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May 15, 2020 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Giantess with little in her heart.

Dog in an arm chair. 1857 painting by Alfred de Dreux (USPD. artist life, reprod of PD art/

“Yes, reality is what one perceives it to be.” (USPD/

Dogs often aren’t good at body awareness and size relationships. Defensive or arrogant? Difficult to say.

Molly Malamute is pretty conscious of how solid she is, but like the big kid that befriends the smallest child in school, she’s amazingly gentle with her pocket dog friends.

Squirrels seem to know she is more interested in watching than chomping them. ( but most still have enough sense to keep some distance…her chase instinct is strong and easily triggered….like with skateboards…)

The only time body size awareness is suspended is when she is coming home and is tired for some adventure or has been to the vet. Then she is lap dog size. Seriously, Molly, you can curl up really small, but your weight is not equally diminished. Woe to the one in the car’s front passenger seat on those occasions.

Recently, coyote scents have Molly reverting to hunter wolf mode. 

Much to the distress of the multitude of lizards in the backyard. Good they are fast and there’s lots of cover. Extended games of hide and seek.

Sometimes she manages to flop down like a Sphinx with giant front paws on either side of one Then doesn’t know quite what to make of the little dragons’ stiff stance and threatening wide open mouth. Most of the time they wise up and dart underneath her elbow and escape while she’s pulling up legs trying to figure out which way they went.

On occasion she has stepped on one, nosed one too hard, or freaked it totally out carrying it in her mouth to a flatter patch of grass (less opportunity for a lizard to wiggle into thick ground cover and disappear).

I have to be very careful with lizard rescue attempts as she tends to be looking at me and smash her paw down to block me – sometimes in an unfortunate way.

She’s always crushed if they stop moving. Sometimes she sadly moves them to her special spot and piles leaves on them. (With luck they know to stay still then slip quickly away once she head in another direction.)

Dog dressed for tea. 1895 Magazine shoot. "Come Along, Tea-Time" (USPD. pub,date, artist life/

“Everyone has their own simple pleasures.” (USPD/

You know how kids have secret places where they hide little treasures? Molly does that.

She has two designated spots under bushes that are “hers”.

Funny thing is while she delights in frantically trying to dig to China by one of the tall Fan Palms, she uses only her nose to  “buries” her treasures in her special hiding spots. Oak leaves are dumped there instead of bought mulch because soft leaves “nose” into mounds better. And she doesn’t come out with sneezes and crusty nose.

We generally stay out…unless one of RC Cat’s mouses is missing which on occasion…( I swear the dog smirks and laughs when I retrieve one of those.)

Her acorns and small sticks collected on walks, an occasional tennis ball, or shredded dog toy sneaked out of the house, all safely stashed there.

This spring we’ve had very strong winds. Goodbye amateur-built bird nests.

One morning there was a great clump of palm fuzz and nesting material on the ground.

The mother squirrel still kept running up and down the Palm and across the fence days later, so we assumed her family was able to hang on braced against the Palm trunk or clutched the frond “elbows” which they often use for beach style sunbathing or patios. Later we saw the squirrel Mom and as couple of squirrel kids scampering around. A relief.

Woman in thicket. Stratton. Andersen Fairy Tales. 1899 (USPD. pubdate, artist life/

The back 40 behind the Fan Palm gets a bit overgrown at times…and Molly keeps her stick collection there. (USPD/

Recently Molly was unusually attentive to her stash under the bush at the back fence.

Rushing out from the door and going immediately over to check on it, (“No, we haven’t messed with it, Molly.”). After scrutinizing a moment, she’d carefully nose flip more and more leaves on top of the already rather large leaf pile.

Then she’d trot off to do other things.

It was a little different behavior, so after she went inside, I scrambled through the bushes – being careful of eye attacking branches – and used the shovel to carefully examine the huge leaf mound.

Eventually I found the reason for her diligent efforts.

At the very bottom underneath it all, was the old, rain sodden, remains of a tiny, tiny squirrel. Not chewed or damaged. It must have fallen or been blown down out of the nest and found by Molly who carried it to her special place.

Just softly buried there.

And carefully, gently tended.

Woman with dog. painting by Ansdell. 19th century (USPD artist life, reprod of PD art/

“It’s OK mom. I knew you understand.” (USPD/

Molly knows I went into her special spot yesterday. Doesn’t seem to be holding any ill will about it.

Saw the smoothed leaf pile, stood around for a second, then, satisfied, went off to roll on her back in the grass kicking all four feet in the air.

Celebrating and happy with life.

Instinct. A little thing.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Dog. Bermese Mountain Dog and her pups, 1862, painting by Adam (USPD. artist life, reprod of PD art/

“I know it wasn’t mine, and I have no real experience to fall back on, but it was little and all alone.” (USPD/








  1. Kate Crimmins / May 15 2020 7:05 am

    Animals are more kind than people. Yay Molly!


  2. Ally Bean / May 15 2020 7:47 am

    Amazing story. Molly has a depth of character that is admirable. What an old kind sweetie at heart.


  3. marina kanavaki / May 15 2020 8:31 am

    Awww…. Molly is such a sweet pup… with a giant heart! 😉 xoxoxo Paw waves from Hera! 🐾🐾


  4. 1bl0gr3ad3r / May 15 2020 8:37 am

    Good girl, Molly. Reading of her habits; shaking my head in recognition of the behaviors — then reading about the tiny squirrel and found it hard to see through watery eyes. Yes, Good, Sweet Molly.


  5. easyweimaraner / May 15 2020 8:48 am

    Phenny has such a special place… under the pillow of his dad… not funny to sleep ona smashed snail LOL


  6. Robin / May 16 2020 5:03 am

    Sounds to me like Molly has a lot in her heart. ❤


  7. jacqueslebec / May 16 2020 10:56 am

    She sounds like a great companion.


  8. disperser / May 17 2020 9:16 am

    I’d love a big dog . . . or a little dog. But, we are done with pets (at least for now).

    She sounds like a great dog.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / May 17 2020 5:00 pm

      Dogs are certainly entertaining…and good excuse to get out and exercise (which is why I stopped at the adoption cages). Don’t go in Pet Smart on adoption days…we went in searching for discontinued cans of it’s-the-only-thing-old-cat-might-consider-eating and came out with a dog (and cat food). We thought she was a small German Shepherd (we had just returned one we had been fostering until owner got relocated and schedule settled). Molly was thin, very quiet, and we found out later she was drugged from surgery recovery (terribly abused and rescued herself and then ran the streets until she knew she was really sick and had to accept help). It was all over when she stepped into my purse with both front feet and clearly said “Ready to go.” Malamutes we have found area a whole different thing…far from most domesticated breeds, a clever thinker and planner, and one actually makes jokes. Now we know why people say, once you’ve had a Malamute or Husky you probably won’t go back to any other breed.
      Oh, the cat? Even more ancient but quite the Realm leader…she’s handled multiple German Shepherds at one time in the dog? Piece of catnip. (Although she really hates a wet nose on her back or sniff of her petticoat.)
      Thanks for leashing a comment here.


  9. cat9984 / May 26 2020 12:30 am

    What a sweet doggy. 🐶


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