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November 5, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Vegetables canned. Duck.

Waitress serving breakfast at counter. 1930's/ TIchnor Bros./

Canned smiles not on the menu…although it would be nice if more grins were offered these days. (USPD/

The canning of the veggies imminent and in vogue. The season has passed for them and once again willing them away averted and redirected that stock.

Spotted the young, new, school teacher down the block picking up a lingering pumpkin in her flowerbed.

Undeterred by the squeaked and squawked protests from small local critters who had either taken up residence inside it or saw it as proof this is not a food desert for them.

Keeping the dripping ooze and mush at arm’s reach, she dropped it unceremoniously into her trash can on the curb…to hear it thud to the bottom. The garbage men had already been by earlier. Head down, she tugged the wobbling wheeled container back to the garage. Better late to the fight than never, they say.

Our cat, RC of the Realm, insist a high alert for lingering vegetable invaders must be continued. She’s spotted recent sneaky attempts to infiltrate and contaminate, so she says.

We’ve tried to explain those a bits of carrots in her food – an expensive canned food, that’s good for her. She barfed at the idea.

“It’s like invasion of body snatchers,” she retorts. “Once inside, the orange submarines head for the brain and attempt a take over.”

She rejected Molly’s offer of being a food taster. Dogs do not “taste”. No self-control. Besides, dogs will eat anything – as demonstrated last week with the slimy ham.  “With super model behavior, We shall protect the Realm by dislodging the mini-veggies’ journey. You may thank Us later. We are off to an obscure hard to reach spot for privacy. We shall call when time for clean on aisle 3.”

I’ve given up. No miniature vegetable submarines carrots in food. Ever.

New bits and pieces are coming up once again about that odd object overhead. (And it’s way over our heads): Oumuamua.

No longer though to be a comet or a meteor because of its’ acceleration and directional capabilities, NASA says it is the first known interstellar object.

Some have suggested it could be an alien spacecraft lost because of following Google’s trip routes or in a holding pattern by Universal Traffic Control. If that’s the case, maybe we should turn out all the lights and duck until it leaves.

Creative thinkers/engineers/astrophysicists have thought it might be space junk, part of an alien space craft that was torn off, maybe an actual solar lightsail of artificial origin (Cornell University). Realistically, no way it’s sailing. Where’s the bevy of bathing beauties on the bow?

Vegetable character, Potato, leaving the farm. (postcard, 1916, Northern Pacific RR/, artist life/

What if Mr Potato head was real and he simply got over heated and lost in space all these years? (postcard, 1916/USPD/

The cat, catching a glance at Oumuamua’s picture, insisted she didn’t drop that. Astutely, she brought up something to think about:

The object mysteriously appeared to rock our world early in October and the disappeared about the same time the vegetable invaders vanished…

Eerie coincidence. It is a coincidence, right?

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Machines. 1930-1945. Crane Service/TIchnor Bro. collection/Boston Pub.Lib/USPD.

Wall? We may need a protective camouflage dome first.(USPD/



  1. Xena and Lucy / Nov 5 2018 12:02 pm

    A cat eat veggies? Not a chance, me thinks. Only the woofers will help with the old veggie invasion. Mine practically fight over the fallings of peeled carrots, potatoes and stray slices of cabbage and such.
    I hadn’t heard about the almost invasion in the sky. Glad, not I don’t have to worry. Have a good week.

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 9:56 am

      You are right about dogs and odd veggies. Sherman, our rescued Westie loved leafy greens – iceberg lettuce was his favorite, never tried carrots with him as at that time, dogs were supposed to eat meat/dog food. (But he was so cute with the lettuce leaf joy)
      Seems there’s always some worry – better a potato in the sky than the potato brained politicians. HAHA
      Thanks for stirring in a comment into this bowl

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  2. Kate Crimmins / Nov 5 2018 12:20 pm

    I had a cat that ate potato chips. That’s all (as far as vegetables go), just potato chips. Certainly not carrots! Yuk!

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 9:53 am

      We had a Westie rescued dog that loved lettuce – iceberg was his favorite. He lived forever, maybe because of the salad? HAHA. Cats eat potato chips? Hmmm…maybe wait a few days to try that HAHA
      (You don’t think cats are secretly aware/.familiar with that big potato in the sky, do you?)
      Thanks for feeding the comment bowl

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      • Kate Crimmins / Nov 6 2018 10:43 am

        I’m pretty sure it was the salt. She ate them but then she would like the salt off of the last few. She was diabetic too.


        • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 11:55 am

          Low level of salt is one of the things that the original SR cat food had. The new and “improved” ones have too much salt and sugar – so we looked for something else. RC said no one consulter her – and we should have. HAHA
          RC will stick her head inside a chip bag and make off with a few if she gets a chance…leaving a trail of crumbs…she is still working on that trail issue in order to avoid discovery). At this age, diabetics is something I’m watching her for.

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          • Kate Crimmins / Nov 6 2018 12:26 pm

            I had two diabetic cats (at different times). The first one was in the late 90s and the second was diagnosed around 2007. They’ve come a long way with management for that. My second cat lived with it for 9 years and there was no neuropathy. He died at age 18 which is longer than some of my non-diabetic cats. Keep an eye on her though.

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          • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 12:54 pm

            Our dogs and cats generally live between 18-20 yrs. Even the rabbit and retired school guinea pig lived past anyone’s expectations…the school carnival gold fish eventually after outgrowing 3 tanks was donated to the at the time new botanical garden’s fish pond.
            The Westie did develop diabetes and I did injections as he was such a good little, tolerant dog. RC’s getting pretty up there in years so I watch for weight loss, too, which is never a good sign – so far so good. Just have to keep her on regular, never changing diet plan despite her cravings and occasional binges on forbidden foods. Right now still quite formidable.

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          • Kate Crimmins / Nov 6 2018 1:08 pm

            I’m coming back in my next life as one of your pets. 🙂

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          • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 4:57 pm

            Call ahead to make sure there’s a vacancy HAHA

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          • Kate Crimmins / Nov 7 2018 6:51 am

            I’ll put on my big puppy dog eyes and you’ll fall like a ton of bricks! 🙂

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          • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 7 2018 6:55 am

            Oh, gads, you’ve figured it out

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  3. The Coastal Crone / Nov 5 2018 2:36 pm

    I have seen commercials for cat food with veggies but knew my cat would never eat them. As you said dogs will eat anything. We did have a cat that liked chips and cheese. I had not heard about that strange thing in the sky. Guess we are all safe with more troops on the border.

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 9:51 am

      Anything that enjoys lizard tails probably isn’t going to prefer carrots. RC will run from far corners of the house if she even suspects tuna or salmon – fresh or canned – is around. Quite demanding of her share…without seasoning, please.
      There’s all sorts of mysteries in the sky, but mostly we are too busy with human gossip/. trials and tribulations to notice. I’d love to visit the observatory in Chile. Mountains and stares above the desert – could it get any better.
      The border must hold. People away from the border don’t realize how dangerous it is for everyone. Have family on ranch near Big Bend. There’s more than one infant with a phone number written on his diaper left alone in the brush, and more than one small boy sat down by the side of the road in 100F heat told by his “uncle” who left hime to just wait and border patrol will pick him up.
      Houston is full – our schools are full, our ERs, maternity wards, hospitals are full, our charities/churches have pitched in and donated all they can of clothing, necessities, gifts for all occasions, school supplies, shoes – available homes and money are running out. We’ve taken in and shelters so many for so many years from so many many places – since Bush – and Houston is full – Dallas, too.
      Those who aren’t directly affected don’t see. Just remember folks, when an immigrant child walks through your schools’ door, it means citizen’s children end up with less money to be spent per child on their education, larger class sizes, multi-lingual teachers/bilingual teachers/.ESL teachers are paid more due to demand…and get used to districts serving free breakfasts, lunch, and dinner as many this area do now. Money has to come from somewhere..yet our citizens that are veterans, the Native American tribes, the US born homeless,/mentally ill/ the poverty stricken areas of the US – NONE of those needs are being met. How can outsiders be more important than our own neighbors and citizens?
      We won’t even get into the human trafficking- Houston is a hub and it’s a continual fight.
      The border must hold. All must obey the laws and legal processes. Or we’re done. (and stop waving other country’s flags as you march this way – taking selfies as you go with your phones – and demanding another country let you in and give you everything…and showing a friend’s picture on a cell phone saying you are coming to see him and his girl friend, not a good reason…
      Please, Beto/Roberto as Roberts are frequently called around here- please stop your campaign from giving money/prepaid cards to charity organizations to help immigrants – that money was given by people to get you elected.)
      OK going to sit quietly in a corner now HAHA
      Thanks for sit-in’ by the bays and watching the tides roll in.

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  4. shoreacres / Nov 5 2018 6:08 pm

    I’d somehow missed Oumuamua’s fly-by. I love the Hawaiian meaning of the name, and that shape — it does look rather like the stereotypical UFO. Do you suppose it was a scout? At least it wasn’t trailing a banner for a politician of any stripe. It probably would have cost a pretty penny, but I have a feeling if someone could have figured out a way to do it, they would have.

