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August 23, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Enough to make a pony cry

Just because you say it is, doesn’t make it so.

Looks an awful like cultural appropriation going on here.

Wheeler dealers often drive off a cliff.

Car. Ford Mustang inspired Mach E SUV in camo during testing. (Brian Williams photo/Fox Business)

What part of this says “Whoa”? Is the car wearing camera confusing camo wrap because it’s in incognito road test driving or because it’s embarrassed. May be the latter. Afraid the brand faithful will be outraged. And they were.(Brian Williams/screenshot)

Intoducing Ford’s Electric Mustang,  Mach One , Mustang inspired, Mach E (Maybe. That name’s been trademarked.)

Repeat that last potential name, Mach E, 3 times fast. Funny or satirical?

Ironic that this model trying to link design/style to a long American icon heritage vehicle  is slated to be made in Mexico.

Ford says this electric performance car will have a range of 300 miles and “go like hell”.

It’ll have a spoiler. (If you think looks don’t count, review what appeals to so many buyers: chrome, cup holders, badging…)

The future iconic sports SUV?

Just ignore it’s roughly the size of their current Ford Edge. But it’ll be lower and sleeker – think Porsche SUV (That’s one that shouldn’t exist…)

Perfectly designed for the I-wanna-be-cool-and-I-don’t-wanna-grow-up-but-now-I-have-kids-and-a-dog drivers who can still pretend while shuttling the dog and kids around in the two row crossover with seating for “5” (depending on the size of the dog and the kids).

Best of all, owners can virtue signal to the neighborhood how concerned about the environment they are – even with a car – even with a performance electric sporty car!

  • Electric…far too often produced from coal. Or natural gas which is plentiful, has been the reason why the US leads the world in reducing carbon emissions and pollution. But darn, that it’s a fossil fuel. Still, Big Electric will never be as abusive or controlling as Big Oil, right?
  • Electric vehicle means no paying any gas taxes. How cool is that? They’ll find some other way to get money for road repairs and constructions. No matter.
  • Electric drivers can feel doubly smug as they zip along mooching off those old dinosaur fuel car owners.

Car manufacturers are always looking to latch onto some marketing strategy to grab customers.

Dodge had a doozy of an idea in 1955: a car designed just for men.

Take a look at the Dodge Le Femme, the car men thought women really really wanted as they began to enter the traffic lanes.

Pink dashboard. 1955 Dodge Le Femme. (Screenshot: Jay Leno's Garage/CNBC

Pink dashboard with lots of jewelry-like shiny chrome. (Jay Leno’s Garage/CNBC)

Car accessories. Dodge Le Femme (screenshot. (Jay Leno's Garage/cnbc)

The Dodge Le Femme came with all the essential car accessories: pink purse, pink hat, pink parasol, pink rain boots, cigarette lighter, and even makeup. So thoughtful, guys. (Screenshot.Jay Leno’s Garage/CNBC)

car. Dodge 1955 Le Femme. (Screenshot Jay Leno's Garage/CNBC)

Not surprisingly, this 2 speed automatic (can’t have the little woman struggling with a clutch) was not a big seller. If you had bought one and taken good care of it, here’s your investment pay off. (Screenshot)

Interesting how those who design things often have no clue about their targets.

Somehow parallels the current floundering of both political parties right now.

Driven by something?

Don’t fence me in

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Car. Ford's electric Mustang inspired SUV pub. illustration (image Ford)

Ford’s electric, “Mustang-inspired” SUV promo photo. No word yet whether it comes with a hat or makeup. (Ford)



  1. easyweimaraner / Aug 23 2019 6:41 am

    what a fab post to welcome Greta ;O))))))) I love this dodge le femme… I had no moneeh as a little girl to buy such a car and now I hypothetically should have it and such art pieces are out of the construction plan… life stinks sometimes ;O)

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 3 2019 10:48 am

      That was one expensive (so environmentally costly to build) race boat, Greta caught a ride on. I wish all kids could go on a week of sailing – to gain appreciation and perspective of the natural world and you r place in the universe as well as understanding the hardships of early travel. Give me a sailboat over a powered boat anytime. Too bad people are in such a hurry and few get to enjoy a long ocean voyage as before.
      We frequently see vintage cars we loved when little, decided not to purchase as they aged and were affordable – what stinks is how much some of those redone “rust buckets” are worth now. We could have been millionaires if we’d had a barn to put them in and work on them.
      “Oh, well, the back seats don’t look dog comfy anyway,” says Molly.
      Thanks for trailering a comment this way


  2. sustainabilitea / Aug 23 2019 7:03 am

    Just seeing the words “cultural appropriation “ makes me irate. What else? No taxes on electric? There will be, I assure you. The gov’mint never ever misses a taxable moment. I’m going to stop now and go for my morning walk. Breathe in, breathe out and if I had some wax, I’d wax on and off instead of just waxing eloquent. 😉

    Happy Friday!


