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August 8, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Higgledy-piggledy foolishness. RC regrets


A picture. At least there’s something.

1960. Actress Neile Adams. Alfred Hitchcock Presents publicity shot/CBS/US cr/

Oh, higgledy piggledy! If we dance fast enough, no one notices?

All that intruder’s fault.

Doesn’t Staff realize people are showing up with expectations?

How embarrassing.

Oh, finally attending.

We, the RC Cat, shall let Staff explain – as if there is any acceptable explanation. 

Some pin heads need straightening out.

Obviously, ducking it.

This area, like many, has suffered habitat loss for waterfowl.

(We certainly nod to that. Who invited That One in with dish, box, and mousies…without conferring?)

Local wildlife experts are thrilled that the wet winter and spring have allowed existing wetlands, marshes, and grasslands to support a huge increase in duck populations in major nesting areas.

The highest increase since 1955 when duck population/breeding survey counts began.

Six of the ten counted species are at record numbers. (Hope they eat mosquitoes.)

Canvasbacks and Pintails are the only species that showed slight decline.

no permissions granted. ALll rights reserved. Copyright

We are as shocked by it all as you. ©

(Dundering fools! Must I, the RC Cat, point out the obvious?

Of course these sad ones are having difficulties. Humans are so oblivious.

It’s hard enough to fly. Simply remove the canvas backpacks and lighten the ducks load! Who would put back to school backpacks on ducks anyway. These aren’t schooled fish. Or animated feature cartoon stars. And take those Go-Pro cameras off, too. If some idiot wants a Vine or YouTube video, they should strap on themselves. Free the ducks!

Naturally, unpinning the duck’s tails would allow them to go about their natural lives. Who would tack a duck down to the ground, anyway? A bird brain! Birds must fly free. If you want a photo shoot or petting zoo, get some willing subject.

The Dodo probably died out of disgust. Will the duck be next?)

Oh? A special snack? A fresh mousie? Sometimes Staff does surprise us.

We must adjourn and retire. Yes, yes, We hear your grief, but Staff would be so disappointed if We did not acknowledge their surprise.

Paw wave. Paw-wave. Dismissed.

Staff will see you out and arrange for another audience at a better time.

Don’t forget the open can of cat food as tribute. Important to maintain conventions. 

1928. Paramount Pictures/US

Outrageous! All that and some additional dithering, too! (1928.Paramount/US

Whew! Sorry about RC Cat. She’s a bit unsettled right now.

Confused? Well, that is her normal condition  not unexpected considering.

Foster cat, Granny, who visited from time to time is settling back into the sunny room – disrupting the RC’s normal afternoon sun bath.

But it’s more than that.

Granny is ancient and fragile. Her mind is wandering.

This may be a long quiet assisted living arrangement – or hospice. We shall see.

While frail, Granny is still quite able to leap across the room, stand en pointe on her tiny ballerina toes, and growl ferociously through the door’s gate at Molly. (Who is excited to have company and keeps politely inquiring if Granny would like to play.)

Granny now has always blamed me for all the difficulties in her life, but has only bitten me one…so far (You’d feel bad scolding the wobbling bony thing – and make excuses, too…maybe she can’t see? Only fooling myself…there’s history.)

All of this is upsetting to RC Cat.

She was so nervous as Olde Tiger aged and shifted the RC mantle to her.

(Molly keeps asking if Granny has handed over the RC title of her Realm to The German. quite excited with that possibility – but she, being young doesn’t understand the implications – only that a canine, her friend, might be shattering a glass ceiling….

Being an RC is something Molly dreams of herself. If the San Antonio Spurs can hire Becky Hammon as the first female full-time paid assistant coach, then maybe the Realm would consider…when it’s time, of course. No rush. So much to learn.)

RC Cat has seemed a bit wary.

Perhaps feeling Olde Tiger or Perfect hovering a little too near. Happens sometimes.

So schedules may be a bit disrupted and things jumbled for a while. Time is needed to sort things out and reassure all.

no permissions granted. all rights reserved. copyrighted

Sunrise. Sunset. Or all only a dream? Perhaps depends on perspective

Here, things can be fluid enough to go as they will.

We agree with the concept that just because a patient is not making progress and may never sow improvement, services and care should not be withheld.

If you/yours have elderly family or stroke victims, please be alert that in 2013 the lawsuit Jimmo v. Sebelius (Yes, that Sebelius saying “pull the plug” here.) clarified that Medicare benefits may not be withheld (by insurance companies or others) from patients simply because the patient shows no improvement. “”Medicare recognizes skilled services can be required to maintain an individual’s condition or functioning, or to slow or prevent deterioration, including therapy to maintain the individual’s condition or function.”

Advocates for the elderly must be aware – insurance companies are betting you aren’t. Read more here. (A San Antonio lawyer, Gabe Quintanilla, fights for his mother’s care after a stroke.)

Not a much of a fun romp today? (A bit bleary, must confess).

