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October 6, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Bob: Seventeen. Right passage.

all rights reserved, no permissions granted. Copyrighted

Simple. Life. Yes. No. Stay. Go. ©

Morning delivers cold pieces of bare truth.

Neighbor teen tall, but inside small.

Stunned. Giddy.

She’s liked enough to be trashed.

Life brighter.

Small bits always remembered.



More Bob here.

house and yard toilet papered IMG_3498

Explanation? Bob unconcerned. (Staff: Fall prank by high school kids. A show of acceptance into the club/group.) ©

October 3, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Rear view inspired.

woman driving car.1946. Lyntha driving/EPA/NARA/US PD: by fed.employee/

Why are they glaring at me? I don’t have time to wait my turn. (1946./US PD: by fed.employee/

Nothing exists behind their heads. Some drivers.

Partially turn in, ignoring that the whole back of their car is blocking everything.

People often think just like that driver: only seeing what’s currently in front of them.

Oblivious to what is undeniably attached right in back there.

Not double checking the rear view mirror creates inconsistencies – contradictions.

No wonder society’s such a muddle.

woman in vintage car. by Mario Borgoni 1869-1936/US PD/artist life/rerprod of PD art/

Yoo-hoo! Waving! Mind if I squeeze in front of you? Flowing garments such a smart choice around spokes and gears.(Borgoni/US PD/

Nanny cams in nurseries: admired.

Recommended to prevent abuse. Good thing.

Nanny cams in 2015 Corvette, not OK?

Spying on your own car is illegal in some states?

Illegal, my beagle. Speak. Hush.

Vintage women.1922.Doyle/Gilbert:Strand Magazine/ US

Come back here. I’m not through with you. And don’t act like you’ve never been called that before! (1922.Gilbert/US

Banned words. Vulgar language. Disrespect to women. Ethnic and racial stereotypes.

Routine on the air ways in music lyrics or in TV series like Jersey Shore, or Real Housewives of…

Obscenity’s accepted. Even applauded.

Using the word “Redskin” or hatchet chopping motion during a sports’ event, is obscene? Not OK?

FCC/Reed Hundt considering fining/harassing broadcasters who “use obscene pornographic language on live television,

Offensiveness is a crime punishable by fines or revoking licenses?

Curious. Beauty – or obscenity – is in the eye of the beholder.

Thus the inconsistency.

That and what’s past has no relevance.

vintage men on bridge.1922.Problem of Thor Bridge.Doyle/Gilbert/Strand Magazine/US

I told you not to say that. I dislike it intensely and will do everything in my power to make you do what I want. (1922.Gilbert/US

Oct 1, National Day, celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China. 

Wed. was the happy 65th anniversary for the communist country.

Start of a big holiday week. Joyous crowds in the streets in China.

Hong Kong, formerly a British colony handed to China in 1997, also had crowds in the streets.

A different sort of crowds: protestors. An “Umbrella Revolution”

In the words of Joshua Wong:

“When I heard the national anthem starting to play, I certainly did not feel moved as much as angry….When it tells you, ‘Arise! All those who refuse to be slaves!’ – why is our treatment today any different from the slaves?”

Good question. The contradiction.

1920 vintage silent film with Chinese couple.Breath of the Gods/Universal/US PD:

Look, got the outfit, but can’t we keep the agreement made with the Brits? Please no bound feet. We prefer footloose. (Breath of the Gods/Universal/US PD:

But children should be seen and not heard…

And they aren’t much in Hong Kong.

China attempted to shut down Instagram and seems to be scrubbing posts supporting the protestors from Sina Welbo (like Twitter) and social media.

Joshua has been arrested.

A veteran protestor at the center of the democratic/free market movement.

Facing down the Chinese government.

He’s 17.

In some places, 17 is only a child. What is he thinking!

 1976 Happy Days. Fonzie's apt/ABC tv/US PD:Publicity photo-No cr marks/

Whoa. Mechanic shop in the house. Those crazy kids! (1976.Happy Days.Fonzie’s apt/ABC/US

Only 17.  What is China thinking?

