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July 28, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

She Struggles. Without a Sara or those Fate sisters.

Vintage picture of couple. Amica.1905:Bibliotheque nationale de France/PD/

Can you believe it? It’s her, HRH! She’s going to speak to us. (1905/ PD/

Stop standing there like something the cat dragged in…. like a cat would ever actually bother to haul an Uncoopperative anywhere.  Either come along limply and dead with gratitude or get out of Our sight find some other employer.

Doesn’t the agency prep their hires? Oh. How odd. You are not Sara Sair-rah?

Staff seemed to be expecting assistance. We thought the name to be Sara.

Their recent incessant humming, part in Spanish, part in English, about “Que  Sara Sair-rah…”


They get stuff mixed up so often.

We are too understanding.

So. You? Just decided to pop in on the RC Cat of the Realm?

A drop in. Without an invite. Expecting cheery welcome?

You must be new here.

Cleopatra, 1917. Theda Bara/

We shall overlook your foolishness just this once – but only if you prove to be useful to Us.(1917.Theda Bara/

Sigh. We, the RC of the Realm shall be gracious. You shall be allowed to assist Us.

Yes. Yes. That stack.

Pick it up. Why do you think you were given hands?

Come along now.

Children’s Boxing Day is nearing.

There shall be great celebrations sending the little ones off to the Big Box Training Centers.

We shall do Our part and review the banner logos

Those papers you carry. Spread those designs on the table.

We shall examine them closely.

Sitting on them is a part of Our technique, fool.

Difficult task to choose a favorite from among these.

What? Oh, the text is obviously just for illustration purposes during the process.

The final logo versions shall have “2014 Award Winning Boxing Day” or something.

Super Sweet Blogger Awards. (

Mmmmm. Tasteful! Very festive and colorful. Children cupcakes – many adults, too. With these paper ones, everyone would approve. Sweet, but no sugar to ingest before the trip to Boxing.

Liebster, june 2013: The View

Ah, an artist eye tuned to the fall colors. Heartful, indeed. Those off to be boxed will see their parents’ love in this design as well in their parent’s eyes – and retail charge tickets. One to consider seriously.

award from Meredith's

Creative choice! Encouraging them to have a super year as well as emphasizing that the experience could make this year most influential in their lives. Yes. Yes. Positive message with this one.

WOnderful Team Member award from

Classic! Wonderful design. Emphasizes the enlightenment – the energy – the delight  that comes from learning. Tradition. Quite a good reminder for those returning to the Training Box Centers.

Word Press Family Award (

Thoughtful design. Will reassure the young ones that while they are boxed long hours apart each day, We in the Realm hold them in Our thoughts. No matter where they are, they are part of Us. That should help lessen separation anxieties. Some have such fears when forced to step away for a bit.

Lovely.  These are perfect for Boxing Day celebration banners.

Yes. Done. We shall accept all of them.

Their messages shall hang on banners throughout the Realm.

We have inquired if all preparations will be completed in time only to have Staff wail, “If the Fates allow.”

These Fates.

Apparently three of them. Sisters.

Seamstresses, it seems. According to Staff, they measure and cut.

 Painting. 3 women gossips. Eugene de Blaas 1843-1932 (Public domain: reprod of PD art/artist life+100/

The Fate family must be thrilled their seamstress daughters are to be in Our employ. (Blaas/USPD: reprod of PD art/

Staff must have hired them to make the banners. And perhaps for couch slip covers.

How thoughtful.

The Molly has scratched the leather cushions. (We are not fooled by her weak excuses of attempting to add decoration or embellishment.)

But Staff should refer them to Us if the Fate sisters seem to be altering their time schedule.

Atropos cutting the thread of life/Tom Oaks photo/

A cut-up in every crowd. (Atropos and the thread of life/Tom Oaks/

We do not wish Staff to become overly stressed. Odd side effects when that happens.

Their eyes disturbingly roll.

This eye roll must be genetically human.

See! The very thought of difficulties are making your eyes roll.

Being thoughtful of lesser species and not wishing to stand close if the condition is contagious, We grant you permission to leave.

