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May 6, 2022 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Importance of Peeling Grapes

Cleopatra lounging on couch. 1917 Theda Bara/Fox Film (USPD.,, artist life/

“You are aware I did take a few lessons from The Cat.” (USPD/

Stretched luxuriously out on her daybed, she didn’t even bother turning her head to look. It was that time of the month.

“Forget your thinly disguised attempt to slip that past us.  Although it is an upscale effort from the usual peanut butter. Still, that cheese wrap isn’t very well done: anyone would notice what you are attempting to hide inside. We suggest substitution of some of that shrimp in the ice box”

Staff: “Molly. Seriously now. You have to take your Heartworm prevention meds. Mosquito season is upon us. What’s with the Queen of Sheba attitude? Open.”

Molly Malamute (Stretching out full length. Deliberately resting jaw on wind sill): “In Egypt, we understand servants would peel grapes offered. We ask so little.”

Staff: “You can’t have grapes. Open. Tasty! So now you are channeling Queens of the Nile? You’re more European wolf than Egyptian.”

Stars.Canis Major with Sirius, Orion and NASA/ESA/Hubble telescope image/USPD)

Constellations: Canis Major with bright Sirius rising low over the horizon and Orion with his belt made of three stars (NASA/ESA/Hubble telescope image/USPD)

The Molly (Insert scathing glare here):  “Sirius is rising. Calls for our tribute and best imitation before The Inundation .”

Staff: “While you are the brightest star in our universe, that’s probably weeks off.”

The Molly:  “Sothis of Alpha Canis Majoris shall appear on the horizon as it wishes…a bit lower and later than in ancient times.  Maybe the constellation was simply social distancing. Maybe getting back on previous scheduling that was disrupted by a wobbly Earth. You must admit there’s been a lot of things wobbling off their normal axis  – a great sky reset? Humans probably messing with things they shouldn’t bringing on an early scorching. All week those Extreme Heat Advisories for the weekend. Oh, you did get my note about my ice?”

Staff: “Stop slobbering on my fingers and swallow that pill. I see you rolling it around under your tongue. There was something about ice on the desk. Now your collar now has to have diamond sparkles?”

The Molly: “You didn’t read the entire note. Granted, it was a bit paw smudged, but legible. Read the back. ‘…enough ice stockpiled to fill the bath tub which shall be commandeered as needed for dog cooling’ “?

/Users/kwparker/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/derivatives/B/BAC73704-1C34-4999-9FA0-289BC5A40970_1_105_c.jpeg

Life is so tedious once the summer’s heat begins. (1917.Theda Bara/USPD/

Staff:”Let me get this straight, you were planning to chill in a bathtub ice flow? OK, next time you need a bath, remind me…”

The Molly: “If there are power outages, I suppose we can always ride around in the car…like maybe to Hobby Lobby.”

Staff: “Hobby Lobby?”

The Molly (Rolling over to present tummy for scratching): “They say, in ancient Egypt, Staff would waft giant feather fans overhead to cool their Queen…Should be easy enough to make.”

Staff: (mumbling while picking up cheese crumbs) “Easier than figuring out what’s the real deal.

Why are ERCOT and the power plants shuffling and pointing fingers already talking about brownouts instead of doing their job of providing a stable adequate supply of electricity?

Not like hot weather is sneaking up unexpected. There’s signs. Go outside, Dunderheads.

What’s with the “Oh, we may have some power plants down for maintenance right now. No one wants the power maintenance done in July and August, right. (Insert manic grin from spokesman as he attempts to get listeners to nod their heads up and down in agreement.) Sooo get ready you power hogs…” What? Really? They used that same excuse during the Great Winter Freeze.  Is this like “I had it but, the dog ate my homework”? (Defamation against dogs!)

It is baffling that when there isn’t enough electricity to meet current needs (even with all the bird killers wind turbines spinning and all the farms of uncrazed solar cells in 100% sunny locations, the administration keeps inviting and settling in more and more people while at the same time insisting every single person already here should only drive electric vehicles – before we are ready to support the additional demand.”

Stars and constellations. Diagram showing how to locate Sirius by first locating Orion's Belt of three stars. (Thank you, (Jim Thomas 2006/GNU/

Diagram showing how to find Sirius, the Dog Star, by first locating Orion’s Belt. (Jim Thomas 2006/GNU/

The Molly: “The Cat would probably have had an explanation….maybe she wrote it down in her “Care and Feeding of Humans” manual. Shame that never got completed and published. Sure it would have been the Cat’s Meow.”

