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May 27, 2017 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Boxing is over.

While some can’t wait for the ring of the boxing world, others feel quite the opposite.

Yesterday they spilled out like Colorado rapids over boulders.

To be met by parents weeping. Obviously with joy of having their young home 24-7.

A time of so much joy that some have installed celebratory water features – just like airports and seaports gush large water plumes across runways or harbors to welcome celebrities and heroes.

Lawn sprinkler spraying water across yard. ALL rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

A welcome worthy of the Unboxing celebration ©

So touching.

The giant lumbering yellow transport boxes have wandered off to wherever they hibernate until fall. Once again the morning serenade only features birds and those growling lawn hackers and blasting hand-held haboob machines.

Summer is here.

And it makes Us sleepy…and wishing for something….

We have heard sardines or anchovies make a perfect light summer snack. Tributes, not forgotten, but a little seasonal variation might be looked upon considerable interest. They may be placed on your left as you exit. Ah, yes, well done! How well trained kind you are. A gracious paw wave for your conditioned response consideration. 

Adieu, mon ami

I am RC Cat and I approve this message.





Confused about Boxing Day and Unboxing Season? RC Cat has a post for that…


  1. easyweimaraner / May 27 2017 8:28 am

    yes… the heat and the summer noises make us sleepy… but for some sardines I would leave my cool spot :o) even when it sounds odd, we hope that fall comes soon ;O)

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jun 12 2017 5:58 pm

      RC Cat: “Ah, a kindred soul. Share a bite of salmon? If you would be so kind as to paw open the fridge door…. Yes, Yes, well done – that chunk of cheese there has your name on it, too. A friendly nod for your efforts – as We have Our paws busy right now.”


  2. colonialist / May 27 2017 8:59 am

    And there I thought boxing was this weird custom of putting padding on hands to stop them from harming somebody, and then trying very hard to harm somebody with them anyway.

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jun 12 2017 6:04 pm

      RC Cat: “The customs of humans are indeed so odd. Why they would consider it wish to box up their young the entire daylight hours most of the year is beyond foolish. Apparently someone got through to them if humans have learned to pad their hands when pounding conflicts occur. It is something worth sleeping over while considering. You may lounge over there. Not on Our tail! Do not touch the royal fluff! How could you possibly think it was a fleece blanket? Yes, much better. We shall resume Our chat about boxing upon waking.”

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  3. cindy knoke / May 27 2017 11:34 am



  4. Kate Crimmins / May 27 2017 1:15 pm

    Another reason to celebrate! I’d go for margaritas rather than sardines.


  5. Anne Mehrling / May 27 2017 1:44 pm

    We just got a college person home for the summer. Grandson was unboxed from a choir tour that went from New York to South Dakota. Then he helped Grandpa drive from NewJersey to North Carolina. I was happy to hear about it all at home.


  6. bulldog / May 27 2017 11:31 pm

    And I’m in the same confused stat as Col


  7. aFrankAngle / May 29 2017 7:10 pm

    I would like that RC is bored with the sprinklers … well, unless they awaken her from a royal snooze.


  8. RKLikesReeses / Jun 6 2017 3:12 pm

    That time of year again!?! Incredible!
    The Princesses Pickles and Mila send paw waves to RC.
    They’re de-stressing from two days of horrible noises. If I let them type now it’d be inappropriately cranky, I’m sure, and probably sprinkled with salty language. 😉


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