No dithering. We insist! Keeping Us you safe.

We shall ask Staff to escort you safely out to make sure you leave.  Your eye rolling is increasing.

Where is staff when you need them?

Where is Staff when you need them?

That’s a paw wave of dismissal – not nervous paw fluttering. Rapid repeated paw waves.

Yes, yes. Bows not required.

You must flee depart to insure your continued good health.

Staff! Attend Us!

This lovely one is leaving.

We have enjoyed your impromptu visit, but nap duty calls.

Staff! Our paw is tired of waving! A pillow desperately needed.

As you can see, we must bid you adieu.

Permission to withdraw and contemplate your good fortune of being on Our presence for so long.

Protocol is to respectfully bow out.

And don’t forget to leave that open can of food in the doorway as tribute!

I am RC Cat and I approve this message;







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Still here? Pushing your luck aren't you?

Still here? Pushing your luck aren’t you?

July 25, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Then, there were poodles

We snickered and elbowed each other.

Mother’s unseen scowls branded the back of our heads. (“Everyone will think I’ve raised heathens.” We did our best with that.)

Contagious wiggling on the split log benches wasn’t due to mosquitoes this time. The campfire popped and snapped.

The scene was set.

A solemn announcement,”If you have dogs, please keep them silent. Any dog howling during the ceremony, will be immediately killed.”

mid 1950's Vintage postcard. Grand Canyon's Rim Road.Intermountain Tourist Supply./Personal collection

Everyone on the tour bus for Grand Canyon’s Rim Road. No, we didn’t. Dad hated being behind tour buses. We tried to “wish them off the road.” Worked awfully well. OK there were lots of scenic lookouts where they stopped. (postcard/personal collection)

Smugly, we watched the neatly dressed hotel stayers hustle Fluffy back to the car.

It wasn’t like the perfumed pooches woke up one morning and said, “Hey, I’m a-hankerin’ to rough it. Let’s go out into the wilderness and pretend to be frontier setters.”


Each night in the National Parks there were Ranger Talks with a HUGE campfire in a natural amphitheatre.

A night of history of the park, archeology, or geology. Or the park’s natural environment and animals – with objects passed around! Thrilling local stories and legends. Sometimes a sing-a-long. Maybe a performance of some sort.

Then the program rotation started over. (And it was time for us to move on to another park.)

Upon arrival, we raced for the program listings folder at the Ranger Station’s Visitors’ Center.

Looking. Hoping.


Yes! There it was!

It was educational.

It was something to brag about back home. Fodder for the “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” essay.

Suspension bridge over the Colorado River. Grand Canyon. Intermountain Tourist Supply/vintage post card from personal collection

They did a big business in tourist cowboy hats. And we didn’t get to ride the horses either. Excuse was that we did that at home. (Postcard/personal collection)

A real ceremonial dance by real Indians!

Couldn’t get any better

Better than seeing Lassie or Trigger or getting that stuffed Smokey Bear with the hat that was always whined for but never ended up going home in the car.

Honest to goodness Indians with headdresses. Moccasins. Drums. But no war paint. (Whew!)

The drums and chants would roll and thunder off the mountains.

Bigger than any movie theater sound system.

Some of the dancers would leave after performing, but a few would stay.

Kids would scramble forward excitedly blurting out questions to the men as tall as the shadows.

Awkwardly at the back, I was silent.

Shield dancers in Oklahoma.View Gram/Bob Taylor/Vintage post card from personal collection)

School children desperately dreamed of seeing this for real. No stupid school essay about only reading books from the library all summer. (Oklahoma.Postcard/personal collection)

Now if it had been Lassie or Trigger or Rin-Tin-Tin, it would have been different.

But these were people.

Not some trained performance animal.

Not foolish tourist attraction.

The silent old man seated to the side with the drum startled me.

“You may touch it.”

Cautiously I inched forward.

Wiped off my fingers on my shorts (like that would do any good). And with great care, reached out.

He softly explained the deer hide and adornments tethered.

