It’s a tourist, retirement, sports fishing, “snow bird”, bird watching  coastal town and it looks like this winter will not be prosperous unless things get up and running soon.

But people are optimistic.

The thing is that it’s Texas. This is a harsh unforgiving climate – as many places.

Earth really isn’t human friendly – a theme in science as well as literature.

The ones who came to this area were hardy folk – many had burned bridges behind them.

It was sink or swim . Literally, as this year has proved.

Adapt, bend, break, or leave

Many did and will this time.

After all, after the chaos and noise of any storm is silence.

And you have, still, life.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Still life with fruit, objects and dog beds. Image © ALL rights reserved, no permissions granted, copyrighted

Still more? Oh, yeah I could go into the symbolism of flashlights and glasses – sun glasses – birds and the picture – but wouldn’t that be like your high school English teacher pointing out all the symbolism in a literary selection you were enjoying until she ruined it for you? Besides, there’s always the possibility that some things are simply coincidences or even clutter. People see what they want to see – and that’s OK. I see it’s time to go play with the dogs. (Image © all rights)



September 25, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Tired and bushed

Black and white image of plants in flowerbed. Landscape. Image ©. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted, NO permissions granted

The light is so harsh when one is so broken. ©

Who knows what happened.

Did she overhear us and misunderstand?

It was a joke that “We could move and leave no forwarding address.”

Or maybe our mumbles about, “Such a cutie when small, but once they get that growth sprout, then it’s all demands and taking up so much more room around the house…”

It was a joke, I tell you.

The tender ones can be overly sensitive sometimes.

They always tell you to watch for signs: the not cooperating, pushing boundaries, getting prickly, and growing where shouldn’t.

Oh, we just shrubbed and said “It’s only growing pains.”

We didn’t realize the depth of the depression.

I guess the hurricane’s dreary grey and constant rain was the final flood that soaked to her soul. 

Made her brittle.

Drowning in her sorrow (To teach us a lesson! They will miss me when I’m gone!)

It does look bad to the neighborhood.

They had noticed our calculating glances when we thought no one was watching.

Perhaps heard the quiet plans about what we’d do if she were gone…

It was plant suicide – not murder!

(Although that variegated plant that fought with her over dirt space does look a bit too smug and more fluffy than usual…)

Dead plant being shoved out of flower bed by pushy bully plants. Image ©. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Wait. Does it look like those Variegated Liriope are actually pushing poor Rosemary out despite her distressed condition? Hooligans!(© image.)

RIP Rosemary plant. We’ll miss you.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge (who, like The German, is pretty bushed after last week.)

Dead brown Rosemary plant by garbage can in driveway. ©ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted image. ALL rights reserved

Rosemary, darling, we’ll miss your sweet welcomes. (© Seriously. Stealing a plant funeral portrait?)




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