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April 27, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Rebounding. Switching cats.

They are only suburban drudges, she, on the other hand…

Have to say, the neighborhood Spaniel diva has fine tuned the art of persuasion.

Attitude? Understatement.

Dramatic glamour shot of actress.1920-1930's. LOC/Francess Benjamin Johnson Collection:/

That Spaniel. She thinks she’s this. (LOC/ USPD/

RC Cat is spitting foam over that hussy.

 Turns her back to her.

The snooty Spaniel never gives a sniff to Molly.

Retreats behind her walker’s legs. Keeps her distance as if Molly was a common mongrel.

Molly tries to be kind. “Perhaps she’s suffering from lack of oxygen from her travels.”

“Truth be known,” RC has been heard to say, “is that many of those who tote that silky gal around call her ‘baggage’ and ‘cargo’. We know the truth.”

The truth is that the Spaniel is constantly jetting back East to visit a boyfriend and returns all coy and blushing.

“Hussy!” RC proclaims. “Leaves her small child at home while she goes partying. Strutting around in those purple satin harem pants.”

boy holding plate. 1920's/Harry Walker/

“Have you seen my mom? I woke up and she was gone.” (1920’s/Walker/

Molly tries to be kind, but two arrivals of blessed events in one year?

That can be prevented you know, so it’s obviously intentional. Is Fancy-pantsy trying to baby trap her beau?

“Fool!” snarls RC. “He’s a player. It’s only a booty call. Her staff needs to be replaced. Litter education required.”

Molly agrees. There’s been a lot on TV about litter campaigns so there won’t be as much messing in Texas.

Staff has been messing around with ideas concerning nasty uninvited rodents.

Searching for options to the neighbor’s toxic rat bait that almost poisoned Molly.

Stealing Borrowing one of Galveston’s huge gladiator wharf and dock defender cats is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Realistically, why would one want to relocate away from the shore? And then there’s all the booster shots staff might require if one of the cats decided to firmly refuse the invitation.

Upon reading many labels, it seems cat urine is a major ingredient in many defense products.

Hey! Staff already has a ready natural source for that!

RC is pleased to contribute. Smug in fact. “Win-fresh wind” she’s announced.

No longer perturbed by those hard litter mounds that seem to linger in her “facilities” box, she announces the “Scoop to send rats packing experiment.”

Biodegradable and serving more than one purpose: a few little natural decorative lumps along the way for any rat running across the yard. Don’t worry. If a squirrel or raccoon stops to examine the wheat clump, we’re pretty sure they won’t take more than one bite.

Taking the bite out of the yard restrictions for Molly is a new game: digging up possible cat ancestors.

RC is outraged that anyone could possible take this vintage scene seriously.

Molly grins and says “If it walks like a cat, has a tail like a cat, meows, and wants pets, then….”

Well, you decide: Is pretty kitty Miss Adelaide and Miss Adelaide’s Kittens from the 1955 film “Guys and Dolls”, cat torment or cat genealogical discovery?

Judge for yourself. Or just purr along with the “Pet Me Poppa” song lyrics – you can just imagine the prancing and cat outfits on stage in The Hot Box Club scene…No, actually you can’t. A song and dance routine that simply must be seen to be believed…and people yowl about music videos….

Classic film with Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra. (Story synopsis here. Movie trailer and videos here. Full Movie here. Called one of the Top 30 Best Musicals of all times)

Well, that’s the cat’s me-ow.

Beyoncé, eat your heart out.

Staff better go put a stop to the ruckus it is causing.

Staging a nice rebound to what passes as normal,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Elegant woman in chair. Actress Norma Talamadge, 1922.

Normal? WIth a cat that insists this is her, how can you possibly hope for normal? (Norma Talamadge,1922/USPD/





  1. Carrie Rubin / Apr 27 2015 9:07 pm

    Hmm, cat urine for defense. Who needs pepper spray when you’ve got cat pee? 😉


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Apr 27 2015 9:53 pm

      No being a cat person, I can honestly say NOTHING smells worse. (Hmmm, maybe bag up this stuff for a novelty personal defense item?) Thanks for shaking out a comment

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Robin / Apr 27 2015 9:26 pm

    I’ve read that cat urine keeps the critters out of the garden, too. Since I have two cats, might be worth putting some of that scooped (corn litter) outside the garden fence to see if it deters the bunnies who always find a way around the fencing.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Apr 27 2015 9:52 pm

      It seems to be in so many outdoor pest products, we thought it might be worth a try, too. Why buy stuff in a bottle/spray when you’ve got the original? Thanks for scattering a comment here


  3. colonialist / Apr 27 2015 10:01 pm



  4. Paul / Apr 28 2015 4:34 am

    Ha! The dock cats are a breed onto themselves. Too funny. I worked driving transport in Dartmouth Nova Scotia for a few years. The twin city across the harbour, was Halifax and there is a major port there. In fact convoys used to amass in the basin during WW2 prior to heading across the Atlantic. Anyway, there is a ferry that crosses from Halifax to St John’s Newfoundland twice a week. It is a two day haul one way and most carriers just load on trailers and send them across without a driver – and then have a Newfoundland driver pick it up on the other end. So, about 4:30 am one beautiful sunny morning, just after sunrise, I was driving down an empty 4-lane road leading into the port with a B-train load of steel on two flatbeds bound for the ferry. This is a big truck with 30 wheels, 80 feet long and weighing 140,000 pounds (100,000 pounds of steel plate as a load). Just before i reached the check-in booth there was a dock cat crossing in front of me. He was a scraggly, mean looking long hair that desperately needed a bath.And he was strutting. I slowed and blew the air horn – very loud at 4:30 am. He stopped right in the center of my lane, slowly turned his head and glared at me. He remained perfectly still and looked me right in the eye. I had no choice but to brake hard and bring 140,000 pounds to a stop for a 5 pound dock cat. Once i was stopped, I was pondering my next move and I sure wan’t going to get out of the truck. The stand off continued for a few minutes until the dock cat was satisfied that he had won, whereupon he slowly turned his head back facing forward and continued his strut to the far side of the road.

