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November 21, 2022 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Dancing au naturale

tall palm celebrating blue sky (© image copyrighted, all rights reserved, no permissions granted)

Never miss the chance. (© image)

Shouldn’t be suggested

Only expected.

A clear blue sky?

Mild breezes coyly waving Reggae from the marina’s bar across the way?

Only natural:

Throw your arms up in the air and dance like your hair is on fire.

Two palm twins showing fronds up (© image copyrighted, all rights reserved, no permissions granted)

Upon seeing a beautiful free spirit, people always ask “Is there another like you at home?” Yes, there is! (© image)

Ah, this time of year, those days come about every third day here.

Makes up for the dreary, cold rain bookending the glorious.

Palms up.

(How hard Nature works to demonstrate appropriate responses to life.)

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Vintage dancers. 1920 Pavley, Ludmila,and Oukrainsky. Newberry/BarzelCollection. (USPD. artist life,

“Hey, think we can lose my photobombing little sister there? She’s distractingly catty in that outfit – more suitable for Tarzan than celebration of wood’s nymphs.” Sigh, humans get so annoyed by the little things. So unnatural. (USPD/


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  1. shoreacres / Nov 21 2022 3:21 pm

    Honestly, we (I) wouldn’t mind a little more warmth. On the other hand, this has been perfect rain: slow, gentle, and steady, with every drop soaking in. Maybe sunshine tomorrow? We’ll see. But temps in the 60s sure would set me dancing!

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 22 2022 8:07 am

      Gee. today may break a record: 1918’s eleven straight days of at or below 61 degrees F in Nov…..1918…darn that global warming masquerading was reoccurring weather patterns. Just off script. My Thanksgiving thoughts? “Stop scaring the children” ( That and “friendsgiving” and “humankindness” are made up words used by the ignorant or manipulative…at least the latter has an excuse of being an advertisement campaign. Like that is ok – it’s not really 1984 on the animal farm)
      Thanks for looking ahead to the dance

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  2. sustainabilitea / Nov 21 2022 3:51 pm

    Palms up? Hee, hee. The trees remind me of those figures used for advertising that fill with air, making them go up and down. I hope you know what I mean because I have no idea what they’re called!!


    Liked by 2 people

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 22 2022 8:01 am

      Oh, you made my day noticing that phrase. I often wonder if anyone see what is slipped in here and there.
      Those tall floppy jerky advertising things (Wonder what they HOA wold say if I lined up a bunch and hitched them up to Santa and his sleighing the front yard? That should get a few laughs?) The laughter might be a good fit with those holiday drinks?) Thanks for the twist and shout comment

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  3. The Coastal Crone / Nov 21 2022 4:54 pm

    I love the image of palm trees dancing! Dancing is better with sun. Too cold for me to be dancing even inside. Lovely photo.

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 22 2022 7:56 am

      The music drifting across was a perfect first for those two. Images like that make it easier to get through the grey rainy days! Thanks for dancing along!

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  4. easyweimaraner / Nov 22 2022 9:11 am

    we would love to dance like that…. but our sky is gray soit maybe ends in a rain dance ;O)

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  5. walkingoffthechessboard / Nov 22 2022 9:16 am

    I love the palms with their palms up. It does look like they’re dancing, and with good reason because the sun is shining upon them. Wish we had those good-lookin’ trees here. We call those air-filled, floppy guys “tube dudes” or “dudettes”. See them here in front of car and mattress stores flapping around courtesy of a motorized artificial wind. That’s cheating having the wind whip them around, but they look good!

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  6. SusanR / Nov 22 2022 10:07 am

    I’ve zero experience with palm trees but these “dancers” are intriguing. Do the fronds grow that way or have they been given haircuts?

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 22 2022 3:09 pm

      The fronds on most palms grow up – esepcially these which look like crowns, then the fronds slowly sag/hang down as the tree grows – this provides insulation for the important growth bud zone in cold weather…of course landscapers/HOAs like the non shaggy look with the old fonds clipped off…yeah, people know best, right?

      Liked by 1 person

      • SusanR / Nov 23 2022 10:55 am

        I’ve always preferred the natural look on my trees and shrubs.

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  7. Helen Devries / Nov 22 2022 7:07 pm

    We leave the old fronds on….. but that is our finca and we do as we please. those floppy gas filled things are called Armandos here aftr a notoriously lazy gentleman

    Liked by 2 people

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 23 2022 8:13 am

      Locally those are called “Beto”
      I like the hula skirt of brown fronds on palms. Just logical, those rustle so nicely when the wind blows, and provides homes for squirrels, bats, and lookout perches for birds. One neighbor is constantly complaining about the “messy” look. Geesch, first world problem.

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