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August 17, 2018 / philosophermouseofthehedge

When window sills wear white.


elegant woman standing in long white dress. (USPD/ pix of Dolores del Rio for Argentinean Magazine/

“We have tried to model appropriate behavior, RC Cat laments. (USPD/

Formal covers so much.

Attention to detail must be given to attain the desire of smooth.

She did not mean it. Simply too emotional to consider.

Impulse made her dig in. Gave bite to her anxiety.

Years, even her few, of insecurity created a desperation in the poor one We granted sanctuary to: The Molly of Malamute.

Despite Our best efforts to demonstrate the Eye Closed Meditation Position, every time Staff left her side, panic would attend.

Resulting in The Molly pouring herself against the window. Drooping down and across the wooden window sills.

There’s something instinctive about the canine species: anything in close proximity to a dog’s mouth ends up in their mouth. Disturbing.

The creatures may say “It’s only tasting – or mouthing familiar for comfort..” but any Dunderhead can see that “comforting pacifying” quickly becomes an entertaining crunch. Dogs are so easily amused.

As a result, the two window sills by the front door and driveway were savagely ravaged.

An embarrassment for the Realm.

Not to mention, the splinters and pokes which plagued Us when We, Ourselves, wished to monitor the Outer Realms.

Finally The Molly seems to have decided to  park herself upside down on the couch under the fan where she can watch comings and goings from across the room through a study window to control her mouth so Staff has cut, sanded, and painted new window sills.

We’ll almost look normal to visitors. Momentarily, but if they don’t stay long…

children with butterfly net. 1869, French Children's Story, (USPD.

“Of course it’s true. Any cat or dog picked up and carried home by a kid on the way to or from school has to be taken in as pet of the household.” Yeah, don’t fall for that one.(USPD/

Boxing Day is approaching which means herds of small children yelling and bouncing down the sidewalk  quiet respectful young ones walking purposefully towards their future in the mornings.

In Our wisdom, We have suggested to staff that the window sit should be gloved as The Molly gets so excited and wants to hurry any walkers out of the area greet and encourage the little ones as they careen around the yard with their flying backpacks and lunch kits happily march towards their Large Yellow Carrying Transports.

We have repeatedly told The Molly that no, she does not get to eat any lunches dropped or claim any backpack as a finder’s keeper’s chew toy. Sigh.

White pads on window sill. (© Image copyrighted, all rights reserved, NO permissions granted)

Staff followed recommendations to pad the window gloves. Not only to  make chin resting or sitting more comfortable, but to avoid other pressing issues. At least they are formal white. The beach towels were an embarrassment. Garishly visible to anyone who looked. (© Image)

The Molly may have regained control of her teeth, but she still needs a pedicure.

Judging what those massive paw nails can do to the yard and the dents in Staff’s feet, long white gloves shielding the new sills are only logical.

We shall have to invent some excuse trendy, new home decor reason if guests ask.

The things We must do to try to maintain appearances.


We appreciate your kind commiserating.

We approve of your rapt attention and offer a soft cheek pat as a reward.

Oh, dear. That cheek has been washed recently, yes? Our paw seems sticky.

Yes, yes, That lovely can of tribute tuna could smooth our feelings.

RC Cat curled in box.© Image copyrighted, all rights reserved NO permissions granted.

Although We understand boxing, commonsense seems to support an open-ended view.(© Image)

No that is not a suggestion. You know The Mandate:

Don’t forget to leave an open can of food in the doorway as tribute

No need to be formal,

just stack it there.

Over there, dunderhead, not on the window sill glove.

White stains! The can is open!

Yes, yes. That is an attractive bow in apology, but go, you must.

The paw is waving!

Are you blind as well as deaf?

Audience fini.

Waving! Waving! Staff! We tire!

Adieu, mon chere

crown symbol with message "I am RC Cat and I approve this message"

I am RC Cat and I approve this message.

