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August 30, 2011 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Flooding? No fair. Heat’s cracking us up.

Water, water on TV – none around here that we see. You know how your mouth can water when watching someone eat a savory tasty treat? It’s like that. All that water – even if it’s tossing cars and ripping covered bridges away. ….

Shovel ready projects? Could we divert some water?

  • How about a Roman style aqueduct across the country? Those seem simple and evidently last a long time. (And I bet birds and bats won’t run into those like they do with wind generators – although they might pause for a drink)
  • Maybe just a “Grand Canal“? It could be lined with restaurants and shops like in Las Vegas? (And when dry, a great place for skate boarding! Better place for street racing than the streets….)
  • Or if visual clutter is a concern, forget that proposed giant oil line from Canada to Texas – we’ll take water instead!

“Re-purposing” rain water! How green! Algae does flourish in heat and sun? Well, OK, great. Eat that and use it for fuel. Do you see that shimmering vision? With various branches and locks to manage and direct the flow? Mirage, you say?

No? I know, been out in the sun too long….overheated baked brain from a month of triple digit heat and unrelenting drought.

Simple requests: to drive down the road, to get water out of the faucet, and to sit happily in the house. Nope. Nope. And nope.

  • Forget baking an egg on the road. So hot the concrete itself is lurching, bulging, buckling, and breaking. Obviously the pavement’s just had enough. Baked beyond tolerance, freeways are just trying to leave and abandon their life’s roll. Let the cars fend for themselves? Rebar or not, the roadways are just cracking up. Road crews, like an army, are struggling at night to force the road back into line. Commuters hoping the roads will re-opened in time.
  • Just a drink of water? Want to take a bath? It’s so sad it’ll make you laugh. The parched ground is shifting. Underground water lines, are they stiff and not able to flex due to age? Or are they hearing and answering the plants pleading for water? In any case the water lines are rupturing: spouting like fountains. Flowing freely with energetic abandon. Is that just like water does in the wild? (Seems like that was on TV) But humans distraught. No water from the tap – yet it rages down the street. Until the maintenance crew gets there (sometime this year). Might as well get a bucket and water the lawn.
  • Forget the buckling roads, and leaking water lines, sitting at home is safe and calm? (Even with the thermostat set at 87 degrees) Home, sweet, home. Oh, only if! The houses are also shifting, and moaning. Small lines creep at the corners of doors and windows. Suddenly cabinets and doors don’t seen quite square. The ground under the houses is contracting and shrinking causing foundations to start cracking. It’s a major expense to repair. Bad to wait, but unfortunately, the foundation companies are booked up for months. Sigh. Home, a family’s biggest investment, now wants new shoes and must have them ASAP!

So the grass is always greener elsewhere? (Well, it actually is this year, but forget that.) If wishes were horses, beggars would ride? A few clouds? A cooling shower? Kids walking home from school look pretty hot. Being cautious what is wished for (as there is disturbance pulling together in the gulf), roads, water lines, foundations, and all creatures great and small would be very grateful if the temperature would consider just inching down a bit – even into the 90’s. After all, this is supposed to be fall. Fall weather, that is. Not people knocked off their feet from heat!

Still sweltering

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

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