Staff: “Considering a bit of ghost writing and editing?”

Stars. Constellation Canis Major. Sirius is the brightest star. The constellation's outline looks a bit like a dog which some say is the dog that accompanies Orion the Hunter. (Roberto Mura/

The Canis Major (“Greater Dog”)Constellation with Sirius as the brightest star. Sirius is right next to our sun on the brightness scale in the sky. Sometimes Sirius can be seen during the day with the naked eye. The constellation’s outline suggests a dog which some say is the dog that accompanies Orion the Hunter.(Roberto Mura/

A little toothy grin as The Molly returned her gaze out the window. Pondering…what else is appealing?

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Stay tuned. heat index of 100-104 expected this weekend? Expected temps only one or two degrees above previous records, but there’s also extreme humidity  – and the annual agricultural fire smoke from Mexico. At least the pollen level is only moderate. HAHA

Preparing for the next few months of sheltering in place from the extreme Texas heat.

The Dog Days of Summer arriving early?

  • “The name “Sirius” comes from Ancient Greek seírios, meaning “scorching.” Appropriate.
  • Greeks and Romans dislike Sirius arriving and hanging around. This star was considered by Roman poet Virgil as “bringer of drought and plague to frail mortals, rises and saddens the sky with sinister light”. I guess the fleas and rats started hopping  – along with heat strokes.
  • A 2009 Finnish study tested the traditional claim that the rate of infections is higher during the Dog Days. The authors wrote, “This study was conducted in order to challenge the myth that the rate of infections is higher during the dog days. To our surprise, the myth was found to be true.” Hmmm, so is the what the CDC / Fauci / all the media is basing their claims that “Virus COVID infections may rise this summer in the South? Just in the South?…Prejudice, wishful thinking, or something they know we don’t about the border crossers?  No explanation, just blurt it out and dash off….Is it any wonder people yawn any time any one of them opens their Dooms Day mentality mouth.
Wind Turbine blade in transport on. I 35 near Elm Mott, TX (Alexi Kostibas/

Wind Turbine blade in transport on I35 near Elm Mott, TX. President Biden, this picture was from 2008. Please stop talking down to us. Everyone knows how large they are by now….maybe you just forgot that we are not all stupid. PS these components come into the TX port from CHINA. They make the majority of wind turbines and solar farm panels now….but you already knew that…at some point)(Alexi Kostibas/



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  1. Kate Crimmins / May 6 2022 7:19 am

    Send some heat our way. We won’t see 70 degree weather for several days. Lucky if we get out of the 50s today. Big storms coming too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / May 6 2022 12:38 pm

      Oh, enjoy those temps. Got out this morning with Molly for a walk as it was under 70F from overnights’ rain cooled air, but that’s probably it for the outdoors until almost dark. Hope your storms are the tree and new plant beneficial kind. (And I guess I’ve stalled as long as I can on digging out the tank tops. Sigh) Have a meowvelous weekend

      Liked by 1 person

  2. easyweimaraner / May 6 2022 7:52 am

    we would love some heat too… we can give some of this weird windmills in exchange… we have more than we need around us… sigh…

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / May 6 2022 12:34 pm

      Do I have to find some wooden shoes to go with the windmills? HaHa
      Just FYI if President Biden offers to send you am electric heat pump to help keep you warm, first ask him “Why do you hate us?” Talk about freezing in the dark – those darn things don’t work well. They put some of those darn new fangled things (HaHa)in a very fancy new log ranch house and almost froze to death the first winter -it was like little sod house on the prairie time – bundled in heavy socks and wrapped in blankets or sleeping bags, Simply don’t work in very cold/snowy or very hot TX weather no matter what the company says!
      It was 67 F from rain cooled air this morning so Molly did get her morning walk, but with 90F’s expected once the sun gets up, that may be her only outing until tonight. Where’s that mild warmth of Spring?
      Oh, here’s a good dog story for the weekend.
      Max, the Labrador is the real hero. He barked his little heart out until searchers heard something and shut off their ATVs to listen. Max has been check out at the vet – dehydration and a bath.So everyone is miraculously OK. Go dog, go! Cheers for pups and have aa great weekend


  3. RAB / May 6 2022 7:55 am

    A vastly interesting post, Phil! In this connection I’m sure you must know Robert Frost’s “One More Brevity”– One of my favorites of Frost’s!


