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April 21, 2011 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Blog. Beer. Both start with “B”

Blog.  Beer.  They both start with “B”

Bloggers and Microbrewers

Obviously so similar

Anyone can see.

It’s the realm of the individualist, the originalists, the creative

The connoisseur of the inventive, the  unique, the one-of-a-kind pursuer

The out-of-the-mainstream, the searcher, the dreamer

These are the ones who appreciate a good blog or a great microbrewed beer.

It’s not such as stretch to see how much in common:  blogs and microbrews.  Both involve creative people at the inception.  Both require someone with – well, a little different way of looking at things to nourish them.  Odd products created in small batches – outside major manufacture’s concepts or rule.  With wide variations in ingredients, formulated with specialized intelligence, blogs and micro beers appeal to the connoisseur with refined tastes or at least tastes that don’t quite match with the norm.  Both appeal to a select audience who makes an effort to locate and search – hoping to be the first to discover a new treasure. Neither the thin dribble found in generic brown standard-sized bottles on retail shelves nor the smudgy ink smeared pages in the magazine racks. Blogs flying with the rarefied air of servers, WordPress, back-lit keyboards and touch pads.  Micro beers crafted with pride, enhanced with specialized ingredients, hop flowers, possibly coriander or lavender, but no artificiality here. Both start out so simple: blogs and micro beer. Sometimes not ending up where expected, not the exact results predicted, but hey, that what’s here.

A select audience awaits, those who have made the effort to get there. Appreciating the non-commercial end product….applauding the unique crafting involved.  They are so much alike:  a blog and a micro beer.

Microbrews aren’t those thin watery ones available in the grocery stores. You know, beer that “tastes better after you have had a few”  or “It’s sailing beer – when it’s hot, it doesn’t really matter what it tastes like…and after a few…”.  Micobreweries appeal to people looking for alternatives – for something more.

Maybe those people are just really smart.

Believe it or not, drinking beer (in moderation) seems to have all sorts of health benefits. Coronary heart disease seems to be reduced 30-40% if the patient drinks 1-2 beers a day. Beer contains vitamin B6 which prevents buildup of an amino acid that is linked to heart disease.  Beer has five times the antioxidants that white wine has, and about the same as red wine.  (Antioxidants?  Beer is just as good as eating tomatoes?)  And, hey, all you older crew – head for the brewpub:  studies indicate beer helps bones absorb calcium and helps protect bone density.  And of course, meeting to have a beer is a social experience where people can relax and talk…a bonding experience for office workers or friends and family – a way to relieve stress and decompress.  A chance to celebrate or grieve.  Which does bring up a potentially non-beneficial aspect of drinking beer: after a few, people tend to talk a lot and maybe say too much. Something that could be hazardous to physical health at a bar – or mental health later as you try to remember what was said and how much was said…. Yet something to note, a little beer can make you sleepy. And everyone knows what a sleep deprived country we are…so hey, drinking beer is really good for you.

Guess what!

Eerie similarities!

Blogging is also really good for mental and physical health!

Blogging is a chance to celebrate, share sorrow, create flights of fancy, explore new ideas, focus and refine thoughts – all from the safety of your own home – or anywhere you choose.  Writing is therapeutic. It can be done regardless of age, physical condition or health.  It can help cope with stress in a difficult situation. The blogging community is also a social experience offering support and a chance to discuss, praise, commiserate, and gain a sense of social belonging.  Although most do caution that in a blogging community moderation might also be advised.  There’s the potential for a lot of over sharing (just like after a few too many beers at a pub…). And just remember, if tempted to write about how horrid the boss or mother-in-law is, while  it may be good for blood pressure at the moment, other people may read what is written….and unlike in fleeting verbal encounters in a bar (unless someone records it all for You Tube), once it’s written down and published – it’s out there!  (which could cause some major stress at a later date).  Even so, studies show blogging, like beer consumption, offers real physiological benefits.  Writing and blogging boosts immune cell activity in cancer patients and AIDS patients during treatment. Doctors have found that surgery patients heal faster if they blog or write.   In addition, blogging improves memory (not sure beer will ever do that – sometimes quite the opposite – so forget that one…), and it helps the quality of  sleep.  (Improves sleep?  Hey, wait, beer can do that, too!)

All thing considered, blogging is just as beneficial as drinking a microbrew!

Blog. Beer. They both start with “B”

And, hey, they both have 4 letters.

Is that eerily 2 B or not 2 B?

Do you see?

Who cares.

Just raise a glass

From me to thee


Jovially yours,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge


  1. betterphotos4you / Apr 21 2011 2:24 pm

    “Blogging is also really good for mental and physical health!”

    It sure is, great microbrewed beer “Like this article”


  2. eddie / Apr 21 2011 11:02 pm

    Think I will go have a blog … or several. Outstanding and all true.


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