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July 29, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Doggone Scratchy and Toothy

Surprised Cat . NO permissions granted. Copyrighted. ALL rights reserved

What? Scammers scarfing money needed to rescue desperate Dogs of War? Even a cat wouldn’t do that! ©

For veteran military and service dogs, every day is still a battle.

Like any soldier, the Dogs of War deserve to return home and finally have a safe, quiet place to retire.

People are standing paw to toe with man’s best friends.

Barking long and loud got it across to the US congress and military branches that the people stateside expect the dogs who bravely protected soldiers, who suffered along side of them in multiple deployments without complaining, who loyally risk their lives despite danger from enemy snipers because their noses and training was so effective – we demanded they be returned stateside and be released to former handlers or to good homes.


There are some military dogs who find themselves ending up in the kennels of security contractors in those same dangerous areas. 

Efforts are being made to bring ALL the dogs safely home.

MissionK9Rescue Kristin Mauer is on the ground in Kuwait now trying to work some miracles there. Video of her with one of the dogs, here.

Retired US Marine Miltary working dog, Oreo. (

Oreo says, “It’s true. The girls can’t resist a guy in uniform – or soulful big brown eyes.”(

Oreo is the spokesdog for Mission K9 Rescue.

The 10-year-old Labrador Retriever is trained as an Explosives Detection expert who can sniff out 10 different types of explosive compounds. Retired, Oreo now lives with Bob Bryant, a MissionK9Rescue Co-founder and Director who tosses Oreo all the tennis balls he can chase.

Molly Malamute is totally enchanted from seeing Oreo on TV and hopes to meet him this weekend at her favorite doggy camp (“Everyone into the splash pad pool”), Meadowlake, where a fund-raiser is being held to help other dogs. (You can also donate online here or here. )

The group is especially a tail wager as their mission includes border patrol dogs and airport security canines, too.

RC Cat is pretty miffed though. She has raised “The Paw” in outrage,

(In as much outrage as a cat can muster about a dog issue)

HRH has authorized Dory of a neighboring realm, to issue a warning that fake donation sites have appeared imitating MissionK9Rescue . (Low down dirty curs).

So be as cautious as a cat.

RC would issue a proclamation herself, but she does have a certain image to uphold, while Dory…you know. Youngsters can get away with dancing in the litter box of appropriateness.

Glaring mad cat at window. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted.

“Yes, We raised The Paw. It is enough. One must delegate when possible.”©

That’s the tooth of the matter.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Neighboring realm cat Dory signalling the audience is over. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighte. NO permissions granted

“My work here is done. I have corners to go stare at.” ©







  1. Paul / Jul 30 2016 6:55 am

    The Lab is so sweet. My folks used to breed them when I was young – you couldn’t want for a better best friend. Our girl, Leader, loved children and was very protective of all children. I know they are talented and can contribute to the war effort – saving lives – but it seems so sad to put them in harm’s way when they have no way to agree or disagree. Sigh. Anyway, the least we can do is give them a safe and quiet retirement.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 31 2016 6:40 pm

      Labradors have never met a tennis ball they do not like. They are so beautiful to watch running in big spaces. They just seem to need fireplaces and flannel to snuggle up to at night. I think maybe humans need to return to the original partnership with dogs – working partners and not spoiled pets sitting around waiting all day for their person to find time for them. Dogs like jobs – as family guards, herders, ratters, and protectors in schools. And there’s a contract with a dog – if they work with you, you are responsible for them: to feed care, make sure they have the necessary equipment -and a safe retirement with healthcare if they have been put in harsh environment or dangerous situations. That last part is a mandate if the dog is a partner. Somewhere that part got forgotten when dogs just became things to own. How cool you had a big dog as a child – that experience makes a real difference in a person’s development. Cheers for the big woofies and thanks for raising a paw!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. marthaschaefer / Aug 1 2016 12:23 pm

    Man has use animals in wartime for centuries; horses and dogs. It is about time we saw fit to grant them the bare minimum of a promised retirement after they serve. I also totally agree with your spoiled pets comment. They are happiest when they are doing what they do best. Aren’t we all?? Thanks Phil for all you do on getting the word out for worthy causes such as this.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 3 2016 8:02 am

      When animals become domesticated, a partnership and agreement is formed. Now it’s time for humans to live up to their part of the bargain. Posts are a bit like notes in a bottle tossed into a vast ocean – you always hope the message lands a the feet of the right person. Thanks for your visit and the kind words.


  3. Aquileana / Aug 2 2016 5:55 am

    Mission K9 Rescue has such high aims… I truly like what you are fighting for … and so true, those dogs deserve the best treatment considering how brave they are and all the things they might have gone through… Thanks for spreading the word about this initiative…. Now , I´ll go check out the links in depth. Have a great week, dear Phil… Best wishes. Aquileana 🙂


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 3 2016 7:46 am

      When dogs became domesticated, a partnership was formed: “You take care of me and I’ll take care of you.” Well, the dogs have done their part now is the time or people to follow through on their part of the agreement. Much appreciate your visit and comment. Thanks for barking along. Hope your week is full of adventure and fun


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