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December 23, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Pull for pigs.


Those little piggies. Who doesn’t love ’em?

We tickle them. We count them. We wiggle them to market to market and aaaallll the way home.

We giggles at the movie “Babe” and sigh over Charlotte’s Web.

There are sweet December dreams of a lucky Marzipan Pig

And that Pigpen character in Peanuts. Endearing, right?

Pigs have cozied themselves into people’s world.

Sadly some pigs are worried this year. (Bacon being the least of it.)

Pig pulling Christmas wagon. ( vintage Christmas card.1919. Carl Rogind, died 1933. (

A big Thank You. Oh, my helpful friend..(1919.Carl Rogind,/

Every night. Every shift. They worry.

Their families, even more.  Holding their breaths.

Not sleeping until that special piggy footstep is heard.

Their spouses, their kids, their parents: “Please let them come home safe.”

Always difficult for families of police officers. Worse right now.

The past two days there have been multiple credible threats against the our local police via social media.

Ambushes possible at intersections.

Assassinations at stop lights.

Executions while blocked in with traffic.

This area isn’t the only place where police officers are being threatened.

Pigs. Mom and son.Five little pigs. McLoughlin Bros.1880/,

“Mom, I thought we only had to fear the wolf behaving badly at the door.” (1880/

Angry rhetoric promoting violence is irresponsible. Antisocial behavior.

Seriously Dude in Kingwood. Posting things like “2 down only 49,000 to go” and “revenge” is not helpful to the conversation.

And that lovely Ms. Freedom of Speech in League City – so brave behind that computer screen. 

Do posting threats about law enforcement officers count as a homegrown terrorist threat? Homeland Security? Sounds pretty scary and harmful to the public safety, but maybe terroristic threats are only those threatening the Feds about something…sort of selective enforcement… like other federal agencies do. I mean, these threats aren’t like some old rancher in the west foolishly defending grazing rights and cows. Now that dangerous. Homeland and multiple Federal Agencies definitely being responsible with that one.

Is that a Christmas tree there in the window Mr. “Won’t-Answer-the-Door-When-Reporters-Knock” and Ms.” I-wanna-Yell-Fire-in-a-Crowded-Theater-It’s-Protected-Speech? It’s all about presents and nothing else, I guess.

Wait until the bills are due. There’s a cost, you know. 

Dunce hatted pig standing in corner. The Five Little Pigs. McLoughlin Bros. 1880/USPD:,

Now who’s the silly pig?(McLoughlin Bros.1880/

It brings out the whack jobs. (See above.)

It’s historical: that “mouth in motion before putting brain in gear.”

Happened before.

It’s like that King Henry II of England.

He really didn’t think his supporters would really do it when he wished someone would get Thomas Becket out of the way, right?

Shouted in a rage something like “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

(“What? I didn’t really think anyone would think I was serious…”)

Hmmm. That murder was in December, too. But it was a priest, not a cop. A man of authority in what was considered a “safe” place. No comparison, is there?

King Henry II and Thomas Archbishop. 14th Century.(British Library/USPD:Reprod of PD art, expired CR, author's life+70/

Who really won? King Henry II or Thomas Becket?(14th Century.British Library/USPD:reprod of PD art/

So it’s nothing new.

Might want to consider though.

Law enforcement is a tough, dangerous job. Not many want to do it – especially at that pay.

Now there’s self-appointed assassins in the streets actively looking for them?

And cowards willing to stoke hate on social media?

Who’s going to want to be a police officer at this rate? The brutal, bullies, ones with poor judgement, the ones no commonsense only bravado, bulk, and brawn?

Executions of law enforcement officers must be answered loudly with condemnation by all.

Let police and their families know you are concerned, too.

Write a note or crayon a picture to deliver to the local police station.

Put a sign of support in the window.

In Pittsburgh blue lights are being put in windows in support.

Speak up in social media messages and posts.

Donate to funds that assist families of slain officers. (The 100 Club does that here since 1953.)

Pray. Wouldn’t hurt.

Make it a family project.

After all, it’s Christmas.

It’s not Santa that cops’ families are hoping will come through the door.

Bringing home the bacon should be their only worry.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Merry Comment Break until after holidays

We’ll chat at your place, OK?

Pulling for the season of peace and love.

group of elves. (1895 postcard.Kunster.Eier/Nat.Lib.of Norway/

Be careful out there lads. (1895 postcard.Kunster.Eier/Nat.Lib.of Norway/,

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