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February 1, 2015 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Rollin’ like J.J.

We do grocery shopping differently.

HEB art car Shopping cart. ALl rights reserved. No permissions gratned

Far far above the maddening crowd.©

Gets ugly when the last avocado is gone or the chips are down and crushed.

This Super Bowl weekend be like JJ Watt: work both offense and defense when running the grocery store routes.

Roll in with a game plan.

Can’t locate a space to park? No problem.

This vehicle puts you above the crowd. Easy to spot who’s about to leave and who’s annoyingly just sitting in their car amusing themselves with their phone while others are inside.

The bold will simply drive through those wide doors and kick this cart into gear.

What? It’s a shopping cart. Form follows function. Duh. Now get out of the way.

Clear aisles of laggards, the lost, and those wasting your time by standing there comparing brands, prices, ingredients. An added a fog horn or bicycle bell makes a useful accessory.

Stuck with the kids? No problem.

Toss ’em up cart top.

Keep those little hands from grabbing stuff off shelves. Be in total control of product selection.

Their ear-piercing screams can just go right over your head.

No stink eye looks as you rush around – from the kids, anyway.

Imagine the checkout lines parting before you!

The sackers won’t have to struggle: plenty of room for everything.

HEB grocery cart. An earlier 2012 version. (photo by Nathan Huth. From )

Bringing home the bacon. Lots of it. This is an earlier 2012 version.(photo by Nathan Huth/

The final rush to the goal is a breeze. 

No more agony in the parking lot realizing there’s no space left in the car for groceries once the cases of beer are loaded if this cart is your ride.

Don’t worry about being street legal. Golf carts get to roll, right? Besides, art cars are acceptable mode of transportation around here.

Or there’s always the trailer hitch option: Away you go as a tow.

The giant shopping cart is real crowd stopper for tailgating, too.

Grew views up there and no one will swipe your beer or chicken wings.

(Wait, is that one a pigeon that fell into the sauce?)

Ignore those cracks about being a real basket case.

Roll like J.J. Watt.

It’ll be super.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

A little note: HEB is a grocery chain that started in Kerrville in the Texas Hill Country in 1905. The HEB chain has grown to serve Mexico and Texas. Their “Central Market” version stands head and shoulders with Sprouts and Whole Foods with the chic. The patio events with live music and specialty foods always draws crowds near the Galleria area in Houston.

HEB opened a new store close by. Smiling efficient people. Great produce and organics at very competitive prices. They buy local. It’s the Costco of grocery stores, but pretty and customer friendly. 

The company is very active in the community and sponsors many major events. This giant grocery cart is only one of the HEB sponsored Art Cars. 

HEB grabbed J.J. Watt as a spokesman very early. Good plan. Watch all J.J.’s commercials here and vote for your favorite.

Another CONTEST: name their newest salsa and win money!

Sounds like a pretty super weekend. Who cares if it’s raining? Chips? Passing the basket.

Giant HEB shopping basket art car. No permissions granted All rights reserved.

It’s big and friendly. Makes you smile, Just like J.J. Watt. Got our vote for MVP. ©







  1. Aquileana / Feb 1 2015 1:08 am

    Oh Gosh!… When the american dream came true they pull it off…
    “Can’t locate a space to park? No problem. This vehicle puts you above the crowd. Easy to spot who’s about to leave and who’s annoyingly just sitting in their car amusing themselves with their phone while others are inside”.
    Truly hilarious post… And by the way I think special shopping carts were just designed for fat and handicapped!… Well it seems everybody can enjoy the benefits ⭐ Go ahead: Prove me wrong If I am mistaken! 😉 Happy weekend Mouse, Aquileana 😀

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 1:15 am

      I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this yesterday. Just too big of a story to keep hidden under a basket. Thanks for rollin’ in with a comment. Your visits always bring a smile.

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      • Aquileana / Feb 1 2015 1:17 am

        I will visit you more often then!~ Bring on those smiles!. Aquileana 😀

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  2. Littlesundog / Feb 1 2015 1:27 am

    Ooh, I wish we had HEB here in Oklahoma. FD and I stop at Plano, TX Central Market on our way out of Dallas heading home from his sister’s house. I could spend hours in there… they even have blues and jazz bands playing live some weekends! Alas, the dogs are in the car and all we have time for is for ONE of us to dash in and dash out so we can get back on the road. I loved this post… in our neck of the woods, I think a mild tazer might do the trick on the isle hogs and rude folks… oh deer, did I just say that?? :).


