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June 23, 2011 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Heat-addled? Texas wildlife and Texas laws.

Weather hot enough to make a good dog bite, has cooked up some extreme weirdness in the Lone Star State.

There’s the baby armadillo playing in a porch puddle and greedily slurping up water from a hose. The drought has caused a shortage of insects, so mama birds are choosing which of their babies to feed – and kicking others out of the nest. Nests are being abandoned because the parent birds can’t feed themselves.  The local wildlife rehabilitation group, loaded with baby owls, possums, and small birds, predict even with yesterday’s rain, it will be 10 to 14 days before the insect population will recover enough to provide food for birds.  Dedicated volunteers are tweezers feeding cat food to tiny fluff balls from 7 am to 7 pm.  They expect more ducklings as the rain yesterday isn’t enough to fill watering holes.  Ducklings are having to walk a mile or more to water – often across major roads.  Most drivers are trying to make way for ducklings.  Two small fawns have been rescued from the wildfire areas. One fawn found a few days ago in a smokey patch is doing well. A recently arrival is much smaller and much more at risk.  This one was found covered with fire ants.  In their search for water, the ants swarmed the fawn’s nose, mouth, and eyes.  These are the lucky animals in safe refuge.

Extreme heat.  148 days without rain. Acres of wildfires.

Can’t say the two-legged beasts are as cute. Heat rashes aside, folks have been behavin’ a tad peaked.

Maybe that explains how wild and woolly Governor Rick Perry and the rest of the Texas legislators have been. Been out in the sun too long?  Some are just shaken’ their heads at some of the interesting new laws: the Texas official water-lilycatfish noodling, no fish contest lies, exemptions for  fishing licenses, and regulations for the intriguing sport fishing using archery equipment.(More challenging than noodling? Or maybe it’s a back to their roots/heritage thing?) Land dwellers get their share of legislation, too:  helicopter feral hog hunting, cockfighting, and, whoa, even equine dentistry.  In addition, there’s something to annoy those trying to rapidly get across the vast state of Texas:  addressing use of jammers/radar interference devices.

Wether those laws give you a chuckle or not, some serious work has been accomplished.  The Texas legislators have address many important issues such as: strengthening stalker laws, addressing the needs of foster children, bilingual voter materials, mechanic/contractor liens, electronic textbooks, college readiness, medical school funding, speed limits, stronger regulations of child care providers/daycare operations, puppy mills, and, well, it’s quite a list. It pretty amazing they can get all those people to agree on anything. There’s lots to applaud.

One outstanding new law should be welcomed by educators: disclosure of student criminal behavior. Finally teachers will be advised of student’s criminal offenses and arrests. Safety isn’t the only issue.  It’s a matter of teachers having information needed in order to effectively teach. (More on this in a future post.) So cheers to the Texas legislature and Gov. Rick Perry for this one.

As the Texas Special Legislative session progresses, we’ll see if serious business is accomplished or if that’s just a mirage.  That Austin limestone reflects a lot of heat. The governor and legislators are simmering as they decide what to do with some political hot potato bill proposals. Hopefully, as seasoned as they are, they won’t do anything half-baked. Although they say a watched pot never boils, keeping an eye on the Texas Capitol as things are really stewing there. People may be stickin’ them, but they ain’t done yet.

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Broilingly yours,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

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  1. faster / Jun 23 2011 9:59 pm

    Hard to believe, but a government actually doin’ good work.


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