Eagle feathers. Real ones. Ceremonial.

He smiled softly.

Didn’t know whether to curtsey or not. Not having been around many aristocratic elders.

Whispered something. “Thank you. It’s very beautiful.”  Or something.

He looked up and nodded – at my dad behind me.

My dad as tall as the shadows.

(Zion National Park. North Fork of river. Intermountain Tourist Supply/ Vintage postcard from personal collection)

Never camped on a canyon floor. No matter how pretty. Flash floods are exactly that. (Zion National Park postcard/personal collection)

Then a return to ordinary: flashlights, fading chatter, and the night’s dark echoes.

Walked the dirt path back to camp in imaginary moccasins of the softest rabbit skin.

Under that blanket of stars that warms across time.

No poodles died that night.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

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  • James Garner (From The Rockford Files/Maverick, a western in the 50’s) Died recently at 86. Man of style and wit. Oh, he was Cherokee heritage. NYTimes
 (San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM. near Santa Fe/ CT art-colortone/vintage postcard from personal collection

San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM. Near Santa Fe. (postcard/personal collection)

July 23, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Voices…strange little voices

Archie and Edith.1974 All in the Family.CBS/US

You know Archie, all the little voices can’t be wrong. (.1974 All in the Family.CBS/US

Inside voices.

But not sure if these are actually what was meant.

You can’t run far enough.

Stalking by any definition.

Some tune stuck in your head wasn’t enough, now there’s the irritation of talking objects.

Do you remember those freakish car alarms that admonished if you got too close?

“Step away from the car!” The car alarm would bark in it’s best Knight Rider voice.

“You are too close. Step away from the car.”

And it would continue to scream even as the baseball bat or tire tool bashed in its’ little hood or door.

People didn’t like getting yelled at by a car.

Owners might as well have painted a bull’s-eye on the car with a sign saying “Smash me!”

(And that was before people became rageaholics and prone to violence as they are today.)

Most owners figured it out pretty quickly and disabled the stupid thing.

So what are they thinking with these two new little voices?

Attempting to drive people completely over the edge, then haul away targeted individuals to the loony bin?

That’s one way to win an argument.

Knowing what’s best for you, the USDA is cheering a new way to encourage healthy eating!

Archie Bunker(O'Connor) All in the Family CBS series.1975/US PD:no cr marks/

You buying anything they’re selling? (1974.All in the Family CBS/US

Get ready for cheerful $30,000 talking grocery carts that will compliment you when you select food on they deem healthy.

 “Grocery stores to be forced to get high-tech carts so shoppers make better food choices?”

That should really help bring food prices down.

Especially if the stores have to follow the other suggestions of the 80 page USDA report that hopes to “Change the choice architecture of the food retail environment.”

  • Store employees will act as “ambassadors” and explain incentives and different reward programs for choosing certain foods. (One suggestion offers free movie tickets if healthy food purchases are made!)
  • Store visual displays, signs, ceiling banners, shelf talkers, and freezer door clings could point the way to healthy food choices.
  • Grocery stores could create “healthy aisles and place targeted foods in more visible retail space”.
  • USDA will recommend standards for how shelves should be stocked.
  • And of course stores must change healthy promotions every so often so shoppers do not “become bored” or ignore all the signs and stuff.
  • (Maybe the USDA will just open their own grocery stores. It’ll be optional to shop there. At first…if you like your grocery store….)

Now doesn’t this all sound like FUN!

The USDA seems to think those exhausted workers running in after work to pick up some groceries quickly will be amused and encouraged by game show techniques and scavenger hunts.

1976.All in the Family. Edith and Archie shopping/CBS/US

There was a little voice coming out of the shelf that said if I bought this, we’d get free baseball game tickets. (1976.All in the Family.CBS/US

So let’s see, considering the fate of those annoying car alarms….

You want the baseball bat or shall I attend to the cart?

I know, why risk shoulder injury when a shove into traffic is just as satisfying?

(Do you think the resourceful thieves will roll them to the pawn shops or straight to recycle-for-money places?)