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 5:28 pm

      The Central Market in the chic area around Galleria lets dogs on the patio. That parking lot is always jammed – what a selection of foods. We are so glad HEB opened one of it’s big stores here although it’s not a Central Market one – so no jazz bands, yet. One of the closest other brands is similar to what you have…the parking lot sitters look rough, too. The other choice knew they got those customers less brave and had surly deli staff, bored checkers, smelly meat dept. and higher prices. They figured they didn’t have to try, I guess. Target has limited choices – although you do get seagulls overhead and helicopters in the parking lot sometimes. Thanks for carting a comment over!


  3. Cynthia Reyes / Feb 1 2015 1:43 am

    Made me smile!

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  4. Brown Road Chronicles / Feb 1 2015 3:22 am

    Does it come with a giant container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean off the handle?

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    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 5:30 pm

      Now that’s a good question. Maybe they are counting on sunlight germ kills? Thanks for rollin’ by to chat


  5. Paul / Feb 1 2015 3:24 am

    Wow! I knew they did things big in Texas, but this is a bit bigger than I had pictured. A person could get carted away with this one. Would you call the driver a cartographer? You wouldn’t have to worry about this cart getting jammed into another one in the cart parking area. Just rev er up and pop the clutch and you’re free – mind you you could have the remains of some other carts still attached, but so what?


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 5:38 pm

      There are videos of HEB trailering these things around the country ( locally, they just drive). Some how reminds me of Gilda’s tiny girl in the rocking chair character on SNL. How much fun would it be to drive around in that? You win – can’t craft any better cart comments! Thanks for rolling by to chat


  6. davidjhovsepian / Feb 1 2015 4:50 am

    Holy snap!! That is some hardcore shopping!! MERICA!!!


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 5:47 pm

      No doubt Dallas has one that’s even bigger – with designer logo. Now those people are extreme shoppers. (Saw something recently about “Shopping with a purpose” – odd? Don’t people go with the purpose of buying an item? Shopping without purpose would be …? Filling the time rather than filling the bag?….mall walkers, perhaps…or mall rats. MERICA and marketing, indeed) Thanks for carting over a comment

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      • davidjhovsepian / Feb 1 2015 5:49 pm

        No I read the whole thing. You just summarized it so well and said so much there’s very little left to be said. I appreciate your input you hit the nail on the head.


        • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 7:17 pm

          If you’re not on Linked-in no one will take you seriously as a professional. Ditto with a professional Facebook page, and a prof. blog (keep your musings on your other one.) This one should be only about your art: where it is shown – post a pix of the outside of the gallery/artist you with people inside – careful with posting your art work, though. Post very very short posts about art: shows you visited and found inspiring/how it relates to your art/video of you in exhibit even, images of places or things that inspired your art. Upcoming events. Interviews with interesting,inspiring people If you can post once a week, good – short. images/designs attract attention – you need foot traffic and eyeballs. WP can help you link all those media outlets together.
          And put 2 post-its on your mirror or fridge:1. “What specifically will I do this week to raise awareness of my art/me as an artist?” and 2. “What specifically did I do to bring people to my art and to me as an artist? And who/what follow-up do I need to do next? When specifically will I do that follow up?”
          It’s a complex difficult game. Pick other people’s brains. No need to start from square one. Priorities and determination ( and flexibility as life intrudes. Gotta be flexible!) Go! You can do it

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        • davidjhovsepian / Feb 1 2015 7:19 pm

          You seem to know alot about the ins and outs! You must be a professional artist too? How long you been at it?


        • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 2 2015 4:43 pm

          Quite a while. Spiraling around fine arts, writing, publishing, sales, marketing, research, web design and content and, then back again and again. Life is not so much of a ladder as it is a giant coiling spring – each experience adding to knowledge and skills for the next curve up. Go for it and enjoy the ride

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      • davidjhovsepian / Feb 1 2015 5:50 pm

        I couldn’t have said it better myself you know. In regards to PR I’m reading some Edward Bernays and I have a YouTube channel with practically no views. So the wheels are spinning but nothing is hitting the pavement.

        Liked by 1 person

        • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 6:11 pm

          Social media a quirky marketing tool. Frustrating at times. Are you reading blogs about marketing or other artists’ blogs for ideas?
          You might subscribe to Chris’ blog and skim it periodically – while it’s about reading, there are many ideas on marketing and how to use twitter/social media that can be applied to art to generate interest ( and if your are bored at work.)
          Here’s some stuff about Twitter posts.