Seriously, spying on people.


Telling people what they can say and cannot say. What is OK to think.

Going back on promises.

Arresting people because of their political beliefs are contrary to the power structure’s.

What sort of place does that?

Man at desk.1911.Adventure of Red Circle by Doyle/Brock/US

There it is. We got him. All the proof needed. Call the SWAT team.(1911/US PD/

Some in the driver’s seats just refuse to look in the rear view mirror.

Miss a lot that way.

Sometimes realize later important stuff was left behind.

A real shock to be unexpectedly blindsided.

Buckle up. Good time to sit in. Polite and Gandhi approved: Peacefully.

Words selected. Cameras, both forward and rear facing, rolling. Audio good to go.

Contradictions noted.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

woman driving vintage car.1906. Pierce-Arrow/Bain News/LoC/US

Unobstructed view…well, if you take off the hat. (1906.Pierce-Arrow/US


September 30, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge


all rights reserved. no permissions granted. copyrighted

Lanterns lit and placed in the stream.

Small vulnerable lights in the dark  – adrift on turbulent waters.

Lantern thoughts. Not drifting without destination or assignment.

No dreams. But not without hope.

Small challengings. Small escapes. Small endurances.

Fist raised against the storms or SOS.

Simple question, perhaps. “Here. We are here. Are you there?”

Lanterns not drifting. Purposefully sent.

Chinese lantern and night sky. Tristan Clarke/Flickr/

Are they safe? In Hong Kong. No words have appeared. 

Are they prepared? In Dallas. Waiting CDC results for Ebola.

Are they healing? How many others will need the porch lights? Danny finally laughed again.

Breton girls with lanterns. Puigaudeau,1864-1930/ USPD: artist life, reprod of PD art/

I send lanterns.

They go like Columbus. Like Lewis and Clark. Like astronauts.

Like the monarchs: fragile – against all odds – with long journey facing.

Only instinct to guide.

Small lights defying.

Purposefully sent. Despite.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

1914 Andersen fairy tales/Walker, illstr/US PD:, author-artists lives/

September 29, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

RC notices children fleeing Chick-among-us

We are not amused! Annoyance is causing Us excessive shedding due to stress.

Enough chatter! Our paw has been waving for your undivided attention. We are experiencing elbow fatigue.

Must We fling catnip into the crowd? Perhaps a large hairball? No? Quiet, then.

You there. Put down that hair tumbleweed. We shall not be amused if unapproved Our Royal Fluff appears on Ebay. Leave it!

vintage actress reclining on couch. 1921.Katherine MacDonald/Photoplay/ US

Why must We tolerate such?  (1921.Photoplay/

As you know, We, as RC Cat of the Realm, monitor issues in the Outer Realm.Many of you are whispering rumors of what the Molly has observed.

The refugees.

Over the past few months the media has been ignoring cautiously reporting A vast invasion sad migration of desperate young people.

Who could not be moved by their stories?

Who could not understand their wishes to flee such a threat?

Chick-among-us is no laughing matter. 

What? Of course that is the correct translation. Chikungunya. Fool, what else could it be?

1900 Andersen fairy tales:Tegner, illstr./NY public Library scan/U S PD:date of pub/author's/illustr life/

Don’t make eye contact. Maybe it will spare us! (1900 Andersen/Tegner/US

Being trounced by an angry Giant Chicken would cause intense pain.

Yes, yes, Causing such joint pain that walking would be difficult.

Can you imagine seeing that hopping towards you? It would cause feverish thoughts.

No wonder their hospitals are overwhelmed and those who are able to out run them seek refuge from the misery.

For those who are scratching their heads wondering – after seeing mostly adolescents and young adult immigrants – where are all the small children that were supposedly in jeopardy – We are pleased to reassure all.

Many of small ones have safely arrived locally and are being sheltered in neighborhood Realms.

Look! So eager to work they bring their own equipment!

Such enthusiastic smiles – although some charity dental work may be in order.

Halloween yard decoration. witch with broom

Perky and looking to please.