Yes, we hear you….and they will,too – with Toyota’s help.

A new feature is making some noise in the 2015 Toyota Sienna minivans.

(Could also health related. Imagine that.)

2015 Toyota Sienna.(

Something unsettling about this car’s smile….(2015 Toyota Sienna/Image:

Understanding parents are so stressed and tired, Toyota has added some reinforcements.

With seatbelt mandates, the kids in the back know drivers can’t reach around and grab them like Homer Simpson does. Won’t risk a possible wreck.

Vocal cords can just strain so much. There’s a limit to how loud and how often parents can shout “Don’t make me come back there!”

Toyota’s answer is Driver Easy Speak.

There’s a built in microphone for the driver that delivers amplified threats and warnings to the little charmers through speakers in the back seats.

The company says no need to strain or raise your voice, but you know drivers will anyway. Habit.

Wonder a bit about that.

Any chance of busting ear drums with amplified shrieks? I’m sure they thought of that. Mom would feel horrid if a moment of frustration caused hearing loss…the kid would use that guilt trip FOREVER.

Any chance we’ll be seeing videos of some drunk high school/college kid in the back befuddled by voices coming out of nowhere? Bets?

Then there’s the horror show potential….Can hear the scripts being cut and pasted as we speak.

Toyota Driver Easy Speak option on dash.(Image:dailymail/Toyota)

Blue, such a soothing color. Other worldly. (Image: Daily Mail/

The best part is that it’s a one way system: the kids can’t scream back.

Not through the speaker system anyway.

But kids are creative…and have new issue lung power.

It’s a noisy world these days.

Noise pollution seems to be a growing concern.

Silence is golden. Especially with grocery carts and cars.

Don’t want to interrupt the music of choice.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Someone at the EPA needs to listen to those little voices of caution and commonsense in their heads.

“Dingell pokes EPA Kardashian tweet”

“EPA water office sorry for tweet about Kardashian app”

(Always knew they were playing games in Washington, DC.) 

Fairy tale characters.Little voices. Strange little voices (1904 poster. Us Lithograph/Russel-Morgan print.Yale/LoC/US PD.

Little voices. Save us from strange little voices (1904.US Lithograph/Russel-Morgan print.Yale/LoC/US PD.

July 21, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Open window. It’s enough.

A friend. Window rolled down. Big sky.

Sometimes it’s enough.

No permissions granted. All rights reserved. copyrighted. P.Parker

Riding shotgun. Reading the wind. Best of all: getting to go along. (© By Molly’s pal, Patti)

Down roads past places like Buffalo Creek and Dennison Springs. Over by Keechi. Past Mt. Alba, Tennessee Colony, Grapeland, and Long Lake, to Palestine.

Things greener this year due to rain. Water noted in the Trinity River.

We ran without time.

July 4th and Supermoon – tributes, perhaps.

Well chosen. Well bestowed.

We lost two recently. One 88 yrs. One 102.

East Texas red dirt hill.copyrighted. no permissions granted. all rights reserved

See that East Texas red dirt hill ? Ruined many a white shoe. ©

The 88, a Marine by the time I was born, was a cousin. Well, not really, But he was.

He’s been “taken in” as was said then when people made sure their own family obligations were met, then reached out to help neighbors.

Back when there were conversations for adults and those appropriate for children, we were told our aunt, an elementary principal, discovered this boy and his siblings “in a poor situation” – “dirty, sleeping on the floor . With a mother unable to care for them.” He was takin’ in by my aunt and uncle.

Being childless, my aunt was sensitive that others would say she was “stealing another woman’s baby”, so she insisted the boy keep his given name – and that he remain close to his brother. As a small child, I always thought his given last name was simply his middle name – like people called out “Betty Sue” or “Lizbeth Anne”. Seem logical.

After my aunt died, my uncle told the boy that he’d always considered him his son, and would he mind if he officially adopted him and made it legal. My cousin – who was getting up in years himself – broke down in tears and said he’d always thought they never formally adopted him because he wasn’t good enough or something.

