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December 22, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Two tale limit.

Man delivering arm load of packages. (1904. Deutschland. artist unknown. (US PD.

Using every means possible to deliver on time so a few things might get dropped, Obviously a stuffed animal, not a live one.(1904USPD/

Bumped out accidentally. Crashed into life. Wishing for water wings.

It’s the season for suspension of logic and reason.

These tails prove it.

Did she fall off Santa’s sleigh? Shipping misread her box’s label?

Star-crossed Amy somehow ended up on the cold streets of Katy, Texas.

Doing what she had to in order to survive.

Sadly, not born to that life, she wasn’t faring very well.

Very hungry black dog on streets. (screenshot.click2houston)

Thanks mister. The apple was good. Got anything else? (

Stars aligned when Adrien Alonso spotted her.

She recognized a kind soul and fell into his arms.

Concerned about her condition, he rushed her to the vet who discovered she had a microchip.

And was from the Netherlands.

Hallmark couldn’t have written it better:

Linda’s family in the Netherlands is unable to keep their dog. The black shepherd is relinquished to a breeder who promised to find her a good home.

Not a word was said what country that home would be in.

For whatever reason, the new home wasn’t good and Amy ended up on the mean streets, in Texas.

 Amy and Linda (

“I knew you would come for me. Let me show you I remember all my tricks!” Amy and Linda (

Of course, the story ends in a smile.

Adrien and the vet locate her former owners.

Linda, 19, manages to gather enough money for a ticket to Texas.

Amy’s heart leaps upon seeing Linda. “I knew you would find me,” she barks.

Wiggles and smiles all around. (Video/story here.)

Right place. Right time. Coincidence, right?

Still wouldn’t happen without a good-hearted person who saw and decided to help.

Easy to crash and burn.

Firefighters headed to the car wreck knew that all too well.

When they arrived, it looked pretty bad. And there was an injured black dog with big eyes.

Firefighters scooped him up and treated his leg. Once wrapped warmly, he closed his eyes  and fell asleep on one of the firemen’s laps, Clayton Taylor.

His owners died in the wreck. The rescuers worried. If the large injured dog was handed over to animal control, what hope did he have?

One of them , the one the trusting dog was sleeping on, said “I’ve always wanted a dog…”

Crash and firefighter. (YouTube screenshot)

Second chance for happiness. (YouTube screenshot)

Crash. as he is now called, is home for Christmas. 

“I saw him by the car and we just seemed to have an instant bond,” Clayton says.

Video and story here.

His vet medical bills are paid. An animal rescue group stepped up to pay the costs, and were astonished that donations for Crash came from everywhere as soon as the story of his plight and his rescuer went on the air.

He’s a three-legged dog now, but Crash hasn’t noticed. All he sees is a smiling protector, a bunch of new friends, and a new road to travel.

Maybe guardian angels watching over them.

Vintage Christmas postcard of angel. (National Library of Norway./

A light to guide them.(Nat.Library of Norway./

While best friends always try to be there for each other, sometimes they can’t be.

There had been a terrible storm recently off the California coast.

The sailboat owner had a sinking feeling when he saw only the top of his boat’s mast showing above the water.

Steve’s best friend, Daisy, had been patiently, bravely, waiting on board.

Oh, but there’s a two tale limit.

So you’ll have to watch the video/read the story here.

Water wings or those a bit specialized help that short-legged dog?

And how did he know just where to curl up so a savior would find him?

Don’t worry. Steve and Daisy are having Christmas together.

St. Francis stepping in here? The Pope says dogs count.

Nothing wrong with a few little Christmas miracles and happy tails.

To make sure your holidays are merry and bright, RC Cat wishes to send greetings and the following instructional video to illustrate why it’s best to insist on a two tail limit.

Jingle on,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.







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