Why are they forced to huddle in the bushes?

Purrhaps that realm’s RC Cat, the aging Harley, is insisting on a bit of quarantine allowing time to evaluate?

Or purrhaps the grateful children have volunteered to stay out and give RC Harley a boost up as needed. He has so let himself go so much that he can no longer make it up over the fence to chat with Us. Such a shame.

Halloween yard decoration. Scarecrow

Such a brave lad despite his rags and dental issues.

We shall mention to RC Harley that appropriate clothing must be furnished to the children.

Patches only look good on calicoes.

And We do mean appropriate.

Outgrown martial art uniforms don’t really seem quite right. (But the grateful child still smiles!)

Halloween yard decorations. Mummy, ghost and pumkin

We come in piece bringing gifts, oh Great RC Cats of the Realms

The refugees seem to have attempted to bring tribute – not realizing We are not vegetarians.

One must be gracious.

The poor tiny child tasked with carrying their offering is pale from effort.

We see his beseeching expression as he hopes it has not been in vain.

RC Harley has wisely accepting their tribute.

Designating the orange veggie as part of an obstacle training course for his young RC trainee.

Training a young potential RC allows lesser duties to be delegated as One ages and if something odd is going on, there is an official an envoy to investigate without getting One’s own paws dirty if action is needed.

Halloween pumpkin with cat and mouse

A pounce and attack drill, obviously

It is Our understanding that authorities are preparing to release some genetically modified mosquitoes in Panama City to help fight the spread of Chick-among-us. 

They must be some aggressive mosquitoes of unusual size.

Purrhaps relatives of the giant ones found in Alaska.

In the past We have requested a hunting tour of Alaskan Realms

But Staff says they do not approve of trophy hunting.

(Guess the fools haven’t seen the back corner under the couch.)

So there you have it. There is no need for concern or silly gossip about threats.


You have Our permission to withdraw.

(And drop that Royal Fluff. No souvenirs granted!)

Our paw has waved.

And don’t forget to leave the tribute of an open can of food in the doorway.

I am RC Cat and I approve this message.







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“RC Cat awards Royal attention”

no permissions granted. all rights reserved. copyrighted

Do not think you can elude Our gaze. We monitor the internet for the good of the Realm. ©

September 26, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Pig Announcement

all rights reserved, no permissions granted. copy righted

Know it’s a beach, but just wanted you to know. ©

Squeals shall be heard. Of delight. Of fear. Of tummy overload.

Fill up the car. (Put the pedal to the metal. Want to be first in line for the big one.)

Fill the wallet (While ATMs available, money vanishes like magic.)

The Texas State Fair is open.

Bacon lovers, those fair gourmets, have waited all year for their yearly journey to indulge.

Texas Fair food is always a wonder – of one sort or another.

This year’s Big Tex Choice Awards include:

  • Best Tasting Award: Fried Gulf Shrimp Boil

“… a shrimp boil rolled into a ball, dusted with Fish Fry, and fried to a golden brown. Baby gulf shrimp, diced red potatoes, onion, lemon, and seasoning are formed around a cocktail shrimp, dusted and fried with the tail sticking out for a handle. Served with a remoulade sauce…” (

  • Most Creative: Original State Fair Brew – Funnel Cake Ale

“Justin Martinez’s refreshing English style summer ale has been brewed to be crisp, with just the right amount of toastiness and sweetness, finishing with delicate notes of natural vanilla; all great flavors you find in a perfectly executed funnel cake….”(

This beer was the only non-fried food in the contest. Oh, for those who think fair food isn’t fun if it’s got any hint of “healthy”, you can have your cup rim coated with powdered sugar.