Goes to show it’s hard to know how things go. Anyway, we had a big party. But he was and always had been my cousin.

At his service, his mama was mentioned as hie “mother”, but my aunt and uncle were called his parents. That should have pleased everyone.

cow tank in pasture. all rights reserved. no permissions granted. copyrighted

Some still waters. Fish hiding on the bottom until “cool” of late afternoon.(Typical fenced pasture and cattle tank)©

The 102 year old – we thought he’d break the family record.

(102 is nothing out of the ordinary …but we made them stop driving when reaction times slowed…about 95)

A fractured hip may have slowed him down, but he remained clear-headed until a stroke. Even then the fog cleared quickly.

Out of the hospital, managing therapy well, and back playing Bingo, he made an announcement recently to his daughters.

He was “ready to go. “

Now that may not mean much to you, but when I was small and (great) Aunt Georgia saw her last childhood friend pass on, she decided one day she had done enough and told my dad she was “ready to go”. And by goodness, within 48 hours she laid her head down to sleep and that was it. Never underestimate.

So my remaining uncle decided.

And true to family tradition, he laid it all down and went on in his sleep.

The last of a great generation.

East Texas fenced pasture. No permissions granted. all rights reserved. copyrighted

Drowsy summer pasture. ©

Which is making my eldest cousin a bit nervous.

He’s now the patriarch of the family.

Unsettling to him as he was always more the dashing playboy type with the convertible than the source of wisdom and direction.

We’ve told him we’re expecting a good 20+ years out of him yet.

And we’re expecting parties of more the entertaining kind rather that the ones we’ve gathered for recently.

little road and gate. No permissions gratned. All rights reserved. Copyrighted

No way of knowing what’s down the road. (Anytime you decided to wander, just be sure to close the gate and don’t let the cows out.) ©

So we’ve run down this road before. 

For some reason it’s always looks both old and new.

Farms change hands, cows are different colors, but the pastures, the land, and the sky are constant.

Good lives well lived. Good roads there to travel.

A friend, an open window, and the clouds rolling by.

Sometimes it’s enough and all you need.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

no rights reserved. no permissions granted. copyright. farmhouse

One of the farmhouses along the way. Thought you might enjoy seeing a Bit of East Texas scenery ©






July 18, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Flight of the gypsies

Summer we were gypsies

Dirty knees. Dusty feet. Didn’t care.

Unchecked by clicking clocks or ringing bells.

"Waiting for vacationing tenderfoots" (Colorado. vintage post card. Personal collection)

Ready for unsuspecting tourists (Colorado vintage post card/Personal collection)

Conspicuous outcasts in laundromats

Did people move away? Never noticed.

Wouldn’t care.

We, a traveling troop apart from the world.

Ordinary left behind. Walked away. Every summer.

On a mission: to live life and see what there was to see.

no permissions granted. all rights reserved

Entrance to Zion National Park (Vintage postcard. Personal collection)

Wet washrags over faces the only hope for cool in car.

(Up before dawn to run across hot Painted Desert roads)

Screams and pleas of “Two-headed snakes!” That didn’t work, but the jackalope did…

Well, we needed gas anyway.

(Clean bathrooms! Stop there!)

Simplest things cherished

Level dry tent site at each National Park

Ground soft enough the tent stakes could be pounded in – yet hold in sudden storm.

A community water faucet close by.

Banging the bathroom before going in. “Any bears in there?” – and there weren’t. This time.

No mosquitoes.

No permissions granted. All rights reserved

We knew Smokey as well as Yogi. (Vintage postcard/Personal collection)

Local grocery store cashiers didn’t bother with pleasantries. Obviously not big spenders.

Always the same: bread, tuna cans, apples, carrot sticks, one small milk.

Those little boxes of cereal. (Pop along dotted lines on side, pour milk, and gulp. Sugar! No dishes! No way it could be sweeter.)

no permissions granted. all rights reserved

Bats! There were bats! So much more fun than book larnin’. (Vintage postcard. Personal collection)

Park Rangers, though, did smile.

They knew us pretty well pretty fast.

