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November 21, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Zip it. Say nada

Pig stuck in tree. Leslie Brooke. 1905(USPD., artist life/Gutenberg/

No snorting about when pigs fly. (USPD/

Words that should never be said in the same breath:

  • Young people, getting rid of necklines

No, it is not a nudist movement. They might actually be doing the opposite.

First it was unexpected consequences from the new vaping technology (like people shouldn’t have seen that coming).

Now people are flocking to doctors with a problem previously only seen in older – much older- patients.

“Tech neck” is caused by constantly looking down at devices. And the deep wrinkles and creases ringing necks are horrifying not just women, but men, too.

One doctor commented that it’s like repeatedly folding paper or cloth. Eventually you’ll get a fold line. He goes on to say “If you don’t want to improve your posture, save up because the treatments will cost you” …Some up to $7,000.00.

Click here to for the video showing the repair treatments.

(OK Mom you were right. Sit up straight. Chin up. “Pretend there’s puppet strings attached to your ears pulling you tall”…Don’t you hate it when she’s right? You know she’s gloating.)

Pig in snug house looking at wolf Leslie Brooke. 1905(USPD., artist life/Gutenberg/

Wolf at the door? A postable moment!(USPD/

  • House hunting, move-in ready, must be postable.

It’s the clients, not the houses that are worth viewing in this episode on HGTV.

Every third word out of her mouth was about the house’s worthiness to be posted on social media. In this one, she could post herself cooking fancy things in this kitchen. The drab curb appeal of that one – no way she’d selfie with that.

When she kept turning up her nose at the humble, affordable houses, her husband eventually suggested she could post about how they were updating and making it their own. Bless the long suffering…

Just roll with it. Wolf rolling pig in barrel down hill. Leslie Brooke. 1905(USPD., artist life/Gutenberg/

Just roll with it. This little piggy is going to market. (USPD/

  • Performance, all new, compact, electric, SUV, Mustang.

Sounding “a bit like the flying car from Blade Runner”, the recently unveiled Mach-E Mustang is a small SUV about the size of Ford’s compact Escape. So far, not so good.

What? Four doors? More passenger room? A standard carry-on bag fits under the hood? “…this is not the two-door Mustang replacement. This is an extension, a new member of the family,” More like a sedan FOR the family than a pony car.

Ford is eager to cash in on iconic name but apparently decided all the original Mustang fans and serious Gearheads are dying off so who’s to tell the new generation “It ain’t so. Big Business is doing a bait and switch on ya’ kids.” They’ll just call it “Mustang inspired” to placate the cranky geezers for a while..a short while.

“Some diehard fans shocked by Mach-E SUV” (Did you notice the second word? Hmmm. A slip. Only an hot mike slip…)

No gas pedal. An accelerator pedal. Hey! You’re burning electrons, not dinosaurs!( Ignoring environmental cost of producing electricity as well as what to do with those nasty old used up batteries… Pfff. Only 12 years left anyway, so “What, me worry?” is the mantra…)

Besides Marketing says the younger crowd has been groomed to crave any highly recognizable branding and logo. Those FaceBook so well.

“2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV earns the right to be a Mustang” (Really?)

Pig running with shovel. Leslie Brooke. 1905. USPD., artist life/Gutenberg/

Talk about shovel ready.(USPD/

Inside the Mach-E: more sync, fewer buttons. (Might be good. People seem to have difficulty making decisions about which button to push these days…)

Perks include a really large, tablet-size control panel, wireless charging pad for devices, hands-free highway driving software (available soon), and eyeball-tracking to make sure driver is awake and paying attention…hmmm…

Wonder if the vehicle computer will rat out other computer devices like cell phones texting or tablets streaming video.

Oddly this vehicle is very similar to a 2017 EV Ford planned to build. That one “‘oozed “compliance,’ the kind of vehicle automakers build to meet regulatory requirements, not inspire passion. The kind of vehicle that is forgotten.”

This wanna-be with the piped in Mustang-like engine sound will be made in Mexico.

So keep your chin up and get ready to swoon over zoom soon.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Laughing wolf. Illustration by Leslie Brooke.1905.USPD., artist life/Gutenberg/

Fur joking. (USPD/



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  1. easyweimaraner / Nov 21 2019 6:37 am

    I hope this e-bike/car nightmare is over soon… it’s like war in europe…and this time no one s there to rescue us…


  2. shoreacres / Nov 21 2019 6:39 am

    It always pleases me when I get your bulletins from the front lines of the culture changes and discover I don’t need to worry about any of them. No tech neck for me — no device. No worries about my new digs — no social media photos. And no Mustang knock off for me. I drove one of the originals, and my memories of that are better than what’s coming off the line now.

    Now, if only I had a front lawn, so I could yell at the kids to get off it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate Crimmins / Nov 21 2019 7:39 am

    Mustang! Aww the memories! Gotta check my neck but I think my sags are from genuine aging!


  4. Ally Bean / Nov 21 2019 10:14 am

    One of the things I’ve come to realize with my new desktop computer is how I hunched over the other one. I’m now super aware of sitting up straight. Whether it’s too late for me, I dunno. But your post hits me right where I’m living now.


  5. RKLikesReeses / Nov 21 2019 11:41 am

    The Mustang!
    Those FIENDS!!!
    Do they include a “roaring engine” sound effect among the gizmos?
    An SUV???????
    What a horrible concept. My Charger (HEMI 5.7L R/T – 2006) is going to be furious about this. I hope Chrysler has more sense!
    The kids are hoping we disappear soon, fossils-to-be. Have you seen the “OK,Boomer” memes? Nasty.
    The house thing is just sad, imho. How will all this superficiality end?
    Re neck wrinkles: wow. I wonder if vanity will speed up the development of cyber implants. Then people can do their phone/tablet/computer business gazing up at the sky. 😂😂😂
    Terrific post (scary but terrific)!


  6. sustainabilitea / Nov 21 2019 4:47 pm

    I’d read about tech neck. I’m also concerned about how much time young people in particular, but most people in general, spend on their devices. I think their social skills are getting wrinkles, too. 🙂



  7. susielindau / Nov 21 2019 8:36 pm

    Now I’m curious about the new Mustang. I’ve seen it trending on Twitter!


  8. Spinster / Nov 22 2019 9:25 pm

    “tech neck”. That’s a new one.


  9. Curt Mekemson / Nov 24 2019 5:25 pm

    “First it was unexpected consequences from the new vaping technology (like people shouldn’t have seen that coming).” Boy isn’t that the truth! –Curt


  10. The Hook / Nov 25 2019 9:11 am

    This truly is the most unique, clever, thought-provoking blog on the internet.
    Thank you so much for this and everything you create.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 27 2019 6:00 pm

      If you got a grin, I’m good.
      You realize Hook that you were one of my first commenters that offered any encouragement ( we shall ignore the trolls that haunted and discouraged the new bloggers back then) Then I clicked over and found you and your merry bunch of followers (so many MIA now – miss many of them). Blog land is a wild and wonderful place ( if you don’t take it too seriously…for your own mental health HaHa) Thanks for hanging on to these zippy lines.


  11. Kirt D Tisdale / Nov 27 2019 2:08 pm

    Great post….all of it unfortunately so true…..


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