  • Other finalists include:”Twisted Texas Taco”, “Deep Fried Breakfast for Dinner”, or Chicken Fried Loaded Baked Potato”…don’t forget the waffle with bacon….
State fair beer. Kevin Brown/ State Fair of Texas

Finally. What else do you need? (Kevin Brown/ State Fair of Texas)

Check out some of the food and the fair

  • VIDEO “What’s you favorite part of the State Fair” Food contest entries/interviews – enjoy the bacon! 700 rides, the original corn dogs, a nightly show (video) (dancing waters, fireworks, fire…It’s Texas, gotta be over the top – for the tourists, anyway), and Big Tex.
  • Big Tex is all new. He burned 2 years ago……(As a kid, I always thought he was a little creepy. Couldn’t they have used Gabby Hay’s voice – or Yogi Bear’s even?…That voice was just so wrong….like finally seeing the movie of a book you read and really loved….We’ll see. He’s robotic now and if that voice isn’t different, flashbacks of the Simpson show where the  advertising mascots all come to life and terrorize the town….)
  • USA Today. Picture all the award-winning foods. Remember it is the “Fried Food Capital of Texas” (Dallas is shuddering. People only remember the State fair fried foods, boots, and that 1978 “Dallas” series with Larry Hagman….)
  • Facebook. State Fair of Texas

Texas State Fair. It’s something.

Yours in bacon

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Oh, please remember to turn on your porch lights. He’s just a little kid.

Moon. 1914 Andersen fairy tales, Walker, illstr:Doubleday:NY pub.library:US lives/

Love to the moon and back. He sees, Darren. (1914.Andersen/Walker/Doubleday/US



September 25, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Muse or Dunderhead: Fall edition

Silly to muse, but dunders do fall quite well.

Seasonal champs. Dunderheads dancing dervishes, while Muses? Simply, a side.

The Calendar’s darling and arm candy, Halloween, is ready to enchant and bewitch.

Costume shops yawning and sharpening teeth in preparation.

Haunting brilliance sometimes leaks out unintended.

Those clever brochure artists sneaking in social commentary. Oh, chortles.

Superhero to the rescue or bride de Muertos demanding homage?

One must be cautious about poking authorities, the Elite, or Big Corporations these days. Unmasking them makes them so uncomfortable.

So, put it to you, should “Who” be “Which”? Or “Witch”- as it is all about masquerades?

Halloween costumes. Party City brochure cover

Two sides to every coin and coin operated venture or plan. (Party City)

They nose-dived as art. Showed how carelessly chic and sophisticated Cadillac can be.

Of course Cadillac must relocate to trendy New York City. To be among their own kind.

(Executives drooled over the Cary Grant movies and had Breakfast At Tiffany’s?)

So packing their trunks, Cadillac is driving their headquarters to the Big Apple.

The land of concrete canyons, tiny parking spaces, high parking fees, public transportation, and dreams.

It’s all about sales.

And the nice amenities, bars, restaurants, parties, expense accounts, connections.

And the vat of potential customers who must have simply not seen the lovely Cadillac vehicles or surely those high-profile and wealthy individuals would be enthusiastically telling “Their People” to call “those people” to order one immediately so they can brag about being the first one on the block to have one!

Cadillac cars buried nose first.Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo. (Richie Diesterheft/

Eccentric millionaire Marsh loves his Caddies. Yes! Target customer base: repeat buyer!(Cadillac Ranch/Richie Diesterheft/

Entirely reasonable. No insults intended (or recognized). Detroit snorts.

“There is no city in the world where the inhabitants are more immersed in a premium lifestyle than in New York,” Johann de Nysschen, the brand’s new president, said Tuesday. “It allows our team to share experiences with premium-brand consumers and develop attitudes in common with our audience.”

“There are a great number of benefits to putting at least some of our marketing people in a world where they can be in regular contact with not only premium customers, but be more immersed in the lifestyle of people who shop for premium brands,” ( Johan de Nysschen)

“Cars today are less about the functionality of wheels and transmission and more about total experience: music, computer integration, the experience driving it. I don’t think the expertise is necessarily tied to a particular geography,” (Allen Adamson)

“You have to catch trends closer to potential buyers,” Adamson said. “There are more hedge fund billionaires in NYC than there are in Detroit. The team will be closer to the luxury market and luxury users.”

Of course not everyone’s happy about the move to super fashionable SoHo.

Many raised their hands, but only 20-30 employees will get to relocate.