Nature talks on hikes.(Quick to wiggled like cutting horses with a herd to get to the front of the tourist pack.)

Nightly campfire programs. (Seated on giant split logs worn smooth by tourists’ bottoms.)


NO permissions granted. All rights reserved. Copy righted. Bear Mountain Designs

Wonder. (Bear Mountain Designs collection) ©

Nightly. A show. (Keep that flashlight down on the path. Rude. Snakes.)

And very small, we’d stand.

Amid rushing wind applause at the spectacle.

Among excited whispering trees.

In awe of the elegant sweep of stars across the dark dark sky.

Then we’d return to earth. Pad our paws softly back to tent to contemplate.

(And desperately hope the mother skunk and her brood would once again stroll in the front and out the back of the floorless tent without pausing to consider the possibilities.)

no permissions granted . all rights reserved. copyrighted

Windows. Eyes of the soul

Now the clock is ticking. Sights going unseen.


Wrapped by walls.

Here is existence. Only a shallow one.

The doors and windows shut tightly, but too late.

The bear and my heart are already over the mountain. To see what we can see.

Summer gypsy soul,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Read more?  “On the Mesa. Lines Drawn”

no permissions granted. all rights reserved. copyrighted

Trail Ridge Road. It’s always cold. (Lightning, sometimes) Always free. ©












July 15, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Sailing more cool your way.

It’s on the wind. Rio is still calling!

Sailors, some board, but never bored, are pulling up anchors, stowing duffles, and plotting a run towards Brazil’s Guanabara Bay in August to prepare for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

There’s a great deal of excitement – not just about the competition and races – but about the flotilla on the courses.

1920. Billy Bitzer D W Griffith. film crew of "Way Down East"Wisconsin Center of Film and Theater Research/US PD:

It’s true. They’re cool. (1920 Hollywood movie producer and crew/US PD:

Not just talking trash.

It’s the cow carcasses, refrigerators, and tires.

Those unidentified weird and lumpy floating objects.

Not to mention the invisible swirlings.

Almost 70% of Rio’s sewage – untreated –  pours into the water.

Enough Industrial waste enough to make anyone squirm and itch.

The IOC has confirmed that the Olympic body will not independently test waters to determine health risks for athletes.

Rio is supposed to be doing that.

Nor will the IOC offer any interviews with the IOC Medical Director, Dr Richard Budgett, about potential health risks like Hepatitis A, dysentery, cholera, and more.

Alistair Fox, of the International Sailing Federation, has seen the fecal content reports.

It’s not safe.

Crew getting wet on sailboat.SYCA Training Day on Adela. (

The blast that refreshes – in some waters. (SYCA Screenshot/

If you’re sailing, you’re wet.

How wet? Click here.

The video is of Adela, not an Olympic competitor, but you can see what it’s like even under good sailing conditions. The Adela is a 180 feet/55 meter classic schooner – a predecessor of the J-class America’s Cup racing boats.

Sailors have reasons to worry.

Even on the big boats.

Especially the wind surfers, and small boats skippers that are often in the water, frequently drenched, and splashed in the face.

Not to mention running into a sofa can spoil a day of sailing. (Brazilian reporter/local sailors talk about the conditions. Video)

Starting August 2nd, sailors will be unfurling sails to practice on the five planned race courses: three in the bay and two in the Atlantic Ocean.

The course that will host the medal race which determines who gets the Gold, will be held in Guanabara Bay near Flamingo Bay.

There fans can be close enough to watch the races.

A bit of a concern are the signs on the beach warning the water is unsafe for swimming.

1920. "Blooming Angel" file. Motion Picture Magazine (Feb-Jul 1920)/US

Elephants are cool, yes? No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room, uh, bay. Oh, it was a cow. A bloated up cow. Sorry about that.(1920.US

Hopefully, Brazil is serious about cleaning things up.

China did an outstanding job cleaning up before their Olympic sailing events. Even hiring every little tiny boat in existence there to make sure sailors only had to dodge sea creatures and each other.