OK. Here’s some chuckles that just won’t wait: (snorts and giggles just considering them)

Hopefully enough higgledy piggledy  to get you into the weekend

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

no permissions granted. all rights reserved. copyrighted

Aloft and able to sea forever. ©





  1. roughseasinthemed / Aug 8 2014 6:27 pm

    Tell me about not showing improvement. Four hours spent yesterday in hospital for the surgeon to tell me my ankle was healing, my bones are terrible and I couldn’t walk properly. Um, all of which I knew. I ran away. Well not literally but the porter wheeled me off before they could make another appt.

    sometimes quality of life matters. Please put patients before the system. Ha! RC is gracious enough to cope, and Molly is young enough and happy enough to help. Now just add the German to the mix…


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 8 2014 9:59 pm

      Molly would love to have the German visit, too! Double the chaos, but more doggy entertainment – which would help. Stuck indoors due to excessive heat and humidity.
      Four hours? Gee. You’re really enlightened after that. (Do you read Hook’s blog? He’s the Canadian bellman who works in a resort hotel. Also an observer of people. He broke his leg badly a few months ago (seems to have struggles more with the experience than you. His doc has taken away his crutches and told him to get up and get weight on that leg..struggling)
      Oddly I was at a reception/open house for docs/medic types last night. Ended up chatting with one from Scotland, Holland, and a Brit (they were by the wine and were laughing the most). The Scottish lady was comparing her birthing experience in the US with first kid to the 2nd in Scotland in a very very small town. She said the second time she had a midwife, a towel, and a bucket of water – but it went fine. THe thing she found surprising was that they insisted she stay in the hospital/clinic for a full week as she had a toddler at home and they all said she needed to rest and gain strength. They people were all so helpful and nice. (She loved Scotland, hated the abusive husband and finally left)
      The Dutch woman said the health system was OK there, but most family and friends paid for “private” or came to US where treatment was quicker.
      The Brit relayed how her grandmother got cancer and fought for some time – and the care was quite good. As her case was severe, she was jumped ahead of others and they weren’t so happy (but priority, to me, seems logical). You’ll laugh when she observed that the British system worked because it was implemented right after WWII when people were receptive.She continued that the US care system was a mess – bad timing- and she didn’t know what they were going to do with it.
      We plan to stay as healthy as possible while they get it worked out.
      Now people area discovering that those with HIV are having trouble getting meds just like cancer patients. While insurance exchanges/companies can’t exclude people with conditions, they are able to exclude drugs from their plans or not discount/cover those expensive drugs – so that’s what they are doing to keep from having sick patients enrolled in their plans. What do people do when they are healthy and suddenly discover some big illness – which requires expensive medication/treatment not covered by their plan? No way to switch plans. What a mess.
      You said it right: “Please put the patients before the system.”
      There must be a squirrel on the fence. Molly is about to make her own doggy door entrance. Paw waves to pups – and thanks for checking in!


  2. Bongo / Aug 8 2014 9:26 pm

    Molly, I wish you could come play with me. Scratchy never wants to play with me just like Granny doesn’t want to play with you.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 8 2014 9:37 pm

      Molly: “Rumpy, I’m so bored that I’m throwing my own toys and then fetching them myself. RC is sulking and Granny is taking up too of my play time…it does not have anything to do with it being almost 100 outside. We should demand one of those indoor doggie gyms – or airline passes so we could visit when boredom strikes! Thanks for bouncing over to cheer me up!”


  3. EllaDee / Aug 11 2014 2:38 am

    In this crazy world Granny, RC and Molly are inspirational. No matter age or circumstance stick up for yourself, go for it and enlist the help of ‘staff’ et al to do so. Don’t take stuff at face value if it short changes you. No good answers except self-health care…


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 11 2014 7:29 pm

      That’s the truth. Naps are highly recommended – cats have 9 lives, so maybe we should listen to them more? And strolling in the outdoor…people are finally catching on. What a challenge it must be for felines to have to constantly be demonstrating for the lesser creature. Thanks for wiggling a comment over


  4. jmmcdowell / Aug 13 2014 11:54 pm

    So sorry to hear of the stresses in the realm for RC. I hope the relationships with Granny and Molly will sort themselves out, and peace can be soon restored.


    • philosophermouseofthehedge / Aug 14 2014 2:56 pm

      Staff: Today Molly is walking on soft paws and RC’s eyes are very big and concerned. Granny isn’t having a good day. But she is comfortable and managed a little special food and did drink some bottled water (We’ve learned to follow cat leads on water – this is brackish and something odd – Olde Tiger refused local water at our last house – and it turned out to contain too much arsenic and cancer causing agents…so if they won’t drink it, maybe we won’t either – no matter what the tests say…every read that report’s fine print – we do now). The window is open and there’s a mild oddly fall-ish wind. Granny seems to enjoy that. Peaceful environment helps a lot. Thanks for peeking in.



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