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March 25, 2019 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Pickled, not tickled

Man on water tricycle (ca 1900/LoC George Grantham Bain collection/, artist life, LoC/

“Don’t do it,” they warned.”Not meant to walk on water.” But he thirsted for conquest.(USPD/

He managed a slight chuckle at the thought – might as well. Wondered if when they found him his entire body would be as wrinkled and white as a kid’s fingers from staying too long in the bathtub.

Caught himself. His fingers had quietly loosened as his mind wandered. After so long, his body ready to sabotage his will.

But it was lighter now. Daybreak. People would be up and moving around again.

Someone would find him.

Only a little while longer.

He tried to reshuffle his position in the water – to give his shoulders some relief.

If only he could swing up a leg – or pull up and hook an elbow.

Time had past for that. No reserves. Nothing left.

All he could do was hang on.

Not much longer he kept telling himself. Someone will see.

He wasn’t sure if he imagined the sound – by now his vision was as white and pickled as his skin.

A shadow. Sounds? Did he imagine the sounds?

 “Are you OK? Exactly how long have you been in there hanging on to the rim of the dog’s water bowl?”

“If you don’t mind,” whispered the exhausted lizard, “a little lift would be greatly appreciated.”

“Coming right up!”

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Small lizard sunning on pot (© image: all rights reserved, copyrighted, no permissions granted)

Edgy lizard lounge. Rim shot. (© image)

Small lizard sunning himself on solar cell (© image: copyrighted, all rights reserved, NO permissions granted)

The lizard kingdom a few hours later. Not sure why, but they all love to surf the solar cells. They get charged up over it.(© image)


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  1. Kate Crimmins / Mar 25 2019 6:58 am

    Poor lizard! You need to have a ground level spa for them.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Mar 25 2019 7:55 am

      Or supply a stick ramp out for them. Hopefully he’ll take advantage of the small puddle in the bird bath – between the pollen and smoke, that puddle is getting changed daily. The monarchs are moving – some stopping by for refreshments and a sip. Almost time for fish pond debut? Thanks for climbing over to chat

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  2. Littlesundog / Mar 25 2019 7:06 am

    I saw a wrinkly, skinny bull snake that had emerged this weekend. Finally, winter is behind the critters and they emerge into the sun and warmth. I also saw a baby garter snake on the driveway last week. Old and young… it’s time to get out there and live or die trying!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Mar 25 2019 7:58 am

      That snake shakin’ off the spring weather systems? The little cardinal couple have been over reviewing possible nesting sites – last weekend we careful pruned around last year’s chosen branches in the big crepe myrtle just in case. Nice to see nature stretching and yawning ( and we’ll be hotter than blazes shortly.) Thanks for dashing by to chat

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  3. shoreacres / Mar 25 2019 7:19 am

    Knowing when to hang on and when to let go — and when to scream for help — is important for everyone! I’d forgotten that white and wrinkly phenomenon. I always resisted getting pulled out of the tub and away from my plastic duckies, so white and wrinkly was pretty common for a couple of years.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Mar 25 2019 8:03 am

      Your first line might out to be tattooed on foreheads at birth.
      When I saw that poor horizontal ghostly white creature, I though it might be too late. Gently slipped him out and saw a blink, so relocated over to the large pot near the bird bath. Right now there’s fresh water puddle there for migrating butterflies. Hopefully that will be enough of a spa adventure for him. He must have been peeking in the window and seen that animal show about jungle lizards that are light and have special feet soothes actually can skip across water. A little knowledge can be dangerous?
      Thanks for splashing down here for a bit.

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  4. anotherday2paradise / Mar 25 2019 12:02 pm

    Love the dramatic start to this sorry tale with a happy ending. You really fooled me. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Mar 25 2019 12:24 pm

      The world is a stage and full of stories…even if tiny ones HAHA
      Thanks for hiking over to chat and leave a smile (Just be warned to always pack a sense of humor and know things aren’t always as they seem…)

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  5. Ally Bean / Mar 26 2019 12:00 pm

    One lucky lizard there. Suppose he’ll tell this story to his kith and kin? He can become a legend.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Mar 27 2019 7:42 am

      He’s got to make it out of the planter and across the patio to what is cracked up to be sanctuary first. Looks to be a racy spring?
      Thanks for leaping in with a comment

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  6. The Coastal Crone / Mar 26 2019 12:03 pm

    Hasn’t warm weather brought out interesting creatures? Saw my first hummer last week and put up a feeder. Yesterday Husband found a half-eaten grass snake in the bird bath. Perhaps it was being marinating. Love the photo of your friend on the solar cells.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Mar 27 2019 7:47 am

      Marinating – that’s hilarious. The winged ones are moving, so it must really spring.(cough cough – as if the pollen wasn’t signal enough HAHA – gotta love palm trees!)
      Thanks for flying a comment this way


  7. LordBeariOfBow / Apr 14 2019 9:07 pm

    I was getting all excited. then boom .
    Great yarn, glad you rescued the lizard I love lizards, used to have a family of blue tongues but I probably bored you with that story already 🙂


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