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September 1, 2021 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Rock of Sages

Postcard. Postcaard of man. Tourist daring jump. Arizona 1898 (Detroit Pub. Co/ collection. (USPD.artist life,

A leap of faith. Team building between planet inhabitants. (USPD/

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

A stone’s throw apart in perspective.

Remade in a creator’s concept (Now that sound strangely like…), but did anyone bother to discuss with with the rock its’ own plans for the future?

Oh, well. Can’t move Heaven and earth for every little thing. 

Postcard of Black Hills/Mount Rushmore/TIchnor collection (USPD pub date 1930-45, artist life/

The mountain in the middle, like many, would have been OK with a tattoo. Petroglyphs are so mysterious. Distinguishing. But somehow the work order got scrambled? Lost in translation.(Vintage Postcard/USPD/

Rock in a marred place.

“There will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

 Note the last three words. Rarely are they uttered out loud.

“Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.” (Sigmund Freud)

Really? Sure about that? Lofty idea, but is the statement true or actually step backwards?

“I despise people who go to the gutter on either the right or the left and hurl rocks at those in the center.” (Dwight D. Eisenhower)

See what I mean? How easy it is to reverse and tumble. 

Postcard. Butte Montana. 1930-45. Tichnor Bros Collection (USPD., artist life/

Mine, mine, mine? Not sure all involved digs that.  (USPD/

“The knowledge from an enlightened person breaks on the hard rocks of ignorance. (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

Another example of the questionably civilized: their abundance of arrogance and self esteem: So quick to name call and insult the intellect of those who don’t even bother to talk to them.

“Laws are sand, customs are rock. Laws can be evaded and punishment escaped, but an openly transgressed custom brings sure punishment.” (Mark  Twain)

Sand blows away so quickly. Words and laws, simply dust in the wind.

Vintage postcard. Grand Canyon, Thor's Hammer. (Detroit Pub.1900-09 (USPD. artist life/

Grand Canyon raised a fist – which people of the myth quickly misinterpreted as a salute to Thor’s Hammer. What patience not to drop it and give such a pounding. (USPD/

“The ship that will not obey the helm will have to obey the rocks.” (Old English Proverb)

Face it, as the planet’s foundation, rocks don’t care.

Rocks in a hard place.

Moss only a decorative accessory: Camo until you go away.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Vintage postcard of people on horses Grand Canyon trail (Detroit Pub. collection, 1900-1909 (USPD artist life,

“Oh, please. Rocks are only entertainment venues to you? You’re scaring the antelope – not to mention adding to the erosion by invasive species.” Speak now or forever hold your piece. (Vintage postcard of people on horseback braving the Grand Canyon trail. 1900-1909./USPD/

Vintage postcard. O'Neill's Point, Grand Canyon, AZ. 1898-1904 (USPD artist life/

Some things are bigger and more enduring than us. Vintage postcard of man standing on Grand Canyon rim at O’Neill’s Point, AZ. Just for perspective. (USPD/


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  1. easyweimaraner / Sep 1 2021 6:35 am

    I love what sigmund freud said… if we would do that till today we had to grafitty everywhere and the anger would be gone while we carve f… you in a stone…

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 1 2021 7:04 am

      Ha! I think you may be right. Messy but happier and less stressed.
      Apparently it is easier to duck rocks than words…and the latter seems to bruise and wound longer even if only hot air.
      Thanks for rocking along


  2. Susan/PiedType / Sep 1 2021 9:22 am

    A clever title for thought-provoking observations.


  3. The Coastal Crone / Sep 1 2021 12:07 pm

    Rocky quotes!


  4. disperser / Sep 1 2021 2:20 pm

    Grand Canyon rocks . . . that’s deep, man!


  5. sustainabilitea / Sep 1 2021 8:06 pm

    Love the raised rock fist. 🙂



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