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July 8, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Yes, Vermeer

 Vermeer painting of Girl Reading a Letter by and Open Window. (PD: Artist life, /Google Art Project:/

The artist Vermeer skillfully sheds light on his subjects. That all could. (PD/

She knew. Like Cinderella. Destined for a higher place. These backrooms not forever.

Silent, she endured the determined tugs this way and that. The harsh comments and scrutiny. Constant rejection for no logical reason.

She was constant in herself.

 (NO permissions granted) Vermeer-like lighting of long formal dress bag reclining on couch. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

Diva reclining on couch. Oh, it is too Vermeer-like. Beauty side lit from window. Squint. ©

Let them try to remake her to suit their purposes.

To restrain her

To keep her intricate beauty hidden under wraps.

Demanding such a price for her.

 Big dress in travel bag in car. NO permissions granted ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted

“She’s touching me. She’s taking up all the room. She’s on my side! Why is SHE getting all the AC ? I’m on the sunny side. If she’s too hot, tell her to take off that cloak ” Undercover fluff makes the rules. Sorry.©

She held together. Stitching in her dreams.

Nourishing her inner diva. Her day would come.

Dreams of being the princess.

Attendants smoothing her.

Moving obstacles out of her way.

Others stepping aside when she walked forth.

And there would be shoes. Sparkly ones. Like Cinderella.

Bride and groom on mountain. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

She wasn’t wrong about destiny. A higher place is fitting.©

Goes to show, with the fabric of life, dreams can come true.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Happy dog riding in car. ALL rights reserved. NO permissions granted. Copyrighted

“Thank goodness that’s over and I got my spot in the car back from that puffy tyrant.”©




  1. easyweimaraner / Jul 8 2016 7:15 am

    yes dreams can come true…. sadly the mama never became a princess… she got the frog instead of a prince… but frogs can be fabulous too :O)


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 8 2016 7:23 am

      Easy, frogs are hoppy! They leap with joy. Good choice, as it turns out. (Just get ready to take action if anyone is eyeing thosr froggy legs too closely.) Thanks for painting a masterpiece of a comment

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  2. Satin Sheet Diva / Jul 8 2016 7:47 am

    Wow and congratulations :-).


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 8 2016 8:02 am

      Have to admit daughter picked a dramatic spot that was perfect…except for transporting the dress…they cannot get hot – such demanding ones. Oh, well, who wanted to stand in the airport lines this summer anyway. Thanks for adding a dressy comment


  3. Kate Crimmins / Jul 8 2016 8:26 am

    Seriously you chose a dress over the beloved Molly? A few stray dog hairs would have given it a “homey” touch. The picture is beautiful and I hope all was prefect for her day. (Was Molly a bridesmaid? I’m sure she would have loved to traipse down the aisle with a basket of kibble.)


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 8 2016 10:50 am

      Molly was miffed and had offered to sit on top of the dress (“To hold it still”) But the German and her side-kick, Belle, convinced her that a short doggy camp stay would be woof-ful with the Three Barkateers reunited. (“Everyone into the pup friendly pool!”). Agreement for pet resort stay was the only way to pry Person’s bridemaid’s basket out of all their jaws.
      Whew. Weather was perfect (you never know) and it was smiles by all. (Now maybe some rest…after al the laundry…)Thanks for tossing a flowery comment this way

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  4. aFrankAngle / Jul 8 2016 8:35 am

    Cheers to the celebration, the new couple, and to Molly for getting her spot back.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 8 2016 10:44 am

      It was beautiful location quite meaningful for the event. Blue-jeaned princess is now officially launched. RC Cat is alaready going “Now that room is MINE – all mine. No fishy stinking bounce backs.” Molly may dispute that as she was caught trying out the bed (on the German’s advice “Possession is 9/10ths of the laws”). And now maybe time to rest and catch up. Thanks for climbing by!

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  5. RKLikesReeses / Jul 8 2016 12:55 pm

    O!! Wedding, mountains. I had it all wrong! Thought the event was first and then the mountains were your vacation afterwards! Also didn’t realize who the bride was. WOW! You’ve been dealing with a lot!! So have the various four-footed members of the family. The Dress reigned, hunh? What a journey! Amazing pictures, snapshots of tender care (and LOL re “She’s touching me…”) and a lovely portrait of that AMAZING couple at the top of the world. Touching post, poignant and funny. 🙂

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 8 2016 2:39 pm

      Rather than an indoor party crammed with far too many people and o time or energy to chat with each, Person and Her Person decided to go with a place that meant something to them with parents only attending. It’s the couple’s memories, afterall. Two swooping birds soared past together overhead at the end of the ceremony. Pretty perfect. (and pretty tired now…and pretty tired of doing laundry. Since when did the laundry mats close up at 7 in Estes? Booooo!). Glad you enjoyed soemthing for the princesses to dream about….they love elegant flying lace, right? Thanks for hiking in to park a comment

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  6. heretherebespiders / Jul 8 2016 5:06 pm

    Vermeerly perfect! It does have the symmetry. So glad you are enjoying yourself!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 8 2016 6:32 pm

      It’s all about the light. Sadly, after Person’s grand event, we’ve returned to the coastal plains ( and sweltering with the heat today). Molly is now trying to convince us to put in a splash pad and pool like at doggy camp where she and the German and Belle spent the week. Bet the Three Barkateers kept them busy. Thanks for painting a lovely comment


  7. Paul / Jul 9 2016 4:35 am

    Wow – a wedding in the sky. Gorgeous. The logistics must have been difficult – arranging cake and flowers and entertainment, etc -from 1,000 + miles away. I assume you had assets in the ground in Colorado to make this happen. Beautiful site and bride Phil. Sounds like the dog crew had a great visit to the pool ready kennel. Ha! I bet they enjoyed that.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 10 2016 1:07 pm

      Couldn’t have asked for a spot with more impact. Even the clouds moved in at just the right time for a little softer light for the photos. (And despite all worries, the bride did not sail off like Mary Poppins.) RC Cat has her paws in many realms. She’s pretty smug about that. Thanks for soaring by to chat.


  8. Littlesundog / Jul 9 2016 8:11 am

    What a lovely place to wed. I’m curious about the route you took getting there and coming home. I hope you hit a few interesting twisty, winding back roads on the way home… of course you’d need a GPS for sure. But oh, the sites to be seen both up high and in the lower valleys of the mountains. Laundry? What about all of those slobbers and licks on the rear windows? 😀


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 10 2016 1:01 pm

      With so much major road construction we did take alternative back roads both there and on the way back. – Some very cool ones! GPS and navigation is so wonderful. I always love that ranching acreage the last couple of hours before Raton Pass. Lots of antelopes among the cattle this time -little ones, too. Also mull over how determined, strong-willed, and hardy all the early residents were in that area. (Will have to organize some of those pictures and thoughts into posts). Thanks for hitching up to ride along

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  9. marthaschaefer / Jul 12 2016 9:42 am

    As always, Phil, you led me on a twisty path with this post. I had no idea in the opening shots and words where you were taking me or that such a gorgeous dress was the subject. Picture perfect from the looks of it. Congrats to all!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Jul 13 2016 6:35 am

      During the selection process, we kept mentioning to Person “That one won’t pack well. That one won’t fly except like that flying nun in the show. But if it’s The Dress, it’s The Dress – and we quietly canceled the plane tickets and fueled up the car. Pretty much of a movie set ocassion. Thanks for driving along and parking a comment

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