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February 26, 2016 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Not so easy, rider.

BMW R7 Concept Motorcycle at MFAH Art Deco exhibit. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted for this image

There are risks, and then there are risks. Mom couldn’t really complain if I rode. I had college pictures of her on motorcycles. Besides my uncle had one. Not as fine as this BMW R7 Concept motorcycle, though.©

A social climber going to the extremes.

Obviously not Santa Claus. Somehow expected her excuse to be “Proactive spring chimney cleaning for next year’s reindeer stop.”

She doesn’t appear to be an elf. Lost, maybe.

Lucky she had a cell phone to call 911.

Wonder if this social climber posted on social media while waiting?

“First responders free woman trapped in chimney in Spring” (ABC13 video/story)

Speaking socially, glad last week is over and done.

If the car posts hadn’t been parked waiting for a green light, this blog would have featured emptiness with even darker thoughts.

Things left loose took a bite out of life: both human and dog.

While I was off helping with sick German and Ella, Molly and Staff,Too were victims of unprovoked dog attack from behind by two running at full speed loose pit bulls well-known in the neighborhood for previous vicious incidents.

Survived. Lucky.

Much time spent in ER, Vet, plastic surgeon, and lots of communication with animal control and police. Dogs jailed.

Now before I get all the usual hate mail from Pit Bull fans:

  • It’s always been “Bad owners, not bad dogs” here. Actually read the previous posts before you start ranting.
  • One of my dog’s besties is a huge – giant – white pit bull. Such a sweetie who just wiggles and vibrates with joy when she sees friends and their owners on walks. So well-mannered. So well behaved. Guided and cared for by responsible owners who have done a lot of work with socialization and dog behavior. Miss R a great pit bull. Champion for her breed.
  • But be honest. Some people do not have the strength, determination, time, or the knowledge to have ANY aggressive, strong-willed, dominant breed dog. These two dogs were never socialized or trained to be safely among people or other dogs. Not did their owners heed warning signs.
  • There have been numerous incidents with these dogs over the past 4 years – escalating in severity. Everyone kept saying, sooner or later a child or person will be hurt. And yes. It’s happened.
  • Bad, arrogant owners who sometimes smugly demonstrated their own marginal control over the dogs. Sadly these dogs will pay for their owners’ irresponsibility and lack of concern.
  • Once there’s human blood from an unprovoked attack off the dog’s property, a judge makes the call.
  • Worse? We all know these owners will immediately go adopt more pit bulls and the cycle will start all over again.

Chilling, I know.

For a dog lover and one who has worked with rescue dogs having behavior issues, it’s no easy ride.

But it could have been a child.

Time to stop.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Comments are turned off. Heartbreaking. Exhausted. And what’s left to say?

Staff,Too and Molly are resting. Ahead are appointments, skin grafts, and irritation at the process.  Molly’s very strong and blessed with a dense coat. A lesser dog would not have survived.

Indian Chief model motorcycle for MFAH Art Deco Vehicles exhibit. ALL rights reserved. Copyrighted. NO permissions granted

Sometimes running wild and free is a good idea, and sometimes it isn’t. (Coveted vintage motorcycle: an Indian Chief from the Art Deco Era)©




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