    Them cats are tough!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Apr 28 2015 2:49 pm

      Now that’s a big truck load and one serious cat. He probably wouldn’t have taken kindly to you if you had gotten out of the cab. The ornery ones have been known to attack…don’t even think of trying to help “the poor kitty”. I hope to visit Halifax area someday. Supposed to be quite beautiful. Always enjoy your stories. Thanks for driving in!


      • Paul / Apr 28 2015 4:20 pm

        If you do visit Halifax Phil, check out the Citadel (in the center of town) and, if you have the time, take a drive out of town about 3/4 of an hour to see Peggy’s Cove – it is all pink granite that has been pounded for millenia by the waves – gorgeous (just be careful of the water: there is an undertow that has been the end of a few people who disrespected Mother nature). There are lots of other fun and interesting places too like the refurbished waterfront that has lots of Irish pubs , or the casinos. It’s a great city – I was born there.


        • philosophermouseofthehedge / Apr 29 2015 11:50 pm

          A co-worker in the last office took a trip there and cam back with the most beautiful pictures. Peggy’s Cove was one of them! Not much on the casinos, but Irish pubs? – gotta plan for those destinations. Being born in an area of beauty leaves an imprint on a person. No wonder you appreciate nature – and the comedy that is mankind. If and when I ever get on the road, I’ll definitely check in with you for travel suggestions. Molly sends a paw wave. (she is getting bored, but we can’t let her get too active or have her normal wild romps.) No fun being stuck inside, right? (and she says the grackles/birds are taunting her from the backyard)


  5. marthaschaefer / Apr 28 2015 10:48 am

    I may have to test this theory against the bears in my neck of the woods!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Apr 28 2015 2:59 pm

      Bears? What works for me is staying far far away from any bear babies and moms. (We had a bear spray can explode in a hiking backpack recently. No way that pack’s ever going to be used again.) Thanks for hiking by to leave a comment!


  6. easyweimaraner / Apr 28 2015 11:36 am

    my granny said EWWW! but she will give it a try…. they had rats in the garage where they lived between the pillows of the garden furniture… the smell of that pillows was awful… well, maybe you can beat the smell with other smelly things? why not :o)


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Apr 28 2015 3:04 pm

      Those pillow probably smell so bad, that they are safe from any dog ever chewing on them. Double ewwww! Mice go find another cozy place to live!(One guy near here said he pulled out their garden cushions from the storage hole under his hot tub by the water heating unit and found a happy mousie family blinking at him…UGH! Go- now – find accommodations at the park, please!) Thanks for dancing over with a comment


  7. aFrankAngle / Apr 29 2015 2:27 pm

    Whew …. the thought rekindles the smell of the litter box days … but RC a diva? Never … hence the hissy.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ally Bean / Apr 29 2015 4:13 pm

    I don’t know what to say about Miss Adelaide and her Alley Kittens. I feel like I need to talk about that dance number, but words escape me. The 1950s were a very different time. That might be the most anti-feminist, double-entendre-ish thing I’ve ever seen. Too weird.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Apr 29 2015 7:45 pm

      And people complain about music videos today, right?
      It’s a stunner all right. And to think “Guys and Dolls” was often chosen for a high school production…was that script edited, I wonder. Totally freaky.
      (So you can see why RC Cat was livid at the suggestion these were anyway related to her at all) Great comment. Thanks for dancing over with those astute observations.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. EllaDee / May 1 2015 2:21 am

    I’m not sure what’s worse, the smell of cat pee or rodents… the neighbour’s cat (RIP, nothing to do with us, cross my heart) used to regularly leave his mark around the back of our house, and the ratty-mousy-ones cared not a whit… I also learned humanely re-locating mice doesn’t work (nor does picking them up -they bite, the little buggers even if you are doing them a good turn!… The other neighbouring cat showed me the error of my ways by catching, killing and leaving the mouse on the back step, as if to say “this is how you do it!”


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / May 1 2015 9:03 pm

      Would be a tie between cat pee and rodent smell. UGH. All I know is that when that lump Sasha the next door mostly forgotten cat lived in our flower bed or the ancient Harley sunned himself every afternoon after walking the fence rail, no one around had ratty visitors. Now RC, being the of the long hair variety, quivers a good stalk and hunt at the windows, but in reality isn’t much of a predator. But shorthaired Olde Tiger, now that was once fearless warrior while he was young and we lived in a safe area for him to go outside. He did bring gifts to exchange for being adopted. Apparently cats know you need to hire the best one to do the job.(Humans are such dunderheads about things. Ask any cat.) Thanks for adding the story of your short career as rodent rehabilitator.


  10. jannatwrites / May 4 2015 5:03 am

    Cat urine is nasty (I have 3 cats) so it just might work 🙂


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