Everyone wants to keep Rio’s images of soft winds, graceful beach beauties, and melodies murmuring about icons like Copacabana and Ipanema beaches true and memorable.

Wonder if this next sailor is considered heading his boat to a warmer climate now?

Coast Guard Cutter Healy rescues man on sailboat stuck in Alaskan Ice ( US PD: by fed employee)

Hey, pizza delivery’s here. Who ordered the ice-cold cokes? ( PD: by fed employee)

A 36 foot sailboat got stuck in the ice about 40 miles NE of Barrow, Alaska.

Even in summer, cruising these waters is a little tricky

The trip from Vancouver to Eastern coast of Canada via the Northwest Passage didn’t exactly go as planned.

Freezing water and ice will slowly crush a boat hull.

Distress call sent.

Weather conditions and visibility were too bad for a helicopter rescue.

So the Coast Guard Cutter Healy, a polar ice breaker, diverted from its’ NSF supported research mission in the Arctic, sloshed in, freed the boat, and towed it to open water.

Once the sailboat was determined to be seaworthy, and all required emergency equipment was on board, the sailor turned towards Barrow to wait for safer traveling conditions.

Yachting World's sail of Gunboat 66 in Bahamas (YouTube screenshot)

No worries. Be happy. Can do with this one in the Bahamas! Watch the video below. You deserve a super cool vacation. (Yachting World invites you for a test sail/YouTube)

One last cool adventure. The ultimate cruiser.

(You are planning to win the lottery, right?)

This one almost sails itself – at amazing speed for a sailboat: 20 knots.

(Think luxury Winnebago transforming into a Porsche when desired)

Come aboard for a VIDEO sail in the Bahamas.

Ah, cool clear water. Now that’s what the world expects of sailing.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Read more? (Click the “sailing” tag in the sidebar for other posts or try the following articles)


Now this one’s cool. (lantz.golenage

July 14, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Lookin’ for more cool, mon

Exhausted? That whirl of soccer stirred up everyone for so long.

Kicks so high and now it’s all done.

Energy stalled. What’s next?

Tired. That would work. Yep,  tires ready to run along no matter what’s the score.

After 100 years, about time for a change.

Michelin Tweel. (S. Carolina plant - Michelin)

As anyone knows, there are bumps in the road. Please be real progress – not just bravado for slab drivers. (Michelin Tweel. From S. Carolina plant. Michelin)

‘Round 2005, Michelin twirled reinventing wheels and rolled out the Tweel Airless Tire.

The name a combination of tire and wheel. It looks like a big bicycle wheel.

(Read how it all works here.)

Historically, Michelin is known for tire innovations.

Still, the Tweel is a long-term project despite winning a 2013 Silver Edison Award.

Currently only available is the X-Tweel SSL that is used for big rough skid steer loaders in landscape, construction, refuse/recycling and agriculture industries.

No more flat tires for them.

But for cars? Still tweaking the Tweel.

While used for a while on the Audi A4, people complained of excessive noise and vibration at high speeds.

Others have concerns about heat build up while driving and with hard braking.

The resistance factor when driving is close to that of regular tires, so fuel mileage may be almost the same.

In any case, nice to see inventive thought spinning along.

No flat tires. That nail hole problem? Gone.

No more messing with air valves. (Can the air compressor leave now?)

Look! No jack or spare. End of “Is this can of Fix a Flat still good?” Less rattle. More room in the trunk.

No tire holder blocking the view out the back.

Cops may have to rethink spike strips…maybe toss sticks into the spokes?

Solid for idea for military. One Humvee bullet proof and bomb-proof honeycomb design can speed off at 50 mph. Could be a lifesaver. (According to Resilient Technologies and Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

Could be a very cool future.

Something to get your week started rolling along

More cool on the road ahead (but not at the beach. Water temp is about 88 degrees here)

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

TIME magazine named this as one of their "Top Ten Fictional Cars". (Flintstones' car. TIME Top 10 fictional cars. www

Serious cool with this. TIME magazine pick for their “Top Ten” vehicles. (Flintstones. TIME “Top 10 Fictional Cars” www


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