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April 12, 2011 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Taser the Task Enforcers

Cluttered desk = cluttered mind?

Top off the coffee cup.

Wandering back to the office, I stop by the sink.

I’ll just rinse out this glass….then just wipe this counter…then just….maybe feed the birds….


I’ve already got today’s assignment – and it’s not these.

Redirect thinking, and back on track.

Sit down and finish.

Is that the day?

Constantly redirecting attention whenever it strays?


Keep that nose to the grindstone. Sun up to sun down. Plugging and trudging along until task is completed – certainly not amusing or fun

Why does it take so long…turning to grim burden and task?

Why, if you’d just pay attention, it soon would be past.

So this is productive.  This is the path?

Why is that thought amusing and just makes me laugh?

Who said that sitting quietly – isolated in chair at desk – who said that this works – that this is best?


What if it was all backwards?  What if “they” had it all wrong.

What if this mode of drudgery is the problem – not the solution?

What if what it is, is not what it seems?

Get up! Get out! Open the blinds.

Get ready to cause a scene.

Maybe this is why there’s a drag on life now:  the lack of creativity….old movies just “updated”, songs just redone, fashion “revisited”…it’s all like instant replay.  No spontaneity.  No time to dream.  Maybe the mind dimming sweatshop has morphed – commandeered technology.  Keeping everyone busy being busy:  copying, repeating, and cutting-and-pasting to infinity – staring at screens…always facing forward.

Where’s the free-flowing innovation?

– the modern-day Edisons, Wright Brothers, Madame Curies?

Where are the discoveries,  the recoveries, those that happen by accident, by chance?

Our thinkers – our dreamers – are they being choked by staying on-task?

Entombed in windowless rooms,  silent children waiting to answer by cue.

Fingers snap. Hands clap. Watch me.

Training, good training for mediocre cubical workers – who docilely follow without questioning or searching for improvements, possibilities, inventions, and anything new.

Why think there can be progress without freedom to dream..freedom to watch clouds…freedom to play without goal or purpose with strings, thoughts, and butterfly wings.  Who knows what is waiting – emerging thoughts shoved roughly aside by schedules, and forms, and things already prescribed.

So let’s taser the Task Enforcers.

Make a stand against mediocrity

Make a break and just go.

Stomp in the puddles and play in the dirt.

Enjoy laughter, windy weather, and doing no assigned work.

Who knows what will be there, what would spontaneously show?


Just think for a minute – wouldn’t it be fun to know?

Daydreamingly yours,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

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