Whew! Can you image the increased costs to the company? Higher salaries, necessary stipends for appropriate housing, private schools subsidies, plus designer clothing costs (Business expense, right Debbie)?

There’s those in Detroit who feel slighted like a first wife thrown over for a shiny new trophy. After all they are Motor City. (Detroit News. “GM execs defend move to NYC”)

vintage car. Dip of Death circus act poster 1905 Barnum and Bailey/Storobridge Litho.Co (LoC/US

Neat trick if you can pull it off. (Dip of Death.1905 /

How does GM stay in business? 

Most companies who repeated produce defective products – especially ones that kill or maim – get run out of business.

How many recalls has GM had over the past 2 years?

Must have had prayers heard on high. Or have friends in high places.

Why do people keep buying from them?

How many racy Corvettes, Camaro, Tahoe, glossy pickup trucks, and dent-able service vans have to be sold in order to support a top-heavy clod-footed bumbling giant?

Oddly, thought the company would have chosen Las Vegas.

It’s a flashy town with celebrities, big gamblers, big spenders, people pretending to be who they aren’t, and some vainly trying to impress others. Lots of  high-end shoppes, drunks, and winners.

Never know what is driving folks.

1960 Cadillac convertible.(SpeedProPhoto/Flickr/

Wing it.(SpeedProPhoto/Flickr/

Sometimes it’s fumes: gasoline, alcohol, or fuming rage. 

Far too common incident where man shot and cops injured here recently.

Mom calls 911 as grown son is dangerously violent in her home. Previous history, too.

Cops arrive, but man has driven off. Cops call in alert and drive neighborhood trying to locate him.

Mom calls again.

Cops arrive back at “mom’s” only to see man in his car parked in driveway.

Ordered to get out, but man shoves car into drive and pins cop between his car and police car.

Other cops order him out, but he changed direction and tries to drive over them.

They shoot. five bullets into windshield.

Man shifts into reverse, smashes into cop car, then runs into tree. Gets out and surrenders.

Taken to hospital. One bullet wound. He’s fine, physically.

2 boys fighting. 1901.Clare Atwood. Nursery Rhymes/US

Not excessive force. (1901.Atwood /

Excessive force. Yep. Concerns over excessive force. Of course. Predictable.

“I feel like even like one or two shots would have been okay. But like six or seven? I mean it’s like ya’ll was trying to kill him?” (One neighbor is sure POLICE used excessive force.)

Don’t even know what to say.

Car vs human. Hmmmm….

A little bit of excessive force on whose part? (news video )

 Tightly held perceptions sometimes mask reality.

1900 Dancers. Chorus girls.Rice and BArton's Big Gaiety Spectacular Extravaganza CO.(LoC/

Fluff and circumstance. Precision worth a smile. (

Which is why people love Halloween.

Costumed character or real self-image? No one questions too closely on that night.

After all what happens on Halloween stays within Halloween, right?

With which, wandering off. Muse to one is Dunder to another.

Permission to fall out granted.

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

all rights reserved - no permissions granted. copyrighted

Falling over. Dog tired. ©

September 22, 2014 / philosophermouseofthehedge

Flights cancelled? Face plant.

Come goats, sheep, horses, or cows, they take a kickin’ and keep on existin’.

Flyin’ high. (Attitude like Honey Badgers who don’t give…)

Well, some people poked around – probing for answers. (Probably took more than water boarding to pull the secret out.)

ferns.shadows. no permissions granted, all rights reserved, copyrighted

What deep dark secret lurks? ©

So smug. Even simplest vegetation most expert.

  • Takes the cruelest cuts, without broadcasting blame
  • Adapt as needed. Without self promotion and ego.
  • Flexible, but grounded
  • Uses the benefits of their roots, yet avoids getting strangling by them
  • Able to find that place in the sun and flourish without apologies and demands.

And they though no one would notice! 

no permissions granted. all rights reserved. copyrighted. garden doves

Doves, not stool pigeons. ©

Scientists, despite species developmental delay, have squeeze out a bit of truth.