    I tried the ‘healthy’ and veggie-laden food for Dixie Rose. I have no idea what I was thinking, but my thoughts obviously weren’t the right thoughts!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 7:55 am

      I kept thinking Oumuamua probably had a bumper sticker/decal with that cute Hawaiian Punch logo guy. I was going to try and find an image of him for the post, but figured ti was copyrighted. I knew it was in route, but the post never made it to completion…then the cat started muttering she knew it was the mother ship of the veggies…obviouslhy a hot potato!
      You are right about the fooled ya’ cat food. During our desperate search after they discontinued the only one she’s ever been able to eat and keep down, we were trying just about everything. She loved that new food…did fine on all the let’s try it cans…of course when we bought a case of the stuff. HA! Gotcha again. It’s been in the emergency supply pile as we figured the dog could eat it in emergency. I knew better..but she loved the first meal of it….HA! Hopefully she’s readjusted her internal drive and we’re OK again…but she just keep trying to snatch some of that lovely salmon ladened dog food…which won’t stay down at all with her.Sigh. Food monitor – new job description….
      Thanks for flying by with a comment!

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  5. Ally Bean / Nov 6 2018 7:43 am

    Cats don’t eat carrots. Which cat food company is trying to hoodwink you with that idea? I, too, missed the Oumuamua’s fly-by and am sorry that I did. Certainly the reporting on it was more factual than the reporting on our current political campaigns. Just saying…


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 6 2018 8:05 am

      An expensive, highly rated nutritional one…The carrots are tiny – tiny – yet the cat is still able to use a claw and move them to the side of the dish. Hopefully she’s back to normal with the closest we could get to her old SR. Cat turkey that has been discontinued. It was the only food she could tolerate as a small rescued out of a tree before a huge storm arrived kitten. She has weird chemistry according to all vets – her test numbers have never been normal, and we were told she’d probably not make it. Once we found food that stayed down, the vet said, “It’s not the best cat food, but somehow it is just what she needs – she’s thriving” And continues. Hmmm, you don’t think her aversion to eating veggies has something to do with her vigilance with Fall Invaders? Or is she more familiar with that flying Space Potato than she wants us to know? cats had to come from somewhere….
      Thanks for stating some true facts – especially about the political campaigns that have become such a horrid pain…elections are not suppose to be torturous for the voters, right? It’s brutal here, so TV stays off. Not sure it will get any better afterwards. Hang in there – and thanks for canning a comment to stack in here

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  6. ShimonZ / Nov 7 2018 9:38 am

    Oumuamua, wasn’t that a sort of dress that our women used to wear in the 50s? I’ve heard that the first to wear that clothing (before it was popular) was kicked clear out of the solar system. Is she on the way back? Was she wearing anything of note? Yes, you nay claim that she was near Vega some 300,000 years ago. But didn’t we hear somewhere that time is relative? On the other hand, you’re right. It might be a coincidence.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Nov 7 2018 10:05 am

      HAHA – you caught that, too. Started to stick in a fashion pix as a clue – and that logo of Hawaiian Punch guy in the straw hat with a ukulele. A bigger telescope might have picked up his image on that thing.
      Yeah, some relatives can be so disruptive – this one probably rocks too loud.
      Thanks for giving me a grin!

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  7. Beth / Nov 11 2018 4:11 am

    With my computer restored, I’m now free to do the things I enjoy, and one of those is stop here to finally catch back up. My cat Quincy kept insisting I was denying him is right to a portion of my banana. I’d pinch off a bite, show it to him, he’d sniff, reject, allow me to eat it, then demand another portion (rinse and repeat). He was convinced there must be something to it if I kept eating it. He finally put all paws on the floor and huffed off. His human was clearly insisting on hiding things from him, and he would not be teased any more by this so-called “banana”.

    Two weeks ago, we were driving home late at night, and noticed many lights drifting in the sky. Too quiet to be aircraft, we pulled over, as others had, on the highway to watch. I declared “Occam’s Razor! The simplest answer is space craft!!” This was rejected. 😦 We finally found the source, a Chinese Lantern Festival in Paige, Texas. We chatted up one of the event wranglers, then sat silently on a county road in the dark and continued to watch the lantern float across the sky.


  8. LordBeariOfBow / Nov 11 2018 8:27 pm

    I have it on excellent austerity that the object known as Oumuamua is the missing spacecraft from Battlestar Galactica; isn’t that right Coco? 🐾💀 hey Coco I’m talking to you!
    Ah well back to the drawing board.Perhaps I need an RC cat, perhaps I’ll check the Vaticans website see what cats they’ve got for sale.


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