Unclear about the Celebration of the Boxing of the Children? (Like this will help any…)


  1. Kate Crimmins / Aug 17 2018 1:08 pm

    Every incoming pet has destroyed something loved. Jake put 5 deep scratches in a new dining room table as he scrambled to get off because he wasn’t supposed to be there. Morgan broke two cherished glass containers. Hazel desecrated an area rug to the point where it needed to be tossed. We cut it up so some unsuspecting reclaimer wasn’t temped to retrieve. I can’t remember what Mollie did but I’m sure she did something. We have delightful color coordinated towels covering strategic cushions which are of course removed for company. However, our windowsills are pristine although we did have a few bouts with screens. So delicate especially when claws get caught.

    Liked by 2 people

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 17 2018 3:22 pm

      RC Cat: “Screen Queens are always worth watching. Truth be told, We rolled over and tumble right out shortly after moving to this house. Staff did not realize the screen material was so old it couldn’t keep a gnat out or a cat in. As the tv house shows say, “Each wants to put their own mark on a home. We do not see the problem, but Staff apparently does. (They are so hard to train, so We tolerate some oddness.) A welcoming paw salute to your realm rulers!

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  2. Xena and Lucy / Aug 17 2018 5:12 pm

    RC Cat I must commiserate. I once had a wonderful Sammy dog who used to lay on the back of the couch and chew the window sill. After repeated attempts to stop the behavior and fix the sill, I finally painted over the chewed portions and called it “distressed.”


  3. LordBeariOfBow / Aug 17 2018 6:44 pm

    I’m on Molly’s side 😁 🐶🐾 🐻 ; Coco advises, from the comfort of my bed; that parking upside down it the right WTG 🐶; and anyway he can’t get onto the windowsills to compare the relative benefits 😀


  4. shoreacres / Aug 18 2018 7:58 am

    Window gloves. Sometimes your mind goes to places I’ve never imagined — but the imagery is perfect. White gloves, too. I remember those occasions when only white gloves would do. Sometimes, there was a little cattiness involved, but that’s a different topic. 🙂


  5. ShimonZ / Aug 19 2018 1:51 pm

    Oh, its always like that with the servants, RC. At first they smother you in their desire to be of service. And then after awhile they think it’s their house, and we’re just in the way. But as long as you get your tributes, you know they haven’t lost their respect for authority. Strange that staff thought of window sill sleeves… sort of like coming home from the tattoo parlor with long sleeves on. I would suggest a very modest but dignified sign, standing on one leg like they do in museums, on which would be pasted the words printed by computer: Molly; 2018; on white painted wood… something like that.


  6. Pied Type / Aug 20 2018 9:48 pm

    I’ve seen door frames chewed, but never a window sill. Still, wood is wood. Is The Mollie part beaver?


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 21 2018 8:10 am

      Two window sills – big pieces ripped off – about 1/3 of each one. And then there’s the obvious tooth marks on the sheet rock beside the windows. When husky/malamute owners yell at their dogs “Stop eating the house, they aren’t kidding”. In addition to breed quirkiness, Molly was quite stressed when she arrived here – multiple foster homes and not sure she ever lived inside before. Won’t even try to count the number of beds/towels/indestructible toys ripped and mangled in the crate, harnesses, one bedspread (even after she calmed down, when lonely she would curl up on the bed and suck on the bedspread/comforter…which eventually turned into shewing on the comforting item.
      In all fairness, The German ate entry way rugs, laundry out of the laundry basket, a couple of clogs, and ate the roof off an entire wooden Heidi-style dog house (she got bored…managed to learn how to tug it up her yard’s hill and roll it down the hill) Dogs get really creative. Knock on wood, the new window sills will last…long white towel gloves across each will be the first line of defense… Thanks for nailing in a comment. (Hope the smoke is better there. Friends tells about 1,000 people a week are moving to Denver area. Whew. That’ll change things. You’ll love this: yesterday one of the Houston firetrucks stopped working and they had to set up a tent for someone to keep an eye on it until they could get a wrecker or get it running again. Afraid it would get stripped of sellable items/materials if it was left unguarded. Yep. Welcome to the big city.)



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