What’s inside can redirect danger from the outside.

Monarch butterflies (always knew they were weak and flighty) gave it up that Milkweed’s devised a plan.

Asclepias turbersa (If ever a nickname was needed. Milkweed:  a tough nickname with serious street cred)

Milkweed, is a village philanthropist. A green Bruce Wayne.

Provides food for migrating Monarchs as well as a nursery for their young. Nurturing and protecting many others.

But the milkweed, delighting no doubt in the flashy arm candy, distributes a dark defense to some: a toxin, cardiac glycocides, in the foliage which makes adult butterflies taste yucky to predators like birds and lizard.

Of course, as in any society, there’s a few rebels who misuse substances, but generally it all works pretty well. Read more about the entire drama of a milkweed village here.)

Butterfly costumes. Bernese Carnival 2010. Sandstein/

Why do all the social butterflies get all the acclaim while the ones providing support get chopped? (Bernese Carnival 2010. Sandstein/

Some observant humans stumbled upon the milkweed’s plan. Decided to mimic it.

Scientists managed to find a way to make food crop plants poisonous to insects.

HA! Take that crop killing corn rootworm!

Nicotine was used as an insecticide since the late 17th century.

In 1994 neonicotinoids was introduced as a new class of insecticides. (“Relatively harmless” to mammals? Like cars and guns are “relatively harmless” to toddlers? On the surface, “relatively” contradictory )

Neonicotinoids now coat seeds as preventative medicine. These substances become an intrinsic part of the plant as it grows.

Sounds like a good idea.

Of course the copy is never as good as the original. (Milkweed silent on that.)

One of the big oopsies is hungry bees. No longer does clover, wild flowers, and weeds that bees, butterflies, and pollinators   require grow between crop rows. Cupboard is bare.

Even bigger possible oopsie is the dozens of new scientific studies that low doses of neonicotinoids may not kill bees immediately, but can damage their navigational and communication skills. Bees can get lost. (and the Queen mistakenly brands them as AWOL? Defamation of character or slander? Either way, it’s an angry buzz.)

Butterfly float. Mardi Gras costumes. New Orleans 2011.Krewe of Muses parade/Muses07Butterlies.inforgmation/B.Kimmel/

What if the only memories of butterflies and bees were from costumes and art? (NOLA.Krewe of Muses/Muses07Butterlies/ inforgmation/B.Kimmel/

People are going to need more than people if bees and pollinators disappear. (But we have drones, right?)

Some $15 billion a year in food crops depend on bees for pollination.

Currently, the seed coating practice is so widespread, farmers buying seeds have few options.

So there’s the buzz. Now what? Individuals can do something easy.

  • Have an inch of outdoor space on balcony, window, or yard? How about planting some milkweed, crimson clover, or a hardy flowering plant?
  • The bee you feed today may be help make your dinner tomorrow.
  • Support local organic farmers when possible. They pay more for seeds that’s aren’t coated.

Stay informed

As milkweed says, “It takes a smart village.”

Nano Hummingbird surveillance and reconnaissance/DARPA/US PD: by gov.employee/

Worst comes to worst, we can use technology to show what species once looked like in the air. Maybe drones could be used to spread pollen for agriculture? Oh. sorry. Spreading pollen might be considered a Weapon of Mass Annoyance (Nano Hummingbird surveillance and reconnaissance/DARPA/US PD:gov.employee/

Could just stick your head in the clouds and hope NASA is able to create some out of this world food farms. Just too much to think about. Too much pressure. Really doesn’t effect…

Life’s all about recognizing something important when it will make a difference.

“Just like that, my eyes became Big John’s, needing to know, wanting to make the best decision and from that day forward, accountable.”

Sounds like someone you ought to know. So read more here.

A whole different way of looking at things.

Flying outta here after planting all that,

Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

Butterfly costume.The Flapper by Frank X.Leyendecker:Life Magazine cover, 1922.US

For many, flying is life. (The Flapper.Frank X.Leyendecker/Life Magazine cover, 1922/US



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