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September 22, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

If wishes were doggies

If wishes were doggies, how they would run.

German shepherd dog asleep on floor. (Image: ©ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Please make it stop. More exhausting than keeping an eye on the streets.(Image: ©ALL rights reserved.)

If electric car companies want to find out how to do rapid recharging, they need to come follow the short dynamo around.

Trainee Ella and I thought our houses were safe, but he’s going in and taking the Kongs. Our Kongs! Not like he doesn’t have enough of his own.

Although Ella did sneak a taste of his and said although it was ‘way too flimsy for dog stress relief chewing, the chicken and rice leftovers clinging did give it a nice seasoning. Staff reclaimed it quickly.

When do they train him to share and to ask politely first?

He’s got “Sit” already.

Sigh. Long suffering dogs expected to be the shining example.

Even if run into the butt at full speed by rolling terror charge.

Relief Staff is doing an excellent job of “pet softly”. I can forgive the stickiness….as Ella says, “Tasty.” Especially when he’s dangling fingers at the dinner tower. Staff has recognized he is bribing us doing this intentionally. Dogs are better than a Rumba afterwards. Efficient and dependable.

Despite our vigilance at the gate, chaos continues to arrive.

Just when you think there’s some down time, the smoke alarms go off.

Don’t care if it’s raining, I refuse to sit around with that. I’ll consider coming back inside when it’s fixed.

Like there isn’t enough noise around here. See that red monster with the circular legs and green boots? It sings. Far too perky.

The only thing holding me back from giving to The Toy Destroyer  my trainee, Ella, the signal to search and destroy is that Staff says it’s the greatest small person workout trainer ever. He must be training for a marathon.

At least if he’s anchored in there, he’s not stealing my Kong. Compromises. Life is all about compromises. He will learn that means everyone gives up a little, not just the dogs on duty? Sigh.

Everything considered, he’s shaping up nicely and we strut quite proudly on either side of his rolling stage when performing down the sidewalk.

We are in step. The Three Amigos!

Dragging staff behind us.

Clever of the kid to give Staff that sturdy handle to hang onto. Why is it Staff can’t seem to keep up without support?

Must be out of shape. The frantic stair charges should help that.

Yep, the next alternative energy source right in front of them…and behind them…and over there…

 (I’ve suggested something called a hamster wheel, but Staff seems less than convinced it would be a practical energy producer if scaled up. Something about being inhumane. Ella and I think if you don’t tell the kid, he won’t know.)

Generate that, hurry cane.

On the run again.  (Staff asked me to memo you patience. Dogs nose that.)

Hasta later.

The German

All rights reserved. Peace for paws. Copyrighted German Shepherd's signature. NO permissions granted

Peace for paws








  1. 2gatherstones / Sep 22 2017 11:21 am

    What a wonderful dog!


  2. RAB / Sep 22 2017 11:53 am

    Handsome German! Also, I have to say…beautiful rug!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 22 2017 12:36 pm

      Only the best for The German. (Family heirloom that’s been through several generations of kids and large dogs…there’s something about fringe that looks inviting, so blue painter’s tape is currently bordering the edge. Thanks for getting along with the little doggies.


  3. D. Wallace Peach / Sep 22 2017 12:20 pm

    Those green-footed noisy monsters are tough on dogs. Fun post. 🙂


  4. Kate Crimmins / Sep 22 2017 1:27 pm

    We are still trying to figure out what made us adopt Gracie. The others were trained (sort of). There was peace in the house (sort of). Thne that Tasmanian devil came in and no one sleeps. Your carpet looks a lot like the one in my dining room. Hides hairballs nicely.


  5. The Coastal Crone / Sep 22 2017 3:01 pm

    Thinking about all that energy makes me tired. What a patient dog! Taking his Kong could be dangerous! Have a good weekend!


  6. LordBeariOfBow / Sep 22 2017 7:26 pm

    he deserves all that he wants, gentle creature that he appears to be. 😀


  7. petspeopleandlife / Sep 22 2017 8:37 pm

    Your dog is a gorgeous specimen And the photo seems to indicate reflection possibly, back to the days of youth. Really watching the whatch -ama call it thingy?


  8. The Hook / Sep 23 2017 4:43 am

    We need “Peace for paws” t-shirts…


  9. Littlesundog / Sep 23 2017 8:27 am

    Oh, I agree with The Hook… Peace for Paws t-shirts would be grand!! I have never had a “search and destroy” dog… but then I have these small Japanese Chin that do chin spins and the chindy 500. It’s all entertainment, eh?


  10. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy / Sep 23 2017 2:39 pm

    It is tough keeping an eye on all the things for a furry one.


  11. Amy / Sep 24 2017 3:07 am

    I can only imagine the destruction a terror sized hamster ball with the terror in it could do. And are you sure it isn’t Paws for Peace? 🙂


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Sep 24 2017 8:34 am

      Just this once, The German is desperately reversing the logo..if wishes were doggies.
      Thanks for pausing to poke the little things! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Curt Mekemson / Sep 24 2017 11:59 am

    “Dogs are better than a Rumba afterwards. Efficient and dependable.” Ain’t it the truth! There is never a dog so faithful, so focused, as when it is watching a baby eat. “Fling some more, Kid!” –Curt

    Liked by 1 person

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