          You’ve got to create a buzz and be right place at right time and hope it goes viral -(reddit does wonder, too – might join up there and see what gets attention) blog posts can do that: with writing on current or odd topics, with images – link it to your You Tube.
          If I run across anything that might help you in that direction, I’ll send it your way. Would you consider illustration for publishers? Occasionally there there’s calls for that in blogland.
          Humans are so odd – you just never know what quirk of fate with get you started. Drive me nuts to see talent going begging while some flashy media savy hack artist/writer grab the stage. Don’t go down without a fight – and you might be surprised to find a life raft waiting


  7. easyweimaraner / Feb 1 2015 12:41 pm

    my mom drooled on the keyboard, that’s the perfect ride for her… sadly it’s not the ride for my dad’s wallet LOL


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 5:51 pm

      Easy, staff hot rodder here examined pix and said “Oh, it’s a rail with a basket built over it.” Apparently car racers sometimes build drag cars like that by welding and sticking on a motor and exhaust. So tell your mom it could be a DYI project. I can just see you riding along with ears streaming back in the wind! Thanks for dropping a comment into the basket!


  8. Seumas Gallacher / Feb 1 2015 1:39 pm

    now THAT’s a shopping cart! 🙂 great post 🙂


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 5:53 pm

      Life here is so ordinary…except all the odd things keep happening. Is it the universe calibrating? Should I start ducking? (no wise quackers.) Thanks for rollin’ by to chat


  9. PiedType / Feb 1 2015 9:11 pm

    LOL. Totally faked me out. I didn’t notice the relative scale in the first photo. Was puzzling over the motorized (?) grocery cart. Then I got farther down the page and … gotcha!


    • PiedType / Feb 1 2015 9:12 pm

      P.S. That’s the “joy” of a laptop screen.

      Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 1 2015 10:22 pm

      Hysterical, right? Thought the one with people driving down the street would amuse. We do see art cars out for drives around here, but this grocery cart is one of the my favorites. Remember Gilda as that little girl in the rocking chair on SNL? I could see her using this prop, too. Thanks for rollin in with a comment


  10. jannatwrites / Feb 2 2015 2:28 am

    I love that cart! I might be able to make it through Costco if I had something like that. (They have wide aisles, surely it would fit? 🙂 ) That would be so odd to see it going down the street… makes the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile seem like no big deal.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 2 2015 1:52 pm

      How much fun would it be to take a drive in that? To the beach (no worry about taking all the sand home and towels would dry in transit.) Great for sight seeing in the mountains (although that might be more like a roller coaster ride in the giant basket) We do see “Oscar” a couple of times a year – maybe they two should team up and travel together – seems logical…but would you put the cart before the dog or the other way around? Thanks for shopping these aisles!


  11. EllaDee / Feb 2 2015 5:25 am

    I wonder it they are designed with the genuine shopping trolley features, at least one wonky wheel that veers to the left, or better two wonky wheels that veer in opposite directions?


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 2 2015 1:54 pm

      Oh, snort! How could they have overlooked that? Bet that version is being created by some hip hop car modifiers. Can’t wait to see that one hopping down the block. Thanks for suggesting a modification!


  12. Ally Bean / Feb 2 2015 4:46 pm

    Well, I’ve never. What a vehicle that is. I’ve been in a HEB grocery store in San Antonio while on vacation. I don’t remember much about it except that the people were nice, helpful + it wasn’t dirty.

    [Don’t know that you care about what I just wrote, but I’ll throw it into this comment just for the heck of it. Rather like the vehicle pictured above!]

    Liked by 1 person

    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 2 2015 5:48 pm

      Pleased you rolled by. HEB at one time focused on smallish stores rural areas, S. TX and areas around San Antonio (They are big supporters of the Spurs), but they’ve gone big time now. There are multiple levels of stores and are custom designed now for the neighborhoods. IF you get a good one, it’s wonderful – bigger, better than Super Target…I don’t feel so sad living far from Costco. The stores really clean, energy efficient, but bright and, honestly all the people there are smiling, knowledgeable and happy without being annoyingly so. HEB does a good job training for customer service. Somehow the humorous giant gleaming shopping cart just fits them. Thanks for parking a comment in these lanes


  13. Sun / Feb 3 2015 3:58 am

    the perfect thing to make shopping more fun! you find the most interesting news! 🙂


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 3 2015 1:33 pm

      Life is so ordinary here, but the oddest things happen…which means life isn’t ever ordinary? (giggles) Thanks for carting a comment over

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  14. heretherebespiders / Feb 5 2015 9:53 pm

    A drive-thru dream come true! It is fabulous. I love the exhaust pipes! Everything has to be bigger and better in your neck of the woods, doesn’t it?


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Feb 5 2015 10:33 pm

      It’s such fun seeing the car driving on the streets. Nice when paired with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! The company has several of giant shopping carts and there are videos of them being trailered to other states. Would be a great ride to the beach with the dogs, right? Thanks for rolling by to chat


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