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September 23, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge


It’s Alive. (having lived a horror movie)

We got game – and not on boards with spinners or a reality fake-out on TV.

Tiny baby squirrel refuge. (Image by Barb

Soft, dry, and warm. B &B reviews ought to be good. (Bab’s Squirrel Rescue)

Out for her early morning run, a neighbor almost stepped on a storm refugee desperately trying to make sense of it all.

This little girl squirrel was calling and calling for family not knowing her equally tiny sibling had already succumbed on the sidewalk. Mom was no where to be found – possibly had encountered a car a block away. Eyes still shut, this one was frantically crawling in the weeds and mud looking for help.

A group text sent for advice – all of us came back with the same response: The SPCA/Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has been all over the news asking people to bring them the orphans, the sick, the disoriented, the wild life displaced by the recent flooding.

A bit of a drive not on the things to do today list, but what can you do?

This little one is in the best place for her best shot at life and relocation to a nice wooded spot once she’s ready.

Little things count. All lives matter.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Thought you’d like a bit of good news from the stormy regions. 

Sign. Houston wild life rescue center. (image: Barb)

“Welcoming all species of native wildlife in need. One of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the nation. This unique facility cares for over 10,000 wild animals representing more than 350 different species in any given year.” (image: Bab’s)





  1. easyweimaraner / Sep 23 2019 7:07 am

    all paws are crossed for the little one…


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 23 2019 8:31 am

      Paths cross for a reason.Escaped the hawk and that location’s hunter cat. These people are the expert and said she looked like a fighter, so hang in there little bitty. Thanks for crossing those paws


  2. Kate Crimmins / Sep 23 2019 7:22 am

    So tiny and heartbreaking. No mommy to look out for him. Rehab is the best place. He (or she) is one lucky squirrel.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 23 2019 8:42 am

      Apparently found fast enough as they said she looked pretty strong. She knew enough to keep yelling loudly for help. Flood victims of all species have much in common?
      I didn’t have the heart to yell at and chase off a small mouse climbing the palm tree yesterday going after some food. Winter is coming…well, maybe in 8-12 weeks, but still, it’s been a hard week for all.
      Thanks for adding a cuddly thought

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      • Kate Crimmins / Sep 23 2019 9:05 am

        🙂 I would have served the mouse and named it! Hope this week is better for all.

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        • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 23 2019 10:46 am

          Names have been discussed. :0
          Raining again now. Even the ducks seemed to have had it…a big V of them overhead early Sat. morning – but that’s actually encouraging as it means the dominance of warm coastal weather may be on the downside…fingers crossed!

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  3. Littlesundog / Sep 24 2019 5:49 am

    Thank you for saving this little sweetie. Actually, she looks to be in good condition and is far enough along that she will likely do well, unless she has internal injuries.

    A few squirrels we’ve raised had stories of the mother being hit by a car, and the little ones crawling or falling from nests in search of food. That just breaks my heart. I’m so thankful when people take the time to drive sometimes many miles to find help for wildlife. All lives DO matter.

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 26 2019 1:35 pm

      Sometimes the stars are aligned, and an alert person is in the right place at the right time.
      I’m the local resource for information, but Babs grabbed the squirrel, brushed teeth and headed out. There has been a couple of updates on tv about the center and rescued animals – rows and rows of little bins with sleeping squirrels (siblings kept together). They even had a couple of humming birds that were downed and in trouble. The director shook her head and said the volunteers came from everywhere – their own homes flooded, but they got here.
      The ordinary local person appears to be a good deal more concerned with and able to do good and what is right than some we elect to offices that are supposed to do the same on a larger scale.
      Big weather events offer clarity and perspective to many. We can only hope.
      I thought of your squirrel tales when looking at that baby. Applause for the keepers.
      Thanks for nesting a comment here

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  4. Ally Bean / Sep 24 2019 6:05 am

    Ahhh, so sweet. I didn’t even know what animal it was, but now that you explain I see it. Good on you for helping her.

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 26 2019 1:37 pm

      I just provided info for immediate care and directions. My neighbor scooped her up and burred her to safety. What a facility the rescue place is now – come a long way from very humble beginnings. Cheers for kindness!

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  5. Kirt D Tisdale / Sep 24 2019 1:32 pm

    Inspiring post sir!!

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 26 2019 1:38 pm

      We flood the place just to get stories around here – HaHa. No, it is a bunch of smiles when good comes out of hardship.Thanks for tying up a comment here

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  6. Beth / Sep 25 2019 5:33 pm

    In a world where so much of what is bad/wrong gets attention and news, it’s refreshing to see the good. People can be so amazing! We need to focus on those stories more – on people like you who go out and make the world just a little bit better one baby squirrel at a time.

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 26 2019 1:44 pm

      This area having faced so many storms, knows how to pull it together – the real stories – the little ones of kindness get lost among the massive voyerisom big media loves to focus on to wrench out emotion or drive some agenda before dashing off to the next train wreck. What a whacky world.
      Living local is the only sane thing to do. A couple of days of sun to recover with rain on the way – but darn, you’ll probably actually get so cool dry air out of this…don’t hog it all!
      Thanks for the splashy comment

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      • Beth / Sep 26 2019 8:08 pm

        Actually, I’ll swap ya’ some of your wet weather and we’ll hand you some of our dryness. I think next rainstorm I’m going to just stand outside a bit – enjoy the smells of the earth, and the patter of the drops. I think we have maybe a 30% chance of rain on Saturday. 😦


        • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 27 2019 8:24 am

          Oh, we had sun for about an hour and I kicked the dogs off the couch while I had coffee outside early this morning. Now it’s that sheet of grey-blue overcast and getting darker. Oh, well, the lawn got mowed and the ground is already getting dry ( odd, but true)
          I’m with you: Rain after a dry spell is pretty wonderful – like fresh mowed grass on a sunny day. Grab the great while you can!

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  7. shoreacres / Sep 25 2019 7:14 pm

    Good for you! I have high hopes for the little one. That’s precisely the condition our Smacker Squirrel was in when we found him and started nursing him back to health. Eventually, this is what we ended up with. He figured out how to make the coffee, but we never could get him to bring it to us.

    One good deed at a time — that’s how we hold back the darkness.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 26 2019 1:46 pm

      Old saying, “don’t forget the small stuff”…or it should be an old saying. Applies to just about everything? Thanks for smiling along


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