  4. Ally Bean / May 6 2022 8:21 am

    I like seeing wind turbine farms, doing their bit. Sadly solar panels aren’t too popular around here. We don’t have enough sunny days to make them practical. I only see a few electric cars on the road. I wonder if they’ll be the future or if they’re a flash in the pan?

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / May 6 2022 12:10 pm

      The are aa rather odd giant seagull-like sculptures – but quickly come blight – and worse if the don’t perform was we were promised. Solar panels need a bit of work still – they craze/fracture from heat and excessive sun exposure – not to mention hail damages them totally. So many homeowners in certain climate/weather patterns are stunned to find their purchased solar cells useless in far too short of time – long before those are paid for. (Lucky for some people, the gov. assistance paid for most of the purchase cost) Then there’s the roof damaged cause by weight the original structure was not designed for. (Insurance probably will point that out when they refuse the request for damage payment)
      It is complicated – and we are in energy transition so there will be glitches…but being told to just gut it up you little people?
      Electric cars are plentiful here ( one way to avoid paying those additional state/fed taxes on gas while still getting to use the roads totally free! Those Electric cars are really zippy and I can see them functioning well in large high density areas/cities. But once again still in development – about 10 years ago one company provide the big city with a fleet of electric cars to boost their sales pitch. Suddenly there were electric car special parking spots with plugs everywhere – even at Costco, libraries, malls, you name it – so nobody had to worry about running out of power and not being able to get home. Only they found in this semi-tropical excessive heat area, batteries do not last long, if you run AC (a must in late spring to Halloween) and maybe use the radio – or lights at night, the poor batteries could not keep up. The city maintenance division was swamped with problems. The whole fleet was quite scrapped. All those special parking spots disappeared.
      Eventually they may have solve the issues (no company/anyone will answer you if asked how long batteries last, how much replacement batteries cost or how long it takes to get them/install them, what happens to the environment killing old batteries) Cars started out as electric, but whether they will ever become the majority of vehicles is a question right now. It will be interesting to see what comes next.
      The majority of our school district bus fleet are NLG powered.
      Interesting enough electric bikes are all over the place now….we’ll see if that is still happening in scorching August!
      Thanks for plugging in a comment

      Liked by 1 person

  5. SusanR / May 6 2022 9:44 am

    There’s enough space in west Texas for wind and solar farms to power the whole country. From here I see no excuses for a lack of power.

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / May 6 2022 11:51 am

      Actually if you’ve driven thru that part of the state recently, you know it’s pretty crowded with wind farms and solar farms – on every bluff, bank, along all the major highways – in any available spot. Texas leads the country in the number of wind turbines/solar farms (even more than CA)…so as you say, don’t tell me we’re short of potential power. These are a blight, but needed during energy transition – (and I hope ether is some provision to remove and replace the one who become less useful/antiquated as new improved ones show up.) Something else is going on here…once again I predict, “If you loved Big Oil, you’ll be totally over the heels infatuated by Big Electric”. Once any of these become dominant, it’s one. Free market/ gov intervention/favoritism backing off, and customers having choices – our only hope.
      Thanks for seeing the trees for the forest.


  6. sustainabilitea / May 6 2022 5:07 pm

    Those blades can’t be recycled either which is in direct conflict with the “concern” for the environment expressed by proponents of them. Then we had a previous president who wanted to make electricity more expensive, which is great when you’re telling people to get electric cars, etc. Seems to me there’s no one panacea and a combination is usually the best, proportions of which type of energy depending on many factors. Besides being expensive, electric cars aren’t good for long trips such as the two full days it takes for us to get to Wyoming in the summer. How many stops would we have to make? And of course a few years ago when California was experiencing brownouts, people like B. Streisand were telling other to turn off their AC, which she was enshrined in comfortably cool buildings on her estate. No surprise.



  7. Curt Mekemson / May 9 2022 11:51 am

    Wow, you and Molly put a lot of work into this one. Hot times and power outages are coming, no doubt about it! My favorite sentence was “You’re more European wolf than Egyptian.” How did Molly react to that? 🙂 –Curt

    Liked by 1 person

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