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December 16, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Santa, please. A Time Share

With hopeful eyes, and a beckoning paw, Molly said, “I want a Time-Share for Christmas.”

A bit taken back, as we had no idea she desired a change of scenery. Had we disappointed her so much that she needed a separate vacation?

Victorian Christmas card. 2 boys on a ship's mast. Oxley Library, Queeensland:PD released.

Christmas just a sail away? (Victorian/Oxley Library, Queeensland/PD/

Concerned we approached the topic. “Exactly where would you go?”

“Go?” she looked puzzled. “The Time-Share would come here.

Now we are puzzled. “Here?”

(What has that RC Cat been slyly suggesting to her?)

“Yes. A nice doggie friend – one who likes to run and doesn’t mind their paws getting cleaned each time as we come inside. Don’t want to make any more work for you than necessary with a Time-Share.”

Taken back, at her kind thought process as well as the concept, we sputtered.

“Not sure how a visiting dog and Time-Share are leashed together. We don’t really have enough room for another dog.”

“But,” she persisted with the most serious eyes,

“That’s why a Time-Share would work perfectly.

The dog could show up for a time and leave when I’m too tired to share.”

“We can see you have put a great deal of though into this request. Isn’t the German a, uh, Time-Share?”

She snorted at the idea. “The German? She’s a Fishy Stink”

A startling revelation to us as the German has a standing appointment at the groomers.

Seeing our shock at harsh words about her playmate, Molly explained.

“You know, fish and visitors stink after three days. Definitely a Fishy Stink. No, the German’s a stay a bit too long bordering on intruder a sleep over. No profit in sharing there.

A Time-Share Dog with an expiration date. That’s what I want for Christmas.”

“Well,” we offered, “you can add that to your list for Santa. Maybe not chew it up when you’re done this time.”

She bounced off with a tail-wagging tune.

“He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He sees the list when it’s written. Adding a stamp is just a waste.”

“RC told me that. She said deleting the list would keep it from falling into the wrong hands.”

Victorian Christmas card with cats/Nova Scotia Archives/ cr/

Warm, fuzzy, and clever. Cats want you to believe they care.(Victorian /Nova Scotia Archives/USPD/

We should have guessed that.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Hope your week is jingling along.

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