    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 3 2019 10:59 am

      Cultural adoption: “I like what you guys are and have so much I want to be it, too – to show admiration and how cool I think it is. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right? (Everyone knew Tonto was the smart one – hey, he had instincts, knew all the survival skills and spoke TWO languages.) Oh, wait. That’s old speak. Sorry.
      Mostly with new speak now it’s “It’s mine, you can’t have it” or more likely, “That’s theirs and you cannot copy it because I think it might make them sad or upset.”
      Virtual signaling to show how good one is(new speak)…used to be called “Little Miss Goody Two Shoes”(Old speak)
      Maybe I should write a book to help people transition into new era language…don’t want to innocently stumble into verbal ant beds with everyone being so touchy HAHA
      Maybe after a walk…
      Thanks for snorting along!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ally Bean / Aug 23 2019 7:30 am

    We had a Ford Edge as a rental on our last vacation and I liked it. That being said no amount of pink interior and fancy copy words would get me to buy one. I’ll save the earth by driving a sedan, thank you very much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 3 2019 10:31 am

      Sometime enjoying a rental is the best idea – like with electric cars until they can work out the unexpected spontaneous fires and what the heck are they going to do with the used up electric batteries ( and how much will replacement ones cost…companies are vague and hedging on both of those problems)
      get the car that works best for you (and double check the consumption and destruction ratings…I was stunned last time to see some of the new eco-friendly sedans were less fuel efficient than older model SUVs. SUVs. That’s a questionable term…aren’t the newer ones really station wagons by another name? Guess it’s not cool marketing to call then that? (To me, if it’s not body on frame, it’s not an utility vehicle – the Unibodies, a vanity status vehicle to impress the grocery/mall parking lot dwellers HAHA)
      Thanks for sensibly driving over with a comment


  4. Kate Crimmins / Aug 23 2019 7:31 am

    Last time I bought a car I said it had to be red, the cup holder had to fit the Starbucks venti without spilling and I needed a backup camera was made sense (some of the earlier versions were more confusing than just backing up). It worked. I had a choice of two different models at two different dealerships. People laughed at me but I had the last laugh. My car is one of the highest rated for safety.

    Liked by 1 person

    • shoreacres / Aug 23 2019 1:46 pm

      You sound like me. Two Toyota Corollas back, I asked for standard transmission, decent cupholders, and a great sound system. I got those, plus great gas mileage and 356,000 miles under my tires before I sold it.

      Liked by 2 people

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 3 2019 10:37 am

      Some just have best vehicle instinct. HAHA.” Arrest me red” somehow suits you.
      Cup holders as a marketing strategy by car salesmen is a bit like “the boat can sleep 8!” for sailboat brokers who blurt that out before talking about quality of sailing equipment to go fast. HaHa.
      That being said, if you commute, there better be the right cup holder for coffee, a place for the phone, and any visual to help in narrow parking garages is mandatory. Icing on the car cake!
      Thanks for looking under the hood of this post

      Liked by 1 person

  5. doesitevenmatter3 / Aug 23 2019 11:54 am

    The latest update from Sarah on her Dad (LordBeariOfBow)…
    Hi, Carolyn,
    Thank you for your email. Dad appreciated it. He hasn’t had the energy to reply this past week. He has taken a turn. His heart is failing. He has not been well.
    Mum, my brother Nathan and I are hoping they can make him comfortable and get him home. To his own bed, to coco and to his online friends in the coming week.
    Thank you for your kind words and caring.
    Dad says hi.
    I will keep in touch

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 23 2019 12:59 pm

      Grateful for you pony expressing this message over to this track. I’ve hesitated to email him as I know he frequently said how exhausting keeping up with his emails were under the best of circumstances, but will send something hopefully humorous and smile worthy his way shortly. Home and Coco are the best medicine. Once again, thanks so much for the update

      Liked by 1 person

      • doesitevenmatter3 / Aug 24 2019 1:03 am

        You’re welcome!
        I think he’d really enjoy getting e-mails from his WP friends! I know you will give him a smile! 🙂
        Carolyn 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. shoreacres / Aug 23 2019 1:44 pm

    Electric performance car? Hmmm… sounds like an automotive oxymoron to me. It brings to mind a certain candidate who says we’re going to go to all renewable energy — solar and wind — by 20-whenever. I’ll sign on as soon as he makes the first flight in his wind-powered aeroplane, built with parts carried to the factory in solar-powered trucks.

    Now, that Dodge Le Femme is something else. I could go for that, especially if it was turbo-charged, with four on the floor, and great sub-woofers. I’ll bring my own lipstick and latté.

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 3 2019 10:24 am

      It is interesting how words are altering in meanings. We’ll lose the meaningful threads if an era’s context is obligated.
      I was really amused with the cigarette lighter accessory – always a quandary then if smoking was “lady-like” but then again, it was an independent era (despite the cultural dictates) and the jet set sophisticates and celebrities smoked…slim cigarettes designed just for them HAHA.
      It would all be pumpkin spice colored if done now?
      Thanks for zooming by with a comment


  7. Maggie Wilson / Aug 23 2019 5:37 pm

    Is it just me, or does that Mach E look like a sneaker? (Caveat – I don’t get out much and don’t buy shoes. Can you tell?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 23 2019 6:58 pm

      Ironically the car’s camo wrap could be a design for Van shoes? (For that, you may make me – haha ) Thanks for shoe-ing that comment this way

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maggie Wilson / Aug 24 2019 12:16 pm

        in the believe it or not department, I just now saw LL Bean’s Bootmobile in my social media feed. Google it and see what you think.


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